Mauricio Pochetinno reportedly agrees to become new PSG coach


Mauricio Pochettino is set to become the new PSG coach.

Pochettino may have found his new coaching job as PSG have announced that they have fired Thomas Tuchel. The club announced on Thursday that he will no longer be coaching them.

The former Tottenham manager is set to take over, per several reports. The Guardian has reported that Pochettino is expected to be named as the new coach in the next few hours. They’re reporting that there are a few details left but that he is expected to be named the new coach.

PSG have won the league seven times in the past eight seasons but are presently in third spot in the table. Pochettino has not coached since being let go by Tottenham in November of 2019 but has been linked with several teams since that time.

He previously played for PSG from 2001-2003 but has never coached in France.


  1. Emi Martinez is doing great he has everything to be Argentina’s goalkeeper but for that Scaloni must give him chance as he needs time to gel up with the team in the pitch.
    Emi Martinez took time to understand Aston Villa’s game plan and philosophy of their play in same way Scaloni needs to give him start in the match before Copa America

  2. Martinez is playing with cool and confidence. Nice sign. He deserves the keeper spot. But Geralish is turning into a real deal for England especially in his favoured left flank. He got both pace and control. Certainly Otamendi will struggle with his pace.

    • Otamendi is best CB for Argentina till now why to hate him.On his day he is best beast defender. Right now he is doing good,it is just I miss his electric headers.
      Grealish is good player he has got almost everything good passer, decent speed, good final touch, creative player.

      • Otamendi always gives his everything for our NT. No doubt about that. But slowly his age is going against him especially with fast pace players. One biggest problem with Otamendi is he is not a good reader of the game. Players like Demichilles and Thiago Silva even after their prime maintained their game due to their good reading. Especially Thiago Silva playing in a high team like Chelsea in a crucial position. Otamendi always always goes for the player instead of the ball something which he never changed. Going for the next world cup after two years with Otamendi as one of primary CB is little bit odd. He will be almost 34 or 35 that time. He got energy. But still we need good plan B.

        • Otamendi’s game reading is good. He always anticipates danger and cause danger. Matches vs Uruguay and Brazil in Saudi Arabia are good example

  3. bad news for paredes he doesn’t run press he will leave paris at the end of the season.i followed him since he was 17 he was number 10 and at empoli he was changed to a regista but his move to zenit killed him he became lazy and slow at his last year at roma he was active and very good .at zenit he was the main man he didn’t have any obligation to run but at paris a club can not afford 3 or 4 lazy guys

  4. He once said: “Trophies only build ego…” that’s a losers mentality. The whole point of football is to win trophies. That’s why I didn’t want him anywhere near the NT. He couldn’t cross the line in the CL and League Cup final and handed the PL title to Leicester City. He didn’t even finish 2nd, he finished 3rd to his rivals Arsenal.

    French league is the perfect league for him because when he wins a trophy, hopefully he should get that winning mentality and understand what trophies truly mean then progress on and hopefully win the CL in the future and maybe even come out with something like “we demand more success.”

  5. In just 3 months we face Uruguay and Brazil in wc qualifiers. What do you think, Can we take all 6 points?
    I feel if we take those 6 points we would be in a superior position in the group table with 16 points.
    Then when we face weak teams like Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela we will have a guarantee of 9 points.
    This time we will face Bolivia in our home so I think we would be able to take those 3 points as well.
    But for now we need all 6 points from the matches against Brazil and uruguay

  6. Is it a pre agreement , first Pochettino then follow up with Messi to join PSG !

    His style suits PSG with a high-pressing and attacking style of football. Wish Poche a best of luck and success at PSG

    He said and always believe in universal energy, the idea that people, places and things are charged with a hidden energy, positive or negative. It is connected. Nothing happens for causality and by accident. It is always a consequence of something else.

  7. Well, I wake up and suddenly see this. After a year of waiting he is likely to join this club. After links to Barcelona, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Man U he goes to PSG. If they could reach the CL final with Tuchel they can certainly win it with Poch. Now he will have what he’s never had at Tottenham — A club that’s willing to invest high amounts in world class players, arguably the best club in the world for that. I am a bit bummed about it being in Ligue 1, and also wonder how easy it will be to bring Argentinian talent; but his expected success in the CL and likelihood to get Argentinian talents that have already proved themselves such as Messi and more should offset that for me. I hope he does well. Seeing PSG playing in a Bielsa inspired system with a great possibility of having Messi will be something unbelievable. I will watch them weekly for sure.

  8. Advance Welcome Poch to PSG . Its turning out to be a strong South American lobby at PSG from Sporting Director to coach & key players . One of Messi or Papu landing in PSG will be the icing on the cake.
    Diego Simeone is a strong contender to win La Liga this year . If Poch can conjure some magic with PSG in UCL this time & Gallardo @ Liberatadores & Zubeldia @ Sudamericana – it will turn out to be a glorious year for Argentine coaches.
    The only disappointment is Heinze not cracking Europe. Definitely deserved more than MLS – but hoping its a short transit stop.

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