Adolfo Gaich scores for Benevento in 1-0 win vs. Juventus


Adolfo Gaich scored for Benevento in their 1-0 win vs. Juventus.

Gaich scored his second goal of the season for Benevento, a crucial one against current champions Juventus. The Argentine intercepted a pass out from the Juventus back line, controlled the ball and struck it with his right foot to give Benevento the 1-0 lead. That win also keeps Benevento away from the relegation zone as they are in 16th place, seven points from relegation.

Still only 22 years old, Gaich has now scored two goals in five matches for his new club.


      • yes we play 4-3-3 with Alvarez, Suarez and Borre in front. De la cruz, Perez and Palavecino in midfield. i will agree with you about Carrascal. he is playing brainless and every time i saw him play he make me extrmely angry every single time. i hope he will improve in future but he need much much much work to do.

      • I too agree about Carrascal, he is very talented but he solely cares about dribbling, falls a lot, loses his temper, and does not progress the game the way he should. I did notice a slight difference in how we played yesterday and I liked it. Effective 4-3-3. Got to watch two 6-1 games this weekend. By the way, Palavecino has been GREAT. Amazing signing

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