Argentina rumored eleven, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Lucas Ocampos to start


Argentina play Bolivia in La Paz in a World Cup qualifier with one change to be made from the last game.

Lionel Scaloni is rumored to be making one change to the starting eleven which won 1-0 vs. Ecuador on Thursday. An injury to Marcos Acuña means one of Exequiel Palacios or Nicolas Dominguez could start in his place.

There were reports of Juan Foyth possibly starting in place of Gonzalo Montiel but new reports suggest Montiel will keep his spot. Here is the rumored eleven:

Armani, Montiel, Martinez Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafigo; Palacios or Dominguez, Paredes, De Paul; Messi; Ocampos, Lautaro.


  1. 4 Excellent players in todays match :
    Palacios – His stamina today was something else. Good dribbles but lost the ball a few times. Need to improve that.
    Messi – Best player on the pitch today.
    Taglafiaco – Defensively good and today was probably the first time we saw the attacking side of taglafiaco in an Argentine shirt
    Quarta – Probably our 2nd best player. So calm and reliable.

    3 Good ones :

    Lautaro : He needs to join messi in club level. Do it messi, somehow!!!
    J Correa : Fantastic goal, his Ball control and dribbles are always good. But needs to improve his work rate. Without high work rate you are not in Scalonis team. Simple as that.
    Domingeuz : Fantastic player and calm as well , Didnt get dribbled past by the fancy footworks of the opponents.

    The rest were okay, not bad. Scaloni loves attackers and mids with high work rates, thats why Ocampos is so highly rated. Hopefully he will be massive for us in the future.

    Asking for Paredes/ Ocampos/ Alarios/ De paul’s head is madness. These are leaders, fighters and most importantly tactical players who obeys coach’s tactics. Well alario is not a leader but definitely the other 2, with high work rate – which is a mandatory while coming off the bench to change the momentum of a match.

    Scalonis starting 11 was perfectly justified for todays game
    Hopefully he can slowly push out Otamendi and Armani and bring in Emi and the other inform player – Senesi, Licha or Romero.

    This team has good unity and belief in themselves and most importantly in eachother.

  2. Last time I saw a competitive argentine midfield as the current one was at the 2006 world cup when there was riquelme, mascherano, cambiasso, aimar and maxi rodriguez…..Even though 2006 midfield had more quality the current set of players are real workhorses….I am really excited for the copa 2021 🙂

  3. Acuna injury was blessing in disguise for Argentina, he was the worst player on the pitch against Ecuador and Salvio from bench made it worsen. Surprising Argentina played better in La Paz than home soil, Palacios in midfield has made the difference. In last match Lo Celso was missing badly. De Paul not playing good neither for Udinese nor for Argentina. Farmer Armani must be dropped and Emi Martinez should be the no1 and farmer Alario must be dropped for Icardi. Otamendi will stay for sometime but should not be starter.

    • Very true . All his NT performances has been good – Colombia, Mexico friendlies & now LaPaz. He is turning out to be another Sergio Romero . Club extra & comes & performs at a high level for NT without showing any rustiness.

  4. Palacios was good in second half but in first half he lost possession many times and misplaced passes. Emi Martinez should start next. Why bashing Paredes he was best player in 1st half even hit the woodwork. Otamendi is 32 year old still he played full 90 minutes Thiago Silva got substituted because of breathing problems in 2018 WC qualifiers in LaPaz.

  5. Ocumpos is highly overatted player, just because he played for sevilla and scored most of goals from penalty to look his talley good doesn’t make him better. Ocumpos is headless chicken, no final third pass completely waste and substation of corera changed the game excluding his match wining goal. Any team in Europe prefer Di Maria then mediocre ocumpos. When Aguero back hope messi lautaro Aguero/Dybala front three starts.

  6. Well well I’m not a fan of scaloni but can’t rate him by these two matches. The first one was played after such a long time so noone should’ve expected the team having any chemistry after such a long break. Can’t judge anyone by the match tonight because of the conditions. Every time I watch matches at this place I wonder why they don’t forbid that. Its seriously awful. Most important thing from my point of view is we have the maximum amount of points from the first two matches. Let’s wait and see how it goes till after copa before we ask for scalonis head.

    • Because this is the beauty of south america qualifiers. Not like in Europe where result of match against andorra and luxembourg is known well in advance.

      Anything can happen here. 12000 feet at La Paz, 8000 feet at Quito, 35C heat and full humidity at Barranquilla, the roaring crowds at Maracana and Monumental, doing 5000 km round trips for one match and then home match in three days. That is the magic. If a team can find chemistry against all this, they will be solid.

      • well encapsulated elmongol. South American qualifiers is magical with such variety & unpredictability
        What was that loser Moreno trying to blabber in the end . Did Messi provoke him or the guy just was depressed & blew out ?

        • I saw two occasion where he was talking. During moment of silence in beginning of game he standing next to messi and with mouth covered saying something when everyone bowing. Messi didn’t say anything. Probably talking shit.
          Then after goal at 0-1 talking shit to Armani.

          probably messi give some back to him. when time is right messi always gives it back.

    • You’re an idiot bro . We haven’t won there since 2005 .I’m sorry but idiots on this forum will be called out . Scaloni has done what no other coach has done in the Messi era , even in the sabella era we were too dependent on Messi I remember like it was yesterday .

  7. All I can say now is that I can finally go to bed and have a nice sleep with no stress. Although it’s 3:50am already in India, but man I’m fucking relieved from this historical fiasco.

    Argentina were just brilliant. If we had scored all those chances then we would have definitely won the game by 4-5 goals. But still, I am really really happy and excited about our team. Now lets hope we will build something really strong from here.

    Cheeeeers all Mundos…..😍😍🎉🎉

  8. 1) We need Martinez in goal
    2)Palacios In.Acuna out
    3)Need a better right back
    4)Need a tall CB to replace Otamendi
    5)We have enough quality player in MF. So MF should be our strength

  9. This is an awesome start. Very proud of the team. Just like the last match, super happy that we got 3 points. My prediction of 1-0 went wrong, but will take 2-1 coming from behind over 1-0.

    Few early thoughts
    1. The number 9 of Bolivia is probably the only player I know. Cant say his name, but only one who scores against us. Now, who the hell was marking him? One number 9, and he is wide free between 2 of our center backs. One can score, but why so easily? where is the defensive organization.

    2. Paredes hitting against the post. Pisses me off. Why always us. Why is luck always against us.

    3. Lautaro is the closest thing to Suarez. He is such nuisance, that he is bound to get some of these lucky goals. Ok, so I take it since Paredes shot went against the post.

    4. Now Lautaro misses the chance. Great pass from Messi. Should have finished.

    5. Finally a well crafted goal. Loved Messi, Lautaro and Correa on the move.

    Finally, MESSI!!! What a MAN! I don’t care if he is a great player. HE IS A MAN!!! 33 years old, playing 90 mins, so creative and chasing down opponents in 86th minute. Running like crazy. This guy is too determined to be there in Qatar 2022. Football owes him a trophy.

    • you are spot on almost every thing 🙂

      correa lautaro and meesi were so fluid….nico dominguez and palacios are good back up for lo celso de paul and paredes….would love to see medina or romera for otamendi and emi martinez for armani…montiel is solid

  10. To a portion of so-called die-hard & expert neo-fans here, I think you guys have been rightfully humbled today. Now shut the fuck up and let the coaching staff do their job. it’s time to go back to your caves now, at least until the November Qualifiers. Learn to grow some patience in the meantime. You’ll need it in the future.

    N.B. Although it was an ugly match to watch. But the victory was 100% deserved and it will unite the team more for the future. 1st victory at La Paz in 15 years. I’ll wait until the Copa 2021 to evaluate this coaching staff and the squad. Until then, they have my support. Vamos Argentina.

  11. Well done scaloni and his coaching Staff
    Bring all those youngsters new fresh-
    Look albicelestes I’m sure with time
    They will achieve great things

  12. I have always believed in scaloni ever since he took charge . Good game , great game , we won in la Paz when no one did in 15 years . This so called “ team under construction “ with scaloni the “amateur” coach did what the others couldn’t convincingly with a lot of wasted chances in front of goal , and our defence was good , they barely had any chances other than the goal .

    Hopefully Emi Martinez starts next month , he has a lot of hard games to keep proving himself and should get his chance next month because remember Armani looks shaky sometimes , and for me emi is an all round goalkeeper and he’s proven himself big time in the hardest circumstances .

    I would like to see foyth , hopefully he gets playing time with Villarreal although montiel had 2 good games

    Palacios should start in next month along with lo celso and de Paul . Paredes for me is good but lacks creativity and no one can argue that . He and acuna proved why our midfield was not creative last match .

    And this Ecuador that we faced a lot of problems with and some people here were bashing the national team , well Ecuador is beating Uruguay 3-0 with their wonder kid Real Madrid valverde .

    Otamendi is good but also shaky and needs to not be our starter and pass the CB role from him to either Medina, Lisandro Martinez , cristian Romero , senesi,

  13. WoW what a game for our beloved Argentina..

    The second half was pretty good. I was not a fan of Palacios even after the first half he lost too many balls and duels.. The second half Palacios was great but got tired. Messi was fighting and come back to support the team… that’s the way he plays for Argentina just awesome…

    Scaloni did a master class of coaching in this heavy Game the changes were superb… Midfield got stronger defensively… Although I was a little upset he substituted De Paul…

    I hope Lautaro gets more precise… He had some chances

    But thx for the three points


  14. Palaciosssss…….lautaroooooo and tagliafico plus all the defense have put up the best display after conceding the first goal.
    Marvelous performance from our boys. I’m so so so so so happy. Man we finally broke the jinx.

    Yes yes yes…..😭😭.

  15. Messi is pressing and hard-working.. in argentina more than he is in Barcelona right now..
    Even in this la paz condition ..he never hesitate press

  16. Palacios is waste,Ocampus is selfish, Lautaro Martinez is over rated. Montiel is offensively good but he did not make a single successful cross in both matches but he deserves some time to adapt well.
    J. Correa is best Left Winger for Argentina,earlier his finishing was poor but now he has improved it as we can see his goal so undisputed starter at LW.
    Argentina forward line should be Messi, Aguero and J. Correa.
    Paredes was good, De Paul was above average. Dominiguez better than Palacios. Quarta was great, Otamendi was above average. Messi was awesome many chances created but Lautaro could not convert them.

  17. Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷
    Who ever watched the match knew how difficult it was. A win in La Paz is a big motivation. Palacios, messi & lautaro were simply class.

    • Bolivia proved they are sore losers…. fighting post full time. They just didnt realize they will get screwed today. 2nd half was open game & we really dominated. Margin could have been higher

  18. Fucking idiots. All of you who was bashing our players and coaching staff take this and shove it in your ass. Hats of to my team and all technical support team. I’m so proud of them. It’s not easy to play atall in Bolivia.

    • Sure the coaching staff should get the credit for instilling that fighter mentality.
      Till Sampoli, whenever the ball was taken past our mid fielders, I would pray that they score. But with current bunch, I get a feeling that we would recover ball anyhow. Even during their first goal, the credit should go to their captain for his precise placement. I don’t care if we concede one nowadays, believe we can outscore opponents.
      Medina looked confident and all our subs were great today.

  19. 6 points after 2 hard games. A better than expected start. The play was dismal in 1st half, better in 2nd half. Could have been an easy win if Lautaro was more precise. Great goal from Correa.

    Scaloni is possibly best hydrated man in southern hemisphere, he kept drinking water bottles all match long 😉

    • 1st half, the strategy was not to concede and attack using 4 only. Once we got that goal, boy we turned around the table. I’ve to admit, their players looked exhausted than us(except Messi who almost fell after that squandered chance he created for Lautaro).
      I’m beginning to believe in Scaloni.

  20. Really don’t care how less chance Palacios is getting in fcking Germany. Whatever that is, he deserved much more playing time in NT.

    • Yes, his talent is obvious, most of his touches are very elegant and delicate, and he never performed that bad for bayer Leverkusen in the few chances he was given, that’s why he would perform like this whenever he plays for argentina, no matter how many minutes he’s given to play in germany.

    • If messi anchors.. in midfield
      . We need wingers in either end.. and a scorer.. result will be in our favour♥️

    • Exactly. For the hooters, there may still be many issues with our team – I’ve to admit, we are much better coming back from a goal down than defend a lead. Coaching staff should get the credit for instilling this warrior mentality into the team. I loved the correa move, still thought Papu will get some time. 3 points is what matters at the end, so no complaints.

    • Agree, Hard fought. Paredes’ post and Lautaro blowing a one on one chance should have made it 4-1. Happy to see them come back especially being one down.

        • Hey gurusevilla, at which minute was that awful pass from correa that could have made lautaro in a goal-scoring situation?? I watched the full match but I don’t remember watching such a play.

  21. What a game in the worst conditions!!!
    First win in La Paz after 15 years!!
    6 points!!

    Marcelo Martins talking shit all game and Messi gives it back after 90 minutes.
    What a game by him

  22. All y’all talk shit about Argentina while comparing them to European teams look at Spain loosing to freaking Ukrain, germany tying with freaking Switzerland and France can’t score on 38 year old Pepe and shit semedo let them come to la Paz and get their ass kicked by Bolivia.

  23. Basic problem is … Our mid field is not mobile enough and not creative. They aren’t playing any one two passes to advance through the center.
    We really don’t have any modern full backs .. none of our fullbacks provide any width or even attacking contribution..
    Depaul apart from some dribbles.. he isn’t playing like a midfielder.. much like a winger..
    Montiel rarely tends move upwards..

  24. first half player analysis:
    best player – exequiel palacios

    decent performers – ocampos , rodrigo de paul , tagliafico , messi

    bad performers – montiel, martinez quarta and lautaro martinez

    worst performers – paredes, armani and otamendi

  25. It seems No one is interested here in what Germans are doing against Farmers in Farmer’s Friendly, except the Farming expert.
    We are watching World Cup 2022 Qualifications of South America, where Argentina is playing now in one of the most difficult football stadiums in the world.

    • I was no interested to comment here about Germany but when they were behind 2-0 everyone starts trolling, I just wanted to give them slap with deserving reply. Switzerland is good team ranked in top 10 Fifa ranking.

      • I said you Loew is finished, he cant win against a little bit stronger team since 2019, and again. Germany will def fail on Euro. Portugal and France are stronger team in that group.

      • Hey listen raj , you only slap yourself kid , Germany barely tied , and have tied 4 out of their last 5 matches . Overrated I don’t care what you say . Germany isn’t the same after 2018 atleast for now

        • Germany is going through transition phase, they have quality players just don’t jeled in the squad. Of course Germany isn’t the same after 2018 just like Spain after 2014 or Italy after 2010 but certainly good future ahead of the team compare to them.

  26. We r playing bolivia.
    We should have 4 goals by end of match.
    Anything less is unacceptable.
    I don’t care if t’s la paz. All of south america wins in la paz. If bolivia beats everyone in LaPaz then they would have made it to 7 world cups by now.

    • Yeah but we could have made it 4-1 or 5-1, but we missed several golden chances in their penalty area. If you watched the match you would know that Lautaro missed 2 sitters in front of goal.

  27. It will be difficult for Argentina to maintain 1-1 lead when lord otamendi is there, Argentina somehow need to score another goal then 2-2 would be a decent result for the toughest fixer as well International break

  28. Every players try to give their best…
    But fucking Armani …..
    Again & again…
    Plz someone shoot this fucking Armani
    Otherwise Scolani play him before he died

  29. Great to see Messi working hard and creating nice and smooth chances.
    Superb effort by Lautaro.
    Better second quarter by Peredes.
    Ocambos should improve chemistry with our forwards, we don’t need a less quality Di Maria, when we have original one out of the team.

    Palacios out Gomez in. My hope.

  30. First half was very poor from both sides, but a lucky goal got us back in the game. Only shots from outside the box, lots of bad passes and crosses. There is a huge lack of quality in the side.

  31. wow. what a demanding game. 10 minutes and you could see them struggling. Legs heavy, no burst in the jumps to meet the ball in the air. Slow reaction time like stuck in syrup. Goal kicks going 80 meters long. scaloni use your 5 changes wisely man.


  32. exequiel palacios the best player in the first half by a distance, the bayer leverkusen coach is an idiot to not select him . palacios has all the talent to become a world class midfielder

    • You are not watching the same game,
      Palacios is bad he is loosing the ball very easy is not getting back in time

      very bad half of Palacios you can see he has no playtime that’s why I said Domingues over Palacios

  33. LAUTARO!!! Fuck with him and find out. It’s not a lucky goal these goals happen to him all the time. Ota sucks, Armani sucks but we play with balls.

  34. This is painful to watch. They’re either walking or bent over struggling to breathe. Corners are going long, Ball is going every which way. What a disaster this fixture is…every time…every damn time. Just glad it’s out of the way early

  35. Will anyone gonna still defend Otamendi? Good reader of the game my foot. We r not gonna win on aerial duels. Otamendi is a terrible reader,passer,defender. Past his prime. No disrespect

    • Air is very thin in LA paz ball behaves differently. Otamendi did nothing wrong till now. Palacios ,Montiel and Armani do not look good

    • are you kidding Paredes is the best so far

      Montiel Armani Ota and MQ to blame on the goal sooo bad

      Palacios loosing the ball all the time it’s what I said no playtime Dominguez would have been better

      one half to go lets goooi

  36. Paredes fact: He lost the ball in a very sloppy pass in a very dangerous area outside the box around 12 mins and how casually he was observing the ball being cleared by Quarta for the first corner for Bolivia!!

  37. Our players are so bad. Have to be the most imbalance squad in entire world. Some of these players cant even pass or control the simple ball.

  38. Friends,

    If you love this blog and want to elevate the level of discussion please take action. The comments that involve “X players excelling in Scaloni’s bed”, “farmer” or “farmer league” and especially about and X’s player wife, really diminish the level of discourse on this blog. As far as I’m concerned we should not tolerate stupidity and depraved minds here. Please let Roy know that this is unacceptable.

  39. If palacios in the starting lineup then Argentina will destroyed farmer Bolivia if not then we will only can pray

  40. I hope palacios and dominguez doesnt end up like kranevitter….i had huge hopes for him when he joined a super atletico team under simeone…failed to live up to his potential…palacios and dominguez is following the same path..they were given the chances to impress the coach but failed to do so and are now not in the starting 11 of their resp teams… also sad to see nicolas gonzalez not in the squad

  41. Glad to see the River boys MQ, Montiel, and Armani start again.

    Many were asking for Foyth but he hasn’t played in a long time. Foyth biggest issue is decision making and carelessness and a long hiatus hurts him badly. i feel like lack of gametime is worse for defenders than it is midfielders but i could be wrong.

    Martinez, Musso, etc time will come eventually, just not today. Armani is our rock for now, support him!

    For mid, even though Palacios hasn’t played much, i’m still eager to see him start.

    The Bolivian BUS will be tough to penetrate but we can do it……VAMOS!!

  42. I hope Scaloni is not wrong but this is the team that I been dreaming of. I want to see Palacios in the midfield and DePaul on the side… The only variation that I would do is to align 3 midfielders and 3 forwards in a 4-3-3. If he fails it’s going to be my failure as well.

  43. Palacios is a world class player and better then maradona , maradona was a farmer player , he was destroyed messi career when messi at his peak timed 2010 world cup , maradona farmer

  44. 🇦🇷 Argentina XI : Armani; Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Palacios; Messi, Martínez, Ocampos.

    🇧🇴 Bolivia XI : Lampe; Saucedo, José Sagredo, Valverde, Carrasco; Wayar, Castro, Chumacero, Cardozo; Martins, Torres.

  45. 1-0 for Switzerland again at Germany with the best German CO on the field and only one minute before the goal Switzerland almost scored another goal .

  46. A few takes from me before the game.

    Don’t mind if Armani starts this game. I think we can expect Emi Martínez to start at least one game against Paraguay or Peru next month. He was starter in training and Scaloni saw his potential early when he was still Arsenal sub, and called him up last October for friendlies against Germany and Ecuador.
    Before next month’s qualifiers, he will face Leicester, Leeds, Southampton and Arsenal, meanwhile Armani plays vs Quito. Good performances in these tough games, on top of his stellar form and recent performances, will make him impossible to ignore next month.

    I was hoping to see either Medina or Pérez start on the left side of Quarta. A lot of complaints here about Otamendi. A thing to keep in mind that he is a NT veteran, a good leader and example for the defence. He will gradually be phased out of his starting spot, but for now, he can set a good example for the upcoming defenders. He also has La Paz experience. 

    This has been pointed out before, but the fact that Agüero and Di María were out of the squad this month could be viewed in a positive sense for Messi to gain bonding time with the rest of the squad. They all look up to him and it’s good for the team to have him connect with everyone.

    Now, I want to repeat what Scaloni said yesterday:

    “Salvio has a chance, the same as everyone else. We have a lot of options in that spot. I don’t rule anyone out.”

    Salvio was called up as a substitute for the right wing. He is in good form with Boca at the moment, but meanwhile I know that the coaching staff aren’t so ignorant to rate him higher than Di María. I believe Ángel will take his spot for qualifiers next month. He is still one of the best Argentine players. With Ocampos being pretty much equally good on either wing, it will be easy to squeeze in Di María as a super-sub on the right wing where he should be playing. In big games against tired defenders, he can really make the difference.

    By the way, Otamendi uploaded a video of Gomez and Ocampos using oxygen on the bus today, joking that “they’re dying”. Hope they can still play. Gomez could be an excellent Messi sub.

  47. Mr Agriculture expert, u have been little funny before. Now you and your Farmers are total cliche. Try to get a make over and stick to points, be nice. Nothing wrong in that.

  48. Emi Martinez is pure modern goalkeeper.I like goalkeepers like Neurer and Emi Martinez. It is always fun to watch them.

    • Yes emi pass better than Otamendi. I dont want select any of my favourite player. I want Argentina to win a trophy. I started supporting Argentina since 2002. I follow their every match. I know what i am talking about. We need to change our back 4. Otamendi and taglafico are below average.

  49. Robertone,Cufre,Luka Romero,Nahuel Bustos,Vargas,Jonathan Silva…..damn there r so many good Argentine players in Segunda this year the first 5 are really promising. Hope Cufre and Silva delivera good performances ,can be decent LB backup.

    I am super excited for Nahuel Bustos. Joined Manchester City and is now off to Girona on loan. Would be better if Girona was in La Liga,but Okk . He will gel well with Monchu(talented barca loanne at Girona),Trust me .With Kun poised to leave next summer,he is gonna give Jesus a run for his money. Bustos is so similar to Lautaro. (ironically his name is Nahuel Lautaro Bustos xD). He will have plenty game time at City next season. If Lautaro joins Barca nxt season,good chance Jesus will go to City. Bustos will have eveb more game time

  50. To he honest I liked the lineup, except Armani and Ota. Still looks promising. Let be calm,and hope for the best 😀
    Happy that Salvio isnt in the 11. Scaloni should give Papu a substitute chance 🙂
    Happy that Montiel kept his place,he looked rusty yet promising. Should keep it going.
    Armani’s selection makes me worry. Some of the members said Emi shouldnt have been given their debut in first qualifier. Dont know why still he hasnt been given a chance. Atleast Musso would have been a good choice. Clear bias towards local player,i dont see anyother logic.

    I think its still a good team. Lets hope for the best guys yaaah

    Vamos Argentina

  51. There are two opposing thoughts that I have in mind about today’s game.

    1. We should have identified a physical separate team and plan specifically for this game. A one off strategy to win this game. Bag 3 points. Don’t have to go there again for 4 years.

    2. Don’t lose the opportunity to build the same group. There are so few chances to play and train together. Don’t do anything drastic and continue to build the team and hope for a good result. More of a long term strategy.

    At this point, I think Scaloni is doing it right. I think we are going to win this one.


  52. People on this platform are so toxic.
    Otmaendi makes sense for now, but will eventually be replaced.

    Armani shouldn’t play but the changes will come.

    What’s the problem with montiel? He was good the last game. Foyth has been great as well but it makes sense when they guy hasn’t been getting regular minutes.

    People on this platform are a disgrace, toxic af.
    People were saying why papu didn’t play the last game.. man it’s not so easy… you just don’t throw players in, epsecially when you’re still rebuilding.. that too in a qualifier… if it was a friendly scaloni would definetly have tried to experiment with new players but for now he is just playing it right. One step at a time. Calm down.

    He isn’t the best tactician but he has done a great job nonetheless and we saw what gr3at tactician sampaoli did.
    And what one of souuth American leagues best managers bauza did.

    Point is, it’s not easy. Even bielsa failed.

    Then sabella just had a clear idea, scaloni has an idea too.. And it’s quite basic..

    I mean just look at messis attitude.. it says a lot.. this group is slowly getting better.
    Calm down, keep the negativity out of this forum and Vamos Argentina

    • I totally agree with you. Argentina is a country which can field 3 teams for any game. Cannot make everyone happy. Few things that I feel

      NT are always tournaments. Like 5-7 games in months period. Its very important to not lose. Scaloni seems to stem the leaking of goals. Must be prepared and planned. Not make too many changes all the time.

      Today’s game: Scaloni says, he and his team have thought and planned for it. If so we should be able to have a good result. A draw will be good too. But I feel, we are going to win this today.

    • Many have become desperate to win something overnight and come here to express their frustration on the coaching staff for not choosing their favorite players. To them, football is like PES or Fifa, just selecting your favorite players into your dream XI. I don’t know about other fanbases, but several recent members of this forum are pretty immature, to say the least. I only come here to get updated, have lost the patience to go through the nonsensical comments let alone going for the arguments. There are still some old sensible members, but I see them rarely participating now.

      • Hira I too absolutely agree with you.
        This forum becomes joke don’t get me wrong. There re al lot rational guys here however Lately I saw some immature people Sent irrational comments which Made me not look or give attention.
        I believe mainly they are desperately want to see messi to win some sort silverware with Argentina rather than been Argentina fans.

    • since i haven t see posts from you before i guess you are new here.
      if you are new then WELCOME.
      voices like yours is needed in this forum.
      i more than like logic voices like yours.

      i am expecting to read more from you here in future.

  53. Armani needs to be dropped in next months qualifiers and emi Martinez should be our #1 . Atleast give him a chance . Armani is average goalkeeper

  54. Emi Martinez is not only best Argentina GK but also top5 GK in Premier League and top10 in Europe. It’s disheartening to see farmers like Armani/Andrada picked ahead of world class Goalkeeper.

    • At first (2018-219)Rulli, Rulli, Rulli…
      Then( last 1 yr) Musso, Musso,Musso…
      Now (last 15 days) Emiliano Martinez…

      Hey Romance king.. Do u have any idea about football??

  55. Arg. should park the bus and play on counter attack against big team. However against smaller teams, we should use more attacking player. Also I am worried about defense especially Otamendi. This guy is below average and dont have cool brain of defender. Way too much reckless.

    My predictions for today’s game is either draw, win or lose for both sides.

  56. Few facts
    La Paz did not go to that height today. No surprises there. Other nations go there and win. Only we keep complaining about height etc. for the last 35 years I am an Argentina fan. Prepare and plan, there is no reason to lose at Bolivia.

    Bolivia is in shambles – political, economical, football, coach lost the dressing room, pretty much nothing positive. If we don’t beat such a nation, we have a problem, better accept it.

    Finally, just because I can be critical and objective about my beloved team, doesn’t mean I am a Brazil supporter or something else. No need to be a fanatic. Be rationale if you want good of the team.

    • We are allowed to say you are acting irrational, which you are.

      Anyone basing the state of the NT after one game, which they won, has not paid attention to sports. This game was not that easy. They were missing a starting, world class player (Lo Celso) and another world class, Serie A MVP Dybala, who would start if it weren’t for Messi. The game was the first game in a year, during a pandemic, traveling from Europe, two days of practice, no fans, two players on the backline with their first start in a WCQ.

      One cannot be that ignorant or arrogant to think the NT was going to smash Ecuador last Thursday. If the NT have bad performances running into the 4th month of qualifying, then it is time for panic.

      • You are totally off mark. Sorry for you. I am talking about the last game. I am happy with that. Its important to win first game. Doesn’t matter how. It was super important to win.

        You didn’t get my point at all. So not worth continuing.

  57. i frankly dont care who starts . all of us have done enough analysis. Its time to just see we picking 3 points at LaPaz. Even a scrappy 1 goal win is fine. If we end with 6 points by end of this match , i am more than happy for now.
    There are advantages like 5 subs , no local crowd support, Bolivia not having few key players. Just hope our players are 100% fit & i believe they will pull it through. Vamos Argentina & lets stay positive

  58. Scolani are you selecting players based on performance or something else?. I am so worried about my team. Why we always get these type of stubborn coaches. Maradona selected his friends to the team. Scaloni is picking his neighbours like Armani. Is this a joke?? Ayala and Samuel please resign from there if you cant select best CBs for the team.

    • Otamendi and Quarts are best right now. CB are good. Just Armani and Montiel need to be replaced. Can you give any damn reason why Otemendi should not start, he is the main player for our build up from the back.He is mistake prone only when team plays high line but for Argentina till now he is proved to be best Center back.

        • Otamendi has everything a CB should have his passing is great, his aerial dominance is good, good reader of the game,he has attitude of defender.He takes on everything that comes to him never afraid
          Otamendi has good speed he is faster than Godin do not think he is slow, tackling is part of game. Otamendi is going to prove you wrong again today.

          • @kavi i know today he will be falling on the ground many times. If he pass a ball he fall on the ground if he headed a ball still he will fall on the ground. If he try to win a ball from someone he will fall on the ground (tackle). I thing you better to analyse him first. Lets see whether he can prove me wrong

        • dont think Otamendi was a good option but now changing club he may start every week.. his experience is something we need sabella used Demichelis

      • @kavi even our keeper Martinez is faster than him in passing. Everytime Otamendi gets the ball i get goosebumps that he may loose it because he is very slow in passing. However Quarta is calm, good passer. For me he is excellent defender.

  59. You will never win any international trophy until below average montiel and fucking armani will be starter ahead of foyth and emi martinez.Alas I support this shitty team.

    • I have mixed opinion Emi Martinez not playing against Bolvia, It could turn massive set back if altitude effect Emi Martinez performance.

  60. Satisfied with midfield and attack but Foyth should start ahead of Montiel. Emi Martinez must start in November friendlies. Premier league best goalkeeper can not be Argentin’s second choice.

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