Mauro Icardi scores, gets injured in PSG 3-0 win vs. Lille


Mauro Icardi scored for PSG but was also substituted out with an injury in their 3-0 win vs. Lille in the French Cup.

Icardi would score very early on in the match before being substituted out. A cross sent into the area was blocked by Lille goalkeeper Maignan but he was unable to hang on to it as Icardi would get to the loose ball and score to give PSG the 1-0 lead.

Mauricio Pochettino would substitute Icardi out after he had started limping. Angel Di Maria, who was substituted out of PSG’s last match due to a break in at his home, started the match along with Leandro Paredes and played the full 90 minutes.


  1. Man United are lining up a blockbuster offer for goalkeeper Emi Martinez in this summer as De gea is leaving for PSG. Emi Martinez is on the top of Man United shortlist.When will Scaloni understand that Emi is better after the mistake or what. Tite repented when he did not use Firmino in the world cup instead of G. Jesus

      • Emi Martinez is a kind of goalkeeper who can thrive in Big clubs as his playing style suits them more than small clubs. Emi will be starter in any Premiere League club.

  2. Looks like from June Qualifiers onwards there will be so many NT Matches for us to enjoy, The more NT matches the better for us and better team chemistry the players will have. (not meaningless friendlies unless its against elite teams)

    By the way all odds were against Armani due to his recent poor showing, Suddenly he saved some close range shoats against Boca, he will be a hero again, I mean the Local media will obviously highlight it, At this rate i don’t think Emiliano Martinez will start for the NT anytime soon, Hell I think Armani will start even in the WC 2022 unless he performs poorly in Copa and Qualifiers and pulls of a Caballero type error. I like Armani to be fair, but his time is up in the NT.

    Two guys who deserve to start for the NT are Emiliano Martinez and Cristian Romero, Now its their time not later.

    • Unless there is friendly matches, Emi Martinez isn’t going to debut sooner. And dropping Armani for Emi Martinez in qualifier was injustice considering one hasn’t played the single game for country and by what basis Emi Martinez dropped Armani who did fairly well for Argentina. If it was Rulli instead of Emi Martinez who played before for NT in past in both U23 and senior level and performed outstanding for club then surely Armani won’t be the no1. Lack of friendly matches cost Emi Martinez.

      • That’s a very poor comment/analysis, Raj. Sorry to say.

        Selection should be based on merit. Then there are other factors. If Armani or anyone else is close to Emi Martinez in merit, one can argue. This is almost getting to the stage of being stupid. Armani selection is purely political, enough said.

        BTW, one cannot be rejected because he has never played in NT. You cannot wait for a friendly for first chance. He has already been with the squad and high time he plays now, before his form dips.

        • In crucial match, tried and tested is the safe bet yes political influence might be there I’m not dining but everything isn’t judged by merit. Take example from France 2018, Laporte had better season and umtiti had poor season at barca still Umtiti starts with Varane. Team chemistry also matter, Armani has highest cap than any Argentine GK how could an uncapped player replace him without even tested.

          • Umiti was one of the best at that time, it was not Laporte but Otamendi and Stones who were beast in city.

          • You are talking about a world cup final, after playing 6 matches in one month. There is continuity.

            Here there is no continuity. We last played god knows when. There is no continuity. Also, I feel its best to try against Brazil away, anyway its 3 points lost in all probability. A draw or a win a huge bonus.

            Above all, having Armani does not guarantee a victory, rather the opposite.

    • We can rest Messi the first 4 games of the Copa as these games are redundant and have him fit and rested for the 3 games that really matter.

  3. Messi seems to want to stay at Barcelona providing they have some sort of a winning plan……..I don’t see how Laporta can make that happen considering their financial situation!
    One interesting fact that I didn’t know about club presidents are Personally liable for loans along side the board of shareholders to make it so they don’t just meddle with other people’s money.
    Hell, I don’t give a damn about Barcelona, I just want ARG to win Copa and do well in the qualifiers so we can get that effing Monkey off their backs.

    • Either messi staying at Barca because of loyalty in his Pay-Cut or moving to Man City if get huge contract plus MLS with NYFC, messi not going to other club that’s for sure.

  4. Foyth should be Right Back of Argentina, Villarreal do not want to get rid of Foyth even Unai Emery is saying that he wanted Foyth since his days with PSG but Tottenham took him at that time. Foyth is so much in demand while there is no buyer for Montiel.Foyth is going to be beast defender in some years he has huge potential.

  5. With the arrival of Poche Icardi, Paredes and Di Maria get more playing time; meanwhile at Barca new board try their best to persuade Messi to stay; let’s wait until the end of season. If Barca win La Liga and Copa it could makes Messi prolong his stay at Barca

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