Lautaro Martinez, Joaquin Correa speak about Argentina win


Lautaro Martinez and Joaquin Correa, the two goal scorers, spoke about Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Bolivia in the World Cup qualifiers.

Martinez scored the first goal and Correa scored the second in what was a difficult match for Lionel Scaloni’s team. Speaking after the game, here’s what Lautaro had to say:

“Obviously it’s possible to win here. We thought about what this game meant to us because of its history. We won’t deny that it’s difficult to play here, it changes a lot.

“This is a young team, new with players of experience like Leo, Nico, that today killed themselves today. I saw Nico jumping for a header, running, pressuring.

“Many things were said but we are focused on what we have to do. To win and to bring the three points home. We knew that the match was going to be like this. I believe that this team, today, showed a lot of heart. We are very happy.”

Joaquin Correa had this to say:

“I always kept my faith in coming to the Argentina national team, which is the greatest thing of all. I’m very happy for having scored and for having helped the team.

“The coach told us all that we have to try and be aggressive with the ball, that we have to be more vertical. On the goal, I thought about hitting it first time because I know that this pitch and this ball are difficult for the goalkeepers.”


  1. I’m very happy about the important 6 points we got from two tough games, especially La Paz even though we could have scored more. Curse broken and a big confidence boost for the team and some pressure taken off. They were all so happy after the wins. I was very pleased to see Palacios playing so well again for NT, even though he’s not getting playing time in Leverkusen. Hopefully this match changes that.

    One of the big takeaways was how motivated and how much effort Messi put in La Paz. Tracking back, running with energy in the later stages of the game. Then, after the game he looked happier than he has in years with Barcelona. Also showed balls when the Bolivians started messing with him.
    (good find Rohandip)

    • Very bad timing, Psg have 6 good midfielders now: Danilo Perreira, Rafinha, Ander Herrera, Paredes, Gueye and Verratti and only Verrati’s starting place is secure.

        • But now, without Thiago Silva, Marquinhos cant play defensive midfielder anymore, so from these 6 only Paredes, Gueye and Danilo can play as DM, but Tuchel rather loves ball playing defensive midfielders, so he count on Gueye as box to box, who is not really good with the ball and in contribution, maybe Paredes has to fight only with Danilo.

  2. Is rodrigo battaglia better than guido Rodriguez? Battaglia was first choice CDM of scaloni before his injury. Now he is back. So can we bring him to squad and give him a chance?

  3. Wow nice effect l like this creamy white background.
    I think Dybla and Aguero are much better than Lautaro Martinez. Dybla was Serie A player of last season for a reason. Lautaro will develop more as time progresses.

  4. It looks like Dark Grey Background with Slightly darker Letters in my mobile(That’s an bad color combo) Not able to read anything. May be work in progress. I remember way back it was full white. Time flies it’s been nearly 8 years I have been here. Not a continuous poster by the way. Sabella era was my starting point here i guess. I remember we all used to hate Jose Sosa… But he was one of Sabellas favorite during the start of his campaign and he slowly flushed Sosa out by 2014 WC. Nostalgic…

      • Yupp he used to select players of Estudiantes who played under him Enzo, Sosa, Federico Fernandez, Augusto etc etc . But he was right he slowly built a great team. Flexible with his tactics on the basis of opposition. It should be like that. 3-5-2 ,4-4-2 etc etc. He should have stayed till 2015 Copa.May be we would have won it.

  5. We need lanzini to crestive goals for messi otherwise this team struggle to create the goals. all the time messi come to deep and carry the ball. this is very pathetic. if we play with lanzini and lo celso in the center messi no need to come deep. he will take care the goals.
    in brazil coutinho is creating the opportutinies to score neymar.
    in that place we need messi to score goals. he will create more opportunities than current depaul and parades. otherwise this team winning the WCQ2022 and copa in dream

  6. Good morning again from Nepal.. personally I don’t think that Argentina is weaker team than France Brazil Germany..our new team without Messi come back 0-2 down to draw 2-2 with Germany..even without a proper coach and with shaky defense our team played very well and once lead vs France 2-1,who eventually became world champion 🏆..we have quarta who looked midfield we have lo celso palacious Dr paul ocampos..I think we need to bring back lamela which may be a good asset to the team..
    I again say let’s try Thiago almada ,barco..jus give them few chances..drop Armani.. Martinez deserve it

  7. If we look closer. This year we have an easier route in the Qualifiers. Next year by the way Hell awaits. Starting Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia all these opponents awaits us continuously..It will better if we win the remaining matches this year so that there is no added pressure in the Qualifiers next year.

    Added to that, The Copa sword also hanging on top of our head.

    • I thought it was one of the most crucial wins for this team. For many reasons, playing under difficult circumstances with a very poor record historically and then falling behind early on. It was amazing that this team not only came back to win but were also pretty good defensively in the second half. There were a few good chances and it could have been 3 or 4-1, but it was a great win, another thing that was impressive was how Scaloni managed his subs, and everyone clicked, played as a team. They showed a lot of improvement after the first game, I think 80% of the squad will stay together for Copa and WC, they will build a great chemistry and they can only go up from here. As far as other teams are concerned, currently, France, Brazil, Portugal, and Belgium are the best teams. Portugal has a lot of young talent in each position and those who feel their defense is weak, look at Ruben Dias, who Pep got for a massive amount to play for City. France is so strong that they can have two separate teams and still compete in Europe. Brazil also has A grade players at each level and on their bench…All this is good, but a tournament is won on momentum, teamwork, and an X factor during that month. I think Albiceleste will play like a team by then and we will have the X factor in Messi, so as much as everyone likes to talk about other teams and players etc. I believe this team has the capacity and heart to overcome a challenge and win it.. Victory in La Paz just showed us that. It would be a matter or peaking at the right time…

  8. I would like to say three things.

    First of all, i am very happy that we won two very difficult matches, especially the one in La Paz and on the top of it, we TOTALLY DESERVED those two wins!! I personally give my total respect and credit to Scalloni and the coaching staff, keep in mind that what they did especially in La Paz, was something that our previous coaches, includind Sabella, failed to do so. Keep also in mind that we could have blown up Bolivia in La Paz by 4 goals if we would convert all of our chances and also Bolivia sent their B team in Brazil because they kept their key players in Bolivia to get prepared for us.

    I am very happy and PROUD for my beloved team and as Pipita has also said, it’s the first time since Sabella’s era that i have a feeling of confidence, that we are on the right path.

    Secondly, i would like to say a few things about the yellow frauds! On a recent thread speaking about them, i said that i don’t respect them at all as a team for my own reasons, the same reasons that many people, regardless of being Argentina fans or not, don’t respect them either! Well, those reasons were more than evident, FOR ONCE AGAIN, in the game against Peru! Total corruption! Plain and simple! Two penalties (which one of the two was fake) and an offside goal! WHAT ON EARTH A REFEREE COULD DO MORE IN ORDER TO HELP A TEAM WIN A GAME??

    I won’t deny the fact that Brazil, just like us, traditionally are one of the greatest football teams in the history of the game BUT i can’t deny the fact that traditionally and throughout the years are THE MOST CORRUPTED national football team that i have ever seen either! That is why, i could never give my lowest of respect to a team like that!

    On the top of it, it is worth mentioning, that some “Argentina fans” in here didn’t even have the lowest of dignity and came up hyping Brazil after the game with Peru, well some people like disgrace, i don’t.

    Finally, Cox4
    I am very happy seeing you comment again amigo, especially after our WELL DESERVED victories and i hope we finally celebrate for our beloved team!

  9. I’m still over the moon that we managed 6 points out the gates! BOOM. To echo Cox4 point below, now Scaloni and Co can relax a bit and not plan in angst.

    i just watched the 1st half again and noticed few game changing negative plays.

    Minute 5-8. – Arg lucky AF.
    Otamendi did well to knock the ball out of bounds. Throw in to Bolivian #14 who basically turned into Messi and managed to out dribble 3 defending attackers; Messi himself, Ocampos and Palacios. Fake Messi then managed to pass it to winger for an easy far post cross to Martins.
    1) Montiel misjudged distance as the ball flew behind him to Martins.
    2) Armani also misjudged and lunged in the wrong direction a bit.
    With both errors, Martins had a goal served on a silver platter but he butchered it.

    Minute 11:50 – Arg lucky.
    Terrible giveaway outside the box. Paredes with the laziest pass ever gifts the ball to the attacker leading to a cross which MQ handled really well. The butchered pass is forgivable but instead of chasing the ball like a rabid dog, Paredes just watched as the guy dribbled passed him 2 EFFIN feet away.

    Minute 23 – Bolivia Goal
    The goal started with De Paul shadowing the attacking winger but not making any attempt to dispossess. Winger then had plenty of room and time to cross. I’m not sure who was supposed to stick with Martins but looked like MQ lost him so Otamendi had to defend against 2 players. i guess Otamendi had to pick Martins or far post attacker to defend against. I would say De Paul and MQ take the lion’s share.

    Special positive mention: Palacios and Messi of course for their passing threat. For those that missed Palacios insane pass to Martinez, go check it out.

    Lo Celso is needed badly, i can see him taking De Pauls spot if De Paul continues to underperform. Love the depth, at least we have Lo Celso, De Paul, Palacios, Dominguez (and lamela ;)) competing.

    • I am a big fan of De Paul, but he allowed that cross to happen for reasons I have no idea about. He is the most guilty IMO.

      Otamendi is second in that he didnt challenge the cross in the air. The ball wasnt a ball hit with pace. Maybe he misjudged it and didnt think it would go over MQ and perfectly to Martins. His thinking may have been to take a chance MQ challenges and the ball doesnt get to the Bolivia player behind him. I would have just gone after the ball and hope there was cover behind me. Which there was with Tags.

  10. In my opinion these are strongest line ups of Argentina and Brazil which team going to win if all fit.
    E. Martinez
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    Lamela. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Aguero. J. Correa
    Erik Lamela also has high work rate,not defensively as good as De Paul but more creative in offensive phase.
    Danilo. Marquinose. T. Silva. Alex Talles
    Countinho. Casemiro. D. Luiz
    Gabriel. Firmino. Neymar
    Argentina 3-1 Brazil
    If Argentina goes with like Armani,Acuna,Montiel they will lose to Brazil

  11. Brazil was good team against Peru they dominated whole match but Peru was more clinical in final third.Allison was absent there. This Brazil team is very strong they have included all best players in the match except their goalkeeper. But if Argentina also includes all it’s best player,match will be very tough for both teams. Argentina,Brazil and Colombia looks strongest team in South America for right now.
    Uruguay missed Cavani he is very influential player I think he is one of the best striker right now.

  12. 1)portugal

    These 3 teams have potential to win 2022 world cup such a dangerous teams they are

        • Mexico hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahaHahah

          That team is trash af Algeria was whooping their ass while playing with 10 men they beat a shit Netherland that was not even focused on the game . Argentina trash their best possible team with all their “ stars” 4-0 at freaking halftime and scaloni took off lautaro and he just played the kids man that’s the last straw I give up on this website u people are retarded as fuck. That is inaceptable

    • I have asked the same question here before 2014 World Cup i think if I’m not wrong, WHAT IS WORLD CLASS mean by my fellow members in this blog?! Is it that someone play for fancy Big club or warming the bench? Because I do see here people coming up says,we have players bellow average or average! Mind boggling to me
      they think this even to them doesn’t matter that player gives a outstanding performance and awarded MOM(LMQ) when a player was Messi in this game too. So we believe here player who plays in big team is World class it doesn’t matter how they play for NT. To be world class you have to be in fancy team not by performing. I do see so called world class CB in big team how they playing! Anyway, only time will say the truth. Hopefully Scaloni keeps the good work . Also I believe Sensei & Medina will get call up soon.

    • Wrong place to ask this! I would say NO,I believe it will be Argentina. To have faith in your team is the first thing required to be a fan.

    • Wrong place to ask this question… Why are you concerned about portugal …. They cant even defeat spain bteam and france side with ronaldo by there side…. They could only defeat clueless teams like sweden faroe islands luxembourg etc… Argentina will lift the wc 2022


  14. i have seen some games of 2002 WCQ. What a team that was!! Every position had world class players ( Except GK)
    I want to mention killy Gonzales. He plays everywhere! Hardworking skillfull player which we are lacking now! One touch football beautiful to watch. We attacked with 4-6 players. Midfielders rushed into the box. Left back ( sorin/ placente) ran fast with beautiful cross! Right back Zanette was unparallel. Tough DMF like Simeone. Attacking Midfield with Aimar/ ortega. World class defender like Ayala and samuel. Lethal striker like Batistuta/crespo.
    what a team that was!! Such a beautiful brand of football!! I miss that badly.

  15. I think we are very close to our best 23 before Copa and After Copa. After Copa I would like to see some new faces replacing Armani, Otamendi, etc.

    But here is my Ideal/ Imaginary (Wish) 23 players before Copa.

    #1. E Martinez. #2. L Quarta.
    #3. N Tagliafico #4. Montiel.
    #5. L Paredes. #6. J Foyth
    #7. A Gomez. #8. M Acuna
    #9. S Aguero. #10. L Messi
    #11. Ocampos. #12. Musso
    #13. G Pezella. #14. N Perez
    #15. R DePaul. #16. E Palacios
    #17. S Ascascibar.
    #18. N Dominguez
    #19. N Otamendi
    #20. G Lo Celso. #21. P Dybala
    #22. L Martinez. #23. F Armani

    No #11. Whoever between Ocampos/ Alario/ Icardi/ Correa/ Simeone
    Impresses the most and fits better in the team, I am ok with it.

    This is MY team before Copa.
    What is yours? And Who you think should be replaced and by whom after Copa. For the WC 2022. I like C Romero.

    • Otamendi will be in next Copa unless he has injury or dramatic poor form. That’s for sure. Only reason he changed club because of continuity in order to get in NT squad. He must have tipped from our coaching staff. Hate or love it but Scaloni thinks one of experience cb should stay in the squad. I think most of your name will make it but I really see it is gonna be hard for Ascaibar. It hurts to see his situation. He need to go la liga to get more attention. Really surprised Simione didn’t go for him even though he admire Ascaibar a lot.

      • I always thought Ascascibar has the raw talent and could be a genuin #5 for us. Its sad how his career is not going the right direction. But he is still very young so i m hopeful. Otamendi is still a fighter and I think he should be in the team for Copa. But we need to put young CBs there to prepare for them for the WC too.

  16. I do not think Scaloni is going to bow down to those local clubs or local media. Sooner he will back the best players of the game because it is the only way to be Argentinian coach. Scaloni was very happy after the win I like his passion for the game but he really needs to back best player I mean Damian Emiliano Martinez.

  17. Well done to the boys, they played like warrior poets and grabbed a deserved win.

    As I said before one cannot conclude much from those 2 games because the first came after a 1yr of hiatus where the team was out of joint and the 2nd was at altitude where even if one stands still they’d struggle for oxygen and energy. Still, in this team I see the solidarity and grit of Sabella’s team and while I am not a fan of Scaloni I have to give him credit for what he has done thus far. Credit should also extend to Ayala, Samuel and Pablito because their influence and leadership seems to be rubbing off on these kids.

    Regarding the players and their performances, well as I said one cannot take much from those games but there were few things I noticed:

    Gk – Armani is a solid GK with experience and I don’t mind him being there but I would certainly put Musso, Martinez and Andrade ahead (gave up on Bentinez). Scaloni must remember that he is also building for the future and not just solidifying the present.

    The defense – Looked quite solid throughout the 2 games. Otamendi actually did well and Tagliafico kicked ass against Bolivia. Montiel did ok and we need the qualifiers of next month to pass judgement while Quarta has shown that he is potential world class, although he should’ve done better on Bolivia’s first goal.
    I still think that Otamendi needs to be fazed out eventually (before the world cup) and hope to see Pezzella come back and form a good partnership with Quarta (at club and country).
    I also would like to see Licha and C.Romero be given a chance with the latter possibly being an option for RB since he has played on the right side of a back 3 in Italy.

    midfield – Paredes improved considerably against Bolivia while Palacios once again stole the show when playing for the NT. I’ve said before that while I think Palacios is talented, he is also overrated but for the NT the kid is world class and I really hope his club form/luck improves because if he keeps up these kind of performances he might be able to displace Celso, Depaul or Paredes. Speaking of De Paul, he did not have the best of performances in these 2 games but again one cannot pass judgement based just on these 2 games and De Paul is a beast for club and the NT.
    Acuna is a utility player as I said before but his true strength is in a 4-4-2 system and not in a 3 man midfield.
    Guido did some solid work against Bolivia but I still maintain that Ascacibar is the way to go if we’re looking a legit, capable ‘5’.
    Nico Dominguez did well when he came on and I really like how he runs into the box waiting for a chance or how he is always making simple, yet effective forward passes, basically a defensive player that’s always looking to go or pass forward.
    Palacios, Ascacibar and N.Dominguez could make for excellent backups to the main 3 of Depaul, Celso and Paredes and heck if the former 3 start killing it at club level they could challenge the main 3.

    Attack – Ocampos brings the physicality and presence necessary for the LF position but I would like to see Papu be given a chance next time also. Lautaro was a beast and I will forgive his misses against Bolivia because, again, altitude! I still maintain that Dybala could make for a better choice in certain games like the one against Ecuador where there is no ball supply and the designated ‘9’ has to track back and make something happen and Paolo is better at that than Lautaro.

    Finally regarding Lio, I could not believe how fit and energetic lio was against Bolivia, I mean when he was 23 he used to struggle at altitude but at 32 he seems fitter and better somehow! Makes no sense physically speaking but when the mind is switched on a determined the body has to follow suit.

    Again, good work from the team and the coaching staff and I am actually looking forward to next month because this Argentina gives me optimism and the last time I felt like that was during the Sabella era.

  18. I am very happy the team won and I hope they will continue, but let us all be real that without Messi, this team with this coaching staff and these players will get no where and if you compare them to Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany , Holland and other teams they are not even close. I honestly believe this team will not be great with this coaching staff and these average and way below average players.

    • Without Messi scaloni’s argentina has already tied with germany 2-2 in germany, lost to brazil 0-1 in last minutes and defeated ecuador 6-1. So pls don’t say that without Messi we won’t do anything, because scaloni has already figured out how to play against top teams without Messi in lineup. It is not like we don’t have messi’s replacement, when we actually have 2 replacements who are of top class, dybala and papu gomez. It is just messi’s enormous contribution to the game while he is on field that makes you feel like had we played without him, it would have been catastrophic for us.

  19. After almost one year without playing football because covid virus it was more than normal one national team like our beloved team to not be able to perform in the level everybody desires. nobody with logic in brain could expected world class form in this period from our team.

    what i keep till today is that finally the team meet together and start working again. we all know that we have gap to fill from now on in our building process. we have to recover the lost time and there is much work to do.

    what make me very very happy is that in this very important period of time now that we are living and we start from the place that covid stop us, we begin with 2 wins.
    this 6 points is the most important we should keep.
    we take 6 points that gives to the team and the coach staff the privilege to continue work with PEACE. it is very important those 6 points. it gives MENTALITY and the GOOD PSYCHOLOGY to continue working without the STRESS.

    in football this is very important. other thing to work with PEACE and other thing to work with the stress of points that missing from you.
    this 6 points is gold.
    all the other things is coming after.exist time for those.
    i am very happy and very satisfied with the team after the first 2 games of WC qualifications.

    • Good to see you back cox4, some people around here are never satisfied whether the team wins or loses and as it is, one has to state the obvious which has been said already, 6 precious points including a win at dreadful La paz is priceless but they don’t know shit.

      • always happy seeing you here too my friend.
        imagine next month we win the 2 games against Paraguay and Peru.
        with 12 points in 4 games sure Scaloni after will make changes and tests with the players the fans here want he make to see.

    • Cox4
      Es obvio que eres Argentino. Pero es mas lamentable que tantos de los hinchas del Seleccion no entienden que los pibes estan jugando mejor ahora que los anos pasados. Hay mucho mas cohesion con los delanteros y mediocampistas y es claro que trabajan y corren para 90 minutos. En los anos pasados todos esperaban para que el mago lo salva, y ahora hay otros opciones. Lo unico que pienso que equivoca Scaloni es que tiene que cambiar Otamendi con Licha o tal vez Foyth porque estos dos son el futuro y merecen chances de mostrar su abilidad y lugar en el equipo

      • my friend.
        first of all allow me to answer in English because i want all people here understand us. we don t saying anything private anyway.
        some times some fans speaking here between them Indian or Bangladesh language and i don t understand anything. i don t like that.
        so i don t want to do to the others what the others i don t want they do to me.

        so as about what you said to me.
        yes you are right. i think it is because the most of fans don t have the patient it is needed to wait see the result and secondly because they don t have the experience eye to see the differece.
        i agree with you.
        as about Otamendi yes i see your point. but i don t see it as his wrong for 2 reasons. Scaloni choose to use Otamendi because first he believe that it is not wise to use 2 young CB in same time. he choose to put one experience CB beside the young. especially in the beginning of WC qualifiers he thinks it is unecessery risk and second reason because Otamendi is something like “vice captain” in the dressing rooms. it is not wise to make “unhappy” the “vice captain” because of reasons that you understand yourself without i tell you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Right my friend, 6 points like gold, everything after that is secondary.
      I rather have 2 wins and play ugly, than playing beautiful with less points.
      My hope is to continue steadily from now on.

      • exactly my friend.
        yes i believe and i hope too that time will work for us and not against us.
        as long we keep winning with one or other way the best for our building process.

  20. I was said yesterday if palacios in starting lineup Argentina will destroyed farmer Bolivia if not then God bless us , I said that

  21. Defenders who played under sabella :

    Can you compare this defense with our current defense line up

    • Zabaleta was great but I montiel and foyth will be better Quarta will be better than garay for sure. Rojo has a great World Cup in 2014 but tagliafico and Acuña are better than him. Otamendi used to be good but I’d rather have Garay in the squad right now even if he’s a free agent lol. And the rest of our young defenders we can’t really judge them yet. I hope to see Perez play awesome in Granada this season.

        • Rojo was a fucking joke ! A real one ! One of the dumbest player i’ve ever seeing in my whole life ! Never forget his red Card in Copa America Finals 2016 for no reason ! And that kind of shitty games are happenning so many type since 2011

          • Rojo was awesome in the World Cup 2014. Let’s not forget that atleast. If our Fullbacks can perform that level, we will be a strong contender for 22. I feel full backs both RB & LB are our biggest problem.

            But I believe like in 14, these people will step up. zabaleta wasn’t a beast before 14, he was just ok. Same for Roho.
            But the key was their confidence. Both played indisputably (Rojo had some Competion from Clemente for a little time) as starters. Same we can expect from Tagliafico & Montiel. They need especially Montiel need a lot of more chances before writing him off.

      • > Zabaleta was great but I montiel and foyth will be better.

        This isn’t based on anything real we can observe today. I mean, i’d be happy if these guys produced 75% of what Zabaleta produced. Just like Masche, Zabaleta left a gaping hole and we haven’t replaced him yet. NO neck Mercado surpassed expectations, hats off to him. Im liking Montiel so far, and Foyth has to prove himself again.

        • @Choripan, I agree with you 100%. What Zabaleta and the rest of our 2014 backline did was exceptional.

          We can’t discuss such a thing ahead of time. Let the time decide what the current generation can achieve. They may have big potential and very bright futures could be ahead of them, but we can’t compare them with those warriors in any way yet.

        • In paper, 2014 defense line was mediocre at best. I remember people crying out loud in this forum back then for including error prone Demichelis. But, in practice, the back line performed superb, mainly because of Sabella’s compact setup. Jabaleta was great in EPL but with Argentina, he was good but not great, as his forward ventures were aften limited to keep the defense line compact. The last great right back with Argentina was Zenetti. It is Sabella who transformed the mediocre defense line a great one in 2014.

          In paper, I see much potential in today’s defense.

    • We cant with our current lineup,but i am pretty sure our young defenders can be as good as some of them

      1. Senesi
      2. LMQ
      3. Lisandro Martinez
      4. Nehuen Perez
      5. Medina
      6. Montiel
      7. Foyth
      8. Bruno Amione

      Notable mentions:
      1. Cufre
      2. Valenzuela
      3. Bravo
      4. Valenti
      5. Balerdi

  22. I am still worry about 3 position
    1)Gk – For long term Armani is not a good option
    2)CB- We need a Replacement for otamendi. He is inconsistent and is not a reliable CB. We need a strong tall CB like Sensei, Romero or may be fedrico fernandez
    3) RB – Montiel, Sarabia both are not reliable. We need a world class player in that position.

    Otherwise team is very strong. Especially mid field and forward line. But these 3 position Scaloni have to reconsider.

    • Pezzella and Quarta will be our CBs..I think we would’ve seen thiss back line if Pezzella wasn’t injured right now…I’m confident about the back line, Pezzella is captain in fiorentina and they’ve also signed Quarta so they’re gonna have plenty of playing time together which is also great for the NT aswell as Pezella being club captain he can be the leader in the defensive zone

  23. “I hope Scaloni is not wrong but this is the team that I been dreaming of. I want to see Palacios in the midfield and DePaul on the side… The only variation that I would do is to align 3 midfielders and 3 forwards in a 4-3-3. If he fails it’s going to be my failure as well.”
    This is what I posted before the game. I was 100% correct and I hope that Scaloni also takes note. Bravo Palacios!

  24. If any matches which Emiliano Martinez had a chance to start these 2 matches was that. Now Armani and Andrada will play more in South America as Football has slowly restarted there too. So by November they both will be better prepared. Scaloni has locked in Armani, only player who has a chance to replace Armani in goal is Andrada. As they r playing for Eternal Elite rivals in Argentina gives them added publicity too.

    Really wanted to see Emiliano Start by the way. But Scaloni has his own logical reasons considering the limited preparation time. Lets see.

  25. really feel very happy for this new look Argentina side.. The new squad is building up really quick and most importantly, showing the fight. The way Lautaro Martinez hung on to the ball for the first goal is really appreciable effort, shows the commitment. There was a lot of miss- passes going on in the own half (even bolivian players did the same) , i think it had something to do with the weather and altitude. There’s always room for improvement, Armani does not look very convincing at the goal which can be crucial . He does not look very agile but has a good reach to compensate . If Armani is the first choice GK for Argentina for Copa America or WC 2022 , serious work has to be done on his game. We just cannot afford ‘Caballero’ type mistakes in the international stages.
    Argentina still missing Paulo Dybala or Sergio Aguero’s quality at the front , coach Scaloni should consider them with immediate effect – the team can only get stronger from here – All the best

  26. I say enough with the negativity
    I see how messi really happy to be part of the group
    Papu Gomez didn’t play but you see how happy he is.
    I like the group no friction I think that’s why icardi is not part of the group yet.

  27. For the guys who still aren’t sold on guido, have you guys watched him at betis.??
    He is the one that can free depaul and palacios
    He is very committed defensively
    He does not complicate stuff.
    He is a proper #5

  28. Lautaro the CF any coach in the world would like to add in their team. If he was a Brazilian, he would have started for them. If he was a German, he would have started for them. He’s a world class CF.

    He is a hard-working, always pressing, modern striker with great ability to score goals with right or left foot and with head. He can score from different angle and from outside the box. His link-up play with other forwards are good. He can defend too.

    So, he’s better than Aguero.? Or Dybala..? My answer is NO. Aguero Better than him in many categories. Dybala better than him in some categories. But still he’s the best suitable player to play CF role for NT.

    Sabella preferred Higuain over Aguero. It was not because Higuain was better player than Aguero. If you know why, then you can understand why Lautaro will be ahead of Aguero and Dybala.

    • I agree. Only thing I think is unfair is comparing Lauturo to aguero. Aguero has had a lengthy career and can be judged by it. Martinez is still young, two generations behind aguero. But like you said, I would always start martinez no matter the case. He is our future.
      We can compare martinez to dybala, but unfortunately dybala hasn’t had much play for national squad. It may sound like a video game lineup, but I am still interested in seeing Lauturo dybala and messi starting together.

  29. My opinions on the players

    1.Armani, he was uncomfortable at time, I won’t be surprised to see Emi Martinez or Musso start ahead of him – 4/10
    4.Montiel, he made some good recovery although the goal we conceded came from his side, lot to improve but still he was good – 6/10
    2.M.Quarta, Promising in his first competitive international matches, he did miss that header , but cleared many other threats, better than Pezzella – 8/10
    19. Otamendi, he has served the NT so long and he was inconsistent in past, last night he wasn’t dreadful nor was it the best performance too, I would like to see some young ones start along with Quarta. – 6/10
    3. Tagliafico – Defensively he was very good, did leave some spaces behind at time, needs to improve his crossing.. 7.5/10
    5.Paredes – He needs to look for forward passes sometimes its too static, despite all thar he was good defensively and on shooting front, his corners aren’t good, 6/10
    15.De Paul – He should be playing in a bit more advanced role when Messi occupies the centre, I did not see much from him on attacking front he did work hard defensively. 5/10
    20.Palacios – Probably our best player of last match, innvolved in first goal, his dribbling and forward passing were better than Paredes De Paul. – 8/10
    10.Messi – Messi pressing ,seeing him work hard is so satisfying the team looked upto him , he did manage to pull of some good dribbles and passes, he made the key pass for 2nd goal , he was really good on 2nd half and at the end of 1st half, – 8/10
    22. Lautaro – Lautaro missed a good chance we could have won 3-1, otherwise he never gave up and that led to 1st goal, he needs to be calm and get some pressure off,very good pressing he was our key player last night 1 goal 1 assist, 7.5/10
    11. Ocampos – at times he is really good on dribbling, but he did dive tbh which cost the 1st goal, nothing bad nor the best, 5/10


    9. Correa – brilliant left footed finish, he wasn’t highly confident on taking on defenders still his goal won us the match , utilized space properly,one moment that mighr change the whole game he was in there did it perfectly, 8/10

    18. Guido Rodriguez – 4/10 , i don’t like him much (just my feeling)
    17. Nico Dominguez – 5/10 , he is hardworking, needs to unleash what he’s capable if
    14. Facundo Medina – N/A , too late for any impact in the game

    • Very good assessment of the players for the most part. I’m still not sold on Guido. I think Ocampos and De Paul were brilliant though they misplaced a few passes. I would give them 7/10. Playing at altitude is no joke. I used to live up in the mountains of Denver. I used to see people suddenly fainted. And Denver is nothing compared to Bolivia.

    • skillfully bolivia is more better than argentina.
      Armani : whenever getting the ball he will launch the ball thru sky to opponent players. no confidence & guts on ball play. bolivia goal keeper is better than him
      otamandi: waste fellow. all the time he is very slow to passing the ball
      Parades : useless, headweight. backpass hero. he is the culprit in the team to demolish other players confidence and play.
      De paul: already bielsa told about him that he is not worthy. below par and nothing spl
      lautaro martinez: selfish player. never pass the ball to someone to score.

      Scalone : needs to find alternatives for parades and armani. instead of parades, de paul can paly as DM, palacios and lo celso can play as CM.

      • “Skillfully Bolivia is more better than Argentina” for one I had a stroke trying to read your grammar and hideous spelling, and secondly try to justify that claim with actual facts rather than false ones. Absolute idiot. You are clearly not Argentinian and are only here because of Messi.

  30. Hope against Brazil we win both at home and away, neymar playing like hell,might break record of scoring goals,we need someone who can martial Brazil forward

  31. 1. I criticized Paredes for his recent showing with PSG and Ecuador match. But he improved in Bolivia match. Instead of being static, he moved without the ball, ventured forward and engaged in offensive play. He is the main reason we took control of the game after 30 minutes mark.

    2. Palacios is a gem with rawness. His possession play and physicality needs to improve. But his running, footwork, vision is amazing. And he has endless stamina.

    3. Ocampos’s goalscoring form dropped after his injury during last stages of Europa league. His running and physical presence is good but not the link up play. Correa is much more engaging and dynamic. Correa is also excellent with footwork but his downside is finishing.

    4. Montiel has stamina. He is also good with possession and ball control. Need more games to toughen up. Zabaleta at his age was not as good. Montiel needs to move to Europe, preferably EPL.

    5. Lautaro needs to work more on his finishing.

    6. People are bashing Armani and Otamendi. Why? Did they do anything wrong yesterday? Goal was MQs fault.

    • I think the goal was partly MQ’s and before that partly De Paul’s fault. De Paul clearly could have tried to stop that cross. Montiel was marking the overlapping guy.

  32. Watching Bolvia’s first goal I can say that Armani can not jump.He is not agile. In long shot he is going to suffer against Europian and Brazilian team.He has already lost his reflexes.He is no more agile. Scaloni need to start new goalkeeper as Argentina already have good goalkeepers.

  33. Argentina best forward-J.Correa Aguero Messi
    Best Midfield-Lo celso,Paredes, Lamela/De paul
    Best defence-Tagliafico Otamendi Pezella,Sarvia
    Best Goalkeeper-Emiliano Martinez
    2nd best forward line-Ocampus Dybla Lautaro
    2nd best midfield-Dominiguez,Rodriguez,Palacio
    2nd best defence-Medina,Quarta,Nehuen,Foyth
    2nd best goalkeeper-Franco Armani

    • God ur stupid the 3 best players now and for the future are palacios Martinez quarta and Lautaro open your eyes and actually watch a match. They r not second options. Saravia is absolute trash should never be called up again, Martinez quarta is better than otamendi pazzela put together. Palacios is better than lo celso, paredes,lamela and de Paul. Lo celso has never played well for arg only in 1 game for third place in copa and just cause j Correa scored in this game doesn’t mean he is better than freaking Lautaro haha ur stupid. Aguero!!!!!!!! Really that mans gonna eat bench u clearly only watch bpl and nothing else based off your stupid comments.

  34. One thing for sure as time goes
    Arg collective play will definitely improve
    Scaloni is not defensive coach lik Simeone
    Or Mourinho and he knows he can’t do
    Argentina media will murder him.
    Those two games is exception cose
    Under circumstances first agenda was
    Get result and points on the board.
    His style is compact quick forward passing
    And direct play. put this way less pressure the better they will play.

  35. “Paredes will be dropped to the bench eventually. I can see that”

    That could be what the future holds for him if he doesn’t up his game. So many misplaced passes by him Vs. Bolivia & Ecuador. And lately he doesn’t have the courage to push the ball forward and create chances. I don’t know if you guys have observed in the past two games or not; Paredes’ corner deliveries became unbearable. This guy really needs huge improvement and excellent instructions.

    • Paredes got 8 ratings, he was very good, even hit the woodwork, many chances created and also made a clearance. He was best passer many forward passes.

      • “even hit the woodwork”

        If someone who watched our game vs. Bolivia takes this part of the commment off and reads the comment again, the player comes to his mind is called Exequiel Palacios, not Paredes 😀

        • Paredes going to play for years,champion league calibre player. Do not unnecessary criticize Paredes.The problem with some people is that they want to see every player running,Paredes makes the ball run. His pin point passes were great if you can see but some are blind

          • Parades was poor,except hitting a wood work he did nothing. Paredes gave away possessions so many times ffs. If he continues this we r gonna be thumped by counter attacking teams

  36. Now both Ocampos and J.Correa has 2 goals from 5 matches. Both are tall, strong and ready to fight guys. Both had an important goal, Ocampos against Germany to make it 2-2 draw and Correa against Bolivia to win it 2-1 in a WC qualifying.
    I think both are already cemented their place in 23.

    • Yeah it looks like Left Wing is secured but I would like to start J. Correa ahead.
      Messi Aguero J. Correa dynamic forward line.
      Either Aguero or Dybla should be center forward. Lautaro wastes too many chances.

  37. Congrats happy for Correa..but Messi please don’t lose your may result in unnecessary suspension.. anyhow really a great win..

  38. Does anyone know about the Boca- Almendra incident?

    Case is serious as cancer. Although it was a week ago but there’s no solid news about it right now. It probably has to do with transfer cause Almendra wanted to leave but Boca didn’t allow him.


    • There is U20 WC CONMEBOL qualifiers in Feb21 & U20 World Cup in June-July 2021. Olympics ( basically U23 ) is in July/August 2021. So lot of these names will be there & wont be in Scaloni’s Copa 2021 plans. I think we have enough ammunition for Copa 21 in existing players & should focus on building team chemistry . The real good youngsters from this lot can first prove themselves in U20WC ( Thiago Almada , De la vega , matias palacios, Bruno Amione ) & Olympics ( U23 – barco, sensei, gaich, Urzi, Ferriera , Zaracho, Lautaro Valenti , Julian Alvarez, Nahuel Bustos, Capaldo, Vera& even Macclister ) & then try post Copa for Senior NT. Other than Neuhen Perez & Medina – other youngsters cracking Sr NT now i think is tough. Licha for his talent i hope can break in & atleast give competition to Parades . Almendra has a lot of personal issues to clear up & hope he can come back stronger.

  40. player position analysis of the first round of qualifier matches against ecuador and bolivia:

    GK –
    emi martinez definitely must be the no.1 goalkeeper for argentina as he is putting top quality displays in the toughest league in the world and also armani is very shaky and unsure when dealing with aerial balls and crosses . scaloni must be bold and start choosing emi martinez over armani . hope walter benitez gets a chance to play for the national team.

    RB –
    montiel definitely holds this right back position for argentina as he grew into the game against bolivia and was superb in the second half . renzo saravia and montiel are decent options for the right back position .

    CB –
    lucas martinez quarta did well in both the games although could have done better to prevent bolivia from scoring a goal. otamendi similar to armani is very shaky and hope scaloni is bold in choosing facundo medina to replace otamendi as facundo medina showed how good he can be after coming on as a substitute and made a superb tackle against bolivia.

    LB –
    tagliafico is a warrior and a leader of the argentina national team. solid performance in both the matches. marcos acuna is also a good backup .

    the midfield of argentina is solid with paredes, rodrigo de paul , lo celso the main players and excellent backup options in palacios, dominguez,guido rodriguez.

    scaloni should have given papu gomez a chance instead of eduardo salvio.

    erik lamela is a better backup option than eduardo salvio

    • As said before Lmq is going to be real leader At the back he has everything confidence long range pass can pass between the line
      Read the game so well and most importantly he isn’t rush defender.
      I believe otamendi will be here most of the world Cup qualifiers and copa next year

  41. Scaloni looks like a coach who can get out a scrappy wins for us. Isn’t it? When we watch the team play its not a free flowing football. But there is something under Scaloni which helps us to keep a float. Sabella did it best for us, He was an astute tactician. Hope for the best.

  42. As we discussed before, Scaloni uses defense-first tactics. His idea of defense is very good. Hope he has good support from Ayala, Walter, and Aimar. We will be more efficient in attack once the same group of players plays continuously and team chemistry improves.

    After Ocampos, Correa will be integrated into our group.
    Quarta cements his place in the group.
    Montiel should be transferred to a European club soon. If he plays in the RB position in November qualifier too, there will be a huge chance some clubs will come for him.
    GK is Emi vs Musso. Armani wants to play until Copa…may be. But I still believe if it was Romero we would have been at least held draw with France. And in PK…anything could have happened.

    Our group is almost ready. A little adjustment may be needed. Most of the youngsters are world clas or on the edge. Some will be soon there.

  43. For Left Midfield Lo celso and Palacios should be locked and for Right Midfield De Paul, Dominigiez, Lamela should be choosen.So I do not see Acuna playing in midfield now. Acuna should be used as left back not left midfielder.

  44. When was the last time we won a match in Bolivia? Its long time back I guess. So credit to Scaloni and the players. Not sure whether we would have got this result had Bolivia started their full strength team, That’s not a matter anyway it’s still La Paz, It’s still a WC qualifying match in which each match is important. So we have to respect the efforts of the team. Hope Scaloni carry on with his favorites and keeps on winning which is all matters, we haven’t won anything by playing beautiful football. So if we can win by playing ugly, let it be. Who cares.

    Scaloni has his own set of favorite player like all the coaches, Armani, Palacios (Who should be playing more for us and for his Club, He is a type of Midfielder we didn’t had for long time, probably after Lucho Gonzalez) I think if he consistently plays for his club he should be given more starting role. That may leave lo Celso out from the starting 11. It’s a healthy competition to have in the middle. No player can play perfectly in all matches everyone makes mistakes here and there, unless its childish errors we can be fine (like the Caballero WC error, or De Gea like errors.)

    Another note Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Columbia are looking strong, if we don’t step up it may be hard to win against those 4, Add to that Peru. If we look closer We are starting this Qualifiers against weaker sides, which is fine considering the long gap, anyway we have started well, lets go.

    • “Not sure whether we would have got this result had Bolivia started their full strength team”

      The one we played against is their strongest and they always save themselves for La Paz games, so their is no point they field a waeker team since their home record against other teams is impressive.

      • I don’t know, But I remember before it was Lo Celso-Paredes-Palacios trio in the middle during the Start of Scaloni’s tenure. But in between Palacios had a long injury off and due to some River commitments he was not playing for us nearly a year. But Palacios have always been one of the favorites of Scaloni. All of a sudden De Paul started in the Copa and he also started to accumulate more minutes under Scaloni. Whether we like it or not Paredes-De Paul Duo is here to stay for some years unless for any injury to them. So that leaves it out to Lo Celso/Palacios as our 3rd midfield option. I think Palacios adds better to us than Lo Celso meanwhile Lo Celso is better player with much better experience. But for us Palacios is looking better. Lets see, Its a good competition to have. Anyway I don’t think Ocampos, Paredes, De Paul etc. r gonna get dropped unless there is huge dip in form.

          • Paredes with all the criticism he faces is one of a kind player in our 23. Breaking the lines, type of player, like a deep lying playmaker. We may can replace De Paul, but we don’t have another player similar to Paredes profile. I feel like he still haven’t given his best for the NT yet. Something like his Roma playing days. Battaglia, Ascacibar, Guido Rodriguez all r Defensive Midfielders. They cant directly replace Paredes, I may be wrong.

          • Honesty parades is done a lot better
            Then unfair criticism he is getting from
            Arg fans here mundo yesterday his passes Was way better than ecuador game plus he was unlucky not to score against Bolivia
            His long shoot was good too
            The problem here is when a player made half mistake or miss pass one ball we all call His name to drop tell me any footballer Who plays every game 10/10 the answer is non.

  45. Great win overall. GK position is up for the grab. But Scaloni have to be brave to change winning combination. If anything goes wrong everybody will blame him. So, I m pretty much happy with the defense though lot of Mundo pundit are doubtful about Montiel performance. As per me he is doing good. But for the goal we have conceded I think Otamendi and Armani both have some blame on that as it was free header. I want our expart will provide some light on that whether I m right or not. Also inform us about our RB and LB performance.

  46. Games against Bolivia in La Paz (last 20 years):


    Argentina: 1-2-2
    Brazil: 0-2-2
    Chile: 3-0-2
    Paraguay: 0-1-3
    Uruguay 1-2-2

      • Chile do have same type of altitude of around 8000ft , Ecuador have more than 9000ft, and La Paz top 12000 ft, so playing in similiar types of conditions gives you some advantage

        • That’s right Muhammad. I could be wrong but I read that they usually go to Calama in Chile (2500 meters) to prepare and acclimatize before playing in La Paz. It gives them a big advantage.

          So ignoring Chile we have the joint best score in La Paz over the past 20 years because of this win.

  47. Two matches . 6 points. One roadblock cleared at Paz.
    I dont care about trolls especially those who only surface when NT has a less than average day at a game.
    I think one of them regards ESPN pundits in high regard. Clearly shows the persons football iq.
    At any rate , decent showing to me. Palacios grabbed the opportunity with both hands. He has the hunger and the talent. I don’t care if a euro club benches our players. Hunger to perform and talent wins cups. I have enjoyed J Correas play for some time now. He got some confidence too.
    We are far from being perfect sure.But we are on the right track. I hope at the end of the next break we are at a clear 24 points when we begin the run of facing the Chiles and the Uruguays.
    Also its high time folks realise its dumb to ask for coach changes everytime the wind blows. It shows you in poor light. Don’t wait for an excuse to ask for change. It is because of this attitude no established coach wants to coach us. Sampaoli made a brave choice and he paid with his career.
    Scaloni and team is working out well. Players trust him and tactics wise he will improve.

  48. Armani should not start anymore.Emi Martinez is better choice here. Scaloni needs to understand Emi Martinez is far better than Armani. With Emi Martinez between the sticks Argentina has more chance to win trophy. Emi Martinez has shown patience and character which many player lack. I do not know why Premiere League best goalkeeper is on bench while local club player starts ahead of him. Sometime I think Maradona was right when he said” we Argentine lives in the world upside down. “

    • @ Kavi Scaloni will not change his GK position now as we are winning with Armany. Though I do not prefer him. Hope Emi Mertinez will show his great showing in EPL which will help Scaloni to select him instead of Armany or Andrada.

      • Armani always makes mistake and I do not know why these South Americans do not take long shots on goals.Armani is not good in long shots. It is never about winning combination just deploy best player better to realize now than later

  49. The president of the trolls in Mundo “Kid” and his deputy “Csabalala” are now sadder than a bird with broken wings. They surely will lose sleep over these great results the team is achieving now and in the future. Scaloni and Co. are their nightmare.

  50. Congrats to scaloni and arg co…e.palacios was the key man..messi got himself in the second half..martinez was aggressive as well..and subs were also good specially correra & dominguez..
    Vamos Argentina ❤️❤️

  51. Just watched the game. Palacios is workhorse he was everywhere in the midfield. Our midfield should be Lo celso- Palacios- Depaul/Paredes. Ocampos needs to be more direct .
    De paul, Paredes, Montiel were pretty average. Better performance than against Ecuador still cant say anything this Bolivia team is too weak apart from altitude problem.

  52. What happened at the end with Messi?

    Looks like Martins got all fired up and then baldy in black puffy jacket gets close to Messi aggressively and then all chest bumping popped off.

    Could use those spanish lip readers, i cant make out what Messi is saying / cursing away but i would love to know!

  53. Montiel is known for his offensive play but he did not show anything offensive display in his two games while he was defensively good in last match. Atmani is one of the weak link making errors between the post,Emi Martinez is much better.

    • It is hard to remove Armani unless he makes many mistakes…It needs 2-3 really bad matches to consider chaning GK…yes Armani was shaky..but it has a been a long time he played football and he is Argentina No 1 goal keeper like it or not..

      Paulo Gazza and Emi Martinez was very good in absence of Loris, but once Loris and Leno came back they know they will be on bench..same goes for Sergi Romero..

      • you cant rely on him for the world cup when he will become 36. yesterday his poor judgement was there for one cross before 10th min that could have easily a goal and handling the back pass. we cant wait for blunders like Caballero to change GK.
        Almost all arsenal fans want Martinez to be no1.
        2-3 bad matches in Copa or world cup is all over. why do we want to take a risk with that guy?. He already made 2 mistakes yesterday.

        • Armani will cost us , when ? I don’t know but he will . He is a shitty keeper on an international level . Emi Martinez needs to start next month . Nothing is hard and no one is hard to be dropped , especially in the GK position

  54. Sometimes it is very hard to understand what some of the pundits here want..

    If Argentina play good football, but lose – they call them chokers

    If Argentina wins by parking the bus – they criticize them for forgetting football

    If Argentina wins by playing decent football – they call the opposition weak..

    If Argentina doesn’t win for some reasons – they crucify Messi and entire Argentina..

  55. Rohandip I did MBBS degree from Bangladesh..I’m from Nepal..I always consider Bangladesh as my second motherland..I love the people there.there are lots of my friends in Chittagong Dhaka..I pray to all mighty Allah that corona pandemic be over soon there and whole world..
    Still I miss Bangladesh..

  56. Scaloni proved he is the best coach for Argentina right now. Winning in la Paz after 15 years is not joke. So many high profile coaches failed to win there. I think this win is enough to keep shut the mouth of many premature fans. Th only good thing for Argentina football a fan can do is appreciating Scaloni & Co.

    • But still there are loop holes in selection.tbh Argentina has lot of talented players in every position.i was wondering why scolani is choosing Otamendi,Armani,sarvia,acuna while we have much more pretty sure no coach in the world will start Armani over Emi, and sarvia over sensi or Romero. We have lots of depths in our midfield and forward line.but scolani does not know proper technics to utilize these talents properly. I agree scolani knows how to encourage players to work hardly. It was boring match,so many miss passes, lost possession multiple to times. Despite the condition of lapaz, arg played much better in lapaz previously.i know win is a win and we have grabbed vvv important three points. That goal would have been avoided if it were Emi Martinez on the post.Armani is the shittiest goal keeper i have ever seen on this question is why scolani no to able to find defense line chemistry.scolani is biased and afraid of local media.tbh he is not a proper coach

  57. LOL have to be idiot thinking i am other accounts. Whats your problem Dadir? I said the truth about your spanish heart Real Madrid idol. He leaved us alone.


    Look at this guys. See how happy Messi is with his new teammates and how happily he embraces Martinez quarta, Papu and others as well. Well it also has a twist in first part, which is the fight against Martins. But apart from that I think Messi is surprisingly impressed by the quality showoffs from Martinez quarta and Palacios.
    Well done la albiceleste.

  59. Scaloni prove he is a good coach. Everyone should appreciate him. It’s not easy to win there. He has done as a player before. Now as manager. He has earned the difficult 6 points.
    Salute Scaloni. 😍

  60. Its now 9 games unbeaten post the Copa Semi defeat. List includes Brazil, Germany , Uruguay. Scaloni clearly is doing the required.
    Interestingly he didnt take the 5th sub at La Paz. He was so convinced on the players on field & hats off especially to the defenders , Palacios , Messi to be there for 97mins. Happy to also see Medina get some minutes . Once Pezella , LoCelso , Dybala come back – we will start looking formidable

    • So far Scaloni has exceeded all kinds of expectations we had for Argentina. He delivered the changes we wanted and also brought us results. But the most important point is, he brought us results against top quality teams and in top competition and not against some daily-win European teams, where results are known even before the start of the match.

      It’s the stuff’s mental rehearsal and bringing much needed confidence to the young minds, which has helped us a lot. You can see the team have the confidence and dare, not only to win but also to chase when trailing behind.

      It’s delightful to see how our old legendary players as coaching stuff has given and brought so much strength to the NT. The wait for glory is long but I’m surely enjoying this process, just loving it.

      Sometimes the journey is more better than the results, but results will come eventually. Nothing is ever wasted.

  61. Yessss…. WIN!

    Thank you and congratulation, Lautaro Martinez and Joaquin Correa, for the goals…

    Thank you and congratulation, Team, for the efforts…

    Thank you and congratulation, Coach and His Team, for the way of the game plans…

    Thank you and congratulation, The Fans of Argentina NT, for the supports…


  62. Guys pls someone post the detailed analysis of each of our players and their ratings.
    I am looking fwd to the next set of matches next month.
    Any chance on friendlies in between Nov and next march qualifiers.
    Whose fault is for that bolivia goal LMQ or otamendi?

  63. First of all, thank you EnganChe for taking the responsibility! This site needs some clean up, as the National team needed when Scaloni took the charge.

    Rohandip, you generally are a good blogger, why put yourself down to the level of other low life? Bad words, even if others don’t understand in your language, shouldn’t be used here. Hope you keep it clean.

    We played well in the second half and deserved to win. Quarta is the revelation, I could see a great CB in him. To be honest, River boys are doing a great service to the National team. I always liked Palacios, he is a great prospect- hope he keeps growing.

    Scaloni deserves the credit. DePaul became so integral to the team under Scaloni, but Scaloni don’t mind to replace him when he was not up to the mark. His second half replacements were good, especially Domínguez, Guaido and Medina.

    I am not a fan of Paredes (as much as I want to) but he deserves the credit to try long range shots, which Argentina generally lacks. I am not sure who can replace him in his current role, but maybe a combo of DePaul, LeCelso, Palacios, and Domínguez won’t serve less?

    I liked Otamendi for his service and leadership in the back line, but I think it is time to start rotating someone young to pair with Quarta.

    Look forward to see the team develop game by game as it happened during the Copa. Consistency is the key and Scaloni is maintaining it. So, be patient and enjoy the transition.

  64. This is a clear victory of the coaching staff and their preparation. Taking the risk of changing the years of accepted logic of arriving at height only 1 or 2 hours before and instead going 48 hours before when many doctors were saying that is when negative impact is most. They talked to coaching at Palmeiras and Boca and came up to the plan that though effect on body is still there, the psychological advantage of having the players get a chance to kick around the ball in thin air in training and do their best to understand the dynamics would get them over the mental block.

    Some people said we would have ended like Maradona. Scaloni is nothing like maradona. Maybe he is not great at in-game tactical changes as established coaches but he is analytical, logical, and with good man management and has trust of players and not just pride like maradona whose only preparation in 2009 was believing – “we are argentina, altitude is nothing in front of us”

    • Mind you, this was a poor Bolivia team even at home in La Paz, but Scaloni got his subs right and they came on fresh and motivated. Palacios was key in this game I think.

      • Yes poor team, but they are always poor which is why they almost never advance despite their advantage.

        I believe some of the performances like palacios, tagliafico, lautaro etc keeping energy up all through game as best as they can was all due to them processing the limitations and when to go 100% and when not to etc is all due to the chance they got an extra day to understand their own bodies. Elite level players can make adjustments if given chance which is not possible if you fly in one hour before for warm up. The fact that Scaloni recognized this and decided to bet on it is my reason for applause.

    • The altitude timing tactic is really interesting. i’m surprised that they are still in discovery mode though, i would have thought they would have known about the effectiveness years ago.

  65. Romance aka Raj is banned again, but the schmuck probably has more than one account or will come back with a new one. I will personally make it my own task to ensure his pelotudez does not continue for too long.

  66. Very happy with the win and we deserved it. We need to move Armani out of the team and I can see he is not the keeper for the future. We need Emi asap and happy with all the players played today. No salvio another good thing.
    We are becoming a team which can win tournaments, That is what needed.
    Defending as a whole unit is I am seeing after so many years.

  67. @Raj: Amar maa ke jigesh korar age sobche Boro Kotha holo je Amar eta shune dukko hoe je tor maa client ke service dite giye condom phete tor jonmo hoeche.
    Jodi Kotha Bolte na Janis to ekhen theke berie jja, sala ekbar bas khawar por to kono sudrasni. Bal giri korbi to ekbare report hoejabi, tar jonno amake Kichu Korte Hobe na, erai sob korbe.

    Bhailoi kothai, patha giri Bondo kor ar ekhen theke bero.

    No one needs an uneducated, illiterate, criminal and satanic soul like you in this forum. Better find other places to dump your shits and don’t forget you already got a ban here. So, if you dare to do it all again, then I’m true as hell that people here, are goona rip you off.
    And, ohh…..I almost forgot.. I feel absolutely sorry for what your”she” had to go through. Pity her.

  68. The curse is over! Nice to watch and see the cheerful face from the players, coach and fans; especially Messi was very happy, although i do not know what happened with his anger / strong words with Bolivia captain. Scaloni did learn from the first match and make a right starting XI and substitute; played well than the Ecuador match; Palacios makes a difference; Tag and Quarta good combination defense and looking for the area; However there is still a lots of things to improved and work in progress.

    congratulations on the 2/2 wins : 6 points a good start for the N/T at WCQ. Vamos

  69. Good morning all mundoalbiceleste members from Nepal..see what I was telling all you guys..jus keep patience and faith on our beloved Argentina national team..some mundo members were telling Argentina is like a trash and even European tier 2 team are better than Argentina..
    My answer is pls tell Spain Germany England to play at la Paz..all were telling Argentina play weakly vs minnows equador.. Argentina are nothing in comparison to Peru Uruguay colambia Brazil..
    See that minnows equador put 4 past strong Uruguay team.. definitely Argentina played after a long time so it will take time to make a good chemistry..I’m very much Happy that this Argentina team isn’t Messi dependent..see 3 goals 1 Messi 1 Lautaro and 1 correa…a lots of More to come for qualifiers as it’s very much harder..

    • Lots of argentine fans are here in Nepal… we woke up at 2 am to watch this match. Vamos Argentina… we will support u always. best wishes from Nepal. Looking forward to see emi martinez and papu gomez in upcoming matches. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇳🇵🇳🇵

  70. Where the haters come on say something
    Scaloni team won in Bolivia first in 15 years
    What so call big club players couldn’t do
    Respect this coaching staff
    No disrespect to di maria he is world class
    No denying that but arg didn’t missing him
    A bit Ocampos and j correa even p gomez
    In the bench is enough now.

  71. You must love River plate if you care arg nt.
    Guido Rodriguez
    Are all from River plate academy
    Ocampos plays very good especially 1 vs 1

    • Yes definitely my friend. River had always aided the NT and they still does that. We will never forget their contribution, for they are the torchbearer of our talents. But what saddens me a bit is how Boca has gone silent for long. No players from Boca had made the cut in this generation except the likes of pavon, Almendra,balerdi and few others who are yet to breakout.

      Both of these clubs are our supply line and they will always be, but I’m glad that teams like Racing, independiente, estudiantes and Velez are slowly becoming the hotbeds of European attractions. Even colon, lanus and, oops I forgot San Lorenzo, Rosario central and newells old boys, which were quite famed back in old days are now quickly rising up the ranks to become important supplier of talents.
      I only hope now that somehow Argentina’s economy get boomed up and then for sure, we are all goona witness the explosion of talents everywhere.

      Vamos Argentina.

    • This is one of the reasons I don’t mind if Gallardo stays in River Plate for long instead of going to Europe. Sure maybe he buys one or two players if he goes to some international club. But at River he runs a full factory of production. He personally is responsible of the work load of the youngsters etc.
      If he leaves I worry River turn into Boca – look for quick success with foreigners and experienced veterans majority.

  72. Lautaro has played 5 games this season and scored in 4 of them , had an assisr aswell today. We could have scored more in this game but 6 points is all that matter. Great mentallity shown by this team. Reminds me of Sabella’s side coming from behind to bear Colombia.

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