Lautaro Martinez scores hattrick for Inter in 6-2 win vs. Crotone


Lautaro Martinez scored three goals for Inter in their 6-2 win vs. Crotone.

Martinez managed his first hattrick for Inter as he starts off 2021 in great form. Crotone took the 1-0 lead but it was Lautaro who scored the equaliser. He would fight off the defender and a right footed shot would beat the goalkeeper to draw Inter level.

With the score at 2-2, the ball would land to Lautaro inside the penalty area and with a left footed effort, his shot would go over the goalkeeper and into the roof of the net to give Inter the lead.

The Argentine would score his third from close range with his head to make it 5-2 for Inter and give them the win.

Still only 23 years of age, he has managed 9 goals in 15 matches in the league this season.


  1. Serie A is not a defensive league anymore last season Atlanta scored 98 goals in 38 matches how that can be a defensive league.Much has been changed but only few see this

    • not necessarily, Poch expects his players to press constantly and that’s not where Paredes’s strength lies, so if he wants to stay in Paris he’s gonna need to add alot of dynamism to his game.

  2. Guys, I see some strange comments down below. Please, read a little and learn about the history. Assuming most of you are very young.

    Italy: Historically, hardest league to score goals. Defensively strong. Tactically astute. Its like playing chess. The art, history etc. plays into the lifestyle and DNA. Details, intricacies, thoughtfulness over power, speed etc. is hallmark of Italian football. Therefore lot of older player succeeds there. Typically hard to score.

    Spain: Historically, highly masculine society. You always attack, whether you are small or big. If its a war, you attack. Reflected in lifestyle and sports. If you score 3, I will score 4 type of mentality. Not trying to defend 1-0 leads or playing for 0-0. Its considered shameful, rather die like a brave warrior. Hence you will lot of goals.

    English: More physical, speed and power. Rainy soggy fields does not allow art. Kick the ball to an empty space and run there first. Get bloody, defend like a braveheart. You are a hero if you are strong and defend well, even if you are bloodied at the end.

    I will completely agree with the argument that these days these styles are fading away. Distinct styles and their conflicts and fight are missing like it used to be in old European or CL games. All becoming too global and same. But somewhere the DNA and culture is still there. Messi and Ronaldo wont score 50+ goals every season in Italy.

    • Both Serie A and La Liga has changed a lot. La liga is basically the top 6 teams vs 14 Burnley 442 low block teams. Serie A isnt as defensive as it used to be. Teams give Acre of spaces in Serie A nowadays. But that doesnt means its an easy league. Those who thinks its an east league are 10 year olds fools who started watching football recently.

  3. Good to see him get a hat trick, maybe this will give him great confidence to continue on good form. The greatest problem with Lautaro is his consistency, I hope this isn’t his only free scoring game for weeks or months.

    • Well looks like here we have the newest idiot to our forum, unfortunately coming at the worst time after we’ve lost a lot of great commenters

      • Its true that spanish Primera Division is much more defensive and better defensively than current Seria A, 2,42 vs 3,44 goal per match avg. which is crazy high, close to a party league.

      • ha ha ha… shityy Argentina league club fan who always prefers mediocre player above the talented ones. Surely they live upside down.

      • Premier League 18/19 2,82, 19/20 2,72, 20/21 2,82…Primera Division 18/19 2,59, 19/20 2,48, 20/21 2,38 the trend is clear, Serie A 18/19 2,68, 19/20 3,04, 20/21 3,16 (the highest since 1950/51 season, only 29/30 and 49/50 had higher)….with the latest stats. CR escaped in the right moment to statspadding…

      • my friend leave him alone and don t give attention to him. probably he is one more young kid that learn the football from playstation.

  4. Argentina Team Current Players Status:
    Superstars – Messi, Aguero
    Stars -Dybala, Icardi, Lautaro, Dimaria, Otamendi.
    Best GK – Emi Martinez & Musso
    Underrated Player – De Paul & Tagliafico.
    Overrated Player – Paredes & Quarta.
    Injury Prone – Lo Celso & Palacios.
    * Lautaro is on the verge of becoming Superstar.
    ** Dimaria and Otamendi are at their end of career.
    *** Icardi is handsome among all Argentine players.

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