Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni press conference: “It’s very difficult”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference about the difficulties of playing at altitude, his team and much more.

Lionel Scaloni won his first World Cup qualifying match and will look to make it two out of two against Bolivia on Tuesday. Argentina’s track record playing in La Paz is far from the best but coach Scaloni spoke about being ready to play at altitude. Here’s what he had to say:

“We took the decision to fly here yesterday because of everything. We saw other teams come here a few days before and they trained like we will train at altitude. We believe it could be interesting.

“There’s no formula to play at altitude. It’s not the same level and that’s why we are taking precautions.

“The difficulty is at its highest, we’re playing against a national team where in their country, it’s very difficult. But we have a plan and we will try to execute it well.

“The change of air is true but the real important thing is the way the ball moves. The attacks have to be finished off and not for it to be a back and forth match.

“I believe that they, playing at home, will come out to attack as they always do at altitude. It will be a difficult match.

“If we were to come here and defend and give the ball away or kick it away, in the end, we won’t be able to do anything. We have a clear way of playing.”

Scaloni also spoke about the team:

“There won’t be too many changes in the team but we will wait until the training session in the afternoon to confirm it. Acuna left the match against Ecuador injured and trained different from the rest of the group. We have different options to select in that position.

“We have very good players and they will face the match they way they should. There’s no problem with the goalkeepers. There are different players competing for that spot, many of them could be starters. The same thing with other positions.

“We have central midfielders who are good on the ball. The differences can be on the wings, to be more offensive or not. We will try to have the ball and be sharp when we can.

“We are aware that we had to win the match against Ecuador. Now we are much more calm and we know that there are a lot of things to improve. It was important to start off with a win. We are happy with that and now we could work more calmly. I watched all of the World Cup qualifying matches and most were very difficult.

“Salvio has a chance, the same as everyone else. We have a lot of options in that spot. I don’t rule anyone out.”


  1. Yes LaPaz is tough to play in.
    But bolivia is arguably the worst team in south america … And this is nothing new.
    I want to mention that when I watched the brazil match and also the European matches, I noticed pressure and anxiety in players. But I also noticed players laughing and having fun.
    During ecuadors match I noticed only stress and pressure in the faces of our team .

  2. La Paz is difficult, everyone knows. Any visitors playing there should take extra care. But still it sounds like a pre-bail from Scaloni, not suiting a good manager.. hope his team prove me wrong with their play on the ground.

    Last 44 matches Bolivia played in La Paz, they won only 18 times. Lost 12 times and draw 14 times. Winning in La Paz is not a miracle for any visiting team, it should not be that for Argentina as well.

    6 points in the first International break is awesome. I believe Argentina can do it this time.

  3. Scaloni has the possibility to change half of the team. I really don’t understand where that fear come from. If we change 2 payers after 60mins 2 more 10 mins later and 1 10 mins later we should be able to play Bolivia. We can change the entire midfield and one forward.

  4. I found so much similarities between de paul and arsenal’s dani Ceballos. Their playing style is so similar. Is there any one who think the same?

  5. We will beat Bolivia if only we have a winning mindset. We shouldnt go there thinking , we’ll never beat them on that mountain, so 1 point would be good enough. No, we should comes out smoking like we did against Ecuador in that last game of 2018 qualifier and break the myth/curse.

  6. Eduardo salvio is a flop. Scaloni should not play him even last match when he came on as a substitute he couldn’t even dribble past one player or do a simple pass . Scaloni should instead go for correa and papu gomez

      • I read the full interview.. When scoloni talk about acuna possible replacement will be palocios or domingez,then reporter ask what about salvio,then scoloni replied he also possible replacemen.. Yes this is fucking argentine media who always put pressure for local players..

  7. Honestly speaking I won’t mind whether Emi Martinez starts against Bolvia or not but I was disappointed when Armani given node ahead of Emi against Ecuador. If Emi Martinez played against Bolvia, it can go either way, marginal victory or draw even losing against all of have possibilities nevertheless very few are expecting good and dominated performance. If Emi Martinez starts against Bolvia and performed good match wining knock then He will be praised like king but if Argentina lose the match or Emi Martinez not performed good because of Altitude then He will be bashed make sure never starts for Argentina. I am genuinely happy for Dybala not travelling to La Paz because Dybala not played since UCL Juve elimination and playing directly in Bolvia won’t suit him either, so far Dybala performance is disaster like Tevez if he failed in Bolvia then become difficult for him to cement his place in Argentina NT.

  8. 2/3 days ago someone put a article here about Argentine past and present numbers of top European legue players
    But now i can’t find that,please someone help me

  9. Sit deep, save energy and counter attack when possible. Start with 4 5 1 formation. Ask Lautaro to give it all in 30 minutes, then play Alario from 31st until 60th minute and bring Messi in final 30 minutes.

    • Sub 1 – Lautaro after half time
      Sub 2 – Deapul or Nico around 55m
      Sub 3 – Otamendi around 55m
      Sub 4 – Quarta around 60m
      Sub 5 – Ocampus around 60m

    • Many experts said that sitting deep is the worst tactic in this venue. The best tactic there is Highline and attack. There is a risk. But there is a high chance of scoring goals as well.

      • Yes .i read that also. & it sounds logical. Actually highline & compact structure. Effectively use the offside trap . Control possession & wait for a quick transition to counterattack & try long shots.

  10. It’s a tough game and a physical presr for our players.Dont run more in field to keep thr stamina in 90mints. Stay and hold the ball more and put presr on bolivins is the key I think.Tight marking needed in both wings.
    Common Arg.took 3 again..👍

  11. I have been following argentina since 2014 and i have been following many clubs like tottenham , ajax , barca and noting down details and some analysis about argentine players briefly. So i would like to have your opinion in my starting lineup which i have prepared and i think is the best for argentina .

    Lautaro martinez

    Ocampos dybala messi

    Paredes lo celso

    Tagliafico montiel
    Lisandro martinez lucas martinez

    Emiliano martinez

    Foyth for montiel
    Neheun parez for lucas martinez
    Gomez for dybala
    Nicolas dominguez for paredes
    Palacios for lo celso

  12. San Lorenzo have rejected a loan move for Matias Palacios by Sevilla.

    Matias Zaracho has been signed by Sampaoli for Miniero for 6.5 mil (50%). Good move. Miniero playing good football, and fighting for title with Flamengo.
    Heinze could be the new manager of Palmeiras.

    • Hoping Heinze to palmerias remains just as Twitter fan demands. Currently it is based on disgruntled palmerias fans who are asking for Heinze. He surely deserves better & has been one of the best coaches in developing new talent. I would want him to join a mid table laliga or serie a club & continue to build his style there. Even maybe a ligue1 side considering his psg/Marseilles playing experience.

    • Very surprising even now buendia is not getting picked up as premier League still has an England only domestic window till Oct 16th. At 15-20mill £ he is a steal

  13. Why always parede. He is average player. We can try Juan foyth, guido Rodriguez, Santiago ascersibe, fausto vera, Lisandro martinez as a cdm bcz his defensive work rate is a lame joke.
    Leonardo paredes out if he can not improve his work rate

  14. Games at Lapaz are al about precision passing and finishing your chances. B2B players like DePaul and runners like Ocampo will suffer. I expect Parades to do well however. We should start with Lautaro as poaching striker and Papu as an AM to convert as many 1st H chances and if we get two, we can then sit back a little and defend a lead. I expect Parades and DePaul to try some of their famous long rangers. Lot of zonal play is must to stay oxygenated. Triangulation and intelligent positioning should be priority to keep possession.

  15. Yes it will be difficult unless the team is well prepared and have a great plan. There is a chance to win the game with right game plan and fully fit player,

    On the other hand, Sadly we always missed the uncalled players, we are shouting for Banega, Icardi and Di Maria to be in the team; but once they get the call we will shout replace them with Buendia, Gaich and Papu Gomez, unfinished story always in the mind of fans. Otamendi case is the best example, a real dilemmatic to call or ignore him, My complain to Scaloni is not maximizing his selection and always stick with one formation and same pattern; lack of creativity in Tango style. Playing one two and box to box movement. Every one seem stick and care on their own area, not dare to make a pass and move forward and create space for the forward; the attackers have to bring the ball from the mid

    To compare Deschamps did not bring Benzema and France won the WC; it means that the players selection is based on the need of the team; team work harmony and can be optimized on the playing scheme with equal subs available not on favouritism. Again football is not a playing station, its a dynamic and involved psychological emotional between the team. That’s our weakness as many are feeling that they are world super star.

    Best of luck and hopefully we got 3 points in La Paz

      • Shut Up . You are in need of a permanent IP Ban. He is just 21,how he is a farmer?
        I generally ignore u ,but stfu

      • I hoped better for him. He played some scintillating football over the last two years and was even linked to Dortmund,Milan, and PL clubs, but seeing no clubs approach him with any offers just makes it clear how dire the conditions are for our talents. I can’t blame the business because Argentines are really poor at marketing their talents and are very bad at business. I posted an article few days ago where the European scouts cited the reasons of poor communications with the clubs and almost having to go for battles to sign Argentinian talents.
        Well, he is going to Brazil, I cannot say much about it but what I expect is that he performs well, so that any European top teams notices him early and pluck him from there. At least we have to agree that Brazilians are better than Argentines when it comes to business, no matter how ugly it sounds.
        Hope that zaracho performs well and get the fuck outta there as soon as possible.

        • He being in Racing was better . Especially with OLympics in July21. Chance of getting him released was higher in Racing than a Brazilian club. Being a non FIFA event , there is no club compulsion to release players for Olympics where we will also compete with Brazil. A good showing in Olympics would have been a nice stage for a next transfer window move to Europe. Sampaoli is doing well at Minero

    • I believe, Emi Mertinez will be our no.1 soon. He is a fighter and he will claim his spot.
      On the other hand. A huge fan of Icardi but unfortunately he does not suit our playing style. But he should be in the team not starting XI. He can come off the bench.

      • Yes Icardi should be in the squad and fight for the place, scaloni prefers 2 forward behind messi as of now Lautaro with Aguero/Dybala best.

  16. Tomorrow I see Argentina either winning, losing or drawing with Bolivia. More goals from either side is needed to avoid boring draw. That is my match preview and I will be 100% right.

    • I guess 4th results is “act of god” like canceling the game due to weather or another disaster. 🙂

      Reminds me of some famous quotes from mr captain obvious Michael Owen
      1) “Whichever team scores more goals usually wins.”
      2) “To stay in the game, you have to stay in the game.”
      3) “That would’ve been a goal had it gone inside the post.”
      4) “If there’s a bit of rain about, it makes the surface wet”
      5) “Footballers these days often have to use their feet”

  17. It’s one of the most daunting tasks for Scalonis small coaching career at the NT. If he gets a good result in this match. I think we can confidently say that we have a good coach in charge. The last coach who took a point in Bolivia if I am not wrong was Sabella where we drawn. We all know Sabella was gud. Indeed.

    • Scalonis is good. We need to get rid of Otamendi to improve our defense and hit top nations on counter. I think PARKING THE BUS is good method to win trophies with the help of Messi magic. Only negative aspect with PARK THE BUS attitude is we will struggle against the teams who use same tactics to us like Ecaudor. Otamendi is disaster waiting to happen, very poor defender and reckless.

      • Otamendi has done nothing wrong till now why to bash him instead bash Acuna and Salvio.Otamendi is the best CB his distribution is great

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