Sergio Aguero scores first Premier League goal for Manchester City in 14 months


Sergio Aguero scored his first goal for Manchester City in 14 months in their 3-0 win vs. Fullham.

Aguero has been struggling with injuries for the better part of a year and has found himself on the sidelines for most of this season but that looks to be behind him. It was 2-0 for Manchester City as they were awarded a penalty.

The captain would step up and while the goalkeeper nearly saved it, the Argentine managed to score. Wearing the captain’s armband, that goal was his first of the season having played in 8 matches. Aguero took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support.


    • Yup and they played really well too, at Sevilla Papu seems to be much better playing CM than forward, which is really weird, he might be able to fill Banega’s large and vacant shoes at the club.
      On the other side of the field Guido did quite well and defensively speaking he bossed the game; he maybe abit too limited to start for Argentina but I think having such a physical, tenacious player on the bench is quite useful for the albicelestes.
      Speaking of Argentine no.5 I had high hopes for Ascacibar but sadly he seems to be regressing, honestly Germany and Russia should be forbidden territories for Argentine footballers and I’m not talking about COVID here either.

  1. Lautaro Martinez is very hard worker center forward. He is becoming more lethal. No worry for forward players. Argentina have dynamic midfield and dynamic forward.Defence is above average and more important looks disciplined so Argentina is genuine contender for Copa America 2021.

    • Godin, if Inter’s attack would have been set for Lautaro instead of Lukaku and if Lautaro would step up for every penalty awarded to Inter, he would have easily been team’s top scorer, and i rate Lukaku high as a striker, so i guess you realise how high i rate Lautaro.

      • For me Lautaro is everything you need morden centre forward plus he is big game player.
        Conte build his team around lukaku which means Lautaro sacrifice a lot for lukaku nevertheless still he contributed enough as striker

      • Lukaku needs 6 chances to score 1. I have noticed this since his PL days. It’s better he takes all the limelight so Lautaro will be more hungry to prove himself

  2. These players are getting into the stage of their life where they have to be super ambitious and disciplined. He can give solid 2 years if he is disciplined with food, training, lifestyle etc. Messi and Ronaldo are supreme examples.

    There is an Italian dietician, who Messi hired some 7-8 years back and recommended to Kun. Not everyone is built like Ibra. He needs to sacrifice to have couple of years at top level.

  3. Aguero is looking more fit. He has lost some weight looks like he is preparing himself to play with Messi in Barcelona.

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