Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez and three others a doubt for Argentina


Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and three others are all doubts for Argentina when they play Paraguay in the World Cup qualifier.

Messi started Barcelona’s last match on the bench and despite coming on and scoring twice, the Argentine isn’t fully fit. Per a report by TyC Sports, Messi has trained twice in a row separately from the rest of the team. Messi has a problem on his ankle but the team is confident that he will play able to start the game against Paraguay on Thursday in Argentina’s third World Cup qualifier.

Lautaro Martínez is the other doubt as the Inter man still has discomfort in his right hamstring. He also trained separately from the team. Per the report, should he not be fully fit, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni would not start him and would try to play him against Peru in Argentina’s second World Cup qualifier of the month.

The third is Nicolas Tagliafico as the Ajax man is not fully fit. He played the entire match for Ajax in their 3-0 win but remains a doubt. Roberto Pereyra and Nicolas Otamendi also trained separately.


  1. […] Argentina đang có lợi thế trong cuộc đua giành suất vé bước tiếp vào VCK World Cup 2022 năm nay khi có sự khởi đầu rất tốt bằng 2 chiến thắng thuyết phục. Việc có được nhân tốt sáng giá trong đội hình đã giúp cho hành trình của đội bóng trở nên dễ dàng hơn rất nhiều. Dù vậy tại 2 trận đầu tiên họ chỉ phải đón tiếp 2 đối thủ được đánh giá là nhẹ ký; do đó các trận đấu sắp tới hứa hẹn sẽ cho thấy năng lực thực sự của Argentina liệu có thể tranh được ngôi đầu bảng hay không. […]

  2. Emi Martinez should start in upcoming friendlies if Scaloni does not have the balls to do that then he should resign from the national team coach.That is why I always like Mourinho,his man management and courage is praiseworthy.

  3. ———— Emiloano Martinez————
    Montiel—Romero—Otamendi– Tagliafico
    —De paul–Paredes–Palacios
    Messi—-Lautaro—- Ocampos

    I believe this the best starting lineup . But unfortunately Romero is out of squad . Hopefully he will be included in next qualifier. I have some doubt about guido also .Scaloni should give at least one chance to battaglia . Except poor CB selection team is perfect .

    • Not Otamendi …and Lo Celso is a must…Palacios can be subbed in… Instead of Otamendi there’s Perez Lisandro Martinez and LMQ …anyone of them instead of Otamendi anyday

  4. Time and time again we were reminded that injuries make our coaches discover new talents. Let’s hope that someone emerges from these 2 important games. Vamos!

  5. J correa Alario Roberto pereyra

    Dominguez paredes De paul

    Tagliafico Otamendi LMQ Montiel


    Vamos Argentina💪
    Best xi for next two Qualifier match. Please negotiate with me about it 😏😆

  6. is it written that foyth is the best young center back in Argentina? all of u seems to agree with that to become the best u have to play first licha martinez cristian romero and senesi are the best they are not just playing they are kicking ass. when i see foyth play i worry the wind will take him he so flaky

    • Foyth also going to be starter for Villareal now. You should see Foyth in Villareal and he is playing in best league. Licha and Sensei are playing in Netherlands league and C. Romero in Serie A and La liga is better than Serie A.

        • Foyth outshone both of them in matches where they played together in Europa League.That is why I think he is going to be starter.

          • Juan Foyth has not lived up to the hype that was there 2-3 years back. He is still in “struggling” mode. He is still to establish himself. I personally like him. I find him more talented than LMQ for example. But that does not mean he is established. He made the right move to Villareal, but lets see.

  7. Luckily, when it comes to attacking players (strikers, wingers and attacking midfielders) Argentina is well stocked!
    No Lio? No problem (yeah I’m being serious!) because Papu can take his place and if not Papu then Angel.
    No Lautaro? No problem because Alario is infact in a better form and he has shown (against Germany) that he can bring it.

    ——Papu——-Alario———Ocampos– OR ———Ocampos—Alario—-Maria—

    Also Luckily, the midfield is all available and infact Palacios and Celso are gonna have to fight it out in the midfield.

    I have a good feeling about this Argentina, even in the absence of Messi and other starters I get the feeling that this team can eek out a win, a draw or come from behind.

  8. Is Armani that bad of a Goal Keeper as we say here? Really, I mean he is irreplaceable for Gallardo(A Coach we all wanted to be the NT Coach, He is in fact one of the best young coaches, Right?)

    Don’t know Why Armani haven’t clicked for the NT yet, Apart from the obvious reasons of not playing consistently with a same defense in front of him, But still he has already played enough matches to start putting better show for us. I don’t think age is not that much of an issue for a GK if he is good. But what is happening to him while he is playing for us?

    At least he is not making childish errors like Caballero did for us. But he still looks unsettled for the NT. To be frank I for one had huge hopes from him, He has been a giant for River. And same for Andrada too who also have phenomenal for Boca. Or the Argentine GKs playing in Argentine league are they all bad compared to GK’s playing in European leagues??

    • Armani is not that bad, the team simply won and passed the tough games; but he looks shaky and did not look so confidence like Sergio Romero or Emi at club level. Need a strong and goalkeeper with sharp eyes and commander type man at the back, have a courage and dare to shout or give command to other players. Frankly , Armani style and standing at goal bar brings us doubt and looks like the team weakness is in the GK

      • Armani is definitely not bad. He has stood us pretty well & atleast i will always be thankful for his penalty save against Paraguay in Copa America. The only point is Emi Martinez is clearly better than him , more balanced & most importantly now playing every week in a much more competitive league . So his exposure & improvement will be at a different level . He is saving shots of Salah , Kane, Mane , Aguero level players on a weekly basis while Armani is playing against Tevez , Matias Suarez , Sand etc. Why shouldnt Argentina take advantage of a GK who is playing in the best league today unless he proves us wrong . Taking a logic that tinkering GK will need defense chemistry to be redone holds good when both GKs are same level. Here that is not the case . Hence doing the change early will help Emi settle down. Perfectly understandable that Ecuador game was after an year & continuity was needed . Also Bolivia needed high altitude experience which South America based keepers have. But now with Paraguay?peru – there is not a better opportunity to inject Emi Martinez. You dont want to be having Emi playing first game against Brazil or when Copa starts
        If our aspiration is to win something big ( like Copa 2021 or reach last four in WC 22 ) – our competing keepers will be Allison , Courtouis , Lloris, DeGea, Rui Patricio & imo Emi looks competitive at that level & Armani definitely is way below.

        • all the time he is kicking the ball never playing like ground passes what current team GK are playing. he is irritating and confusing the players. still he is in 1980 era. there is no skills with armani or andrada. they dont have the confident. in midfield, whenever opponent pressing that ball moving as back pass. AFA need forward passer type of players in the midfield. íf messi want to shine like barcelona then AFA need technically good players, forward passers(palacios, lo celso, lanzini kind of players in the midfielders) otherwise dont expect him much. parades is good passer but he is not technically strong and defensively, depaul defensively strong but not strong in passes. lisandro martinez is technically, defensively strong and passing also good. currently palacios, lisandro martinez and locelso will be good for messi in midfield. in left winger position we need good shooter like lanzini, gomez and pavon whenever they are getting the ball outside box. here, ocompas is weak. RW di maria, mess, dybala all are good in that position. AFA needs to find the players in LW, right combination midfield and good GK.
          All the players should pass the ball quickly do not hold the ball too much time otherwise opponent will press for backpass or take away from them.
          if scaloni found like this messi will win the world cup
          area to be correected: LW, GK, Midfield and quick passes not slow pass

          • I agree with the points, But Scaloni should be aware of these details Right? Obviously, Still he is starting Armani means there should be something which is favoring him performance wise.

            Every Coach will have some favorite players whom they will start mostly unless there is an Injury or ban, Remember Jose Sosa, etc etc by Sabella, Its like that hopefully Scaloni will change in time. For now I think its Armani who has his confidence in for whatever reason.

          • Im my opinion, Armani is a great goalkeeper — FOR RIVER. as a river fan I feel so confident with him at the back. He saves shots at an unbelievably rate. He is good with 1v1s. But that has not been the case for the national team.

  9. I didn’t see Dybala in training where is he?
    I don’t know why Argentine board don’t give chance to Romero, Armani is 34 and Romero 33! Then why ! what a Goalkeeper he’s! (Romero)And Marcos Rojo?
    Lots of Problem in Argentine National team so Messi can’t win any Major Trophy!

  10. To all those who are against Armani starting in World cup Qualifiers the main reason is local Argentine Media pressure and that armani has better team work with the Argentina NT Defence and till now he hasn’t made any catastrophic mistake yet. Hopefully if Argentina NT qualifies soon like by match day 10 of WC Qualifiers for WC 2022 then only some other GK like either of Musso or Martinez or maybe ledesma and other young players could be tried in starting 11 in remaining Qualifiers to test their performance.

    • Catastrophic? He conceded four goals against France and all were savable goals. We can not wait for Armani to hit rock bottom and then we will replace him. Armani is decent but Emi Martinez is excellent. Premiere League’s best goalkeeper is second choice to Argentina league’s goalkeeper I can not swallow that.
      Scaloni and staff needs to see that Emi Martinez is better and should be given chance. Before Copa Emi Martinez needs at least 4 games with Argentina.

  11. Romero – Senesi is the defense of the futur. Only Scaloni dont want to understand that with his old Otamendi and Quarta who have no experience in Europe (1 game 1 red card… Welcome in the real word boy)

      • Lucas Martinez is not going to play regularly in Fiorenrina for right now.C.Romero should be selected ahead of him. But this obsession with South American club player going to kill the team.

  12. Emi Martinez , Musso,Walter Benitez,Andrada, Mascherisin,Rulli,Ledesma,Sergio Romero. A list of Goalkeepers better than Armani

  13. If Messi and Lautaro miss the Paraguay match, the spuad should be like this….

    ———— Emiloano Martinez————
    Montiel—LMQ—Otamendi– Tagliafico
    —De paul–Paredes–Lo Celso
    Di maria—-Alario—- Ocampos

  14. it’s not good news, a lot of injury and have to change the playing scheme and create team work harmony every time; anyhow let’s keep the positive mind; it will be a blessing in disguise as more players will get a chance and Scaloni have to seek a good back -up and substitute players. Multiple plans are needed in football.

    My dreams is Messi will get a rest and play in second half and Di Maria or Papu Gomez will have a chance on the first half.

  15. A lot of talks about CB options right now. These seem to be the logical and plausible options for NT for now.
    (Age, preferred foot, height respectively)

    Otamendi (32, R, 1,83m)
    Pezzella (29, R, 1,87m)
    L.M. Quarta (24, R, 1,83m)
    Romero (22, R, 1,85m)
    Foyth (22, R, 1,87m)
    Balerdi (21, R, 1,87m)
    Perez (20, R, 1,84m)
    Medina (21, L, 1,84m)
    Licha Martinez (22, L, 1,78m)
    Senesi (23, L, 1,85m)
    Kannemann (29, L, 1,84m)

    That’s 11 CBs. They can’t all be picked. For a long time we asked for young and exciting CBs. Now we seem to have an abundance of them and some people here unrealistically want all of them. Most of them young and unproven on the big stage. The coaching squad pick the ones whose profile match their plan. It is still in evolvement stage, along with RB & GK positions. All other positions are more or less cemented.

    The next WCQ games will be played in around 4 & 6 months respectively. Right after that we have Copa America in June.
    If, for example, Romero keeps proving himself as a great CB, he will increase his chances of inclusion. This time it didn’t happen but it doesn’t exclude him for the future. Have patience my friends.

  16. Messi is clear to play. Others are worried sign. Feel bad for our coaching staff. Since the call up they didn’t get full squad as they planned. They have to confirm first 11 within 3 days aswell. Tough time.

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