Lucas Martínez Quarta to travel, will join Argentina national team


Lucas Martínez Quarta will be allowed to travel and join the Argentina national team.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni received a big boost as Martínez Quarta will be able to join the squad. As we reported, the Argentine was not allowed to travel and he was set to miss the match against Paraguay. Per several reports, the 24 year old has been cleared to travel and will be in Argentina on Wednesday.

Martínez Quarta will be flying out from Italy to Brazil and from there will continue to Argentina to join the rest of the team.


  1. is it written that foyth is the best young center back in Argentina? all of u seems to agree with that to become the best u have to play first licha martinez cristian romero and senesi are the best they are not just playing they are kicking ass. when i see foyth play i worry the wind will take him he so flaky

  2. Fernando Gago retired. Another one with high potential and played at a top level for sometime, just made of glass, otherwise he would have a stellar career

  3. Foyth is Argentina’s best young CB, he has everything speed, height, good in air, good passer,cool and calm just his mistakes in box makes him look bad but otherwise he is the best.

  4. Look like people here are so Crazy day by day..
    They decides a player flop or world talent by 1/2 matches performance.
    See at least 10 match then decide flop or hit
    LMQ had a bad game but u can’t throughout him
    On the other C remoreo played well last game, yeh i saw, he played really well but still he don’t get call for National duty. So what? If he play regularly well, someday scoloni well must be call him.
    So don’t Over hype here, just wait and see, what happen next .
    But i agree with others… Armani need rest

    • This is the common prblm of Mundo’s member. They judge a player just watching by 1/2 matches. They Tag a player as ” National Team material” or “Flop” just watching 1/2 good matches. It doesn’t take even 1 month for their decision to change. I join this website since 2012, and its true that this is the common prblm of Mundo’s member.

      • This is a fan-site & fans will pour their perspectives & view. I dont see any merit to classify that as a problem as long as members dont get abusive & cross civility lines.
        Now coming to Romero , we are not talking about a 1-2 match hype .
        1) This is his 3rd season in Serie A. After first season with Genoa , Juventus paid 26 Mill Euro to buy a 21 y old Romero. That clearly is an indication that ‘experts’ are rating him high. In terms of transfer value – he is currently the costliest Argentine defender.
        2) He continued on loan with Genoa last season & played almost all matches. Clearly was one of the best young defenders in Serie A. His area of improvement was well identified as card discipline.
        3) This season he has been picked on loan by a CL club & Serie A contender – Atalanta ( again an indication that ‘experts’ rate him high) . Has been a starter immediately & there is considerable improvement on his discipline. 2 cards in 7 games is a very good record for a highly aggressive tackling CB. He has been continuing the strong core defensive work like last season.
        4) We have a background where any neutral expert & all mundo members are acknowledging that our defense is the area to fix & an aging defense will kill us in big tournaments . In this context it is very surprising that Romero has not even been called once by Scaloni while CBs who have relatively done lesser like Balerdi, Medina, Perez , Foyth,LMQ , Kannemann, Rojo, Franco, Mori etc have got NT call ups. While I am personally a fan of Foyth, Medina, Balerdi & Perez , i think Romero has done more in last 1 year to justify atleast a call up. Again its not that he is world class ( no one in current NT defense is ) – but in young crop he looks most well developed & playing at a better level . There is potential for him to become a top CB.
        On Armani topic – its a pure blunder to not get Emi Martinez start against Paraguay & Peru. Armani has contributed his part , but to compete at higher level we will need a GK who is regularly playing well against the best in world & is well balanced.

        • Emiliano martinez is the best Goal keeper currently we have. I mentioned Emiliano martinez as a world class when he was just a second goalkeeper under Arsen wenger. Then Reading… He proved himself very pleasently. Then everyone knows the next story by Emi..under lapotogi.

          I m also a huge fan of cristian Romero. He is much better than LMQ, Nehuen perz, Balerdi, Medina.
          Remember one think Central Defence is not a major prblm( position) in our team. We have a lot of option thrre. Our main prblm is Right back, and a proper Holding midfielder who is technically and Diffensively solid. It could be better to discuss about these issue rather than Central defence.

          • Reyan, yes rb is our biggest weakness. But clearly the options are known & we don’t have a supply base to further evaluate for now. We can only hope to see Montiel growing , saravia recovering & foyth has the back up. Maybe Molina … But he is more of a 1 match wonder for now & some more matches to be seen. Also looks more a right wingback rather than right back.
            CB – imo we are still weak if you compare with a global top 10 team . Hence scaloni needs to quickly arrive at a final shortlist of 4-5 from the long list & start stabilizing them. Ota- pezzella did well in 2019 ..but will be too slow against world class attacks & also not best investments considering wc22. That’s where Romero, medina , foyth can scale into immediately & maybe Perez , balerdi in long term.

        • @amit
          A very good post with lot of facts, rather than opinions. Kudos to you.

          I agree, Romero has greater credibility compared to the ones who get called up. I like one senior in the CB pair. So I guess that is Otamendi. So may be the other is Romero (given that his discipline is better this time).

          LMQ is 24, so he is really not a kid. This can be a ripe age for many. Varane started pretty young. At the same time Virgil Van Dijk didn’t get noticed till 26. So may ne LMQ will have a stellar 2 seasons. Possible.

          • Thanks ddr1123. Agree with you on both points. 1 senior is needed in pair. Also lmq Shld be given time as new club & country settling will take time . Key is have a group of say 5 ( maybe 2 seniors & 3 youngsters who also get game time ) & start focusing on them. My only point is Romero has the game to be in that 5CBs for now ahead of balerdi, Perez.

  5. Pepo De la Vega is in great form right now and Scaloni can call him in place of injured Salvio if he wants but no, he won’t. Players like these should be handed opportunities to showcase their talents no matter whatever the competition or scenario is, they will at least get the exposure and much needed attention.
    At least pekerman was more fluid in injecting youths with experienced unlike scaloni. Although I understand Scaloni’s situation that he doesn’t have the team right now to put on paper and sign, and then there is this pandemic.

    • We dont need Pedro De La vega at this Moment. In Pedro’s position allready we have a plethoras of tallent like Messi, Dybala, Dimaria, Ocampos, Papu, joaquin correa, Angel Correa, Buendia, Nico and so much. So stop talking nonsense

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