Ángel Di María scores twice, assists once in PSG win vs. Rennes


Ángel Di María scored twice and had an assist for PSG in their 3-0 win vs. Rennes.

Di María, who is back in the Argentina national team, nearly had a stellar performance for the league champions. After playing the assist in for the 1-0 lead, Di Maria came close to doubling their advantage with a shot from outside of the penalty area which hit the post.

The Argentine would eventually double their lead with a lovely chip over the goalkeeper. Di María would also make it 3-0 with a left footed shot from outside of the penalty area. With his two goals, the 32 year old moves up in PSG’s all time goal scorers ranking. He is now on 86 goals, 8 all time in scorers. He is also 9 goals away from number seven.


  1. Hopefully Papu and Di Maria will get their chance, play them alone as substitute for 30 minutes. Need to prove their impact and contribution to the team. Paraguay and Peru will be good test for the newly called players. In front Messi, Lautoro / Alario . Mid-field will be De Paul, Palacios Lo Celso and Parades / Guido. Defense will be Otamendi, LQM and Tag. armani is not irreplaceable unless making mistake and injure. It will not be so much surprise and changing formation

    Target is 6 points. Vamos

  2. Scaloni should not have called Armani, Argentina have better player than him. Emi Martinez, Musso, Andrada all better than him. His distribution is like desaster,never makes long passes, no idea of free kicks, average at penalties, not intelligent, average shot stopper, does not read the game well. So many weak attributes but still a starter. Mediocrity is always backed in the world. Argentina should start Emi Martinez between the stick ASAP. Armani can not hack into any Premiere League team’s goalkeeper spot in England but in Argentina team he is a starter.

  3. All players have arrived in Argentina except Martínez Quarta. He is still waiting for permission to fly from Italy after a negative Covid-test. Messi was first to arrive on a charter flight together with Di María and Paredes.

    Tagliafico and Lautaro will be evaluated after suffering discomfort after the weekend’s games.

    Only 3 local players have been called up: Montiel, Armani & Andrada

  4. Sharing stats links for our players from their last club game played before joining the national team. Attempt to reflect on their form as they will join NT camp.

    Emiliano Martinez : good game. good contribution of ball, one of them leads to third goal against Arsenal
    Whoscored 7.2

    Gonzalo Montiel : Ok game with handful interventions and ball forwarding.
    Sofa score 6.7

    LM Quartza : Not so good game, got red at last few minutes of match, lack of concentration

    Otamendi : ok game against braga

    Leonardo Balerdi : Great game against Strasbourg, good aerially, need more game time to build confidence and consistency

    Worth mentioning:
    Cristian Romero – Not included in Scalonis’s squad, but had a great game against Inter.

    Tagliafico: Great game, improving aerially

  5. Coudet seems to be getting CELTA Vigo manager job. So hopefully we will have 3 argentine coaches in la liga. Interestingly brazilian league top 2 teams in current table have argentine coaches 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 sampaoli & coudet
    Zaracho & saravia hopefully will benefit long term if coudet lands in la liga

  6. Line up should be
    Emi Martinez
    Montiel. N. Perez. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Alario. J. Correa
    Di maria 70 minute
    Gomez 65 minutes
    Medina 75 minute
    Rodriguez. 75 minute

  7. Toto injured aswell. Montiel, Armani and Andrada selected from local. Definitely need another right back for Montiel back up. Also LMQ still has chances to join with the squad. He needs test for covid if he does negative then he will be fly from Italy with AFA private plane. It means he will defo start if he is fit.

  8. What’s the problem any one explain me please?
    Emi martinez is now best gk for arg even he is the best name in epl..but motherfucker scaloni always select his bed partner armani..
    Maybe roberto prayera is his husband, so always scaloni gives him a chance.. Emi buindea or mac alister is better than prayera..maybe scaloni don’t’ hearing the name of Cristiano romero or marcos sensei…just is for he always call his father walter kanneman.

    • Channeling frustration with bad mouth doesn’t prove your point. Just because you can talk bad doesn’t mean you have to lower yourself down to others.

      Why I’m telling this? This forum has been denigrating for some time because of some new members like you abusing the platform talking bad about our players and coaches unchecked by the moderator. Since, Roy decided to neglect this responsibility, others need to stand up.

      Please maintain decency and be respectful to others.

      • Agree totally with you. Everyone should use words carefully. Unwanted bad mouthing is not only childish, it’s nuisance for many who have been involved and following this beautiful group for long.
        Please grow up people

    • i will tell you what is the problem. just because Emi Martinez f… you and you are satisfied with his bed performance with you that doesn t mean that we will change our team. the same for the other 2 players you mention.we will not put players that you are sleeping with.

      ok ? you take your answer now ?
      some people don t understand with polite ways.

  9. It looks like C. Romero is better than Quarta Martinez so he should be included in the team. Argentine young defenders ranking
    Foyth > Perez =Medina=C.Romero

  10. If Quarta is unable to be available for Argentina NT in WCQ then hopefully Cristian Romero is selected in his place and against Paraguay or Peru Emiliano Martinez hopefully starts as a GK instead of Armani(No offence to Armani he is a decent GK but Martinez is younger and plays in Europe).

  11. Emi Martinez should start ahead of Armani. Argentina do not want to start 36 year old goalkeeper in World Cup games. Even Neurer at 36 can not be a starter.
    Emi Martinez is the best goalkeeper for Argentina.Coach needs to give time to him to gel up with team.These three should be top 3
    1 Emi Martinez
    2 Musso
    3 Andrada

    • Agree 100%. Emi should start . I am not really thinking from age factor. But Emi is playing at a better level anyday & along with Musso can be our option for next 5+years… Armani over emi is the biggest joke among neutral non Argie fans . They cant understand what logic is followed in NT selection for GK . Just wish Scaloni shows the boldness this time & gets Emi for 4-5 matches before reviewing.

    • I’ve never been disappointed in scaloni after the 2018 World Cup except for that Colombia game in 2019 copa America but if he selects Armani to start then we are screwed .

  12. At this rate almost half of our squad will be down out with Injuries or due to Covid protocols. It may be good from the Fan perspective, that they may get a chance to see their favorite players that they want to see play for the NT. (Di Maria, Papu, Lisandro, Romero, Buendia, etc etc).

    But from a coaches perspective its like a nightmare. Scaloni is only getting a few days to do the training and build a team chemistry. If his key players are injured it will be catastrophical for us. See a new set of defenders in front of Armani (For eg: Buffaraini-Romero-Lisandro-Tagliafico) will bring trouble in our backline. Because the GK haven’t played with them at all apart from few training sessions. And most of the time the players who r playing for the NT don’t live a good impression because of the Debut pressure, and the Fans will bash them too. The debutants can be slowly introduced as Subs.

    Its always better that players whom Scaloni has build a confidence is fit and start to play, (Acuna, Ocampos, De paul, Paredes, Pezzella, Otamendi, Lo Celso, Lautaro etc etc) Whether those players we like or not. Its good for the team, we have to win theses crucial Qualifiers matches against lower teams. because we wont be having the luxury against , Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, etc etc we will struggle against them,its a fact. We r not yet a formidable unit. While we will become slowly if Scaloni can use his vital players continuously.

  13. Personally thought Di Maria was done with the national team, Scaloni shouldn’t bend under pressure from a big player..but if he’s performing so well then he deserves a shot..also maybe Scaloni has given him this chance to show that if he doesn’t perform his decision to exclude him was right from the get go..but if Di Maria does well Argentina does well so no problems there aswell

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