Lisandro Martinez or Facundo Medina could start at left back for Argentina


One of Lisandro Martinez or Facundo Medina could start at left back for Argentina vs. Paraguay in their World Cup qualifier.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni could be without Nicolas Tagliafico at left back as an injury to his right leg has been bothering him for some time. Per a report by TyC Sports, the Ajax man could miss the match and coach Scaloni would pick between two to replace him.

Lisandro Martinez or Facundo Medina could be in the starting eleven to replace him.



  1. 3-4-3 is a gamble. Actually not even a gamble, but a extreme high risk. This requires a lot od training together. National teams should play simple 4-4-2, 4-3-3 type formations. Every player knows what their role is. Its like going to new job. If you find a standard architecture, standard tools you need less ramp up time. We must win this.

    • Yes it’s mate honestly I’m pissed off
      It’s like hand over the game Paraguay already.Top of that don’t have proper holding midfielder.
      Plus otamendi at bk

    • Apparently Scaloni is going with a 3-4-3 with Nico Gonzalez being on the left side of the mid 4. Honestly this is just silly (and dangerous) to change the formation all of a sudden like that. Scaloni has tried a back 3 twice in his tenure and those games were a friendly against venezuela where Argentina lost 3-1 and the other against Germany’s B team and Argentina was down 2-0 at half time and were getting thrashed only for him to adjust the formation and come back to 2-2 at the end thanks to Ocampos and Alario.
      I honestly thought we got passed the headless chicken Scaloni but apparently not, I really hope I’m wrong.

  2. AFA Official Site

    ————- Armani————-


    de Paul——————Palacios



      • That’s the line up from AFA Argentina Official Site I just posted it…

        If Tagli is injured they are gonna change the line up before the match I guess…
        Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me

        • Was just kidding with his magical recovery 🙂 of course I checked and you are correct, thanks for posting. However they also put Lautaro as LW and Ocampos as 9 lol. Let’s see if there are any last-minute changes.

          Makes sense to have Palacios start over Lo Celso this match as he has been coming back from injury recently.

          Edit: now TYCsports are reporting that Nicolás González will in fact replace Tagliafico as LB… I think I am too bored and eager for the game. Should stop updating and do something else meanwhile hahah

  3. I personally think that Lisandro is an excellent CB, a very decent DM but an average LB. If memory serves me well, Medina played as a LB for U23 team and did a good job. However, he has less experience at the high level than Lisandro.

    Let’s see. Vamos Argentina!

  4. Injuries:

    Mac Allister (COVID-19)



    Players, coaches, fans, everyone have been warning that this would happen when the leagues are played on such a tight schedule. Playing full games every 3 days is so unsustainable and plenty of players around the world will have their careers ruined by it.

    I hope luck is with us in June.

    • that is the reason my friend that the number of players in lists anymore is so big.
      the casualties for one or other reason will be big. every step in the time my friend.
      there is nothing we can do about it. we should take the 3 points tonight with one way or another. this is the most important for the momment.

      • You are right mate. It’s positive that we have plenty of talent and good depth in the squad. It helps in times of injury. It also helps with the 5 substitution rule. And of course, the 3 points tonight and on Tuesday is what matters the most.
        The faster we can secure the WC spot, the faster the coaching squad can play around with different options of players in preparation for WC22.

  5. Kavi November 11, 2020 At 8:18 pm
    “What family? A talented individual should always get opportunity ahead of untalend or less talented individual. We can not let our team down for the sack of family. Most have looser mentality that is why Argentina is trophyless.”

    firstly football is not individual sport like tennis etc it is team sport.
    second if the group of players even is the best talented in world IF THEY ARE NOT FAMILY in dressing rooms the FAILURE is the only sure.

    Especially in football the best team not always wins. that is the reason.
    the talent only is not enough. less talented groups if they are united like family they can have success. examples in football history like that dozens. in all around the world.

    now let s go to our beloved team. Scaloni make good job. the team is united and everybody know his role. Martinez is one new member in the family and when he will adopted to the group he will have his chance. he know that already himself and he wait. his time will come soon. Scaloni keep the BALANCE inside dressing rooms very well. this is the KEY of future success. Sampaoli is the most resent example of doing exactly opposite.
    in 10 games he make 10 different squads and make the dressing rooms PINK HOUSE.
    as result everybody was doing whatever wanted and nobody had respect for Sampaoli and for the teamates was not friend with.
    in end we failed completely.
    nobody have loser mentality. in Argentina is not that our problem. other things was our problems but it is not subject to speak today.

    • Cox 4 that is why Argentina has not won anything after 1986.You have looser mentality. Not giving chances to deseved ones and you suffer lack of titles.

      • ok this is your opinion. i don t agree with you of course.
        the only that you can t say for Argentine mentality is that we are loosers. you can accuse us for many things but not for that.

  6. It will be injustice if Emi Martinez won’t be debuted this year after excellent 2020. He must play against Peru if not Paraguay

  7. Lisandro is more solid than Medina. He handles pressure well and he has excellent techniqye. On the other hand he is slow while Medina has edge over pace . Lets see who gets the nod. Well San Lorenzo winger Oscar Romero isnt that good and i think both of them will be able to restrict him

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