Ligue 1 players not released for March matches outside of Europe


It has been confirmed by the French FA that Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs will not be releasing players for matches outside of Europe this month.

The statement released by the FA mentioned that the clubs will not release their players during the March international FIFA dates. That would mean any friendly matches, qualifiers or tournaments which will be held outside of Europe will not have French based players.

For the Argentina national team, that would confirm that the likes of Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes would be ruled out for Argentina should the national team play any friendly matches outside of Europe.

As we reported last week, CONMEBOL announced that the South American World Cup qualifiers for the month of March have been postponed. Lionel Scaloni’s team were set to play Uruguay and Brazil.

However, there have been reports that Argentina will play Ecuador in Argentina, with what is likely to be a team consisting of South American based players.


  1. Emi Martinez’s agents on Emi Martinez. “he is proving to be one of the best goalkeeper in the world, he has every it takes to be in that batch of goalkeeper: stature,personality, he is good with feets,good at going out and solid in goal.He is the practical demonstration that great careers are also built with patience and respecting the stage”
    “it is hard to find weakness in him he worked on everything,moving to Aston villa was a success,it is true, he is happy but he’d have played for any club including Arsenal! He proved to be very strong there too,that the genius had come out of lamp after Leno’s injury. He is now in national team and I am sure he’d take starting shirt and never leave it”

    • really it seems like you troll us with that.
      Martinez s agents on Martinez !!!
      what you expect they say? how awful is their client ?
      it is their job to promote him as the best goalkeeper passed ever from our universe.

      anyway. he is not bad of course. he is inside the squad regularly anymore and sooner or later he will be starter.

      • How many players are out there in football whose agents can say that their player is best in their position quite a few. One can promote a player if they have potential. Emi has equal to Neymar,Haaland type of potential in him. I think in whole Argentina league there is not a single player who can say same things about his player.

      • Cox4 it almost feels like you are not happy that Martinez is doing well and people are talking positively about him. Do you not consider him as our player? Or you are more of a club supporter?

        • No it is not that. i am just sick and tired after so many years anymore to watch the same old story again and again. Somebody to praised like “football God” before he prove he worth anything. it is not about Martinez. it is for everybody. conversations type “new Maradona” , “new Messi “, “new Batistuta “, “new Simeone”, “new Goycochea” make me sick in my age anymore. that way i am even if it is for the national team or if it is about my beloved River plate.

  2. AFA again seems managing such opportunities so poorly. They should have played friendlies in Europe for NT & it wld have been a wonderful chance for Romero , & Emi Martinez to have their debuts before Copa. Even the Olympics U24 friendlies is going haywire . They are not even being able to convince local clubs to release players . U24 should have as well played friendlies in Argentina against a local league based squad. Atleast then Batista wld have got most of his playing 11 ( except Macclister , Licha & maybe Zaracho ) . He is now forced to take random players & not sure how this will help in final team chemistry.

    • Yeah Argentina should play friendlies in Europe. This is the only chances for try outs before Copa 2021 with best players

  3. Gustavo Goni , agent of Lucas Martinez Quarta , gave an interview to TMW . This is the passage on the viola player:

    We are happy with the level reached by Lucas, because in a short space of time he is showing his enormous qualities. He is undoubtedly called to enter the Olympus of the best. Future? Lucas has a competitive spirit, he always wants to win. Now he thinks about getting Fiorentina out of the place where he is and going as far as possible but if many important clubs had put him under an eye when he was in Argentina, now that he shines in Italy it is logical that many ask for information about his situation.

  4. So as I understand it, the options for the suspended matches vs Uruguay and Brazil are either:
    -before Copa America (4 WCQ prior to the tournament)
    -triple dates (3 in June and 3 in September)
    -February 2022

    Our first Copa match starts June 13
    We play Chile and Colombia on June 3 and 8
    Clubs play their last matches on May 23rd before the break starts

    I would say the most plausible option is triple dates. The first match could be expected around May 29.
    This gives us almost 3 weeks of preparation, practice and continuity before Copa starts, which is great!
    We are already facing Chile and Uruguay in the group stage, so the qualifiers against them will be like a warm-up.

    This is a really good opportunity to try out the players that need to be tried before the tournament starts. Emi Martinez, Romero, Senesi and Buendia are the most important ones who haven’t had the chance to play yet. It is absolutely vital that the first two get minutes this time.

  5. I think European clubs are treating players from other continent like piece of shit. There will be games all over europe and all the European players will represent their countries. I do acknowledge that there is a very large number of cases in Brazil but strict protocol would prevent players and teams members from being infected. Fifa should have been intervened but they didn’t. There will be European cup of nations but they ask for copa america to be cancelled… are we still their slaves?

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    • If I was told no for my NT while all my EU teammates get to play, I would tell the coach I will not be playing any games until the ban is lifted. NT above club, always.

    • According to ex Inter player Daniele Adani Icardi have his brain mostly in sex !!!
      in fact he spread the rumor that Icardi is doing 12 times sex with his wife dayly !!!

      so if your beloved player had his brain in football first instead of the show biz he could have chance to play in national team.
      unfortunately long years ago Icardi have prove to all the Argentinians that he is just one brainless idiot that throw his talent in garbage.

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