Lionel Messi scores twice for FC Barcelona in 6-1 win vs. Real Sociedad, breaks record


Lionel Messi scored twie for FC Barcelona in their 6-1 win vs. Real Sociedad while also breaking a record.

Messi would score one and play provider for another goal. With Barcelona leading 1-0, Messi would play a pass into Dest as the right back would score to give Barcelona the 2-0 advantage.

The Argentine would get his name on the score sheet with a great goal himself. A cross over everyone by Busquets found Messi who would score to make it 4-0 for Barcelona.

Real Sociedad would get a goal back but Messi would make it 6-1, his second of the match. A great team goal, Jordi Alba would pull one back to Messi and he would score.

With his appearance for Barcelona, Messi would also become Barcelona’s all time appearance leader. Messi has now played a record 768 matches for Barcelona.


    • The shirt is awesome.Home and away both shirt are awesome. With the white shirt Argentinian player will look like angels in the field.

    • Olive majestic, honestly, i can’t decide whether i like it or not. Ofcourse, we speak about the sky blue and white jersey which in my opinion is the most beautiful than any other football national team jersey, but if we compare it to previous albiceleste jerseys, i think that is not that nice like many others like, 98 wc (my favourite one), 93 and 94 wc, 86 wc, 90 wc, 06 wc, 14 wc, 18 wc, even the ones with Reebok seemed better.

      I have said many times that adidas has been run out of new ideas lately when it comes to our jerseys but this is just my opinion.

      • I agree, I think this jersey is a product of running out of ideas. I think the white in the stripes makes it look like there isn’t stripes, I want to see what it looks like from far away during a game

        • Exactly olive majestic! The white shade in the sky blue stripe is definetely a bad idea! Anyway, what is your own favourite albiceleste home and away jerseys? I told you my favourite ones regarding the home jerseys and when it comes to away jerseys they are 94 wc, 98 wc, 86 wc and 2012 and 2013.

          Off topic: Great picture of De Paul and if you notice carefully, one of his tatoos is the albiceleste emblem, on the interior of his right arm. A true hardcore albiceleste fan!😉

          • Waveride, it is hard to decide a favorite shirt because all are so beautiful, although some of my favorites are ‘76, ‘78, ‘06, ‘10, and I also really like ‘98 in part to the many great players that wore that kit. ‘10 reminds me of Messi and Maradona. Regardless, I like almost all of the Argentina kits, such beautiful colors

    • Thanks for sharing.

      After the initial emotion, I think I am liking it. The design is the same for everyone. The 80s and 90s look are coming back.

    • i need to see how it looks with players inside field. if the white overshadow the sky blue then i don t like the jersey. if sky blue is visible enough then i like the jersey.
      as i look it in the link you post my first react is not positive.

      just from the one that we use now look better but far worse than 2018 jersey.

    • It would be perfect if all plants on earth were blue instead of green….but they’re not, so if you’re a soldier wearing this shirt in the jungle you’ll stand out like a sore thumb only to realize that you’re in a football game and not war, so what good is the camo?
      In all seriousness, it’s…..fine, like all the others because in it’s foundation the Argentina shirt is beautiful in design.

  1. Brazil has got new discovery,Lucas Moura looks good as winger in Tottenham.I think now Right winger will be Lucas Moura.Neymar,Firmino,Lucas Moura in front three looks promising. Brazil is getting good players but still I think Argentina is better in attack and in midfield just defence needs to be solid.
    Argentina should call best player before Copa to try outs.

  2. LMQ and Pezella duo is conceding in almost every match. C. Romero and Foyth are looking good in league matches. Otamendi is also performing good in Portugal league recently.
    Argentina Center Backs should be:
    1 C. Romero
    2 Otamendi
    3 Foyth
    4 Pezella
    5 LMQ

  3. Barca under Laporta (just a few days elected) seems more relax (not tensions) and back to where they belong. Messi is a gifted player from other planet, enjoy it as much as we can..

    • U23 already travelled to japan, so that friendlies are happening. As for Equador friendly, they cancelled it because european clubs wont release our players.

  4. Koeman is the happiest person despite champion league exist, Barcelona escaped from another gangbang.

      • Kimmich, Goretzka and Neuer is enough for the Farmers, no need for the Fifa best player Lewandowski.

        • Lewandowski is indeed a great goalscorer but not a great player.
          But he is a tapin master and would suffocate hard if played for a team that doesn’t have good midfield.

          • Lewandowski doesn’t need to do much when there is speedy Sane, Ganbry, Comen and Davis is there plus Muller behind him. What Lewandowski for Bayern Munich now is Cristiano Ronaldo used to in Real Madrid 2016-2018

    • you asked me something and i post here too my answer in case you don t see the older.

      No it is not that. i am just sick and tired after so many years anymore to watch the same old story again and again. Somebody to praised like “football God” before he prove he worth anything. it is not about Martinez. it is for everybody. conversations type “new Maradona” , “new Messi “, “new Batistuta “, “new Simeone”, “new Goycochea” make me sick in my age anymore. that way i am even if it is for the national team or if it is about my beloved River plate.

      • Messi is the Greatest.
        No professional footballer can be as good as Messi.
        They can replicate Batistuta, Maradona…but it’s not possible to replicate a player of Messi’s standards.

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