Rodrigo de Paul scores twice and gets sent off for Udinese in 2-1 win vs. Crotone


Rodrigo de Paul went from hero to villain as he scored twice and got sent off for Udinese in their 2-1 win vs. Crotone.

De Paul would give Udinese the 1-0 lead right before half time. A shot by Nestorovski was saved by the goalkeeper but the Udinese captain would get to the ball, position himself and his right footed shot would beat the goalkeeper for the first goal of the match.

Roberto Pereyra would play a part in the second goal in the Argentine connection. With the score at 1-1, Pereyra would cross it over to De Paul and the 26 year old would dribble into the penalty area and once more his right foot would beat the goalkeeper to give Udinese the 2-1 advantage.

The Argentine would get sent off for dangerous play. De Paul would go for the same ball as Molina of Crotone and De Paul would raise his right foot as his boot would hit Molina. The referee gave him a straight red card.

Now on 8 goals this season, de Paul has been an integral part of the Argentina national team and has been linked with several teams across Europe.


  1. i think ocampos is impactful player he has that sprint, flair and workrate for the final third. his presence give extra bit layer for the defence.

  2. Foyth starts as RCB alongside Pau Torres in a 4 man defence. Albiol on the bench. I think this is a significant development for Foyth.

    • Actually Foyth and C.Romero would make best CB pair for Argentina.
      C. Romero
      These are the best four CB pair.Scaloni should utilise them.

        • In Tottenham he rarely got game time,in Villarreal he is performing regularly till now zero mistake and he looks more comfortable playing as Center Back. He had good season in Villarreal.

        • Guys I really don’t understand why we even mention Forth in the picture while we have the like of Romero, Sensei, Licha and LMQ. I believe in he can be an alternative on the right side but as central I would go for the ones that I mentioned. I am getting anxious. If we put Cuti, Licha and Senesi in the same category with Fourth, we don’t have central defenders.

          • LMQ is waste do not know how to defend even against Bolivia and other south American strikers he suffered. Only his passing and anticipation is good but he lacks in execution.

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