Argentina rumored eleven, Lautaro Martinez or Lucas Alario up front


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni reportedly has his starting eleven in mind with a few spots remaining.

Lionel Scaloni is set to start Franco Armani as the goalkeeper vs. Paraguay in the World Cup qualifier. The four in front of him would be Gonzalo Montiel as the right back. Martinez Quarta, who joined the team on Wednesday, will be one of the two starting center backs with Nicolas Otamendi as the other. Nicolas Tagliafico keeps his spot at left back.

Leandro Paredes has been a main stay in midfield and would keep his spot. The other two positions in midfield are between three players. Per a report by TyC Sports, two of Rodrigo de Paul, Gio Lo Celso and Exequiel Palacios would start with Paredes in midfield.

Up front, Lionel Messi starts as does Lucas Ocampos who is set to start ahead of Angel Di Maria. The other spot up front is between Lautaro Martinez and Lucas Alario with Lautaro not fully fit.


  1. From the last 5 games against Paraguay Argentina have won only 1 with 3 draws and 1 loss, and even last Copa match should have been a lose without Armani penalty safe.

  2. I cannot believe the insistence on Armani over Martinez? What is Scaloni trying to prove?

    Also I hope LoCelso starts alongside Palacios with Depaul and Parades subbing in 2H.

  3. The Best Argentina 11: Emi Martinez – Foyth Pazella Romero Tagliafico – De Paul Paredes Lo Celso – Messi – Icardi Lautaro.

    Messi burden has to be reduced, so playing between midfield and attack will be the best position for us, Lautaro as a solo striker will be risky because he is still not finished product plus less clinical in front of Goal, Aguero or Icardi should be partnering with him. If scaloni mastered Mourinho tactics then it won’t be difficult for Argentina to win 2022 world cup by the help of Messi magic though Portugal, France are ahead of Argentina.

  4. Scaloni is the best Argentina manager, I was kid during sabela era but messi looked more comfortable and happy under scaloni than any other coaches to be honest. Argentina is just one step away from wining trophy, messi dependency has to be reduced where scaloni succeed and need lethal striker in front of goal. That’s why Icardi is must for Argentina.

  5. Here many criticising Armani but the fact is Armani haven’t done anything wrong to be dropped. Yes World Cup disaster still in our mind but Armani performed good in Copa America 2019. Unless Armani performed bad, it’s difficult for Scaloni to drop when there is pressure from local media concerns. Armani is the most experienced GK for Argentina at moment and without any reason he can’t be dropped. If Emi Martinez performed exceptionally for Villa like these then it won’t take longer for him to become Argentina no1 but a bad game for Armani has to be happened.

  6. Tagliafico is injured and out of the team. Licha or Medina will take his place. Rest of the teams remains the same.

    Please do share a link for the game.

  7. Where can i watch the match? Last time someone suggested rojadirecta.m for any qualifiers matches. I watched the matches there and it was really good. No buffering, no glitches or any other probs but when I went back for el clasico match last month, the link broke and it didn’t allowed me to watch any games anymore. Everytime I clicked on different links of different matches they showed that same notice or reminder in Spanish. And from then and there on I stopped using it.

    So if anyone of you know some other links similar to rojadirecta. Plz send it here.

    • Portugal is a good team. But on paper France & Brazil has more depth . Belgium also is a well oiled machine & current FIFA No 1 ranked. I would say no clear favorite & would depend on the day/ manager tactic / substitution – France, Belgium, Brazil , Portugal all at very high level. How Argentina, Germany , England peak will be interesting to see as lot of things can change in 2 years.

      • Brazil core team nearing 30’s, only France and Germany close to Portugal. Truly a new golden generation for Portugal Jota, felix, Bruno, Silva, Diaz, Trincao etc.

      • Argentina can’t beat Portugal without messi but Portugal can win next Euro without Ronaldo. Argentina youngsters 19-24 aren’t the label of Portugal apart from Lautaro where Portugal has clear edge plus they have world class CB like Ruben Diaz.

  8. The biggest difference for Argentina and other BIG national teams are the 5 substitutions! Starting line ups are less a factor when you have a deeper talent pool than a team like Peru or Paraguay. With players like dybala, aguero, locelso, dimaria, J. Correa, foyth, salvio or pezella on your bench … you know that come the 65th minute you have a huge advantage when the other team is tired and doesn’t have the talent or star quality to substitute in that Argentina/Brazil has! The 5 substitutes will make a huge difference not only in qualifiers but in the World Cup as well! Image if Messi got into the 2006 Germany game!!!

    • You’re right, depth makes a huge difference especially in SA qualifiers. I do envy France i’ll admit, their depth is truly insane. Regardless, i hope Scaloni adapts quickly and doesn’t wait till the 80th to make subs when plans clearly aren’t working.

      • I agree it is good to have super subs but nothing compares to early lead..if you need super subs to save the game in 65th minute you’re already in danger… Arg don’t play well (fouls,, red cards,, penalties) when behind…better yet to get a lead going into the break. I will take super-starters over super subs anyday…

  9. I like this line-up. Hope Lo Celso starts and has a great game. When at least one of Palacios and Lo Celso play well, it takes some load off of Messi’s shoulders, at least in terms of creativity and moving the ball forward.

    • The squad looks really good.

      > two of Rodrigo de Paul, Gio Lo Celso and Exequiel Palacios would start with Paredes in midfield.

      De Paul most likely but really curious how Lo Celso performs supporting Messi. I’d also like to see Palacios start. Dont get me wrong, De Paul is amazing and hes earned his spot but i’d still like to see these 2 start one of these games.

      Ocampos – Alario – Messi
      Palacios – Paredes – Lo Celso

      • I too like de pual but I perfer palacios and lo celso
        A long with parades as those 2 are more natural central midfielders than de pual either way I will be happy. looking forward to see lich martinez or f. Medina how they getting on lb spot as tagliafico almost rule out tonight game.

  10. There are many football articles which are showing Emi Martinez as starter if that is true it is a big boost for Argentina national team.

  11. It’s a safe 11 for Scaloni, it’s his base players whose he has confidence in. Hope he keeps his core and slowly replace some players with better options in time.

    Hope we win somehow these 2 matches which is all what matters.

    • I agree. Let’s have some continuity and some wins. These first 4 matches are super critical. Next set of matches we will probably lose points, so must win 4 matches.

      • Most wants the Favorites to play, It don’t work like that, A Coach will have his version of what he sees in a particular player during the Training and matches, Scaloni and his team is more than capable of measuring a player, Far better than any of us. We are not a formidable unit yet, Slowly we will be, hopefully we can move in that direction. Either with our favorites or not, It doesn’t matter at all. Winning is what matters.

  12. I hope Nico Gonzalez will get some mins. His pace and directness can be threatening in the second half. But, there is already j correa ahead of him and may be di maria too.

  13. I hate to say this but this team under Scaloni is nothing special. comes a match with a tough opponent and they will fall like a house of cards.

  14. Scaloni could not handle the pressure of local media and clubs. It is frustrating to see Armani over Emi Martinez. Emi Martinez is best there, 2nd best is Andrada because of his passing and being good with feets, third best is Musso.
    Armani looks like a dim-witted player his reflexes has also slowed.

    • No one is pressuring anyone.
      It’s scaloni’s choice to put in any goal keeper Between the post. And, he thinks for the time being armani is the best option.
      Armani hasn’t done anything wrong to lose his place. Furthermore, he provides calmness and confidence in the box. Armani has the shirt now and emi Martinez has to take it.
      Nonetheless, it’s good to see this type of competition in the team in nearly every position.
      In scaloni we trust.

      • Armani has done nothing to earn the starting spot. Emi faces Salah, Mane, De brune,Harry Kane,Aguero,Auba,T. Werner etc while Armani faces Salvio,Pratto etc I do not know their name and they do not have even half potential of Premiere League player. What the hell is going on between the sticks in Argentina team

        • I hate to remind you that Lautaro, etc all forged from Argentine leauge. They also play in the Libertadores which is an insanely difficult tournament. There is ALOT of talent in Argentina, even depsite their best talent constantly being stripped for more $$$ in EU.

  15. Senesi, Romero, Buendia and Licha will make the 11 eventually in short time. No doubt about that. If Scaloni doesn’t let them in then fans will force them into the 11.

    Don’t forget that no medias, politics or any government were ever bigger than the power of people in unity. If we fans keeps shouting out, not only us but also fans from other parts of the world, then any coach, any power will be forced to act accordingly as we wish. After all what’s an organisation without people in it? Only an empty building I guess.

    Just think about Licha’s call up. It was not thought about beforehand, but Scaloni must have felt the pressure and have acted wisely. And I also think he ignored the media’s words and if that’s the case then it’s a fantastic decision by him. So don’t worry guys, we will see the deserved players in the NT in no time. If not through the “one organisational power” then it’s us, the fans, who will force them in.

  16. Papu should be considered in place of lo celso. It’s not that one is highly creative than the other, both of them have their own ways but since lo celso has just came back so it would be better if Papu get hands on his position.
    A lot of burden will be off from Messi if Papu slots in. And also he can play with Messi so there’s no doubt about that, you can recall the 2018wc qualifier Peru game which ended 0-0 but we saw how flexible Papu was with Messi. Both linking quite well.

    • Yes it is,in tyc and some other instagram pages when you translate and see the sports show host is like armani should be no1 because of experience that this and other etc…

  17. Why fucking Armani again?? Is Scaloni a mad?? What? Its just so irritating! I surely liked Scaloni from before, but his over irritating confidence on Armani makes me so angry! GK position is definitely going to cost us in copa & wc as well, mark my words!!

  18. I seriously don’t know why scaloni isn’t even considering cristian romero….nehuen perez has palyed only one match this season and he is in the squad and cristian romero has been starting consistently for atalanta

  19. I believed in scaloni ever since but I say again his gk selection is not convincing . If now and he’s still not giving emi Martinez a minute say he doesn’t also play against Peru , he surely won’t play him against Brazil or Uruguay or March because of how tough these matches are . So when will he play him ? We don’t have any friendlies till maybe after copa America .

    Armani will cost us like caballero did and remember there was a time here pre 2014 World Cup where we all wanted caballero to start instead of Romero

    • Totally agree with you that emi Shld replace armani. But Caballero call from fans was pre 2014 when he was in awesome form & still in early 30s. He used to virtually hold malaga & favourite of pellagrini . While Sabella wrongly ignored him even from 23 squad , Romero managed to redeem himself in WC knockout & helped vindicate Sabella decision. Post wc Caballero moved to man City & then got totally rusted. By wc18 he was hardly playing at chelesa & clearly over the hill at 37years. It was a faulty decision to include him in Russia squad at first place. but he was a great GK in 2012-14 timeperiod at malaga

  20. 4 points out of 6 will be highly satisfying result. Almiron is crucial for for Paraguay in left flank. Playing Di Maria in right will little bit nullify Almiron as Di Maria helps in defense unlike Messi. All the best for the team.

  21. I wouldn’t mind seeing Alario in one of the 2 matches , he’s a great player and is in killer form , he always delivered to the national team as a sub .

  22. Excepted lineup only, Hope alario starts and martinez as a sub. Except for good subs this time since there is no salvio.
    Possible subs
    1. Martinez
    2. Gomez
    3. Nico Gonz/Nico Domi
    4. Locelso/Palacios
    5. Medina/Guido

  23. i can’t find any logic to bench emi and playing armani. i don’t dislike armani but emi is way better than him in every aspect.
    and i like lautaro but we need tall number 9 and alario is an inform player. papu and messi can provide killer crosses if they have a good target in front of goal, that’s the only reason i wanted icardi now that we have alario i want him to start.

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