Angel Di Maria makes Argentina national team, squad announced for World Cup qualifiers


Angel Di Maria is back in the Argentina national team as the squad has been announced for the November World Cup qualifiers.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has selected Di Maria for the World Cup qualifiers later this month. This marks the return of Di Maria to the team for the first time since last year.

As we reported earlier, Sergio Aguero would not make the team due to injury. Two other players missed out on the squad as Juan Foyth of Villarreal and German Pezzella of Fiorentina both did not make the team. Lionel Scaloni selected 25 players from abroad for the two World Cup qualifying games against Paraguay and Peru later this month.

Here’s the squad with the local league players expected to be announced in a few days:

Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Agustin Marchesin (FC Porto)

Nehuen Perez (Granada)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Facundo Medina (Lens)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Walter Kannemann (Gremio)

Rodrigo de Paul (Udinese)
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)
Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
Roberto Pereyra (Udinese)
Alejandro Papu Gomez (Atalanta)
Angel Di Maria (PSG)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)
Leandro Paredes (PSG)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur)
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)

Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)
Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Joaquin Correa (Lazio)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Stuttgart)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)


  1. […] Angel Di Maria is back in the Argentina national team as the squad has been announced for the November World Cup qualifiers. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has selected Di Maria for the World Cup qualifiers later this month. This marks the return of Di Maria to the team for the first time since last year. As we reported earlier, Sergio Aguero would not make the team due to injury. Two other players missed out on the squad as Juan Foyth of Villarreal and German Pezzella of […] Angel Di Maria makes Argentina national team, squad announced for World Cup qualifiers […]

  2. Someone can explain me with with a logic analyze how Nehuen Perez, who played 17 minutes since the begin of the season (0 minute with Atletico in 3 games and 16 minutes and 1minute in 6 games with Granada) have a spot with the selection and not Cristian Romero who is titular with Atlanta ???!! Im sorry i just try to understand !

    To be in selection have to be a honor and the proof you do a great job with your club ! How a guy who are even not in the rotation of his team can be the first choice and not a guy who is titular in a better team ? Im sorry but If im Romero or Senesi i think “okey my performance arent important, the coach have his favorite and nothing can change it ! Why i would like to fight for that ?”.

    I have nothing against Nehuen Perez maybe in the futur he will be a great defender but now he is not even on the rotation in a regular team ! His selection is scandalous and im sad for Romero and Senesi.

    • It does not matter if one is bench warmer or regular player,Armani is regular player but that does not mean he is better than bench warmer like Henderson Man United, Joe Root, Emi Martinez bench warmer at Arsenal. if C. Romero were in Atletico or Granada he would have been bench warmer too. Perez has proved himself in Olympic qualifiers and in Famalicao.

      • What a bullshit ! you really think Romero, titular with Atalanta would be on the Bench with Granada ? Do you know that Atalanta is a much better team than Granada or you live in another world ?

        In Famalicao ? Come on bro, to play the Champions League and the Calcio every week is another level ! Perez will be in the discussion the day he will be titular in his club !

  3. Are you fucking serious lmfao? I admit he is a good player but the whole point of this is to create a new team that doesn’t rely on older players.

    If we cannot qualify without the help of older players then we do not deserve to be at the world cup in the first place.

    • > the whole point of this is to create a new team that doesn’t rely on older players.

      Nagh, the whole point is to win trophies. Form, contribution, chem, etc matter, age is irrelevant.

      • You realize that the older players will retire soon right? Then if we don’t have a team of youngsters the whole process will be for nothing.

        Age is relevant. It is extremely relevant. Winning trophies in the future is very important

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  5. Dimaria was sooner or later going to get selected! His club form has always been quite good and he is only 32 yrs old! Over the past few years, we all know, along side useless Aguero , Dimaria has been nothing but disappointing. Their fitness and form has betrayed us whenever we needed them the most. I can’t remember the last time Dimaria supplied any good cross that found a teammate or resulted in a goal. 99% of his crosses leads to loss in posession and a counter attack. In addition to that his incessant habit of dribbling past multiple players has been a headache for past few coaches. Having said that, there has been a huge improvement in his goal scoring ability and can easily play as a second striker. Lets all hope that he has had enough time to contemplate his past performance and he has worked on his short comings and also hope that Scaloni will not sacrifice any of our regulars for Dimaria!!

    • ONLY 32 years old? Messi and Ronaldo are the only 2 players in the entire world who can be excluded from age wtf. He is 32 years old, and he is NOTHING like he was in his prime. He basically players midfield now lol.

      • I would say in the case of Dimaria the present coach is to be blame. Let ask this simple question how is that Sabella and Tata could manage Dimaria to play well and all present coach can not do the same. Until we accept the truth that Scaloni isn’t an experience coach. Argentina has what it takes to win any competition. But the AFA isn’t ready to the needful. Pekerman is a coach who understands youthful foot ball and he is supposed to be the Sport Director of this youth team and not Cesar Luis Menotti. What does it cost the AFA to bring back Sabella to build a team. To build a team we have Sabella just wasting in the country, we allowed marcelo bielsa to leave Argentina to England building a strong leeds side. Let’s look at the present coaching crew which is a good tactician among them. If AFA would even give Sabella an Advisory role to assist Scaloni it will be profitable.

  6. Emi Martinez form dipped so Armani will continue as no1. Simeone is on fire, better than lautaro this season still not picked but farmer Alario selected, something is fishy without any doubt. World class striker like Icardi ignored only possible for Argentina and Pareyra selection is Scaloni personal interest. Not enough time left for next copa even world cup, sticking with Armani as GK is the worst possible outcome, Musso need to cement his spot

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  8. Funny seeing everyone freak out over Pereyra selection again. My guess is that he is chosen for off-field reasons and will not even be played. Besides, we have good midfield depth as it is.
    Compare it to Tomasso Berni at Inter. 6 years at the club, 0 appearances. Yet they kept him for so long paying him around €200 000 per year because he was good for team spirit/squad morale and fun in the dressing room. For them, his off-field importance was considered worth it. These are things you and I don’t see, but the coaches do.

    With Pezzella and Foyth injured, I was hoping to see the inclusion of Senesi/Licha and Romero. Not that I’m doubting his potential, but Pérez has only played 17 minutes this season so his current form is a question mark.

    With Molina not included as RB backup for Montiel, I think we will see Bustos or Herrera included in the local squad list in the upcoming days.

    Can’t wait to watch the games!

    • What does Pereyra bring to the team? I am not sure what it is so please tell me. Is he a leader or a good role model? If that is the case, I am fine with him being selected despite complaining about it at times.
      Maybe they should just buy Pereyra a flight to the games and not have him as an actual player 😂

      • Honestly mate I don’t know much about his off-field behavior. I am only guessing here. It could be that he is good at hyping and motivating the team, raising the team spirit in training and in the dressing room before games and bringing everyone together etc..

        IF this is the case, I think it makes sense to include him in the squad as he would bring something important to the team. In a large squad with more than 30 players, having 1 of them there to positively impact the team off-field is not a bad idea.

        Same goes for Di Maria. With Agüero out, only him, Otamendi and Messi remain from the “old generation”. They bring important experience to this young squad before we move on from them, and the young ones look up to them and learn from them.

        • I hope that is true. For that I will forgive his inclusion. People seem to think that it is a fifa game and you simply plug in the best rated players to win. It is real life, which is why we don’t have Icardi and we maybe have Pereyra. I know he is friends with Dybala, De Paul, and Paredes. However, if I see Pereyra play a single minute I will be very confused.

  9. Someone wrote that personal problems do not matter in sports. That person must have never played in any sort of team.
    The locker room and training grounds are as important as the live match. There is a psychological element that needs to be taken care of in a sensitive manner. Players need to feel relaxed, confident, playful, and trustworthy of their teammates. Also, the fan base in the stadium especially plays a large part. When your team mate is getting booed at the stadium by your own fan base, it takes a large toll on the entire team.
    Teammates become friends, take flights together, room together when travelling, go out to dinner with each other’s families. How does personal problems not affect any of this??? If you watch the history of the game, sometimes u will notice when teammates dont get along, sometimes they won’t pass to each other, sometimes they will lose their focus and try to prove something individually.

    I agree that Icardi is a good player. Who can disagree?????
    But scaloni is doing the right thing by not calling him. He is trying to create a rhythm on and off the field. We are building for the next cup in less than two years. We cannot afford to chance any additional problems that may come from a player and his agent.
    I wish that Icardi was more mature and can control his dick…. But he isn’t and couldn’t. Once Messi, aguero, di Maria retire, maybe then icardi has a chance to play, but even then, could you chance a guy like that in your locker room???

  10. Messi could get some rest since dimaria is included…. I think scaloni should rest him v paraguay and give chance to papu gomez or dimaria….. Messi should definitely start against peru…

  11. Di Maria could be a super sub. Currently I don’t think he will start. If one player who deserve to start for us. It is Papu…but will Di Maria accept a non starter role? This is the problem.

  12. So Gio Simeone has been drop; instead of Pereyra better bring Lamela; Scaloni did want to improve the team performance. Di Maria inclusion is not just a matter of technical but more on trust and evaluation of every players. The WCQ has just started and too risky to bring a young players to compete in tough WCQ games. Medina, Sensei, Lisandro Martinez, Romero, Buendia will surely be called up at least at friendly games. We have seen in the previous last two games. Messi needs a good back up and space to create an opportunity to score.

  13. Taking more attacking left and back combination is not good for Arg. Professional teams need most available skillful rightand left backs.not a part time players.The idea is a suicidal one. It will create huge gap in between GlK and middle..

  14. I expected some new players in defence. Especially Cristian romero or senesi. I think scaloni should reconsider his CB position. Medina and nehuen is not a good options at all.

  15. Upcoming 2 matches are different and thy r more attacking and skillful and fast team
    Scalonis selection is based on which type of opponents he& co facing.

  16. Considering current foam Lamela is better than locelso and inclusion of dmaria is a gambling one. D Maria on right side is a good option .It will help Messi to create spaces and linkup near box could be easy. Messi will be free and he can play his natural style I think.

    • As someone that has watched Spurs games I can guarantee everyone, Lamela has been AWFUL. He can hardly complete a pass. Lo Celso on the other hand has finished his bumpy start to the season but is looking great. Won man of the match and deservedly so in the last fixture.

  17. Angel correa and Buendia much better option. But the problm is.. position. In right wing…already we have Messi, Ocampos, Dybala, Di maria…so i didn’t see any chance of Angel or Buendia. Their short height is another issue under scaloni.

      • In CAM…scalloni allready have Messi, Lo celso, papu gomez,Dybala….they both can play in this position. Also Messi, Dybala, Joaquin Correa, Di maria both are secondary stricker under scaloni. In Box to Box, Scaloni likes physically strong and diffensive minded player like Acuna, Dominguez, Palacios.

  18. Nehuen perez out… Senesi in.
    Kannman out…Lisandro martinez in.
    F. Medina out… Cristian Romero in.
    Lo celso, palacios, Dominguez, De paul, Guido all are right footed (RM) midfielder. They can play left but fact is We do not have any proper left footed midfielder accept Acuna(not a midfielder). Thats why Scaloni select Roberto pereyra.

  19. the real problem of Argentina is we rely on farmer like armani , lo celso, pereyra, di maria , actually we have a better options like thiago almada , barco , buendia , musso , we don’t utilize specialist winger or goalkeeper, and midfielder that’s why we have behind the others team

  20. During Argentina 2-2 Germany second half, Pereyra was deployed as rightback. It is possible, Scaloni called Pereyra to be a back up for montiel.

  21. Hugely disappointed, first returning dimaria in the team going towards backward, second selecting farmer Alario ahead of world class Icardi cost Argentina if lautaro not performed, third Musso who is the best GK currently Argentina have, also crucial for 2022 WC ignored and scaloni roommate pareyra selected again.

  22. Mourino criticized Lo celso for his physical condition. Lo celso needs to be in good physicality. During lock down he was injurd, pre season he was injured.Lo celso needs to take good of his physical condition

  23. Where the hell is buendia, martinez and senesi….. After sometime pereyra gets back…. Believe me he is not that good in udinese…. Buendia over pereyra anytime…. When will scaloni choose senesi and licha…. I dont know whats going on in his head…. But i believe he is a good coach and could win both the upcoming matches….. Vamos💪

  24. Scaloni is starting to lose his mind slowly. It’s very difficult to understand the logic behind Pereyra’s selection. He was a good player at some point in the past but he is not that player anymore. Physically he isn’t strong, his passing is bad, and if he gets a chnace to score then 95 percent of the time you will be sure he will miss it. There are way better options than him at this very moment, but unfortunately this weird thing is part of what we accustomed to see whenever the squad list is rolled out. As I said in a previous post, I never wanted to see Di Maria got called up again, but seeing this Pereyra and the likes of him on the list makes me accept the reality that ADM deserves his comeback 110%. I hope he is back with a bang.

  25. cristian romero was injured recently so not surprised he is not selected but again scaloni has chosen kannemann and nehuen perez over marcos senesi and lisandro martinez. walter benitez again ignored by scaloni. if erik lamela didnt have a minor injury setback he should have been selected over roberto pereyra. emi buendia is also another player who is better than roberto pereyra . but its good that scaloni is selecting players who play regular football for their clubs

  26. would love to see 2 speedsters on the sides of Messi…4-2-3-1
    with Ocampos and Dimaria dropping back to a 4-4-2 on defense and countering with speed up the flanks!

    Ocampos. Messi. DiMaria
    Parcedes. LoCelso
    Tagliafico Otamendi Martinez montiel

    subs: J. Correa (Ocampos), palacios (DiMaria), Dybala (Martinez), dePaul(LoCelso), Acuna(Parcedes)

  27. Paredes, De Paul and Lo celso always going to start. Lamela is also needed in the group. Rodriguez,Gomez and Dominiguez are best back up. Medina,Perez and Foyth are our best young CBs. They desrve chance. Quarta and Montiel needs to improve. Otamendi and Perez/Medina should be CB pair for friendlies.
    J. Correa, Alario, Messi and J. Correa, Dybla Messi should be front three for friendlies.
    Gomez,Lautaro Martinez Di maria should come as substitute.

  28. Hopefully in next WC Qualifiers players like emi buendia, giovanni simeone, marcos senesi, cristian romero etc. are selected for NT instead of players like otamendi, kannerman, roberto pereyra and if possible angel di maria( one of my favourite players but his time at NT is over atleast in starting 11).

    • Sensei and C. Romero can not replace Perez, Medina and Foyth. Buendai can be included but you can not include player without omitting someone. Kannerman is not needed. Perraya is is always a mystery not a NT material.

      • Perez-hasnt played
        Medina-first season in europe,livha snd senesi much more polished
        Romero- Quite experienced now,plays CL football. better option than both Perez and Medina(though i think perez has a highrr ceiling)

    • Salvio atleast we can think local media angle. Pererya selection is baffling considering Angel Correa , Buendia , Licha not being considered. He neither did well last season at Watford nor doing anything exceptional at Udinese for now.

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