River Plate make Copa Libertadores semi-finals, will play Palmeiras


River Plate booked their spot in the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores where they will play Palmeiras.

The four time Copa Libertadores champions have made the semi finals again after a 6-2 win vs. Nacional, 8-2 on aggregate. Marcelo Gallardo’s team managed six goals away, one of which was scored by an Argentine. River Plate took a 2-1 lead going into half time and it was Bruno Zucculini who made it 3-1 as he scored from close range.

In the other semi-final, it’s Santos who will play the winner of Racing Club or Boca Juniors. We could once more have an all Argentine club final.


  1. Y Dale alegría alegría mi corazón,
    La Copa Libertadores es mi obsesión
    Copamos Belo Horizonte y Asunción,
    Bostero vos lo miras por televisión
    ¿Qué vas hacer?
    Si vos no tenes los huevos de River Plate
    ¡Y si señor!
    De la mano del Muñeco vamo’ a Japón


  2. Yeah, River is being fantastic! It represents quite well the Argentine style of play and this is not happening for the first time, River has shown many times in the past amazing teams which used to play attractive football with on the top of it the legendary “el maquina”! Moreover, River has been a good servant for our beloved team, Argentina, throughout the years.

    You are right olive majestic, it is a good time watching River, and i am saying this for myself too, and i want to congratulate River and of course it’s loyal supporter and my friend, Cox4!

    I hope River wins the trophy.

    • I think they can, although I am more than aware that the semifinal and final will be tough. The good thing is that the semifinal will be played during the window transfer window. If the rumors are correct Gallardo wants a new right winger for the games against Palmeiras, although again I am not totally sure if there will be enough time to fully integrate a new player. Maybe this will just be for the final. I also believe River could use a new center back that is faster and better at tackling. So far Rojas has been a decent replacement for MQ but remember we’ve had no actual replacement for the three important players we’ve sold. Given a new purchase I believe we can win it (without underestimating our opponents)

      • Frankly their center backs are a big weak link right now. Every time Pinola is on pitch or about to make a play i have to close one eye expecting a disaster. And paraguayan rojas has been ok but does not bring the calm confidence that martinez quarta had in that role i think. I expect palmeiras to challenge diaz/rojas/pinola directly and how they hold up will decide river fate i think because rest of team is playing excellent. I am surprised they did not want to bring back hector martinez from loan for more options.

        • Very true. I’ve noticed especially in the Nacional game that our center backs are often caught out and have lapses of concentration loss. This is where Nacional’s goals came from. From the little I’ve seen from Palmeiras I believe they can definitely punish us on the break

  3. Sorry for the repost, the second I posted this on a previous article this article was posted. In order for more people to see here you go:

    I apologize if this is offensive, but I’ve heard about people here that have not seen a single River game and not even a single Argentinian club game. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? There has been no better time to watch River (whom I will focus on based on today’s performance) than the past five years. This is their golden age. The way they play is impressive. Attacking, beautiful, quick football. It blows my mind that people are on this forum and have never seen. Hell, if you can’t watch it I’ll explain step by step how to illegally stream it. Even with loosing Martinez Quarta, Quintero, and Palacios in the last year, they play amazing. My final prediction is Santos-River. It would be amazing to see Boca-River again but I am not totally confident they will even make it through racing. I will do my research on Palmeiras in the next few days because I know little about them and I am interested to see what they are like. They are one of the giants of Brazilian football and have performed well in the league for several years. The strings behind River’s performances I owe more than 90 percent to Gallardo. If you don’t care about River at least watch to see what you think about the way they play. It’s no wonder Barcelona wanted him. If he ever becomes Argentina’s manager I would be more than willing to bet he will win at least something. But what I want you guys to take away from this is to watch River play, or at least another Argentinian team. If you want to see beautiful football and a higher level, watch Palmeiras-River.

    • very valid observation olive_majestic. Some of the key reasons most global fans may be missing out on Argentine / South American club matches is
      1) no telecast availability . for ex : i am based in India & there is no channel or legal streaming site available .. luckily for last 2-3 weeks i managed to find a random streaming site where i am getting the Libertadores & Sudamericana games live & thoroughly enjoying River & Lanus.
      2) time zone . Like i woke up 4am to see the Lanus -Independiente match today.
      It will be great if someone can help with some site link which has even recorded full games of recent ones & i am sure this will be a blessing atleast to Asia based fans. I had seen the River Plater – Flamengo CL final of last year as a recording in youtube with english commentary & that was a great tactical match .. though with a tragic end.
      Really excited on Gallardo’s River Plate & he is the knockout tournament maestro. I am really hoping to see Gallardo as NT coach post Qatar WC22 .
      But i personally felt that Boca was boring in this CL knockout rounds & other than Calpado no focus on youngsters . I may be wrong – but think Russo is either a bad coach choice or needs more time & Riquelme really needs to fix the youth academy output .
      Also any reason why Benjamin Garre is not starting or coming as a sub for Racing in these key matches ? He looked a great potential .Earlier when Gonzalo was active in mundo – we had some very nice detailed round up of local clubs & players. Wish he gets back here.

      • Good point on the time and streaming. Unfortunately I am unaware of any streaming site that allows you to record — so if anyone is aware of one please try to tell us, as several people are missing out on watching River because of complications. The site i use is “telerium.me”. I believe it is a site from Spain and I’m not sure if it would work in India but I would give it a try, as I am in the States right now and it works fine. It does not allow you to record but it is better than nothing. In order to use it, you have to click on a game twice (some games have several streaming options to click on), the first time it’ll take you to another site, the second time it’ll take you to the game. Sometimes there are other issues so it’s just trial and error. Again, if anyone knows of a site with a recording option that would help. Now on Benjamin Garre I will try to research because I myself expected him to be either a starter or regular sub and that has not been the case. I will try to answer our mutual question.

      • Garre is still in becaccece plan. He had one or two good matches as the right winger earlier, but to be honest he is still a bit one dimensional in his skills and was very up and down. For a few games racing experiment with trying him in midfield. In this semi bececcece went with a little different game plan – a back three and dedicated wing backs to counter salvio and villa directly so no room for Garre.
        If paid content is ok you can try to see if fanatiz app is available in your location. I use it for most liga coverage
        thanks for earlier correction on velez vs dyj.

      • i was hearing a podcast & this is what i understood. They had started pretty bad in local league & coach got fired. After new portugese coach Abel Ferriera came they have been on a winning spree ..just last 2 months or so. Btw Heinze was also rumored to join as manager. Throughout Copa Liberatadores they have been blessed with an schedule & the first big match is the River semi. They do have some exciting future prospects like Veron & Menino. But maybe some of their this season success has come easy. Flamengo last year under Jorge Jesus definitely was a strong team

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