Three players could be called for Argentina national team to replace Gonzalo Montiel


Three players could be called up for the Argentina national team to replace the injured Gonzalo Montiel.

With the right back spot open due to Montiel’s injury, one of three players for the local league could be called as a replacement. Per a report by TyC Sports, Julio Buffarini of Boca Juniors, Milton Casco of River Plate and Fabricio Bustos of Independiente are the three in the running.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to announce the list of players from the local league on Sunday. The team will play Paraguay on November 12 before playing the second game on November 17 vs. Peru.


  1. The Barca game playing in background. How many chances would Griezmann get? That’s what happens when you pay 170mil. I do always say that you need to earn your place and playing time, but sometimes I do wonder why someone gets so many chances. I don’t know too many of our players getting so many chances to shine. Our players get dropped with one mistake. May be I am biased.

    • I don’t know. I did read that Messi received critism for not being a captain in the past few matches. No peptalk, no coaching his team mates, no motivational speech or gestures when conceding a goal. He hardly defended and hung his head. He remains the best player, but he was no captain in October.

      • Does that mean Koeman is planning to strip Messi off his captaincy? I see he is doing everything he can to lessen Messi’s impact on the team, but what he forgets to take into account is that a Messi-less Barcelona at this moment is just like Cadiz or Granada. I don’t care why this idiot benched Messi today, it gives him good rest for the NT and we are eagerly looking forward that Messi and co. will collect another very valuable six points from the upcoming two WCQ.

        • According to the assistant coach, he is not “fresh” enough to play. He is dropped, not rested. I could care less for Barcelona, if Messi or any other Argentine player is not there. I am also happy that he gets necessary rest before the international break.

    • He is not starting due to ankle discomfort. Good for him to finally get a rest after playing every single minute this year (I think?) on a very tight schedule. Eyes on NT and 100% fitness.

  2. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ All the 3 Players who were supposed to play for us in the RB spot is injured at the same time…Great, SMH…I think Julio Buffarini may get the nod, Considering he has been in Scalonis radar before.

    • if yougsters wants to play football in NT and European clubs then maradona or Sergio Batista should come forward to coach AFA national team unless they won’t get a chance till 30-33 yrs of age. so don’t waste your careers please start to find any other European countries to start your careers

  3. Di Maria looks like a diffeent player his link up play has improved, dribbling improved,curling improved, crosses improved. Good headache for Scaloni. J. Correa, Di Maria, Ocampus for left winger.

  4. I would say in the case of Dimaria the present coach is to be blame. Let ask this simple question how is that Sabella and Tata could manage Dimaria to play well and all present coach can not do the same. Until we accept the truth that Scaloni isn’t an experience coach. Argentina has what it takes to win any competition. But the AFA isn’t ready to the needful. Pekerman is a coach who understands youthful foot ball and he is supposed to be the Sport Director of this youth team and not Cesar Luis Menotti. What does it cost the AFA to bring back Sabella to build a team. To build a team we have Sabella just wasting in the country, we allowed marcelo bielsa to leave Argentina to England building a strong leeds side. Let’s look at the present coaching crew which is a good tactician among them. If AFA would even give Sabella an Advisory role to assist Scaloni it will be profitable.

    • I am with you. There is no doubt about Dimaria’s quality. He needs spanking at the back and clear directions from the coach. Dimaria under Ancelotti and Mourinho at Real Madrid is pure gold. That’s what is needed.

  5. Foyth and Sarvia are best Right Back option for Argentina. I can take anyone right now.
    Sarvia is equally good in attack and defence and have good box to box run while Foyth is very good in defence and his throgh balls are best. These two players are good.I only doubts Sarvia’s performance in competitive or official matches like he was flop in Copa but in friendlies before Copa he was good.

  6. Splender 2839
    Otamendi, Paredes,Lautaro useless? They are surely NT material. Otamendi and Paredes never disappointed. Lautaro should come as sub.Players back passes so that they can create build up for attack and does not end up losing possession. I think you play FiFa video game too much.

  7. I don’t think Montiel is injured. Scaloni is thinking about the aforementioned 3 as a back-up to Montiel. Tycsports, Ole and Golazoargentina are all reporting the same.

  8. I would have liked to see Molina. Admittingly he has played very little but when he plays he seems good and it is important that we allow players to grow with the national team and get experience.

  9. Ok finally got a chance to catch up on some games and here are my 2 cents:

    Licha and Nico did well in the CL match after struggling in the first half. I’m glad that Licha is starting in the important matches after Hagg inexplicably started dropping him. While Blind is quite good I can say without bias that Licha is their best defender.

    I’m glad that C.Romero was absent in that Liverpool game because Atalanta’s defensive system was non existent. The same thing happened to them last season but they tightened their system without losing their attacking intent and hopefully they can do that again because I really like Atalanta and not just because C.Romero and Papu are playing for them.

    Acuna played well when he came in as a sub in what was a very difficult match for Sevilla.

    Nehuen Perez isn’t getting any minutes and it’s starting to piss me off!! Ok I get the fact that he’s really young and he came in AFTER the start of the season but that’s no excuse for not giving him minutes in the freaking europa league! It’s still early to panic but it’s hella annoying non the less.

    Palacios started for Neverkusen and he actually did pretty well in the double pivot role (for the first time). Miss timed some tackles but read the game pretty well and intercepted the ball several times and created a decent chance in the first half. Still got a way to go to prove himself but it’s an improvement and atleast he’s getting some playing time.

    Ocampos was an ABSOLUTE beast for Sevilla and what’s more when Sevilla were down to 10 he actually started playing deep right midfield, almost right back and he put in an impressive defensive display. I have to hand it to the kid, he hasn’t been good infront of goal and can be a headless chicken on occasion but he offers alot to his team even when he doesn’t score.
    Papu was shut down by Liverpool (as I expected). Klopp wised up and used a deep defensive backline and I really hope Atalanta does the same in the remaining games.
    Angel Correa put in a fantastic display for Atletico and nearly grabbed himself a goal and all that because he was used as as forward like he’s supposed to be. Honestly Simeone needs to evolve beyond that stiff 4-4-2 system if he hopes to….well evolve!
    The other Correa wasn’t as good especially when compared to last week’s CL match. I still don’t really understand when he’s being used as a striker when it’s clearly not his position.

    Lautaro had his best match of the season especially after a dry spell spanning 4 games. The kid is potential world class but to actually become one he needs to iron out this inconsistency, interestingly though he seems to do better when Lukaku isn’t there.
    Dybala scored 2 goals for Juv (technically one of ’em was counted as an own goal but it was all Dybala doing the work). Sure both goals were absolute gifts but I’m glad Paulo is getting on the score sheet and getting a much needed confidence boost.
    Maria played well as usual and was by far PSG’s best player, which is not saying much because the pariseans were awful partially because they’ve been besieged by injuries.
    Paredes was on the bench and I understand why he didn’t start considering how he *just* came back from injury. Still I am willing to bet that Leandro will start in the weekend and it helps that Veratti is still injured and Gaeye is crapping the bed.

    Finally king Lio, well he actually played well in the CL match but I see the same Messi of 2008-2011 when he was being managed by clowns like Diego and Batista, where the system around him is not working, where he is unhappy and trying to do everything himself, where he’s missing his scoring edge, over dribbling and losing the ball constantly. It’s not that he’s disinterested but rather frustrated and I noticed alot of you were commenting on the fact that he’s scored from open play since August and you’re right but also remember that Lio also 14 competitive matches between 2009-2011 without scoring any goals only to break the drought with that goal against Chile in Sabella’s first competitive match in charge.
    They used to say that Argentina sucks the life out of Messi while Barca makes him happy but it seems that the tables have turned and I really hope Lio takes all the frustrations he’s experiencing in Barca and channels it into gold for Argentina because frankly I could give 2 craps about Barca.

    • Good summary as always. Any views on Guido Rodriguez last week & why is escalante not being able to break in Lazio starting 11?
      Also in case u watch Segunda divison – will be great to hear howz robertone, nahuel bustos, Vargas , braian cufre , Jonathan Silva doing ?

      • Guido is a decent player, he would be useful in WCQ where its – as I always say – “all hands on deck” but he is too limited as a player to be an important element of the team even if he is on the bench, Nico Dominguez and Palacios are well ahead of him even if he is playing regularly and they’re not.

        As Csabalala stated Escalanté is injured, in fact Escalanté got injured then came back and got injured in the same match, which is too bad because he was getting more and more minutes but I don’t know why so many Argentines struggle with injuries.

        The only Argentine I’ve been following in the 2nd division is Bustos and he hasn’t done well thus far, where he is yet to score a goal but it’s still early days.
        While I think it’s abit disheartening to watch a number of young Argentines in the 2nd division, I don’t think it’s a death sentence either. Don’t forget that Batigol and Dybala played in the 2nd division, not to mention Buendia was playing in the 2nd division (and is sadly playing there again) before any of us heard of him.

  10. This spot already is a weakness in our team compared to other positions, and now it’s even worse with foyth , Montiel and saravia .

  11. Is this true? I didn’t read anywhere that Montiel is injured. He seems available even for tomorrow’s match against Rosario central . I think the search is for a backup RB in squad & one from these 3 will make it.

    • this Argentina team cannot win any title. please note my words. otamendi, parades, Pereira, Armani, lataurao these playes are useless for national team. y scaloni is using parades as starter? even psg is not using him on bench warmer.
      Guido and escalate are good players and always they r moving the ball forward better than parades that is why they are regular starter.
      otamendi: I don’t know why scaloni is selecting him? he never move the ball forward he and parades are all the time backpass hero’s
      Armani: there is no words to say
      scaloni: he don’t have the trust on players it seems. that is why he told the players to go with backpass whenever opposition pressing. if opposition start pressing Argentina will be zero. otamendi and Armani will kick the ball high
      scaloni is matter of concern.
      I think, afa need European type of coach/manager. martino and Sergio batista is better than these shit coach.

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