Lionel Messi scores twice for Barcelona, leads Pichichi race


Lionel Messi scored twice for FC Barcelona in their 3-0 win vs. Elche as he leads the Pichichi race.

Messi is the league’s top scorer this season after having scored Barcelona’s opening two goals. With the first half finishing 0-0, Messi gave Barcelona the 1-0 lead through a lovely goal. He would receive the ball and dribble passed a few Elche players before playing a one-two with Braithwaite who would back heel it to Messi as he woukd drag the ball forward and score.

The Argentine wasn’t done just yet. De Jong would make a great run towards the Elche back line as he would pass the ball to Messi. The captain would dribble inside the penalty area and with several opportunities to score, would continue dribbling before ultimately chipping it into the net for Barcelona’s second goal of the match.

He has now scored 18 goals in the league this season.


  1. The point is that we already have too many injured players and some of them (Ocampos and N. Gonzalez) are key players, remember how Ocampos was hustling Brazil in the superclasico with his speed, physique and tendency to defend and fight to win back the ball whenever we lost it, remember also how he was teezing them with his trickery and skills. These two players are a headache for Brazil and unfortunately they are both out, i still can’t buy it how come none of them and especially Gonzalez can’t catch up the required recovery time since it is less than the actual time until the first game.

    Anyway, i want to make a question, how many players have Brazil and Uruguay unavailable due to injuries respectively?

  2. Montiel out for three weeks due to mononucleosis. Mamoun — if I remember correctly you are a doctor — do you believe he will be able to get fit enough for the qualifiers given this illness or not? Apparently one of the big symptoms of this is fatigue.

    • Fudge. I guess it’s time for Mundos controversial player of the week, Foyth.

      All concerns about needing attacking fullbacks are valid but we simply do not have options and our defense freakin’ leaks so adding Foyth is a reasonable decision. Foyth is also getting minutes whether it’s CB, DM, or RB and despite the fouls, i personally liked what i saw when he played for NT. At least he’s showing potential.

      • Whenever Foyth has been choose in Argentina team he had been in top form. Even in toughest league of Europe La Liga he is performing great. He should be starter in Argentina team he gives defence much needed pace and height. Foyth can neutatrlize counter attacks easily and he provides through balls and now he is looking physically good too not lean body.

    • @ Olive

      It all depends, if I remember correctly Mononucleosis aka “kissing disease” is a viral infection that causes glandular swelling and fever, it’s not particularly dangerous but it can knock the wind out of someone.
      The WCQ is in alittle less than a month and if Montiel takes care of himself he could recover in about 2 weeks or so and get back into fitness by 3, so yeah I’d say he can make it (I hope).

      • Choripan- I along with you believe Foyth should play these games because of his defensive ability. The issue I saw is that if Montiel is unfit all we have left is Foyth, who himself is injury prone. I have an odd paranoia that Foyth is going to get injured at the worst time, haha.
        Mamoun- Good to see be may still be able to play, I’m sure he will be motivated to stay as fit as possible because of the WCQ

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