Leonardo Balerdi called up to Argentina national team


Leonardo Balerdi has been called up to the Argentina national team.

Balerdi, who was not part of the initial list of 25 players, has been selected as the Olympique Marseille man will join the team for the two World Cup qualifiers this month. The 21 year old last played for Argentina last year and was not selected for the October games.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni announced his list of players for the World Cup qualifiers against Paraguay and Peru on Friday.


  1. Messi looked good today. He suffered minor discomfort so only played 2nd half.

    Amazing dummy to Griezmann and 1st open play goal in a while… he just blasted that fucker in.

  2. Ever since the 2002 world cup early loss we have been very hard on our older players and very judgemental of our young players. Pekerman was our last coach to make a good balance of young and old.

    I’m happy balerdi got the call. He’s young and rough on the edges, but he needs experience and I think he has a big future.
    I’m still confused as to why people question DiMaria being called to the team . I am confident that almost every national team in the world would start him if they could. He a great player. Slot of the members on this site are very fickle and many others don’t understand the sport it seems. I don’t mean to be negative but if you go thru all of the comments below you will find members saying that certain players should be given a chance. I agree with some of them, but some of these names are of average players who would not get the start on the Mexican team. (All respect due to my Mexican brothers)

    • I agree that we need to balance young and old, but when we have other young options (Romero, Senesi) that are FAR better, why not them? Why chose someone that is young and bad when you can have someone that is young and good?

      • > Why chose someone that is young and bad when you can have someone that is young and good?

        Maybe to help promote players that are “young & bad + potential”??

        When NT call players, league management pay attention. Romero and Sensei making a name for themselves and may not need the extra help while the others do. I’m pretty sure with their current trajectory, we’ll see Romero and Sensi soon anyway.

    • I think you don’t deserve the tag of Argentine fan.. Such a brainless stupid you are!
      After Reqilame lo celso is the best Argentine midfielder, who will rule the midfield up coming 4/5 years.

    • Calling professional footballers, “farmers” is very inappropriate. No matter u like them or not they worked hard and sacrificed to get to that position. They are way above your level. Who are you? compared to these professionals? Nobody lol. So be humble. If you are not, thats upto you but it shows where you come from. And ppl are just laughing at you. This is not a comedy show here in Mundo, you can share your pathetic jokes where you will blend in better and be acceptable. But here you will look like a clown in this thread. If that is ok with you then thats your problem. Be safe.

    • Guys this is another romance king alt account. He is a troll and not an Argentina fan. Please ignore him or else you are giving him exactly what he wants – your reactions. The best you can do is contact Roy about it so he bans him. Or even better – ask for an ignore button.

      mundo . albiceleste @ gmail . com (without spaces)


    • The fact that you think Lo Celso is a farmer and you even use the word farmer has made me lose all respect for you. What an actual idiot. What are you doing here? Because if you are an actual fan you would know Lo Celso is good. It is mind boggling to me that you can even have an account on this forum and not know that.

  3. Ocampos misses a penalty, but it turns out that the goalkeeper was far off his line, so it is taken again and then he scores. I think before the penalty he’s had a better performance than most of the season so far.

    • If Ascacibar overcome, it will be very tough to gain his position in best 11. Guendusi from Arsenal ( france) allready stolen his position.

  4. The biggest problem of Argentina is we always rely on untelented players like lo celso, Armani, pereyra, and many others , we don’t utilize specialist winger, midfielder or goalkeeper, actually we have lots of talented players like barco , thiago almada, buendia , goalkeeper like musso ,

  5. Dont get me wrong but Balerdi is extremely raw. He has been very inconsistent and we have more polished defenders. Its baffling to see Scaloni’s propaganda towards CRomero,Senesi and Licha. Romero has 2 full seasons of Europe experience,Balerdi has none. Already playing for one of the best teams in the world at the moment. We all know how promising Licha is. Senesi is Eredivise’s best centre back and is a very reliable one. We have much better options than Balerdi at defence as of now.

  6. Emiliano buendia v swansea
    1 assist 5 total shots 6 big chances created 5 key passes created 5 total on targets pass acvuracy 90 percent…………. Name one good reason not to select him

      • 2nd division is not a huge reason . Scaloni had called Nico Gonzalez when he was in Bundesliga 2nd division. Buendia already has proven very well in EPL last season with his assists & creative play. Selecting a Salvio or Prereya over Buendia is a bad decision .

      • ( 2nd Division)This is not the main reason bro.. Actually his position..we have allready Messi, Dybala, Ocampos, Di maria, j.correa, Lo celso, Papu( Right wing or Central Attacking midfield). His height 1.70 is also another reason.

  7. Nico Gonzalez with a good game in Stuttgard’s draw with one goal and one assist. A very good player in my opinion with great pace. Someone who surely we have to keep an eye on.

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