Hernan Crespo signs two year deal, becomes new Sao Paulo manager


Hernan Crespo has signed a two year deal with Sao Paulo as he comes their new coach.

Crespo has been linked with Sao Paulo for a few weeks and as we reported a few days ago, an announcement was expected to be made this week. The club confirmed through their Twitter page that the Argentine has signed with them to become the new coach.

The Argentine won the Copa Sudamericana, his first managerial trophy, last month with Defensa y Justicia before stepping down as coach. Still only 45 years of age, this is Crespo’s fourth managerial job. He has coached Modena in Italy, Banfield in Argentina, Defensa y Justicia also in Argentina and now Sao Paulo.


  1. There are many things that are difficult or impossible to predict in football, but I know without a single shadow of a doubt that Barcelona will experience an absolutely horrific period when Messi leaves. Four of their five goals today were possible only because of him. Even teams like Man City or Liverpool struggle when they lose David Silva or Van Dijk, I can’t even imagine how much Barcelona will struggle without Messi when he leaves. I also feel bad for whoever replaces Messi positionally when he leaves. Everyone will call him the “next Messi” and apply a ton of pressure on him, when in reality there is not a single person on Earth that an fully replace him. Barcelona will have to buy 3-4 good players in key positions of interest to get results and be a strong, coherent, and fluid team when he leaves, but I know that won’t happen.

  2. Lamela is shit not national type material at this stage for us

    Lo celso’s absence is felt big time with Tottenham and no one talks about it , they went from being 1st to how they are now at the exact timing of his injury till now respectively .

    It’s a crime if Martinez doesn’t start and there’s no point explaining why anymore at this stage .

    • I was going to say the same thing — EVERYONE talks about how Tottenham rely on Kane and are poor without him, but nobody mentions the fact that they are very bland and ineffective without Lo Celso. I watched the Brighton game, Martinez is on fire. The fact he was somehow able to keep a clean sheet in this game is beyond me. 9.6 rating on SofaScore as of now, 9 saves facing 9 on target, 71% passing accuracy (good for a goalkeeper). Undisputable at this point.

    • Totally agree, Celso’s absence hurt them alot and things will improve considerably when (or if) he gets back to form. In saying that, Gio’s fitness is a real issue and it all started when he came to the EPL because he never had any problem in Argentina, France or Spain.

      Speaking of Emi Martinez, the kid was a beast today, full on Superman mode, Scaloni must give him some minutes, if for not thing else to light some fire under Armani’s behind and keep him on his toes.
      In the same match Alexis was also excellent, elegant on the ball, rough and tumble without it and seems to be adapting well to the physicality of the EPL, really happy to see him start and get some recognition. It will be a big lose if Mac Allister can’t go to the qualifiers next month (along with Celso, Kun and Emi) because he’d be a good backup to Celso since Palacios isn’t getting any minutes in Neverkusen (honestly Alario and Palacios both MUST leave by the end of the season) and doubt he’d be match fit.

    • Why to blame Lamela alone when Tottenham is going through bad phase. Lo celso’s absence is causing more troubles for Spurs.

    • Goodness, Lamela is not shit. He’s great team player and could serve the NT well. The only thing holding him back are injuries which with all the current injures, i get why people don’t want him.

  3. according to recent news none of the argentine players in premier league would be available in next WC qualifiers due to new covid strain in england so most likely Emi martinez, lo celso, aguero would miss that match but hopefully cristian romero and senesi are called up for these matches and hopefully musso is the starying GK in either of brazil or uruguay match.

  4. Emiliano Martinez : ” Everyone thinks it’s a step down going from Arsenal to Villa, but i actually think it’s a step up in my career.”

    so true, Emi develops well in Villa and in turn Villa points is higher than the Gunners.

  5. Erik Lamela is doing very good at Tottenham he should be called for Argentina national team.Lamela is little less in end product but he is very good in awareness of players around him so he can be vital and his work rate is high. In midfield and in attack if right players are choosen no one is near to Argentina.
    Lo celso
    De paul
    A. Gomez
    L. Martinez
    N. Gonzalez
    J. Correa

      • Yeah A. Correa is also good but Lamela is more creative and consistent.
        A. Correa is very good player he plays with same intensity throughout 90 minutes but his consistency is concern

        • Kevin – here is some stats u shld consider !!!!!!. Lamela has done like 350mins in PL this season & has 0 goals & 0 assists. ACorrea has done some 1000mins in La Liga this season with 3 goals & 6 assists. If you look any other parameters like interceptions , duel wons, big chance created etc – Lamela is at best equal to A Correa. So not sure where the consistency theory is from. To me whoever is fit next month post a stressful CL/ Europa next month should be considered among these two.

          • 350 minutes are hardly 4 matches and that does not mean he did not score any goal it assist this season he has scored goals this season in other competition and he comes as substitute. Lamela is good in awareness around him. Lamela is more creative than A. Correa.Both players are good I would prefer Lamela because of creativity.

          • Appreciate your choice. But u should see A Correa more often. He has improved a lot in last 2 years . 6 assists in La Liga for someone who is not guaranteed a starting spot is good proof on his creativity

          • I wouldn’t judge Lamela on goal contribution, just like we’re not judging De Paul. Team player, tireless creative workhorse that can hold the ball well, midfield bully, are all qualities the NT could use.

            His injuries are the only concern imo.

    • Icardi – has lots of personal problems , his movement is not good enough and even his form has declined since joining psg.
      Aguero – Is old now , his fitness is big issue not the same player he used to be( still our best striker)
      Lautaro- We had lots of expectations with him , he has turned out a below average player, hardworking but technically not good enough.
      Alario – A bechwarmer in Tier 2 club.
      So we are short of required Striker.

      • I am seeing Pochettino slowly bringing back Icardi from the dead. Personal issues i hope good sense prevails for him.
        Lautaro all said & done plays well in NT colors. We shouldnt be concerned about his Inter patches where he is playing 2nd fiddle to Lukaku.
        A fit Aguero in bench is still lethal while you are right that he is old . His days as a starter is over. But still can be great for a cameo in a crucial juncture.
        Alario – again its a foolish coach decision at NEVERkusen. The guy is good enough & has proven himself.
        But i must say Suarez & Darwin Nunez in the current form sounds scary upfront . Our CBs wont enjoy this one bit.

        • Aguero is 32 and Lewandoski won Best player award when he was 32 year old in 2020 season. Suarez is 32 top scorer in LA liga.Aguero is lethal I rate him above Suarez.

          • Age in sports is not a Date of Birth linked metric. Aguero at 32 is not in same fitness levels as Suarez, Lewandoski etc. His legs are ravaged by regular injuries. Last 2 seasons itself – Aguero had 3 key injuries . I feel his time a dependable starter is over.

  6. Jorge Almiron resigns as Elche coach. No win in last 14 matches. He started well.. but had a bad streak since. But feel he shld have stayed put for some more time to change the tide. Hoping owners get another argentine coach considering the argentine owner & players contingent

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