Joaquin Correa scores for Lazio in 4-1 loss vs. Bayern Munich


Joaquin Correa scored for Lazio in their 4-1 loss vs. Bayern Munich.

Correa managed his third goal of the Champions League this season with his goal vs. Bayern. It was Bayern leading 4-0 as Corra received the ball on the edge of the penalty area and dribble his way in before a low shot beat Manuel Neuer to get Lazio in the tie.

The other match in the Champions League saw Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid lose 1-0 in what was supposed to be their home tie but the match was played in Romania due to COVID restrictions.


  1. I’m happy when Messi is happy and vice versa…wouldn’t it be GREAT to see Messi with a seismic smile on his face and a COPA AMERICA title added to his resume!! c’mon BOSS

    • Amen! Me too. Very few people have given me just immense joy as this guy. Way younger than me, he has given so much happiness and joy in life. I have a feeling its going to happen, the world owes him one!

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