Argentina accept to play World Cup qualifiers without European players


Argentina have accepted to play this month’s World Cup qualifiers without the European based players.

As we reported, this month’s South American World Cup qualifiers are in jeopardy. European clubs are not obliged to release their players for the qualifiers and due to the current COVID travel restrictions, it does appear as if some will not allow their players to travel to South America.

There was a meeting held on Friday between all 10 South American federations, the president of CONMEBOL and FIFA. The result for Argentina was that they agreed to go along with the World Cup qualifiers for this month using only South American based players. Brazil were against the idea of playing the matches this month.

A second meeting is expected tomorrow as not decision has been made yet. Lionel Scaloni’s team would play Uruguat at home and Brazil away.


    • Hes already played but this is his first start. Proof our players shouldn’t go to Russia, even a more difficult league like the Italian one he can score so soon

  1. Expectation: C.Romero and Emiliano to be in playing 11.

    Reality: Entire team will be with South American based players.

    Reallyyyy, that too against the toughest teams. We were suppose to field our strongest 11 against Brazil and Uruguay.This is gonna be a catastrophy. If we get a draw in both matches some how by playing defencive. I will take that.🤦🤦🤦🤦

  2. Bytheway I don’t know if you guys know this which is we can use players from South or North American League. In this case we do have good players in paper

  3. If it will be decided for us to play only with local players, something i personally think that is a terrible idea, will the same occur for the rest teams as well? I mean is it possible that some teams will use local players and others European based, or if it is decided then it will be mandatory for all the teams to use local players?

    Secondly, how come the covid restrictions are not taken into consideration when it comes for champions league, allowing teams to travel inside Europe?

    And finally, what is really afa thinking to justify that as a good idea?

    Cox4 my friend, Olive, Chori and others, if we finally play with local players, what are our chances?

    • my friend the problem is the travel restrictions between Europe and South America.
      that means that all the South america countries we will not use Europe based players. it is not only about us. we will beat Uruguay sure and we have very good chances to beat Brasil in their home.i believe we will take 4 or 6 points.

        • Our success depends mostly on if the other teams have the same restrictions, and as cox said that is going to be the case. I believe that our local players can smash Uruguay, and Brazil will be more difficult but it certainly is possible as well. Another question I have for whoever knows, are we able to use players that are playing in other leagues in South America? Some example would be Ignacio Fernandez or Saravia (who I believe is injured) who are playing in Brazil. A lot of our success depends on how we set up our team, if we focus on chemistry and use players who are u23 or u20 or stick to a few clubs that should help a lot.

  4. Brasil don t accept to play without their players in Europe and Argentina accept.
    this should say something to European lovers fans of Argentina.
    i will not get tired to explain anything more. everybody can like or not like whatever he/she desires.

    just it is not sure yet anything about that subject in same time.
    Conmebol will decide soon.
    i am against in postpone or cancel March short term look like positive for our injury players but in long term it will be bad for our world cup qualifyer effort for not mention the very visible posibility to postpone or even cancel the Copa america.

    something last.if Copa america will not take place in 2021 summer season of Europe then it will take place in 2023 the shorter. that maybe will make Conmebol even think the posibility to cancel it since in 2024 exist the normal Copa america anyway.

    • Looking at it from the perspective of moving Copa maybe it is better to do them now. If it is possible to do all qualifiers without moving Copa then a delay would be good. Crazy situation

      • yes true my friend. the situation is crazy. everything is getting mess up.

        by the way last night El Más Grande added one more trophy to our glorious collection 🙂 🙂 🙂 if you haven t see i can post one link for you to see if you want.

        • Yes I watched it! A goleado in a final, not something you see very often. Very tense and closed game until Alvarez’s goal (what a genius substitution), then the floodgates were let open. Also if you didn’t notice Vigo was very very passionate during the celebrations, he’s a full millionario already despite being so new, good to see

  5. Off course Argentina will agree. They get a great chance to play local players. Include Armani, Salvio etc.

    I am with Richard here, we should play the U-23 team in that case. I would hate to see popular local names like Tevez, Armani, Enzo Perez etc. Or bring back Gago, Palermo (just joking :))

    May be Brazil is in worse condition when it comes local teams, hence they are objecting too.

    • If we play only with domestic then we will beat Uruguay and Varzil. I’m confident. Varzil knows they will lose hence the reason they being a cry baby as usual trying to seduce FIFA & CONMBOEL for another date.

  6. I thought only English Premiere league will not come but Argentina team with south American players is division 3 team

  7. This is interesting in some ways (I don’t mind the concept in terms of watching the players) but HORRIBLE in terms of preparing for Copa. We crucially need to integrate Romero and Emi as soon as possible. I would prefer a delay. Crazy that the Argentina representative would say this given they are FULLY aware of the existence of Emi, Romero, etc and the fact they need to be integrated. They will do anything to give Armani or Otamendi or whoever else as many minutes as possible since we will still be relying on them by then.

  8. What a load of shit , team won’t get anywhere not playing with base players . We will go into the copa poorly . Fuck tbis

  9. OK, friends, those who know Argentine league well enough, put out your best XI….keeping in mind only those who are fit to play, e.g. Montiel cannot be included

    • Alright here we go

      One team will be a u23 and u20 team so most of the players already know each other (we live in a world where it is unfortunate that some have already moved to Europe)

      Morales or Cambeses

      De La Fuente / Colombo / David Martinez / Ortega or Mura or Bernabei

      Vera / Belmonte

      De La Vega / Almada / Urzi


      Few options in defense so I chose Martinez since he played during the u17 WC (although this would tie him to the Argentina National team, he has been looked at by Paraguay as he is half Paraguayan)
      Lots of options at LB so I would go based off of chemistry
      Good double pivot that has been tried and very strong attack.

      Now for the team that selects anyone regardless of chemistry, more of a dream team or all star style. I did not pay much attention to tactics, so it is mostly just throwing out names.
      Armani or Andrada

      Bustos or Buffarini / Izquierdoz / Alan Franco / Angileri

      Payero / Perez / Almada

      De La Vega / Abila or Braian Romero / Suarez

      This team has very many alternative options. Bustos or Buffarini are there in the case Montiel can’t play (which would be a huge loss considering he is the best right back playing in South America). Gianetti has left to Atlanta United so he can’t be here. The midfield is pretty flexible, you could take out Payero, bring in Galloppo somewhere, use Belmonte instead of Perez or use Vera, many options. Same with the attack. Suarez is in great form right now so he is a must have. Romero was impressive during the Sudamericana and got a nomination for South America player of the year. Another note, it will be VERY weird if we see Boca and River players playing together. Abila and Suarez in an attack? Iquierdoz playing next to Montiel and Perez? Very weird. I wonder how this will play out. This team also does not consider players from other leagues in South America, as I don’t know if we have an option to use them.

      • Edit: Not entirely sure about the Gianetti situation, not playing for Velez, but everything still shows as if he was. Maybe he will go to Atlanta in June? confusing

  10. Ouch. That will be a team never played together. Maybe put the U23 team out there? Good practice for the Olympics.

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