Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni says Lionel Messi is fit, talks about Lautaro Martinez


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference about Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez and the other players who are doubts for the match vs. Paraguay on Thursday.

Lionel Scaloni has not been able to count on every one of his players. From injuries, to players not being fully fit, to players not able to travel. Speaking at a press conference, Scaloni commented on the situation. Here’s what he had to say about Lionel Messi:

“With us, Leo trained normally. It’s known that with his club, he was playing for a while because he’s had some discomfort in his ankle but that doesn’t prevent him from playing. For us, he’s ready to play tomorrow. What happens tomorrow, we will see if something changes but in principle, he will play.”

Regarding the squad:

“The truth is we’ve had a lot of inconveniences. Above all being able to count on most of our players. We still don’t have everyone. Martínez Quarta arrived just recently and we will see if he will be able to train with the rest of the group in the evening. And the others are training differently for different reasons, we hope to see today how they are to solidify the team for tomorrow.

“No doubt about it, this was not a typical call-up. The amount of matches played, we hope to be able to count on everyone.”

In regards to the fitness of Lautaro Martinez:

“Today we will see how he responds but in principle, he is well. If he can’t make it, we have other options. Lautaro is well, Alario is well, Joaquin is well. We will see, if it’s true that Lautaro can’t play, we will make some decisions but today we believe he will be able to play and that leaves us calm.”


    • You mean that south american leauge, Argentina. This is the Argentine National team, there is ZERO shame in using local players. Sure the CLeauge, etc have a ton of money and a high level, but that does not discount the rest. Especially a keeper, especially one which does well in tough tournaments like the Libertadores.

  1. Guys any news on starting Xi?. Hope everyone fit and ready for the 2 games.
    If Messi is having some niggle should take care of minutes carefully.

  2. Emi Martinez should start ahead of avergare Armani. We can not throw Emi Martinez in Copa as we threw Armani in world cup. A more talented person should get chance regardless of anything, Argentina have to be competitive. Armani does not stand a chance against Europian forwards. Argentina has weakest goalkeeper of top 10 national team if Armani is between the stick. This thing also discourages other hard working players that no matter how good you are some players going to have backing of the coach in the team

    • I wonder how many times you can keep reporting the same stuff before you get tired!! So far, you have been doing exceptionally good, dude!

      Too bad that your energy is going in vain. Someone needs to connect you with Scaloni to hear you. Maybe, he will start Emi right on, unless he decides to lose his mind.

      Cheers dude. Be patient!!

      • I was going to say same thing
        It reaches irritating points
        @Kavi tbh with you. Saying Same things over and over again makes your points irrelevant.
        I know your desperation to see your man ( messi to win silverware with Argentina.
        Please chill out little bit don’t make yourself fool.

    • I too prefer Martinez, however Armani doesn’t play in a minor league and is just as competent against European players as he is in SA. Football is highly competitive in Argentina and in other South American countries.

  3. I think scaloni select Kannman for the Paraguay match instead of Lucas Martinez Quarta becoz of his late Drama. But my choice is Lisandro Martinez.

  4. Salute to Messi, when it comes to N/T he is always ready and put everything for N/T, unfortunately the AFA did not found a best coach and the available coach is not being able to optimize playing plan and select the other 10 players accurately with 2-3 best players always missed the golden chance to contribute – otherwise Argentina should have lift 2 Copa and 1 WC with Messi. the next Copa and WC should be the golden opportunity and another second chance. With much talented players and young age, it’s a question mark not to lift the trophy

  5. I’m really glad leo is fit to play
    But if he wasn’t won’t be big problem
    As papu gomez can play that role comfortably I seen a lot guys emotionally calling emi martinez to start golie instead Armani I get it.
    But I think is bit too much and disrespect
    Towards to Armani and the coaching staff
    Cose I know 100% scaloni and Co are 100%
    Trying to do best for Argentina nt
    Personally I do believe emi martinez is more
    Complete golie than Armani but I won’t lose
    Sleeping for him not to start ahead of Armani.
    Other thing is obsession of C Romero and marcos senesi look the kids did good so far especially C Romero but we don’t have take him as saviour trust me putting Argentina nt shirt is completely
    And utterly different it’s most under pressure nt to play for so many reasons first so many years Not won silverware plus local and international media Put Argentina nt unnecessary pressure.
    For my wish is this i don’t really care who plays My priority is three points with reasonable performance
    I’m not asking much

  6. this is good news. we need 6 points in this games so much.
    if we take them things will became little more comfortable for the future.
    we will buy a lot of time then.
    i don t care if we will play good or not. i want only we win with one way or another and take 6 points.

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