Paulo Dybala out of Argentina team, will miss World Cup qualifier


Paulo Dybala is out of the Argentina team and will miss the World Cup qualifier.

Lionel Scaloni will not be able to count on the Juventus man as intestinal discomfort has kept him out of the team. Dybala was left out of the squad when Argentina won 1-0 vs. Ecuador on Thursday’s World Cup qualifier.


  1. Dybala is great in SERIA A only even for Juventus. Dybala plays in weird position and he is neither exceptional in finishing, dribbling, shooting or dictating the game. He is below average version of Messi.

    • dude, every player on earth is “BELOW” version of Messi.

      Dyala has exceptional finishing and shooting. As for dicating, you always know when Dybala is on the pitch vs whens he out. He’s been dictating the Juves attack for years now. Just because he’s not a true 10 or Messi, doesnt mean hes not good at it.

  2. For those still asking for di maria, today coach was asked by reporters about di Maria and pavon and this is what he said.

    “Mira tenemos a jugadores de ese calibre ahora: tenemos Correa,tenemos Papu Gómez al extremo, Ocampos cambiando de banda”
    In english, we now have players of the same calibre – correa, papu to play wide, ocampos to change flanks.

    He is working with his plan. We wait to see it develop

    • Ocampos is fixed. But he’s our RW or LW..?
      Correa is a good player but yet to earn his place in 23. Again he’s RW or LW..?
      Papu is a great player. But I thought Scaloni prefer him for more central role.
      Nicolas Gonzalez is one of the player Scaloni like for LW.
      I still think Dimaria and Lamela has some say especially when Messi plays more central role and Ocampos plays at LW.

  3. Dybala recently had covid, I’m curious if Dybala’s exclusion also had to do with precautionary measures of traveling to a country with respiratory challenges.

  4. Guys we have won the first game and will hope to win the second one. The main things is win the match and get maximum point. No matter who plays or not. After standing in comfortable zone scalony will able to rotate players and give chance to new players. He already called lot of young faces. It is very difficult to please people and which is almost impossible. I m not a fan of nice game end up with loss. That’s happened many times to my beloved Argentina team. If we win I don’t care who is playing. If was right to select Armany instead of Emi bcoz Emi is very new player for NT specially in WCQ. He will get his chances in future bcoz he has the potential to be the world best. It might be a disaster if he made any mistake in pressure.Vamos Argentina

  5. It is almost sure now, the playing X1. Scaloni will use 4312. Only doubt is Palacios or Dominguez. May be the criticism made Salvio out from the competition.


    I hope we try to score from every set piece opportunities.

    • At least acuna was dropped, hope Armani gets the same treatment soon.
      Neither one of palacious and Dominguez is good.
      Should use 5 subs wisely and replace otamendi and quarta after half time.

    • Yeah, me too but swap General with Quarta and Ocampos with Toro. Ocampos on the left, helping Palacios and Tag. Foyth, De Paul, and Messi own the right with Messi mostly at top of diamond in central

      De Paul and Ocampos will have to work their tails off, >10miles. Big game for Foyth (or Montiel) and Palacios/Dominguez, a lot to prove and unfortunately will get lambasted by public if they don’t do well.

  6. Need to play Guido in middle helps Paredes to go front and help in middle.In this match lots defencive works to do in middle& wings and need help for forward playrs.. Giving second chance to Montiel willbe good.

  7. Brothers,, what does it actually mean by a “box-to-box” midfielder? Can exequiel palacios be called a box-to-box midfielder? Just wanted to know.

    • Exactly like it sounds, going from one box (or goal) to the next, so a player can go back to their own box to defend and then go to the opposing box to attack, hence a player that can attack and defend in equal measure. Guys like Cambiasso, Lampard and Vidal are considered box to box.
      As for Palacios, well I would say he’s more of classic central midfielder but considering he’s only 22 yrs he has time to evolve into a b-2-b if he wanted to.

      • Thank you brothers i got it. Could palacios be used in a 4-2-3-1 given such a role? May be it can be helpful to enforce our maximum attacking strength. I mean this-
        …… Lautaro
        Papu messi dybala
        ….Paredes palacios

        • Not relly. Now….de Paul is the player who can play the box to box midfielder role in Argentina…as the role demands pace at the same time diffencive and attacking skills and a lot of hard work….

          • We cant expect players to simply find other roles. Dybala best role for the NT is 9. Both scaloni and dybala have acklowelged that. Besides, Martinez shouldn’t be auto starter when we have the likes of Dybala and Aguero. Who ever starts should be based on form, no? I mean, if martinez isnt doing good, no sense is keeping others on bench.

  8. To the #Scaloni_Out guys and those who are spreading negativity about the current squad and the coaching staff, I think you should be more patient regarding the recent performance of the NT. The most sensible thing, in my opinion, would be to judge Scaloni and co. after Copa 2021. Why?
    1. World Cup 2018 Champion (France): They have had a coach since 2012. Lost the UEFA Euro 2016 Final against Portugal as the host. Still emerged as victorious in Russia 2018. Look at Deschamps’s initial results if you are critical about Scaloni’s initial performance. Would any Argentine coach have survived after the 2016 debacle as the host?
    2. Euro 2016 Champion (Portugal): They have also stuck with their coach Santos since 2014. Although they won Euro in 2016, their performance was nothing close to the current team. They barely made out of the group stage. Still won the tournament.
    3. Fifa World Cup 2014 Champion (Germany): Do I need to say anything about Low? Has been there since 2006. Runners-up in Euro 2008, 3rd Place in World Cup 2010, Semi-Finalist in Euro 2012, finally Champion in 2014, again Semi-Finalist in Euro 2016, knocked out from group stage in World Cup 2014. Still Low is there. Their current performance is not that good compared to recent past teams, yet they are still promising.

    So, what is the most common scenario in the above 3 examples? Continuity of the coaching staff with a long-term plan despite having not-so-promising initial results or continuous failure in big tournaments. I am happy that AFA has finally decided to stick with a coaching staff that has a long term plan and is at least trying to incorporate young players slowly into the squad. Whether they will be successful or not, only time will tell. One thing I am sure that there’s no need to change coaches like we are used to changing our mobile phones. At least I’m happy that the #Scaloni_out guys are not sitting at the top of AFA, which would be disastrous. The last time Argentina built a strong team was under Pekerman and Sabella. Any similarities with the examples above? Continuity. Also, the last time Argentina had a miserable performance was during WCQ 2010 and WCQ 2018. During both cases, we had no stability whatsoever due to numerous changes of coaches. Any dissimilarities with the examples above? Looking for only results rather than a long term plan. Pekerman should have continued after 2006, same for Sabella after 2014. Now I’ll be giving a very unpopular opinion. Sampaoli was the right, if not the perfect coach for Argentina. But he was the wrong person at the wrong time in the wrong place. Look what he has done over the years and is currently doing with Atletico Mineiro. Whether he would be able to win us something or not, we can’t tell that now. But his playing style needs time. He was appointed to do wonders without time to incorporate young players, translating his vision to the players. Could Pekerman or Sabella, the last popular/successful coaches, do wonders if they were appointed at the last moment of the qualifiers? I don’t think so. The same happened with Maradona, though he is not a competent coach IMO. Many of you are shouting for Pochettino, Simione, Gallardo, or Bielsa. It took 5 years for Pochettino to take Tottenham to the UCL final. The same thing applies to others. At the club level, they didn’t do well overnight. I’m sure the #Scaloni_out guys would be screaming against Pochettino or any other fan favorites if they fail to get results overnight. The key here is to continue with a competent coaching staff that has a long-term plan. Now under Scaloni, Argentina secured 3rd Place in Copa 2019, is unbeaten in the last 8 matches. Many of you guys have complaints about the team selections. Name me one coach in the world that does not face the same complaint. Every coach has some peculiar team selection and tactics that not all the fans like. For your own team selection, I would advise you to do that in Fifa or Pes. We fans are impatient, inconsiderate, and nearly impossible to satisfy, to say the least. Let the coaching staff do their job. A player doing wonders at the club level may or may not comply with the tactics and vision of the NT coach. We have to accept that. Only time will tell whether Scaloni is the real deal or not. So, you crybabies, keep your complaints to yourself until Copa 2021. I’m not against criticism, but at least then you will have a VALID argument.

    • If Scaloni continues to do such shitty selection,whats the point of continuity? He needs to grow a spine,and select players based on merits and team spirit. I am not against selecting home grown players, but selecting homegrown players for the sake of impressing local media is a thing i will never support .

      • “If Scaloni continues to do such shitty selection, what’s the point of continuity?”
        I mean really? His 23-squad selection has been promising so far if not impressive compared to recent past coaches. According to you, when was the last time an Argentina coach had a balanced selection like Scaloni? Heck, even Sabella had more complaints than Scaloni regarding team selection. I’m not saying he’s doing it 100% right. But, shitty selection? C’mon. At least 80% or even more of his team selection is okay. Regarding his XI selection, I would give him the thumbs up as long as he’s getting the result. He knows best what works for him best, not us. Regarding the playing style, the defensive unity looks better, the team is playing better since the Copa loss against Brazil. You can’t complain after just one match in the Qualifiers.
        “He needs to grow a spine and select players based on merits and team spirit.”
        Hasn’t he done it till now? Apart from Di maria, Romero, Licha Martinez, and some other players, he has done alright. You can’t argue about the team spirit as it is very good compared to WC 2018. Regarding the inclusion of Acuna and the exclusion of Papu and some other players from XI, I’ll advise you to look at other coaches’ styles. Every coach has some unpopular choices over tactics and team selection. You have to trust the coach in that regard. Zidane had frozen out Bale, James Rodrigez, and many others from the RM squad. Did that mentality stop him from winning 3 UCLs and La Liga? All I’m saying, it’s not the time to hit the panic button, not yet.
        “I am not against selecting homegrown players, but selecting homegrown players for the sake of impressing local media is a thing I will never support.”
        You don’t know that for sure. Armani and Salvio may not be world-class, but you just can’t say that they are there to please local media. On the contrary, local media has been often critical of Scaloni for not selecting more local players. I was also against the decision of starting Armani over Martinez. But I can understand why Scaloni chose Armani. Starting Emi in his Argentina debut as well as the Qualifier debut could have been too much for him. I can vouch for Scaloni for not taking that risk in the first match. I’m pretty sure, many of you would shout against taking that risk if it went haywire. Remember Ecuador won against us by 3-1 not so long ago? We are upset because we didn’t win by a 6-1 margin. The Ecuador coach (Ex-Boca coach) approached the game differently compared to that 6-1 thrashing. Also, the coach was different, the game was friendly. Many didn’t support Sabella’s decision to include Rodrigo Brana, Jose Sosa, Pablo Guinazu, Basanta and many other local or unknown players during WCQ 2014 in the squad either. But does anybody remember that? No. Because Sabella did his job right, called players according to his requirements and mind his own fucking business.

        • 1. “Armani and Salvio may not be world-class”…wait brother, ‘may’ word here seems extremely delusional. They are certainly below average players, forget about world class. Here at Mundo, World class term seems to loose it’s credibility.

          2. “Zidane had frozen out Bale, James Rodrigez, and many others from the RM squad. Did that mentality stop him from winning 3 UCLs and La Liga?”…Did u even watched UCL, Bale was a key player for the Madrid side when they won 3 back to back UCLs. What are u speaking about, only during the previous season where Bale seemed to have lost his responsibility for the Madrid side.

          • As you haven’t argued about the remaining comments that I’ve made, I assume you agree with those points. In that case, you should have understood the key point that I’m trying to make here. Now for the sake of the argument, I’m going to agree with you that Armani and Salvio are below average. Now does that change what I’m trying to say here? Not really. And regarding Zidane’s point, I focused on the word ‘Mentality’, not Bale’s importance in RM’s UCL success. I was trying to say that a certain WORLD CLASS player may or may not be compatible with a coach. What about James Rodrigez, Isco or Kaka in the past? There are a lot of examples of great players not favored by their respective coaches. That doesn’t mean the players are bad or the coach is wrong. My examples could have been better. But it seems you are just arguing for the sake of the argument.

      • Yeah. I would say the same. In contrary to what a major portion of this forum believes, it’s not the right time to evaluate Scaloni yet. That comes later. It’s time to be patient. It’s kinda funny how impatient some Arg fans are. 27 years of trophyless drought have surely made me patient.

  9. Papu should start for Argentina to have more creativity…..not only defense……and be fully relaint on messi always…….in defense lo celso, peredes and de paul can do more than enough…..lo celso and peredes in middle and de paul more wide………gk= emimartinez ..back line = foyth, otamendi, tagliafico and …..midfielder=de paul , peredes, lo celso ……….up front= papu gomez …messi and lautaro………..we don’t need ocampus in starting line up

  10. I would say a blessing in disguise. It will open up a slot for Papu, who should take the false 9 role and supply those delightful through passes to Messi. With the opponents fancying their chance in this game, a couple of goals would be possible if not more. Our back line shouldn’t be too advanced, I think best approach will be a tight/compact back and centre line so that their wingers can’t just drag bodies out and then pass/shoot to which we were vulnerable in the past.

  11. I think people are being to critical on most players especially acuna. A lot of the fault as much as I like the guy goes on Scaloni. We played way to cautiously. There were times where acuna could have thrown a cross to the middle but didnt. We were clearly playing to keep the ball… acuna will play great against team who will actually attack like Brazil or Chile. Plus he’s a great sub for LB and even LW. Working with Ocampos is also a great plus. Montiel will play great for us in the future. I wouldn’t be to harsh on him even though he had a bad game.

  12. European based player not perform in away bolvia, the match won’t be pleasing to watch so nothing wrong if south ameican based players selected for the match. I hope Emi Martinez debut against bolvia, if he isn’t I won’t be sad too. Because goalkeeper will be active during the match so debut could make Emi Martinez hero as well as villain so high risk with reward.

  13. Dybala with his all talents has been a huge disappointment in the NT, Other than 1 or 2 matches he has been bang average. I hope he picks up his NT Career soon, What he does at Juve doesn’t matter for us.

    I have a gut feeling Armani is gonna get bashed here left and right after the upcoming match. He may eat some goals(The ball does behave badly in these conditions when the opponents takes a shot from outside the box). I just hope it don’t turn out to be a catastrophe like before. Even though we have good players.

    Breathing trouble is not easy to deal with also during this COVID times its even more of a problem. Hope all of them returns safely without any side effects.

    • Dybala is great in SERIA A only even for Juventus, not CL. Dybala plays in weird position and he is neither exceptional in finishing, dribbling, shooting or dictating the game. He is below average version of Messi.

  14. Emi Martinez is the best goalkeeper should be given starting role. Acuna and Salvio should not be in the team, they are waste,making the squad weak. Argentina club players are not good so should not be in the squad except Quarta Martinez and Armani.

      • Acuna has nothing to offer better than other,we have better player than him,for LB Medina,for LM Gomez for LW Nico Gonzalez. Acuna is trash get rid of him ASAP,

          • Funny fights for the ball but can not hold the possession of the ball. Acuna is trash should be cleaned up from team ASAP.

        • Dude most things that went wrong in the game were tactical issues. We weren’t even creating chances from crosses. That’s not the players fault. It’s been a year since they’ve played and acuna has not let us down until now. Acuna will be useful against teams that actually attack us. He’s tooo versatile to throw him out. Open your eyes bro lol

          • My eyes are wide open you need to see clearly,i do not know the last time when Acuna was influential, a single cross to Alario that is all, he does not have anything other than that. Watch his performance in Copa.He is useless. Even in WC he was useless. Do not back mediocre player

        • You are not watching the game from a defensive perspective. Yes he was imprecise in his passing against ecuador but THE WHOLE TEAM WAS as well…. watch the game and see how he recuperated the ball. He plays with grit!

          • In Germany game he just made one cross and Alario is very good in air.36 year old Dani Alves made fun of him in Copa.Acuna plays with grit like a bull who does not have brain. His most moves are useless. If you can see he looks like a dumb person. I do not want dumb player, I want creative player, Gomez is the best. These dumb players are for league matches not for Qualifiers or knock out games

  15. I don’t know when the next qualifiers are but I read somewhere that, it could be in next month or so. Because, as the condition of football is really bad in South America now, and since they are already behind the FIFA charts and have to makeup for the lost FIFA official dates, there’s is a possibility of seeing another set of qualifiers next month. The probability is there, but I don’t know how true the news are.
    But, if somehow the qualifiers takes place next month, then i( not only me but us as well) would definitely like to see the inclusion of Romero, buendia and licha. Scaloni shouldn’t repeat the same mistake twice of ignoring them for second time. Those three players could have been a real deal for us in the last match.

    So if scaloni watches this,( and why not, mbappe only came to know about ligue1 being called farmers league after watching media’s, and so I expect a similar from scaloni and Co too) he better take notice of this, because people and fans in the country and all over the world was not quite happy to see these players missing. He needs to call these experienced and proven players rather than appeasing the media and calling players like salvio or others. I’m not against local players but had scaloni called up the likes of de la Vega, Almada or even this youngsters who need this chance, then we all could comply with his selection. We would definitely understood what his motto was.

    I hope things get sorted out in the first half of the qualifiers or else it could land is in serious trouble.

    • my friend fifa international calendar is always fixed nowadays for few years – two weeks each in march, june (plus summer tournament when applicable), september, october, november every year.

      The lost covid dates of 2020 will be made up in two weeks of Jan/Feb 2022 as an exception this time.

  16. Lionel Scaloni may be a rookie coach but he has done better than expected in difficult circumstances, rebuilding the side after the train wreck of Russia 2018. It helps enormously that Messi is on board. During last year’s Copa America, the No. 10 suddenly emerged in the role of vocal leader, encouraging all around him. Argentina came out of the tournament in good spirits, which got better with a string of fine results afterwards.

    The key factor was the introduction of Sevilla winger Lucas Ocampos — essentially a replacement for Angel Di Maria. The exclusion of Di Maria is controversial, as he led the assists ranking in last season’s Champions League for PSG, but Ocampos has brought plenty to the table. He can play on either wing and his capacity to work back to defend frees Messi to find space.

    From espn

    • There is a thought among some writers in argentina that one reason behind not including Di Maria was to improve messi relationship with new teammates also . Since aguero could not make it, it is believed without dimaria as well messi would open up more to the others team mates. for example him traveling in his private jet with dybala, ocampos, acuna is seen as good chance of bonding. also de paul is supposed to be group leader and on good terms with lio now etc.

      how much true I don’t know but it is a theory there.

      • El mongel my friend the truth is
        Argentina are better of with this coaching staff
        They are really want to put Argentina back where it belongs to.
        Look their choice of players
        Either have potential to be world class likes Perez foyth medina palacios lmq
        Dominguez mac allister
        Or they already close to be world class
        Like lo celso de Paul parades Ocampos Lautaro.
        In my opinion with time they will make
        Argentina great again – don’t get wrong
        Arg will have some struggles may lose some games Here and there but won’t be laughing stock as it was last few years.

        • yes i am patient. i am result oriented only. 1-0 is same as 10-0 for me. I will judge again after november matches (4 games).

          I think our fans have unrealistic expectation sometimes of what play style needs to be. But maybe we are not alone. I read other opinion – brazilians think Tite is boring and shit, french think deschamps is boring and shit, Portuguese think Santos is boring and shit. yet they are all champions.

          Truth is what is required to win in international competition nowadays is different from liverpool v fulham or River v Binacional.

      • Again with Di Maria? For the love of god most of the time he plays like complete trash. He loses the ball constantly and doesn’t contribute defensively at all. He has some great moments but he’s done.

      • Im guessing the motive for traveling on Messi’s private jet had more to do with covid protocol logistics. But yeah, team building certainly benefited from that.

  17. Interestingly Dybala was also not fit in the previous La Paz game in 2017. On a lighter note – La Joya seems to be getting the altitude sickness even before reaching LaPaz!!!
    Btw I was reading an old 2009 Tim Vickery article on high altitude football posted in BBC . Unable to post the link here as mundo admin says site awaiting moderation . But few interesting points :
    1) The article says it is reckoned that without time to acclimatize players lose over 30% of their athletic capacity. The lungs struggle and they can’t find enough oxygen to move freely over the pitch. It is thought that the third day is when the effects are felt most.
    2) It says visiting team should not defend deep as that makes it easy for the home side to shoot from range – very dangerous at altitude. So we may need to play a high defensive line & players like Nehuen Perez & Medina can be good options as they are used to high defensive line ( U23 NT, Famacilao, Lens plays that tactic regularly ) & have the pace to recover back.
    2) He says given three weeks anyone can acclimatize at LaPaz . But in the modern calendar no-one normally has this time. We may have missed a great opportunity to exploit this since local league had anyway not started . What stopped AFA from sending a group of local players ( including potential starting GK – maybe Andrada ) to lapaz 2-3 weeks in advance. Undstd Boca, River, racing had Copa liberatodres. AFA could have looked at other clubs ( Velez, Argentinos Juniors, Independinte ) or even Boca, River, Racing as they had last CL games on Oct 1st. If this was not done due to cost saving reasons its foolish . What’s the point having many European based players who just travel & don’t have a chance for both games like Jeremias ledemas , j correa, simeone , macclister etc. It cld have been a group of 5-6 european stars ( with the option of 5 substitutions during game ) playing along with 5-6 local league players who would have acclimatized . The team integration could have happened in the last 2 days ( which is anyway what we did in Ecuador game also )
    4) Previous coaches have tried strategies of arriving on the day of game to minimize altitude sickness ( Maradona in 2009 ) .Doing it this way is also a crime against the goalkeeper, who is more exposed than anyone else by the rapid trajectory of the ball.

    • It would be great if Scaloni prepare the second team and arrived at La Paz earlier, as he got a big squad plus he can used the domestic young base players; technically Bolivia can be beaten with Arg B only the issue is the altitude and acclimatize time

  18. Tough luck.. Wanted to see him play!

    On a side note Inter are eyeing Agüero on a free transfer next summer, in case Lautaro leaves. Perhaps they could replace each other, with City being interested in Martínez.

    Speaking of City, it appears that both Manchester clubs are interested in hiring Pochettino. City could be his ideal destination. With oil money he could bring in plenty of good Argentines to a strong EPL team in the upcoming years.

    • City won’t let Aguero go unless he has poor season which is unlikely, Man City has one year contract extension clause in Aguero contact, Aguero won’t be free next summer for sure.

        • Aguero is still world class and not shown declined till now, it’s interesting to see how Aguero performs after injury. ESPN FC predicted Aguero wining Golden Boot, do you think Man City let world class player leave free when they have 1 year contract extension. Unless something drastically goes wrong to Aguero, Man city offer him new contract it’s impossible Man City let go their main player free that’s why I am sure that Aguero staying in man city.

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