Argentine Champions League preview: Lionel Messi vs. Paulo Dybala, more


Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona vs. Paulo Dybala and Juventus headlines this week’s Argentine Champions League preview with both teams looking to top the group.

Messi managed a goal in the first match but he wasn’t the only Argentine to manage to get on the score sheet. Sergio Aguero and Alejandro Gomez also each managed a goal each. Here are the matches for this week:


Lokomotiv Moscow vs. Bayern Munich

Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Inter Milan (Lautaro Martínez)

Olympique de Marseille (Leonardo Balerdi, Darío Benedetto) vs. Manchester City (Sergio Agüero)

Liverpool vs. FC Midtjylland

Borussia Monchengladbach vs. Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid (Ángel Correa) vs. Red Bull Salzburg

FC Porto (Agustín Marchesín) vs. Olympiacos (Maximiliano Lovera)

Atalanta (José Luis Palomino, Alejandro Gómez, Cristian Romero) vs. Ajax (Lisandro Martínez, Nicolás Tagliafico)


FC Krasnodar vs. Chelsea (Willy Caballero)

Istanbul Başakşehir F.K. vs. PSG (Leandro Paredes, Mauro Icardi, Ángel Di María)

Ferencváros vs. Dynamo Kyiv

Juventus (Paulo Dybala) vs. FC Barcelona (Lionel Messi)

Club Brugge vs. Lazio (Joaquín Correa, Gonzalo Escalante)

Manchester United (Marcos Rojo, Sergio Romero) vs. RB Leipzig

Borussia Dortmund vs. Zenit Saint Petersburg (Sebastián Driussi)

Sevilla (Lucas Ocampos, Marcos Acuña, Franco Vázquez) vs. Stade Rennais

As we reported earlier, Sergio Agüero is out injured which means he will miss Manchester City’s match against Olympique de Marseille. Leonardo Balerdi, who scored in Marseille’s last match and Dario Benedetto would be the only Argentine representatives in the match.

Atalanta hosting Ajax will be the match with five Argentine players, some of which are in contention of making the Argentina national team.


  1. Every time our players are having a bad game, some specific people claim that they are overrated, they don’t live up to the expectations and more of these bullshit.

    Now, i will do the same about the so called “Brazilian wonderkids”: Real Madrid is having a real tough time! What about Vinicious?? He was so good that he was subbed off. What about Rodrigo and Militao?? They are warming the bench. These are overrated players!

    • Waveride you’ve always been a level headed mundo member so try not to be like those “specific people”.
      I personally love good football even if doesn’t come from an Argentine source and I don’t think we have put down Brazilian or any other players for that matter.
      While I am no fan of Brazil’s I have to give props to some of their players like Rodrygo, Vinicious, Antony (fantastic for Ajax) and few others because truth be told they are very talented and they are getting alot of playing time in one of the most competitive teams in the world.
      I have absolutely no problem with people coming here raving about Brazilian players (even though this isn’t the forum for it), what I do have a problem with however is people coming here raving about Brazilian players WHILE putting down Argentina’s one in the process….THAT is just trolling.
      I also have a problem with people drawing conclusions about a player after watching a single game or a couple or even half a dozen. Football has a specific number of games a season and it’s best to watch all of ’em and then draw conclusions otherwise you end up being like many “professional” pundits out there where a player is declared as the “next best thing” or “overrated” or a “flop” on a game to game basis.

    • I am not saying they are overrated, when I say they are not having a good match that means I’m talking about that particular match only.
      Yes, balerdi was sloppy today. What is wrong with that, I said what I felt.

    • I always thought this guy performed good for the national team . He was Stuttgart’s best player last season and were in division 2 in the bubdesliga , now they got promoted up and they’re doing really good . Nico Gonzales , Cristian Romero , Lisandro Martinez need to be called up before the copa America , sometime in the qualifiers and should have an eye out on them for the rest of the qualifiers and the 2022 World Cup , I’m happy with medina’s addition , this guy is so good with lens who are also doing very good in French league

  2. Iam just wondering why our national team doesnt win anything with such a huge talent.I would say its just because of some mismanagement and arrogance combined together.For me it doesnt matter if a player is old, did some mistake previously etc ….For me if a player is in form and can contribute a little bit he should be in the team. In that sense di maria deserve to be in the team along with papu.
    I see a future for di maria and papu in the upcomiming qualifiers if used optimally.
    In my previous post i explained how we can use these players against top teams and defending teams.
    I consider football as an evolving game and this generation is all about team chemistry and speed.Its becoming like hockey (speed and tactics matters most)and what germans are doing is they risk experimenting and taking notes from other games like hockey and implementing in football.

    My point is if we wanna win anything we have to adapt and i thing scaloni is doing well.
    No other footballing team have multiple coach for a team.And iam proud to say scaloni aimar samuel is a team no other country have such dynamics . But the risk is if its not used properly it will be a disaster.
    We have the talent use it well whoever is in charge. Talent without trophies is just like masterbating……..(sorry its the truth)

  3. I do not know why Scaloni and his staff is not giving any boost to Emi Martinez. He is one of the best goalkeeper in Premiere League. He is in top 5.Armani is worst there needs to be kicked out of team if Scaloni is going to succumb to local media and local club pressure,then he should forget about Copa 2021 and World Cup. Look at Brazil and Uruguay they select best goalkeepers does not matter if he is domestic player or Europian player. One should always go with best player and this time Emi Martinez is the best bet for Argentina. Do not need to call Armani for November qualifiers.

    • We’ve all been saying this and who want the best for the team would want emi Martinez over Armani anyway , however let’s wait for this November’s qualifiers and see because the first two matches in October were not ideal to introduce a new gk to the national team in a qualifiers game after they’ve not been playing for a year , also the Bolivia match was not ideal .

  4. I only watched a bit of the full match but Nahuel Molina caught my attention (as well as many mundoers in previous posts).

    For those that have watched him, is he fast, good defensively, offensively, etc?

    • I don’t care about the team per say, i just hope to see players perform well. Sometimes, it can be very conflicting though. Like watching Quarta vs De Paul…i want De Paul to score/assist but i also want to see solid defending from Quarta. Stuck between a rock and hard place.. and all that

      • As i mentioned , the content is a month old . Publishers take time to evaluate, empanel & finally publish. Hence Ledesma was not covered as 1 month back he was not in radar

      • Thanks Shubham. I had more content on Armani.. like his Colombian days & his penalty save in Copa which kept us alive. But editor suggested the content to be trimmed keeping in mind an average english speaking football fan reader who may not be too deep on Argentine football. Retained Romero more bcos more english readers would relate to him

    • i too enjoyed it but i dont have twitter so i can’t “like”

      If you had Scalonis ear and disregarding current injuries, who would be between the sticks next month?

      • Thanks Choripan. I desperately hope its Emi Martinez. But Scaloni has been loyal to his playing 11 in general & i feel Armani will continue. Personally i dont see us winning laurels with Armani as our GK which is why integrating Martinez earlier is better for us.

        • My bad, i re-read your closing thoughts and you had clearly stated Martinez. 🙂

          Given ceteris paribus, is this your preference order?
          1) Martinez
          2) Benitez
          3) Musso
          4) Andrada
          5) Armani
          6) Rulli
          7) Gazza

    • Imo our only modern goalkeepers are Andrada (the most complete one, good or average in every aspect) and Rulli. The others are very nervous with the ball on their feet, ofc Rulli is a ticking bomb, too much error-prone. I dont see Juan Musso enough to judge him from this aspect. The main problem with Emiliano Martinez and Walter Benitez are really weak passers, the main reason Leno remains in Arsenal. Armani the same, who is very bad in the air against aerial balls nowadays too, but maybe his reflexes is the best. Character-wise Emi seems the strongest, just like in the air, and Armani one of the weakest from them. Overall imo Andrada or Emi should be our goalkeeper, but neither is close to world class level.

      • Emi’s passing is not the reason Leno remains in Arsenal. Their fans argue that Leno’s reflexes might be slightly better, but that Emi is a much more complete goalkeeper and the better passer actually, more commanding in the box and made their defense more coherent, better at coming off his line and ball claims. The reason Leno remains is that he is more established in the club and has performed well for them in the past seasons.

        Emi is the best performing Argentine GK since June and there is no denying that. Armani and Andrada haven’t played much since the pandemic started, and they haven’t been playing even close to the same level as Premier League, where Emi has beaten Liverpool 3 out of 3 times, Manchester City, Chelsea etc and winning FA Cup and Community Shield. He is the GK we have been waiting for and he must be tried in November.

    • This is some stupid Indian guy, trying to be a reporter. Most likely EPL or Ronaldo fan. I didn’t even bother to read after the name. I know how cules see him as a cule in Catalunya. There will always be some who hate.

      • True EverythingBarca is the worst football blog i have ever seen. This guy doesn’t know anything about this game and always write shits about Barcelona.

    • I have been following this stupid guy for sometime. For some reason he always seem to be abusing messi. No one cares about these idiots.. relax

    • And much better defensive contribution, Özil a very lazy player, his link-up play and playmaking (passer, flow the game) is way better, but Dima is much more a difference-maker.

  5. Erik Lamela should be included in the team. He should play at Right Midfield.Lamela, De Paul and Palacios should fight for Right midfield. Lo celso, Nico Dominiguez and Papu should fight for Left Midfield, J Correas, Ocampus and Di Maria should fight for Left Winger.Dybla,Aguero, Alario, Lautaro should fight for strikers role. Messi, Dybla,Papu fights for play maker role.
    Otamendi, Nehuen Perez,Medina for LCB, Pezella, Quarts for RCB. Tagliafico, Acuna and Medina for Left fullback. Sarvia, Foyth, Montiel for Right Back. Emi Martinez, Ledesma and Andrada should fight for Goalkeeping spot.

  6. […] Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona vs. Paulo Dybala and Juventus headlines this week’s Argentine Champions League preview with both teams looking to top the group. Messi managed a goal in the first match but he wasn’t the only Argentine to manage to get on the score sheet. Sergio Aguero and Alejandro Gomez also each managed a goal each. Here are the matches for this week: Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Inter Milan (Lautaro Martínez) Olympique de Marseille (Leonardo Balerdi, Darío Benedetto) vs. […] Argentine Champions League preview: Lionel Messi vs. Paulo Dybala, more […]

  7. Giovanni lo celso and Exequel palacios is our national team future. Leonardo paredes and Rodrigo de paul overrated.. De paul only good when he play as a right winger

  8. A team like portugal with amazing talents is still using 38 pepe.experience count guys.we can build 2 attaking line ups with these players coming in
    Emi martinez
    Montiel lqm pazella tagli
    De paul parades palacios
    Messi lautaro ocampos

    Emi martinez
    Montiel lqm pazella tagli
    parades locelso
    Messi di maria papu
    First ones against good teams.
    Second line up against parking bus teams

  9. Definitely “No” More room for Di Maria; Scaloni have to look forwards and bring the best players for WCQ,Copa and WC 2024′ Although age is not a crucial factor as long as the players can contribute and perform. Di Maria times with N/T is over. Wish him a shinny glory career at the club

    But, definetely “Yes” to Palacios or Papu Gomez.

    Arg cannot win anything by bringing the same veteran unperformed players on and on; need to change and bring in fresh players. main concern is also the prone injury; a tournament need a fit and strong players

  10. Many Dimaria haters are criticizing him for no reason.Although Dimaria has been the best players for the NT after messi for last decade Argentina looked dangerous when Di maria was in good form , Argentina played well when Dimaria played well. When everybody looked hopeless in dead matches its Dimaria who stepped up.

    • Di Maria is very inconsistent with Argentina. Always has been. The dude wants to do to many solo runs and gets caught between 3 defenders and loses the ball. This always happens. That’s the typical Di Maria play. He’s not a team player and honestly I’d rather play 10 vs 11 then put Di Maria back in the squad. He’s had to many chances and squanders they all. Don’t look at psg performances… farmers leagues don’t count.

    • Judge him by how he plus for Argentina, not a club team. Romero pulled through for us and was average in his club. The contrary would be Angel Di Maria who plays great at club level but sucks ass when ever he puts on our jersey.

      • Exactly , people in this blog need to learn that our players performance with the national team is more important than that in a club , we always had our players excell in their clubs but not all would do much in the national team .

        • By this same logic Messi shouldn’t be called in NT.. he missed in wc finals.. couldn’t score in any finals.. missed penalty in copa final.. missed penalty vs Iceland.. people forget this and always blame DI Maria who brought us back vs France out of no where.. on his day DiMaria is better than Messi for NT

      • Calling back di maria is fraud simply as that.
        He will definitely damage the process nt made.
        He has nothing good to add for nt
        Is anybody remember his horror show against Colombia
        Yes his club form is fantastic but the nt
        He is below average Argentina are thier own enemy.
        Palacios always put unbelievable shift for nt. I know all of guys except Palacios to make 5 assistants or score 2 goals win every tackle
        Each game he plays Leverkusen.

      • Sergio Romero was always good for Man United in cup competetion.He was as good as first choice keeper. Di Maria’s passing and link up play is average that is why he could not shine in Argentina. He is just dribbler who outruns opponent that is why he succeded in Madrid but not in Argentina

        • Statistically Di Maria is the best assister per minutes in Europe top5 leagues in the last decade.Only a dribbler LOL, one of the craziest vision. Even in Mu he gave one assist in every 167 minutes. In Real madrid surreal 146 minutes, nobody can compare with this, not even Messi, Neymar, De Bruyne, Özil etc.

    • scaloni is thinking about a spot for Adm until copa 21 but not as a starter, veterans like angel, papu, otamendi should retire from national team after Copa 21, kun should also have to retire if his injury problem cannot be solve

  11. Interesting games around Champion League. Juve vs Barca and Atlanta vs Ajax.

    Meanwhile although get a limited time, Eric Lamela had a good impact to the team; hope he will get more trust from Mourinho and an open door from Scaloni; he can be optimized on the right.

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