Negotiations between Rodrigo de Paul’s agent and Inter


Negotiations are reportedly on going between Rodrigo de Paul’s agent and Inter.

Rodrigo de Paul could be leaving Udinese and joining Inter in January. According to CalcioMercato, the two parties have been looking to strike a deal to have the Argentine join Inter in the January transfer market.

De Paul has been linked with a move away from Udinese several times, the most recent being the last transfer window. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the price tag for de Paul was expected to be around €30-35 million.

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  1. Foyth and Senesi both played well (although Senesi’s team lost).
    Foyth’s passing is superb, infact he created a scoring chance during the game and I will continue to ask for him to be a DM because with his ball ability and defensive background he could be one of THE best DMs in the world. The one thing he has to work really hard on is his fitness because he has a tendency to get injured, mind you that seems to be the case with most Argentinean players when they go to England (Kun, Lanzini, Coco, Foyth, Mori and now Celso), which isn’t shocking considering how rough and tumble the premier league is not to mention their lack of midterm/christmas break.
    Speaking of Celso, Mourinho used him as a ‘5’ yet again and while Gio did relatively well (because he is so talented he can practically play anywhere) it’s clearly not his position. The kid is an attack minded CM and when you put an attack minded player in a totally defensive position especially when you don’t have to you’re an…..well you’re an idiot and this is why I contend that despite of Spurs current position I don’t see them doing much at the end of the season if Jose continues to be stiff with his tactics. When you have Nodembele, Höjbjerg and Celso available (like most Spurs fans where hoping for) and your best idea is to play the CM Nodembele as a 10 while the Attack minded Celso as a 5 in a double pivot then you clearly aren’t thinking things through. Instead of a 4-2-3-1 system he could’ve employed a 4-3-3 where all 3 aforementioned players could fit comfortably and since this is the europa league and not the CL José would’ve had a little bit of a leeway where he can experiment.
    Alas, Celso is world class and will do just fine as long as he learns how to stay fit.

    To end this post on a happy note, Coudet is apparently doing really well with Celta who have now won 2 games back to back and are looking impressive. I think he’ll help the team avoid relegation and hopefully next season we’ll see some Argentine players in la liga, because there are the likes of J.Silva and L.Robertone who are playing in the 2nd division (a real crime!) who could come in really cheap.

    • Foyth if he stay fit will surprise a lot people the kid is so talented his confident and passing
      Is unbelievable happy he is playing under Emery.
      As Coudet so happy for him I always rated him since his days at Racing.
      Out of the topic Even diego Simeone looks like change his style of playing. Atlético looks more possession based team now It’s good to see Simeone evolving trying to moving on from all defending ugly game.

    • C Romero , foyth and senesi are looking really good , Lisandro Martinez is a big concern lately including today , he’s being benched in the last month or two .

  2. Allow me to disagree here Cleanball. In my humble opinion Inter is the ideal club for De Paul and on the top of it, our beloved team will benefit from that as Lautaro and De Paul will have more playing time together.
    Besides, De Paul is better, more physical and is a workhorse, more than any other midfielder currently playing in Inter. As Csabalala said, he may not be the guy to build a team around him but he is the ideal guy to form a well oiled machine.

    By the way, well said Csabalala!

    • He played Center as always ! time to stop with that right back joke ! He played 2 times at this position with Tottenham more than 1y ago and wasnt very confortable. With Argentina he did and was totaly random. We need a right back who can play defense AND offense like every modern Left back and right back in the world ! Alexander Arnold, Robertson, Marcelo, Regulon, Alba, Alves, Carvalho, Lahm etc …. This guys are or was the best because they had the 2 fonctions ! It’s how the fooball work in the XXI century

  3. Inter used to be familiar and second home for Argentina players, but not now ; i think it will be better for De Paul to move to Lazio or La Liga as he will get more playing time and better chance; Inter is already crowded and have a long waiting list to be on the starting XI.

  4. Argentines vs brazilians in Libertadores and Sudamericana 2020 KO stages:

    Union- Atletico Mineiro 1:0
    Independiente-Fortaleza 2:0
    Lanus-Sao Paulo 3:0
    Union-Bahia 3:1
    Defensa-Vasco de Gama 4:1

    Racing-Flamengo 5:1
    River Plate-Atletico Paranaense 6:1
    Boca Juniors-Internacional 7:1? (very likely after first match)

    Get ready: Defensa-Bahia…

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