Sergio Romero, Marcos Rojo set to leave Manchester United


Sergio Romero and Marcos Romero are set to leave Manchester United.

The two Argentine players are set to leave the club with them being deemed as surplus. Per a report by TyC Sports, Romero and Rojo are not in the coach’s plans and would leave in the January transfer market.

Romero, who was Manchester United’s back-up goalkeeper and cup goalkeeper, has lost his spot to Dean Henderson this season. Romero hasn’t taken part in any match and rumors have been circulating regarding his exit. Already 33 years of age, Romero has been linked with MLS club Inter Miami where he could join Gonzalo Higuain in the team.

Marcos Rojo has also lost his spot in the Manchester United back line. He spent part of last season on loan at Estudiantes in Argentina and will not be continuing with United. Still only 30 years of age, Rojo has been linked with Lazio in Italy.


  1. Little disappointed in Becaccece today. Completely outclassed in a game by Russo where he came in with a 1-0 lead. Maradona level substitutions isolating his midfield completely, sampaoli level back three allowing players like sebastian villa and salvio to drive and push back an aging back line. Russo’s experience in high stakes game vs his inexperience showed today.
    On the youth side, nice minutes again for carlos alcaraz (midfielder/18y).

  2. Manuel Perez (Granada) : Bench
    Lucas Bernardi (Marseille) : Bench
    Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina) : Bench
    Lisandro Martinez (Ajax) : Bench
    Facundo Medina : Injury and some very bad games this last month.
    Juan Foyth : play now midfielder in Villarreal
    Walter Kanneman : random in south America
    Nicolas Otamendi : finito por el futbol !

    Senes/Pezzella/Romero !!!!

    Pezzella, Romero

    • Ok, Argnetina’s next game is in March, so how about we wait until then before making up the backline.

      Based purely on form, right now it would be like this:



      I repeat this is *right now*, which doesn’t count for much because Argentina is not playing right now and in 3 months who knows who will be in form because Musso, Licha and Senesi are all knocking on the door.

    • but lisandro being benched is not beacause of form even ten haag don’t know the reason blind and schuurs are so bad every time martinez plays he is very good i am not worried about it

  3. Cuti Romero should Not Join Everton or such middle class teams!! He should be In a much better team. That means Europe’s Best Clubs!!

  4. U20 & u17 world cups postponed to 2023. Was looking at almada , de la Vega & a host of young talent using this as a launch pad. Another covid impact. Hope atleast copa america & Olympics happens in July,August now.

  5. third game in a row I watched foyth in DM in Villarreal. Personally i think he is showing decent defensive qualities to play in there – reading interceptions, tackling, tracking, duels. Still not convinced about his role in the build up game or specifically how emery see’s him in it. Though honestly with parejo and trigueros in the Villarreal middle responsibility in that role can be low.

    seems certain qualities DM have that defenders don’t usually have to train in are not quite there in him yet – for example one touch receive and turn skills under pressure when facing own goal (players like thiago alcantra are supreme in that for example) or decision making when to take space in forward central areas and when to hold back, showing in space etc. probably would need 15 matches (half season) in minimum to get full picture still.

    In short for me seems to have potential in that role that can grow with enough game time but not any kind of immediate magic solution.

    • Great summary Mongol, couldn’t have said better even if I tried.

      It’s important to note that Escalante is doing well and getting some starts with Lazio and if he stays fit I think he can become an important rotation player especially with Lazio having to fight on 2 fronts (Serie A and CL).
      Nico Dominguez is also getting better and better and has started the last 2 games and is playing some good football.
      All in all the DM position is showing some promise, so no need to rush Foyth.

      • Great analysis elmongol. Any reason why foyth is getting substituted pretty early in these last 2 matches? Fitness or coach experimentation ?

        • yes, actually guido is doing quite well as starter in a double pivot. mostly with carvalho who plays more b2b type roles, sometimes with guardado if more attack is required, but always constant. never subbed unless team falls behind. problem is betis back line defensive quality really low so not sure if pellegrini can hang around long.

  6. Quarta’s Fiorentina career is finished before it can began. One bad game against Roma, he has never featured again although Fiorentina has been poor defensively.

    Balerdi is getting playing times against opponent like Man City but Quarta can’t find a break against lowly serie A sides. He can’t be that bad.

  7. Valentí gets his first Serie A minutes. Does anyone know how he did? Brunetta is also coming off the bench more consistently.

    On the article I would have liked to see Romero at Leeds or Everton but now “inter Miami” wants to suck him up as well. Rojo on the other hand would be nice to see in Lazio although I fear he would receive little game time

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