Roberto Pereyra out of Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers


Roberto Pereyra is out of the Argentina national team and will not play in the World Cup qualifiers.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni won’t be able to count on Pereyra for the matches against Paraguay and Peru. The Argentina account on Twitter tweeted out that the Udinese man has a muscle problem and will not be part of the squad.

As we reported yesterday, Pereyra isn’t the only player with injuries as the likes of Lautaro Martínez and Nicolas Otamendi are also having fitness issues.


  1. Armani will be our GK in the game against Paraguay and maybe against Peru too.
    if one January window open from FIFA for national teams games then Scaloni sure will test one other GK there. if not open this window then on March games Scaloni will try change according to the picture that our replace goalkeepers will have in that period of time. (covid, injuries, form etc .this picture i mean).

    Armani haters should make little more patient.

    Argentina national team is one family and everybody new that is coming in the dressing room know his place and the timing of his chance to offer to the family.
    the national team football is not same with club football.

    in national teams we don t have transfers that cost millions and those players HAVE TO play imidietely because the club pay much money.
    in national teams is little different the “rules”. and if we speak for our beloved national team then in our dressing rooms is known that every new member should first adopted inside the family and after that person will take the place he deserve.

    for all those understand then ok.
    for all those not understand please be patient and don t curse our family members (our players or coaching staff).

    • We are patient but emi Martinez should not be emi Martinez Arsenal 2.0 meaning that he should be starting because he’s a proven keeper and overall better than Armani , even younger and arguably is in the way to his peak

    • What family? A talented individual should always get opportunity ahead of untalend or less talented individual. We can not let our team down for the sack of family. Most have looser mentality that is why Argentina is trophyless.

  2. Let’s face it we haven’t produced a world class GK in years…Think about it, Caballero is the only Argentine GK who started for a Big Club in a CL match in recent years, Am I wrong? Romero didn’t make the cut at club level. Benitez, Rulli, Musso,Emiliano etc etc r an enigma.They r not World Class yet.

    It seems like we may have to wait more to find a World Class Argentine GK.

    Now, Being a World Class GK as No 1,will it help our NT? I think we would be more than happy if we have a Buffon, Kahn, Neuer, Casillas kind of GK playing for the NT.. Isn’t it. They does make a difference on key moments. Imagine, if Casillas didn’t save against Robben, Spain may not be World Cup winner in 2010,without Kahn Germany would not have reached 2002 WC final.

    I mean the stakes r high. We need to set the bar high. But unfortunately Goal Keeping is a position Argentina don’t emphasis much. For some reason.

  3. Good. I don’t even know why they still call this guy up. Lamela should have been called up instead.

    ———— Emiliano Martinez————
    Montiel—Romero—Otamendi– Tagliafico
    —De paul–Paredes–Palacios
    Messi—-Lautaro—- Ocampos

    This is a pretty balanced lineup. Also I don’t think these guys have risk of not being able to make it.

    • Lamela is, wait for it……..injured! Again! Look I really like Coco, he’s got bags of skill and tenacity but he can’t stay fit to save his life and Argentina doesn’t need that.

      • damn. didn’t know he was injured again. oof. maybe you’re right and thats why he isn’t called. cause if its talent alone, hes better than most current options so logical to assume its injury proneness keeping from being called.

  4. I agree with many that armani shouldn’t start, but I’m not worried about goal keeper position, we havnt had a good gk in about 30 years.
    It looks like messi will be coming off the bench, this is the first time in a long time, would be good if someone had stats on that. But I am happy because it gives us a chance to see our attack without messi.
    Also, di Maria should start especially if Messi is on bench.
    I would like to see Alario start. I think he is fantastic and still is hungry to prove his skill.
    Defensively, we are average, the defense needs to stay organised, because no matter who plays, young or old, our defense is very average.
    The only two players that are guaranteed to start this game are depaul and paredes. Everything else is in scalonis head till tomorrow afternoon

    • > we havn’t had a good gk in about 30 years

      For the life of me, i don’t understand why Romero is so overlooked. He was always in tournaments top 3 best keepers. I always felt confident knowing he was between the sticks. He commanded backline well, great shot stopper, and he saved our asses many times. Like Zabaleta, watching him exit the tunnel onto the pitch was an instant confidence boost. The keeper position under Romero reign was NEVER an issue. (i don’t care whatsoever that he was career league bench warmer, NT performance matters)

      • Romero was good but we have to admit we barely got to WC 2014 final.

        Besides that World Cup he has not performed much better. He is good I admit, but he is not good enough to get us a cup anymore.

          • “good enough”… But not a stand out goal keeper. Romero was good enough, tall and can extend. Pato, was sturdy and tall.
            But they cannot be classified as top 50 in their time as gk.
            The first world cup I watched was in 1990. We argentina are not known for having goal keepers. There are countries that are known for notable gk. There are those who have one every once in a while. Argentina is one that isn’t know for that position.
            When a team makes it to world cups and tournaments, they can do so with an average gk if rest of team is above average.
            Take a look at the stats.

          • “Good enough”

            Yeah you are going to ignore the fact that we won by 1 goal leads and also conceded against teams like Nigeria and Bosnia?

            He is a solid keeper, but in NO way can we actually call him a world class or at least consistently performing keeper.

      • And btw, we didn’t have many other choices when romero was playing to have an issue. He was commanding at the line because he was our main option for a decade after pato retired. Pato was also our main and only option at the time.
        Listen, I was born in argentina. I watch youth coming up for long time, we don’t have great goal keepers. It’s not a big deal, it’s just what it is. Or course I like romero, but he isn’t or wasn’t great

  5. Both clubs and countrues have to deal with long lists of injuries. Due to the late start of the season, there are too many matches on the calendar and no time to recover. Come June and Copa America, I wonder how many will be left standing.

    • Romero was a reasonably reliable keeper for Argentina. Having said that, he was not exceptional. Maybe some members here are a bit nostalgic when it comes to Romero. He had his own shakiness back in early days and I remember people here were crying out loud for Cabelaro while he was playing champions league football with Malaga (and deservedly so). Cabelaro was called in a wrong time when he was past his prime. Hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Emi Martínez.

      • Sorry but I disagree, Romero was exceptional when it came to playing for Argentina, believe me there is no nostalgia about it. People harped on him because he was a bench warmer for his club but he always proved the naysayers wrong when he put on the blue and white.

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