Lionel Messi, Lautaro, Nicolas Gonzalez start for Argentina


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will go with a front three of Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez and Nicolas Gonzalez as the starting eleven has been confirmed.

Lionel Scaloni has Nicolas Tagliafico back in as left back with Nicolas Gonzalez starting up front instead of Lucas Ocampos. In midfield, Gio Lo Celso replaces Exequiel Palacios. Here’s the starting eleven:

Armani; Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Nico González, Messi and Lautaro Martínez


  1. Why there is so much hate for lucas Martinez quarta??? I think he is still not world class bt has the potential to become one in future and even he is playing pretty good as a low experience he played only 4 matches i think and he is playing like he is playing like ages he should continue no matter what even if pazella returns.

  2. argentina present best goalkeepers are
    1.Emi martinez
    2.Walter Benitez
    3.Juan musso
    4.Agustin andrada
    5.Agustin Merchasin
    7.Geronimo Rulli
    8. P Gazzaniga
    9. Sergio romero
    10.Willy cabellaro
    11. Argentine wonderkid Franco armani 🙈😅😈

  3. De Paul is not a player for free flowing attacking football here Argentina needs player like Erik Lamela who has good work rate and aware of his players positions.
    One positive with Lautaro Martinez is that he always chases opposition teams defenders when Argentina loose possession.
    It looks like Armami has lost his energy and reflexes, age is catching up on him.I think it is his last game for Argentina

  4. Apart from the Goal Nico gonzalez had a poor game. Armani , Montiel and DePaul were average. Rest of the players played well. Inclusion of Ocampos and Di maria energizes the attack we moved the ball quickly it was chance after chance but at the same peru started attacking. . Lo celso again best player on the pitch.

  5. It looks like Argentina were happy with two goal lead in second half and did not try much. Messi had good game always makes creative passes in final third but did not look hungry for goals.
    Armani had nothing to do, Peru do not have good forward players.One set piece in start of second half where Armani should have been pro-active he was like a receiver there that could have been goal for Peru. Armani’s distruibution sucks I see nothing in his distribution. Armani Needs to be droopped.There is no energy in him. Emi was not even in the squad today

  6. Happy with a win but not with few players performance
    Armani – Nothing to say instead of catching the ball he would have gifted the goal back. Pls, change him no energy in his game.
    LMQ- Easily getting passed by Peruvians no of times. Not good enough as a starter.
    Montiel – NO creativity pathetic player just receiving the ball and back pass it. How come he is playing for a river I don’t know he won’t play anywhere in EPL.
    Lautaro – Except that goal not that good. gave away a lot of balls. If he had the awareness of Nico Gonzalez’s movement before 1st goal then would have been an easy tap-in for him.
    Otamendi – He never changed unnecessary booking. I think he is not eligible for the next game.
    If we depend on these players, we may qualify don’t know how far we will go in COPA or in WC.
    Other players are okay but in the second-half players just waiting for the final whistle.
    Messi is not at his best at the moment.

    • You are a disgrace to your mother’s cu*t… Go back to the hole you came from and also don’t forget to criticize your father for the bad bad performance with your mother in the bed that let’s you out in this world.. .

  7. Before every haters slagging off Scolani… Statisically, we have best defence alongside Brazil so far . Both teams only conceided two, although they scored more goals, but we’ve been prevented by VAR few times.

    Another interesting fact… every teams in this qualifier has conceided 5-10+ goals so far. If Argentina is terrible, than other teams has been super terrible.

    I’m still not sold on that stats especially with Armani and Otamendi seems about to secure his place in next year tournament. The problem with Armani is that he always choses to stand on his line most of the time (remember Croatia first goal?) . Sergio Romero despite being deemed as bad goalie, made plenty of saves by coming off his line to clears aerial threat.

  8. EMI Martinez

    Lo celso……Pardes……palacios


    Dybala/lautaro…….. Nico Gonzalez

    This is the best team

    In this team we can beat any team in the world….

  9. Don’t jump on me but I am tempted to see Palacio, Paredes and Lo Celso in midfield. I was right about Nico on left so 1-0 to me hopefully I can score 2-0 with Palacio, Paredes and Lo Celso.

  10. Magnificent performance from Argentina.. Hats off to scaloni for sticking to same 11 and also bringing in form nico in place of ocampos.. People here already starts saying we should have won by 7-8..thats right but some are here to just find something wrong out of right.. God bless you haters.. Keep on blooming Argentina.. Next up tough rounds with Uruguay and Brazil.. Lets beat those yellows.. Come on Argentina

    • It is better to criticize a team in its victory than in its defeat. Yes we played well but were losing our identity. Scrappy wins were not our strong point until 2014. When we played, the world wanted to watch. Now were just another SouthAmerican team (+Messi)

      VAMOS Albiceleste!

      • We played this shittiest football in 2014 especially in KO stages . We were the best defensively but we didn’t play no attacking football . In the opener against Bosnia we played a 5 man defence for God’s sake .

        It was our defence that got us to the final , not our attack .

  11. Ppl make such a big deal out of goals. Although he’s been unlucky and less sharp in front of goal, Messi actually had a good game, the guy is far from done kids.

  12. Happy for Result, LOVED how Peru played and moved the ball. If they make it to Qatar, they’re going to go far. Sadly I wish we were that good today.

    Long balls from Armani, Poor buildup, terrible off-ball movement, absolutely no position awareness by many, frequent turnovers and lazy running. This has come to define my beloved ALBICELESTE of late.

    I hope Scaloni realized the problem areas and works on them. Messi is a messiah, not GOD. He cannot singlehandedly save again, if he does, we will crash again at the WC. We must go with strong TEAM mentality.

      • He’s not in bad form he’s unlucky he’s a little slower than before. I remember when Ronaldo was 33 people said the same thing about him as he only scored 8 goals of so by this point of the year and he went on to score almost 40 by the end of the season. He’s evolving and playing a deeper role, his passing was on point, creating plays and distracting teams, dribbling was good. He is slower and I think his goal scoring is suffering from that because he’s playing more in the midfield nowadays. Also he’s backtracking for defense more which I think is tiring him out more and taking away from a little of his offensive sting. I think now more than ever Messi is playing for the team and is accepting whatever ding his personal glory may take because of it

  13. I cannot be happier with the score but there is absolutely ZERO build up play going on.. either we Suck at it or Peru is really good at man marking to break up our passing lines.

    • Totally agree. Was not our best performance. Squeezing out victories is not what we are. We must put our stamp on the game and dominate. Haven’t seen domination in a loooong time.

  14. By the time the match is over, top European clubs will have already dived on to get the services of Nicholas Gonzalez. His stock and budget has surely risen like nothing else, in that first 45 minutes.

    Another potential chemistry developing between lo celso and Gonzalez, and I think this might tempt both Correa and Ocampos to up their game so they don’t get to miss out of starting xi altogether. Especially ocampos who has been dropped today for good reason.

  15. Not related to the game but Cavani got a red card playing against Brazil which means he won’t be playing in the next match against Argentina. This should give Argentina a boost.

  16. Scaloni nobody gives him credit for example how he benched ocampus who is in great form and put Gonzales who was our key player in these 2 qualifier matches .

    I don’t believe always in big names in coaching , why ? Scaloni proved it since the 2019 copa America

  17. Right side is being exposed, Montiel need to be replace as well De Paul; win comfortably and impressive game. Hopefully, Scaloni substitute and give chance to other players,

    • Dude, he is not very very young. If I am not wrong he is 24. Thats not young. Don’t expect too much development from here. Van Dijk cases are rare, blossomed a little late. If that happens with LMQ, its awesome, but he surely not young and not super special at 24. He is not bad either. He is decent. Romero is more talented and young. If you go back and see Romero against Inter and tackle against Lautaro you will know the difference.

  18. That’s the advantage of playing a set of same player game and game out.. Now they are gelling well.. Hats off to scaloni.. Nico is a fine fine player.. Everybody’s doing perfect till halftime.. All the haters and criticizers who does not watch the match and just see goals can go to hell.. Come on Argentina

  19. Good stuff. I am liking Nico more and more in the NT. He wears the shirt very well. Now we have Lautaro and Nico who plays good for NT. Nico is defending very well. Dropping down to help Tagliafico.

    We should keep a clean sheet. The defense is still the weak point. All 5 (GK + 4 def). No one gives that confidence. Armani may not have conceded any, but we need a replacement here. Emi must play before its too late for him.

  20. Lo celso , paredes , de Paul should be starting in midfield always , they were there vs Brazil 1-0 and Uruguay 2-2 and now , lo celso is a must in midfield . Paredes defensively today is really good , Gonzales is talent . There is some misunderstanding between Lautaro and nico Gonzales on 2 different plays .

    Lots of depth in this squad for , Gomez , ocampus , Correa , di Maria , aguero , dybala when they come back .

  21. Despite winning 2-0 this Argentina team is worthless and take Messi out, team is nothing. There is no system of playing at all. This coach is a loser and absolutely has no brain of soccer. They should kick him out.

  22. After a Half time

    Good side :
    -Lo Celso is in fire. He give so much football at this team
    -Gonzalez is a revelation. Very smart and active on the left side
    -Paredes is intense as Defensive Midfielder. He improve his defensive skills much now.
    -Good balance of the team between attack and defense.

    Regular side :
    – A Okey Messi who dont need to be at his top
    – De Paul was better at the end of Half time but he is not a right winger
    – Tagliafico is active but he is too shy sometimes… he have a lot of space to do better
    – Lautaro is good today but sometimes he dont think enough and play selfish.

    Bad side :
    -Montiel is really weak on the right side in defense and offense
    -Quarta-Otamendi dont work well together. Otamendi is a real joke and Qarta look naive.
    – Peru is very weak. Argentina will have to wait agaisnt Brasil to be sure that team fit well

  23. Can anyone tell me in which Bein Sports Channel Arg vs Peru is broadcasting like Bein sports 1,2,3…..i see other qualifiers matches but not Arg vs Peru

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