Gio Lo Celso, Erik Lamela, Manuel Lanzini break COVID rules, Tottenham, West Ham statements


Three Argentine players broke COVID protocol rules in London over the Christmas period.

Gio Lo Celso and Erik Lamela of Tottenham were pictured together during the Christmas period along with team mate Sergio Reguilon and West Ham’s Manuel Lanzini. This breaks the coronavirus guidelines which doesn’t allow gatherings due to COVID.

Per unofficial reports, Lo Celso and Lamela have both tested positive for COVID. Both Lanzini and Reguilon were dropped from Tottenham’s 3-0 win vs. Leeds while Lo Celso is out due to injury. Tottenham released the following statement:

“We are extremely disappointed and strongly condemn this image showing some of our players with family and friends together at Christmas particularly as we know the sacrifices everybody around the country made to stay safe over the festive period.

“The rules are clear, there are no exceptions, and we regularly remind all our players and staff about the latest protocols and their responsibilities to adhere and set an example. The matter will be dealt with internally.”

West Ham posted the following about Manuel Lanzini:

“The club has set the highest possible standards with its protocols and measures relating to COVID-19 so we are disappointed to learn of Manuel Lanzini’s actions. The matter has been dealt with internally and Manuel has been strongly reminded of his responsibilities.”

Lanzini has since apologised for the incident on his Twitter page:

(6) Manuel Lanzini on Twitter: “I want to apologise for a bad mistake I made over Christmas and I take full responsibility for my actions. I know people have made difficult sacrifices to stay safe and I should be setting a better example. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ” / Twitter



  1. Lack of disciplined and should be given a penalty for the mistake, as the world is suffering from C-19. Everyone can be affected, never underestimate or neglect the health protocols although you feel fit and in excellent health.

    Social distancing is no.1 rule to follow. Stay safe and healthy always

  2. River 2 Boca 2: Amazing Superclasico as expected. River dominated it but we were forced to play without Casco or Angileri and we played with Beltran and Zuculini to rest other players for Tuesday; thus making us a bit less effective when it came to passing in important instances. The substitutions helped, and Girotti was just as big a shock in this game as he was against Godoy Cruz, scoring an important goal upon coming on. Personally my big problem is our defense. I think the main issue is that the defense a bit slow and have no true stars in it as a result of selling Martinez Quarta (who is probably wishing he stayed to help River until January as he has only played one bad game against Roma and that’s it). With Boca’s fast attackers and their plan to attack on the break that overwhelmed us on one too many occasions. River has been linked to a new Right Winger and attacking midfielder but not a new defender as far as I’m concerned, which surprises me. Maybe Gallardo wants to wait until summer to get a new big defender but personally I would try as hard as possible to get someone to play out the Libertadores or at least the rest of the Copa Diego Maradona. As for the game itself it was a thriller, two red cards, four goals, and drama. The two goals River scored in five minutes encapsulates the drama of the Superclasico and the passion of Argentinian football. I was over the moon and thought we had certainty won it – but the sending off of Perez made it easier for Boca to score their second to equalize. Overall I am happy with the result given the circumstances but am a little disappointed at the fact we could have won. Now it’s time for both teams to move on and get their heads in the Libertadores.

    • A very nice match actually, lately the so called ‘super-classico’ has been anything but, however today it was a legit fun match with back and forth goals and 2 reds to boot.

    • I was wondering if river & boca would play depleted squads considering that they play crucial liberatadores matches this week. Especially River plays a strong palmerias exactly in 3 days. Wont be one bit easy for montiel, borre etc who played full match. While the superclassico importance is well known, i guess they cld have rested all key players as 3 days is a tad too early.

      • We did rest a couple but I myself was expecting a more depleted squad as per what you are describing. I hope this doesn’t give us a disadvantage for Palmeiras

    • my friend we have serious problem in CB position.
      it is not new of course but something quick should be done. in January.
      if we fail in end in Libertadores or Copa Diego Maradona it will be because of that.
      D Onofrio lately made River a supermarket.a lot of fans we don t like it. actually we hate it. but ok let say forget about this. ok we sell and Quarta fine. why they didn t buy a CB to replace him? we have 3 CB only.yesterday Pinola played LB !!! i believe i saw everything now !!!
      Anyway. we have big problem in defence. i pray we don t pay it in end.

    • well he didn’t play well. Could not get into the rhythm of match. But 21y striker Frederico Girotti was brought in and played well – scored second goal of his career.
      Montiel had a good game going forward. Capaldo also did a good destroyer job until his teammate got red carded and then he started getting overwhelmed with man down.
      Boca with 30% possession and 2-2 draw but I would feel more confident of their chances in CL than River with their defence.

      • Montiel has really improved his game going forward in the past few years, I am proud of him and always excited to watch him play. I think people are too quick to write him off for the national team — I would give him a few more chances to show who he is.

  3. Lautaro martinez(Star) , nico gonzalez , messi (star), lo celso/buendia(star) , di paul , peredes(star) , montiel , cuti romero , otamendi(star) , tagliafico(star) and emi martinez (star)…………we still have 7 star players playing in big clubs and i feel di paul , nico , romero will be soon…..and its really a big team to defeat with messi in front…….only week spot i see is in RB position

    • IN which world Paredes, Otamendi, Buendia, Martinez and Tagliafico are stars ?

      Actualy the only real superstar is Messi. Di Maria and Aguero are stars, others didnt realize amazing things in their career until now to be call like that.

  4. Hard work can suppress or compete with talent, that’s the reason Cristiano Ronaldo is compared with greatest of all time Messi. Neymar has tremendous talent, 10times more than Cristiano but was not able to achieve success because of indiscipline. Lo Celso won’t surve Argentina for long, even I don’t see him in playing 11 at moment.

  5. i feel buendia has improved drastically and will surely challenge lo celso in ultimate AMF position in argentinaXI in 2 years time in qatar seeing the level of drastic improvement……

  6. I wonder why Buendia is not called up for a team……..i put him as a same level as Lo celso seeing his stats and his capacity with the ball…..even arsenal have rated him highly and named his as a successor of Ozil………what u guys think????

  7. This incident explains why they are so injury prone because they are not disciplined in professional life. No doubt all are very talented player but they do not care about their physical fitness and are happy to stay in bench or in hospital bed.

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