Angel Di Maria to return to Argentina national team


Angel Di Maria is expected to be called to the Argentina national team for next month’s World Cup qualifiers.

Di Maria missed out on the October matches but it now looks as if he will be included for next month’s team. Per a report by TyC Sports, Di Maria will be returning for the matches against Paraguay and Peru.


  1. To all my mundoalbiceleste members..pls dun put doubt and comments over scaloni.. definitely he has seen something In angel de maria.. without doubt Angel de maria is a world class player..dun forget his contribution

  2. El fideo ADM is a world class profesional player, that is indisputable. he will always bring speed, dribbling, passing, assistance and experience to the team.we dont need players who brings just one of the qualities..only he just need right management from the scaloni…my view…di maria needs to return.

  3. scaloni is thinking about a spot for Adm until copa 21 but not as a starter. after copa 21 angel, papu, otamendi should retire from national team may be kun should also retire if his injury problem cannot be solve

  4. Let him be in the 23 its okay, but I think right now Di Maria is not an automatic starter, that may anger him and that will cause a bad habitat in the team. We have Ocampos, Acuna and Papu also is there. I think Papu deserves the most to start some matches now. he is in scintillating form right now. in an attacking formation against weaker teams Papu must be preferred to start along with Messi.

  5. Why???? cause he’s doing good in PSG??? first of all, a farmer’s league and 2nd of all look at Higuain for Napoli and rest of his clubs and look at what he’s done for us…cost us 2 finals…nationals is a different ball game altogether …forget Di Maria we have the youth invest in them

  6. A team like portugal with amazing talents is still using 38 pepe.experience count guys.we can build 2 attaking line ups with these players coming in
    Emi martinez
    Montiel lqm pazella tagli
    De paul parades palacios
    Messi lautaro ocampos

    Emi martinez
    Montiel lqm pazella tagli
    parades locelso
    Messi di maria papu
    First ones against good teams.
    Second line up against parking bus teams

  7. If it happens, I’ll be pretty disappointed with Scaloni’s lack of character in this regard. Based on his club performance, Di Maria deserves a place in the 23 man squad given that he is played as a sub or at the RW position. But when you have a plan to continue your cycle without him, you should stick with that. Why calling him now? If that’s the point, he should have been called for last month’s qualifiers. Now it seems like he has been influenced by Dimaria’s comments. Btw the way Di Maria publicly criticized the decision of the coaching staff using Messi, Aguero and Ota’s inclusion as a defense is very arrogant, to say the least. It is very disrespectful for the coaching staff and also for Messi, Aguero and Ota. This type of ‘to force my way into the squad’ mentality will only create problems in the team.
    And to the Di Maria fanboys/crybabies who keep bringing back his WC goal against France in 2018 as if he has been some kind of messiah for the team, let me give you some stats. The last 6 matches when he scored for Argentina are as follows:
    2019 Copa America: No goal
    2018 World Cup: 1 goal vs France
    2018 WCQ: 1 goal vs Colombia
    2018 WCQ: 1 goal vs Chile
    2016 Copa America: 1 goal vs Chile
    2015 Copa America: 2 goals vs Paraguay
    2014 World Cup: 1 goal vs Switzerland
    ***No goals in 2017 and 2019
    That’s the stat for the last 6 years excluding 2020, pretty impressive right? He has been pretty good for the NT, I can’t deny that. I am grateful to him for his goal against France and Switzerland. But that doesn’t mean he is irreplaceable or he has to be called up forever for the NT. His lack of consistency throughout a match, injury problems in big tournaments, continuous poor decision makings, being played in the wrong positions point to one direction only. It’s time to move on. The perfect way to do this would have been to gradually replace him rather than stop calling him suddenly. But as I’ve said, when you’ve made up your mind you should stick with it. Our squad is well off without him. Calling him now, especially after his comments, is only a step backward.

    • Bro you couldn’t say better
      It’s f…king Argentina media i don’t understand Why somebody go public and blasted his manager because he been left out than he call up after
      He absolutely thinks he is irreplaceable
      Scaloni got this one very wrong
      He doesn’t need him now his presence will Disturb… take my word arg nt will never something while di maria aguaro and messi playing together
      Simply scaloni must sacrifice those two players especially di maria in order Argentina achieve thier target which is win copa next summer and good chance 22 in Qatar

      • Let’s hope it’s just a temporary thing brother. If he plays well for NT on a continuing basis, I don’t mind continuing him till Copa. But this self-sense of invincibility will only hamper the growing team spirit. There’s no room for arrogant players in my book even if it was Maradona or Messi.

      • I would take him instead of salvio any day. Scaloni should use him as a sub for a maximum of 20 mins that’s it. Let’s see what he does in these 2 matches. I hope he will have a good impact as a sub.
        Nico will eventually take his place once he is fully ready.

    • If you are prefering to go with stats and age, di maria was right to ask about inclusion of messi. What? GOAT means sacrifice a country for single person. Messi is behind di maria considering in form. I accept he is not very influential but he is most needed to sculpt young argentina. Also only Fools blabber about how he is asking his place in team, after all he is a football player not a professional worker who should always think before they speak

  8. Is it so complicate ?


    4-3-1-2 worked very well during the last Copa America and can help Messi and Dybala to play together. Lo celso have to deal with that position but i think he can. Senesi is a fucking monster, people dont know him because he is in Feyenoord but big clubs have him on eyes. Quarta is good but first he have to become starter with the Fiorentina. Acuna is much better than Tagliafico who never did nothing amazing with the National Team. Martinez is the MAN !

  9. I don’t have a problem bringing him back because of his form however he should not be a starter. He can be a great sub and like mentioned in this thread it must be in his natural position. ADM can also provide some experience for the younger guys who are just starting their NT careers. Considering Salvio was called up I don’t see this call up as a shock.

  10. Another choker are coming, wat the hell is happening here , argentina will not win any trophy, because of politicians and fucking media,

  11. Scaloni got wrong this time no need adm
    But blame f….king Argentina media
    Adm will do nothing good for nt
    He is waste of space he may call as well banega too.
    In my opinion we need banega more than di maria.

  12. In my opinion he is welcome under following circumstances:

    He is used as a substitute, not a starter
    Only used on the right side as a RW/RM

    Like this, he could have a place in the team. Selecting him makes waay more sense than Salvio, and the coach realized that. Called it a few posts back

  13. atlast scaloni doesn’t know how to win the match with
    this current team. he lost his hope. next fixture may be mascherano, banega, biglia and higuain may join with the squad. January qualifier may be aimar, Samuel, ayala, even Mardona can come. its fate .

  14. yeah if squad is of about 30+player Di Maria can be included but not in 23 man squad. O campus and J. Correa is far ahead of him.Di Maria has many times let Argentina down. Scaloni should
    not made him starter,he should be a substitute.

    • Na fuck this dude. Y’all know nothing about football at this point. Di Maria is a disaster waiting to happen. Another Shitty loss of the ball another injury another headless chicken run. I’m so sick and tired of this muerto wearing our jersey.

  15. Never wanted to see Di Maria in the team, but knowing that the likes of Pereyra and Salvio could potentially make it to the squad I have to say Di Maria has every right to return to the team. Pereyra and Salvio bring nothing to the table.

      • It doesn’t matter. He plays against French teams day in day out. In Argentina nt he has a history of playing terribly. Look at the past copa america. Look at all the times he ran like a headless chicken and lost the ball. He’s a disaster. I’d rather play down a man than with Di Maria.

        • Have you forgotten the goal he scored against France and he gives momentum to the team during dead lock and make impossible run sacrificing his sanity to squeeze a goal. And you call him headless chicken. Youngsters should grasp his joy of playing the game and not pointing him for thier incapacity

          • Have you forgotten that other than the goal against France it was a shit game from him? He is a headless chicken. Everytime he’s in our quality of play is worse. I’d rather have the youngsters. He’s had all the chances in the world. More chances than players who deserve it more than him. Fuck this tosser.

          • Dude watch the copa america. (Most recent tournament) I want players who play great for the nt like Lautaro, Ocampos, Messi, De Paul, Acuña etc

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