Alejandro Papu Gomez close to joining Sevilla


Alejandro Papu Gomez is reportedly close to joining Sevilla.

Papu Gomez has been frozen out of the Atalanta squad for several weeks as he’s been linked with several clubs. Per a report by Fabrizio Romano, Sevilla are apparently close to signing him. A bid of around €5-6 million with personal terms having already been accepted.

Gomez has been at the club since 2014, helping them into the knockout phase of last season’s Champions League. Should he join Sevilla, he would play alongside Lucas Ocampos, Marcos Acuna and Franco Vazquez.


  1. According to Sky Sport Italia, Papu #Gomez’s move to #Sevilla is a done deal and the player is ready to leave Bergamo to undergo his medical tests with the La Liga giants

  2. Not sure who to root for in final today. Zubelda will probably be better for next years Libertadores, but Crespo is ridiculed as choker coach in buenos aires so will be happy if he wins too.
    In any case, lots of players to watch today.

    • Turned out good match.
      Zubelda came out in 442 surprisingly probably hoping to hit Crespo back on his usual aggressive style but their discomfort out of their natural 433 showed. Crespo midfield stayed high up the pitch as usual creating 3v2 situations in center to take Lanus midfield out of game. Enzo Fernandez and Pizzini particularly with support from wingers completely took Belmonte and Quignon mid out of game.
      De La Vega and Vera had a very challenging role in helping to overcome both this numerical disadvantage by falling inside as well as responsibility to create chances out wide where DyJ weakness was. But with no help from immobile forward Sand/Orsini there was very little counter movement. Further, youngsters Frias and Martinez who are probably part of strongest back 3 line in Primera completely nulled out any hope for Lanus to hit the counter, once Zubelda showed he was too afraid to throw aguirre or bernabei forward.

      In the end compete win for DyJ. It is equal of maybe ElChe or Brighton winning Europa league. So very big deal, but most players are on loan and will leave and probably Crespo too, so they will look weak next year in Copa Lib.

    • 9.0 rating on SofaScore, I only watched the second half but not only was he good offensively in that he got the goal and assist but he was also amazing defensively and was crucial in Atalanta keeping a clean sheet. He was great in positioning and denied them many opportunities. It would be great if someone could provide more stats

  3. Christian Romero with a goal against Milan. I don’t really understand how he doesn’t get selected for NT (not for scoring goals, but he is a set piece threat)

    Nico G missed the penalty.

  4. My God what boring period of time it is for me now.
    no national team games and no Argentine league games too.
    So boring period till end of February.

    • Same situation here, during this time I’m trying to keep up with transfer rumors and watch some of our boys in European teams, but without the passion it is different

  5. In india we can’t watch la liga on tv. If Pappu joins Sevilla we won’t be able to see him scoring or giving assists. whatever, I think Sevilla’s left sided attacking combination will be great and scaloni can utilise Acuna, ocampos and Pappu’s combination for the national team too.

  6. Look at that through ball before PSG red card to Mbappe, unbelievable accuracy and speed. The most underrated passer, the art of passing from Paredes:

  7. in 2018 world cup we lost mainly because of slow defence and goalkeeper….by not selcting cristian romero & emi martinez may be scaloni is making same mistake ???

  8. Marco Verratti – 7/10
    Marco Verratti was central to everything good that stemmed from PSG on Friday. He also laid the most accurate passes in the game with 114.

    Leandro Paredes – 7/10
    Leandro Paredes was vital to the circulation of the ball, spraying passes in all directions to keep his side moving. He registered an incredible 95% accuracy

    Looks like parades is already benefitting
    From pochettino been psg manager
    He been playing really well last three psg matches
    Hope continue playing well.

  9. I would have liked to see him go to AC Milan and maybe help them win Serie A, but Sevilla sounds like a good option IF he’s able to adapt to their formation and to his role. Would be good to see him play with Ocampos and Acuña

    • AC milan is more suitable for Papu considering their 4-2-3-1 formation but no way in hell would Atalanta give such a prized possession to any serie A club that is a direct rival.
      Sevilla’s 4-3-3 may not fit Papu like a glove but they are a fantastic club that seems to be going places and I can see Papu fitting anywhere in the front 3 and his creativity would complement Ocampos’s physicality quite well. Good move all in all.

  10. Considering atalanta wont allow him move to a serie a rival, sevilla is next best option. Monchi loves Argentines & virtually our home in europe. A Europa in radar for papu if he gets this move. Waiting to hear his version of story once he moves out of atalanta.

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