Sergio Agüero could miss Argentina World Cup qualifiers due to injury


Sergio Agüero is set to miss next month’s World Cup qualifiers for Argentina due to injury.

After missing the October World Cup qualifiers due to injury, there were reports that Agüero would be included in next month’s team. However, the Manchester City striker was injured and had to be substituted off for his team in their last match and per reports, Agüero will not be available for the World Cup qualifiers next month.

Agüero may not be included but as we reported earlier, Angel Di Maria is set to be back in the Argentina squad for the matches.


  1. Palacios doesn’t seems like special.
    I guess the real madrid rumours was completely a made-up story.
    Though he had a good game for NT.
    Both his game after that match doesn’t live up to the hype we have given..
    Hope he will develop in to above average player in the near future

      • Yeah, he is good in air..
        And hopefully he is utilising the chances he is getting from injury of patrick schick

      • South american competitions are not even better than Championship in UK. How many “special players” became random in Europe ? Remember Kranevitter, Centurion, Peruzzi, Saravia, Benedetto, Lanzini, Vargas, Mammana etc… So many guys.
        An where are Meza , Gonzalo Martinez or Pavon who was “special player” ? in farmer league.

        Palacios or Quarta have a strong hype because they are from River and the Argentinian Media overhype River’s (and Boca) players all the time… there are a lot of pression on the selection to have “local players” but the reality is this 2 teams would be between 8 and 15 in the PL, Liga and Serie A’s ranking. Sad reality.

        Dont missunderstand me. They can success… but TODAY the reality is : Palacios is on the bench since 1 years and Quarta will have to fight hard to be titular because the Fio have already his 3 defenders.

  2. Would love to see Foyth at CDM. It aint gonna happen but a man can dream, right?

    Martinez – Dybala
    Lo Celso – Foyth – De Paul
    Tagliafico – Otamendi – MQ – Montiel

    Dybala – Messi
    Ocampos – Lo Celso – Foyth – De Paul
    Tagliafico – Otamendi – MQ – Montiel

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