Argentina win 2-1 vs. Bolivia, first win since 2005 in La Paz, Lautaro, Joaquin Correa score


Lautaro Martinez and Joaquin Correa each scored to give Argentina the 2-1 win vs. Bolivia, their first since 2005 in La Paz.

Lionel Scaloni’s men got all three points and start off the World Cup qualifiers with two wins out of two. Bolivia took a 1-0 lead and it looked like Argentina were going into half time a goal down. Leandro Paredes had a shot which hot the crossbar and could have drawn Argentina level. With a minute left in the first half, Lautaro Martinez beat his marker inside the penalty area and his shot was nearly that of a tackle on the ball as he scored.

The second half saw Lionel Scaloni substitute Joaquin Correa for Lucas Ocampos into the match. Lionel Messi had a free kick as he tried to go under the wall but it was blocked. Rodrigo de Paul was substituted for Guido Rodriguez while Leandro Paredes was taken off for Nicolas Dominguez.

Lautaro Martinez nearly scored and gave Argentina the lead but his effort was saved by the goalkeeper. A solid performance by Lionel Messi was capped off with a pass into Lautaro Martinez who passed it over to the substitute Joaquin Correa as the Argentine scored and Argentina took a 2-1 lead and the win.

Argentina get their first win since 2005 in La Paz and have six points out of six.


  1. e need lanzini to crestive goals for messi otherwise this team struggle to create the goals. all the time messi come to deep and carry the ball. this is very pathetic. if we play with lanzini and lo celso in the center messi no need to come deep. he will take care the goals.
    in brazil coutinho is creating the opportutinies to score neymar.
    in that place we need messi to score goals. he will create more opportunities than current depaul and parades. otherwise this team winning the WCQ2022 and copa in dream

  2. I’m happy for the performance…Wow What a difficult condition at la paz..😲😲.. Good overall performance but anyone notice Armani’s ball distribution… simply worst… everytime he shot or pass the ball that go to the opposite team…. Scaloni can’t ignore gk ball distribution in the modern football.. every team now find ball playing gk….So I think Emi is best option then Musso…Armani should be no 3 in my opinion…This team deserve more credit….true Worries
    Vamos Argentina..🇦🇷🇦🇷 Love from India.🇮🇳🇮🇳

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  3. Great win for ARG & such wins makes the group much stronger; After 1st 30 mins, they got the rhythm & played well; Palacios & Messi had gr8 game;

  4. 2 games and 6 points, remember when the points were very hard to come by last qualifiers around …… was like pulling teeth.

    Like Batigol said, winning in La paz is HUGE, seismic to put it bluntly and the goals came from the younger players with Messi in the mix.
    Keep up the good work, I did watch the goals on YouTube and what caught my eye was Scaloni running on the sidelines and onto the pitch to greet Lautaro ……….I LIKE THAT.

  5. A very good result, two wins out of two, and winining at la paz is priceless.

    Our last win at la paz was 2005, during Pekerman’s time, Aimar was then still a player, and today, Aimar is on the bench as one of the assistant coach.

  6. Finally Scaloni did it wonderfully. He is a genius coach .Movement of the ball in lapaz is too fast.difficlt for scalonis players to settle. But thy did it with thr talent and tactics.Congrats Scaloni,& boys

  7. Lautaro gave us the result with a goal and a beautiful assist. But he wasted many actual chances and lost balls in important moments. He is not very clinical. I think we could have scored atleast two more goals. Overall team performance was good. They started off sloppy but gradually got the rythm which is a good sign. Much better than the Ecuador game.💪

    After the game messi engaged in a brawl with a player from the opposition team. Have anyone noticed it?

  8. Palacios’s performance against Bolivia today was a big slap to Leverkusen coach. He just showed what bosz is missing from his midfield and i hope the coach have watched his performance today. But even after this, if he refuses to start Palacios then I must be sure as hell that the coach is nothing but an evil. And reversely if it doesn’t work out for Palacios then he must get out and go somewhere else. It’s million times better to play than to sit on the costly chairs of big clubs, something which he should religiously learn from lo celso.

    He was promising and if you check the highlights again you can see how Messi gave him a big tight hug , looks like Messi was happy too. I am sure that Messi was impressed by his influential display. I’m dead sure about that.

    • Bosz is dumb AF but thinks of himself as a smart ass. I would have understood his decision if his team had been doing something exceptional, which is not the case btw. He plays with 1 DM (Aranguiz) and is pretty much rigid about his formation. I do not see any hope for Palacios in Leverkusen atm unless something exceptional happens. If it was something about his talent, Palacios would have overcome the situation by now. But it’s the attitude of the coach. That’s why I’m worried tbh.

  9. I don’t know what’s wrong with some people here. Some people are complaining about the mediocrity of Argentina’s star players and said things like, they had no understanding, no link up or nothing interesting either. Look, the points and a good start was important and we got that, but things like flow, rhythm and understanding can be developed later. When our players gets more time and starts gelling more, we will definitely have the link up. So why worry about things which are gradual and process oriented, let us give them time or else we will never be satisfied no matter how many best players emerges in the next 10 years.

    This match was one of the most difficult tie for Argentina or let’s say it is always difficult for other teams because of how extreme the conditions are. If you have watched the match, you can see how the players were struggling from the start. And I bet lautaro and ocampos felt it immediately after having few sprints in the Bolivian box. But what’s more irritating is how people here are pointing out small mistakes and crying for lacklustre display from Argentina. Well, if this is their perception about the team then let me tell them that Argentina’s famous defeat of 6-0 in La Paz came with Maradona in that side. It’s known to you right? The why can’t you accept the sweat and toil and blood that Argentina gave in this match, today?
    I think they’re nothing more than being pure imbeciles who are only in this forum to pounce, when the team falters. And we have seen it more than often.

    The match was played at such height and the players gave all today. And the result? We got the win. Scaloni is not a master tactician like low or any of those top European coaches but I’m all assured that at least this young set of coaching stuff( which basically comprises of our famous old players) are trying their level best to incorporate the right mentality and methodology of playing football against different opponents. Scaloni have done the most important task of mixing young bloods with the experienced and he is already reaping the results. This is something the previous coaches has ignored for long but Scaloni is all set out Todo whatever is needed to be done, to bring that fucking trophy to Argentina. He cannot make Argentina better at first go but he showed real promises today, that there’s huge possiblity of finding and building something incredible in near future.

    The team was coming from all kinds of fatigue and stress and upon that this was the first game and first qualifiers for this new generation group, so in one way or the other way it was going to be difficult for the boys to perform but still they did. A good start is what sets the path and now Scaloni can finally build something from here on. It will take time but I can say the process is already taking shape and gradually it will become something, like a strong unit, that we have all hoped for.

    • Believe me they have no idea how to play football in real. They play two game of PlayStation after that they think they are the best coach in the world. One guy was complaining about Palacio passing but he didn’t even understand how the ball moves or the speed of the ball in la paz is difficult to measure. Today is one of the best day after long time. We dropped points in la paz in last 15 years and now we got 3 points they still moan and say bad thing. Don’t know what to say to them.

      • No need to say anything, just leave them. They are like the mosquitoes who fly in circles around our ears and make noises but doesn’t know that their life span is for only about two seconds.
        Once people start putting real analysis and facts right on their face, these guys just go blank. Nothing, you won’t hear them again, cause……..they have no fucking point to claim anything.
        So it’s wasteful for us to even write something in reply to their posts.
        Just leave them.

  10. Everything was spot on today. Wonderful tactics by Scaloni, Aimar,Ayala, Samuel and co. Now every South American team will try to do what Scaloni did. Scaloni building a solid team. I would say guys stop suggesting this player or that player to call up please. Its the coach who needs to call player according to his plan and tactics. Plus I don’t think Scaloni squad has any fault. He called perfect squad and I am sure everyone else will get call up whoever deserve to get call. Just support the team and bring on nice productive thoughts in this forum as it used to be once upon a time.

    • It was a surprise when Joaquin came to play. Many expected papu to come. Scaloni will use every option in suitable situations. He will start using those players gradually as he a develops a solid blueprint of the line up. A skeleton must be introduced first. I think soon we may see emiliano on the post.

  11. This is a fairly mediocre team with no talents, as compared to the past few generations. Thus I won’t criticize any players or Scaloni for the poor performance. They’re what they are.

    Anyway I’m pretty happy with this tough win and they’re truly warriors!!


    • Hahahhahahahhhaha mediocre generation . Ya that’s why all generations since 2005 never won a single match there . In 2009 we lost 6-1 , so give the team the credit it deserves

  12. Excellent starts for the World Cup campaign, how much difficult Combebol Qualifier is proved last time, maximum points from first round after long break is very good result considering one match played in La Paz.

  13. Finally victory at la paz after a long time. Congratulations guyz! If finishing would have been better, the scoreline would have increased. Atleast 2 direct chances missed.
    Happy fo the team. I think we should try emi martinez instead of armani in later games. Love from Nepal. vamos!!!

  14. We won both the match of WCQ. Super happy specially won at LA PAZ. So, Scalony won Argentina at LA PAZ after 15 years. Now, he can relax and build his team. If he can fix one or two positions then team will be super solid. We need to change our goalie. First goal could be saved with good goal keeping skill. But Armany failed. We need to try EMI or Musso. Overall happy to grab 6 points. Vamos Argentina

  15. Vamos!!! Super happy. Let this be a good beginning.

    Scaloni and co should build. Build up a good team. And Messi at 33, pressing in 90th minute, shows the level of commitment. You can win at La Paz. You can win anywhere against anyone. Need to plan, prepare and execute.

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