Lautaro Martinez furious as Conte takes him off in Inter 3-1 win vs. Roma


Lautaro Martinez left the pitch in anger, kicking a bottle on his way to the bench in the 32nd minute of the second half. Inter coach Antonio Conte didn’t stand idly by and responded fervently to Martinez in a short but intense argument. The Argentine started the match as a substitute and entered in the 35th minute of the first half for the injured Alexis Sanchez.

It was an unexpected fight as Martinez’s attitude surprised everyone since Inter is two games away from finishing an incredible season, having already won the Serie A. The next game will be against another classic rival, Juventus. Although Inter already has the championship in its hands, they have the possibility of leaving out Juventus from qualifying to the Champions League (Juventus is currently in Europa League position).


  1. Thiago Almada is set to become Sampaoli’s first signing at Marseille. Looks like Sampaoli is looking at other players from the Argentine league.
    Joaquin Correa is one of Juve’s top targets this summer, while they will also be looking Betis’ Rodriguez but looks like Dybala will be on his way out.

  2. Liverpool are thinking of Emi Buendai as Mohd. Salah’s replacement in their club and Arsenal, Leeds,Man City,West Ham and Aston Villa are also in race to sign him so why Argentina is sleeping on him and not including in 50 squad player list.

    • EFL Awards: Norwich’s Emi Buendia wins Championship player of the season award… And didn’t find place in 50 for copa…. Politics ruining the argentina….

    • Yes, a very smart and efficient winger who cuts inside from the flank to shoot or pass. Has pace and good with the short dribble too.

  3. Best team for Copa and Qualifier 2021
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth C. Romero Otamendi Acuna
    De Paul Paredes Emi Buendai
    Messi Lautaro N. Gonzalez
    Aguero. Sarvia
    Lo celso. Tagliafico
    Palacios. Pezella
    J. Correa. G. Rodriguez
    Di maria.

  4. Marchesín, j.musso and emi martinez
    If one of them don’t start as golie ahead of Armani it will be catastrophe for any arg fan around globe. If cuti Romero and lich martinez don’t start as centre back pairing which I’m sure won’t happen it will be crime against albicelestes fans around the globe if aguaro and di maria make final 23 for copa
    Which is 95% likely to happen It will be massive let down for some arg fans around the world.

        • In last world cup both Aguero and Di Maria played well as far as I know. Aguero became completely different player since Pep Guardiola became coach of Man City and Di Maria played well in CL this season so they deserve spot.

    • Dear Godin,

      Mark my words, in the next game LMQ and Otamendi will be CB pair and Armani will also start.

      It’s not about who is good who is bad. It’s about politics and press. As long as River/Boca players are selected, Scaloni will be safer from Arg press’s criticism. Scaloni is a practical guy.

      It is also possible Scaloni wants to copy Gallardo. This is why he always prefer River players. Much like Batista after 2010. Batista wanted to copy Barcelona, so he always called Gaby Milito even though he was having tough time after coming back from 2 years of injury.

      Cuti Romero and Licha played for lesser clubs of Argentina. So they have no supporter in Arg press. Same case for Emi Martinez. He left Argentina at the age of 17. No ally here at Argentina. No pressure on Scaloni.

      Almost forgot. Buendia is also the victim of same problem. There is a reason Enzo Perez gets in list of 50 players but buendia gets missing. Dirty politics.

      P.S : I do not hate or dislike Argentine league or any local club like Boca or River. I hate the dirty politics and irresponsible press.

      • Dear mafioso
        I absolutely I agree with you for everything you have said but I ask this question to myself Why us fans are victim of this political mess Argentina media I hate Argentina media.
        That is why I have stopped watching thier local league very long time ago don’t get me wrong I love Argentina nt but I hate every bit of Argentine media especially the way they destabilise our beloved albicelestes. I 100% sure if wasn’t local media scaloni won’t call andrada and Armani let it a lone playing them. Add to that if our back line will contain Armani, lmq & otamendi I don’t see us winning copa. again please don’t miss understand me simply arg can’t afford to to play lmq and otamendi together one of them must be dropped for cuti Romero to have very good chance to win for copa.

      • Interestingly enough Buendia is a big River fan himself. But because he hasn’t played there they don’t want him. In the press, there is a big amount of ignorance and amongst some of the fans as well (only some), for instance, I’ve seen people genuinely say, no joke, that Enzo Perez should be an undisputed starter for the national team. The press mirrors what some of the fans believe or brainwashes the fans. Unless you look into European football you wouldn’t know the truth. I hate this media. It’s almost like they want us to lose. They need to take off their club shirts and think about the nation, the people, the pride.

    • every sentence my friend that begin with the word IF it is just theory. we can t know the future and we can t base it with IF.
      i can tell you too dozens with IF. if the one or if the other.
      this is not serious way to look.
      i expect to see the squad of 2019 Copa with 6 or 7 changes.
      this is very logical to do my friend and i support Scaloni on that. he is doing just the basics.
      he take the team that have some chemistry together because he didn t have time to test anything else because pandemic.
      without i want to be rude i realize that a lot of people here don t have idea about football.
      football is not videogames or playstation. you can t just collect football team ONLY because you see in tv one player that perform well in his club or you collect the team based on which country s champioship his club playing.

      anyway i will support the team whoever will play with Albiceleste jersey.
      i expect whoever from 23 Scaloni will choose give everything he have and bleed for our country. i don t predict any disaster or catastroph or winning. i don t know future. i just keep positive feeling and i wait we fight till end for success.

    • if you consider the last interview of Scaloni, seems Aguero won’t be part of the 23 because he just started to play again at club and will probably be short in form. Di Maria may have his chance but not for sure. I think he will take papu, de Paul, Lo Celso, Ocampos for sure. it will be between nico Gonzalez and di maria.

      as I said previously, I don’t see any Argentinean midfielder who can deliver assist like Di Maria.

    • You’ve wanted Aguero Messi and di maria to go since 2015.

      Leaving ADM is more of crime than leaving zanetti and cambiasso at home. Aguero will bounce back quickly, he’s still easily the most clinical 9.

  5. C. Romero, Emi Martinez, Emi Buendai, Juan Foyth and N.Gonzalez must be in the squad as well as in playing eleven. They are going to be deciding factor for Argentina in any condition.
    Argentina has so much talent but they do not use it. Christian Ansaldi is prime example. He should have started ahead of Tagliafico in the last World Cup.I hope Scaloni does not make that kind of mistakes under any kind of pressure.

  6. Lucky point for River today . But when you turn matches post 90 minutes with late goals , you are getting ready for a long run in a knockout tournament like Liberatores. Boca is in risk now of qualifying to knockout round . Looking forward for next week’s Superclassico in local league to see how both them come out after a weak CL round.

    • yesterday we did not play even half of our starters. But still even with starters we sometimes struggle for goals. Ever since we lost Nacho Fernandez everything has become more difficult. Either we do a goleada against a small or struggling club, fail to score against other clubs, or lose. But I believe that we can beat Boca, they will take a winning mentality with them as they do with Superclasicos. Bad news is we will have no Montiel on Sunday.

  7. Lautaro is right to be angry.

    Lautaro played 35 out of 35 possible Serie A matches, but I can’t remember when he played full 90 minutes. This was a inconsequential match, yet Conte brings him in second half then sub him again. Whole season, lautaro played second fiddle to Lukaku, did a lot of defensive work and hardly got any service from midfield.

    I would be angry.

    I said it before, to improve his game and career, lautaro must leave inter and join a team that plays positive football. Everytime I watched inter I felt i was wasting my time. Lautaro should not waste his time at this dreadful team. And this comes from a fan.

    • Non=, the only right he have is to be good on the field and give his best. The reality is Lautaro is not a top world striker for the moment. He is a good player but a little overrated. If he wasnt south american people wouldn’t be so interested by him. Lukaku is the star of the team not him.

      Understand me well, Lautaro is good young and can progress but if he already think he have the right to be angry when his coach think he didnt give his best on the field we have a problem ! When you are young you should take it like a challenge to progress and be more focus, not react like a diva.

  8. guys please be ready emotionally mentally to handle yourself. when scaloni announce his squad for copa I guarantee some of us will be
    Disappointed. To give hints andrada rubbish Kannemann not good enough pezzella is finished can’t run Can’t pass Can’t beat quick enough offsides line if you think I’m joking check most fiorentina goals conceded recently is pezzella fault because couldn’t come out quick offsides traps someone may ask why He played ahead of lmq the answer is simply Beppe Iachini favours pezzella so much even media asked Why he isn’t dropping pezzella he answer no I trusted him totally he siad. another prove lmq we regular under Ceser Prandelli I’m not saying Quarta is without fault But he won’t do worst than otamendi and pezzella that is for sure.Otamendi is big liability

    • Well we cant do much about ot other than support the team. End off the day its Scalonis team. He will select players whom he is comfortable with. Its the same for all coaches. There are various examples infront of us. Anyway. I think our main head ache will be the defence and the Goalkeeping spot. Unfortunately these 2 spots defines any teams chances of winning any tournament. Let see and support.

    • banega had rubbed him so bad during last Europa season. It was hilarious. He fires up fast & forgets also fast. So guess this will be ok from a long term relationship standpoint.

      • Oh man, i remember it was absolutely hilarious.

        For those that missed the Banega v Conte showdown –

    • yes he is lucky to have hakimi and the 2 strikers. in my opinion, he could have played a better quality of football with those players. even simeone less conservative than him.

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