Will he, won’t he: Sergio Aguero will join FC Barcelona


After weeks of constant rumors, Sergio Aguero will finally play for FC Barcelona. Kun will join the Catalan team after Manchester City’s Champions League final, on a 2-year contract that goes until June 2023. According to transfer market specialist Fabrizio Romano, the Argentine lowered his initial salary demands. Nonetheless, there is a bonus included in case Barça wins the Champions League in the future.

It is well known that both Argentine stars, Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi have been close friends for many years. For the first time, they will have the opportunity to play for the same club. Although they have shared many calls-ups to the National Team, they haven’t played much together with the “Albiceleste”. With Kun’s arrival, it now looks certain that Lionel Messi will stay in FC Barcelona.

After Luis Suarez’s less than stellar departure, FC Barcelona have yet to find a proper replacement in the striker position. Coach Ronald Koeman tried with Antoine Griezmann, making him play in a position the Frenchman is not too comfortable in, and Martin Braithwaite. None of them were solutions, besides a general poor level of the team itself. We will see if Sergio Aguero can help FC Barcelona in that part of the field.

Aguero had a fairlytale exit from Manchester City as the Argentine scored twice in his final Premier League match.



  1. If this had happened 3-4 years ago, I might agree it’s a good fit. Aguero will likely be out with leg injuries next year. I don’t think he’s a key piece for a top team, just a luxury item to pull out once in a while. IMO this is a desperation move to keep Messi.

    Selfishly, I hoped Messi to PSG would help gel many pieces of the ARG side before the WC.

  2. I would also say Messi’s transfer is very linked to Mbappe’s move to Real. Initially PSG wants to have both Messi and Mbappe but due to the financial fair play, they can only have 1 of them. Mbappe’s contract ends next summer. So PSG got to sell him if he doesn’t want to renew. Additionally Hazard has been looking for a new club, so Mbappe’s move to Real is highly probable. I guess PSG will come back to Messi with a massive contract(increased wage, long term, easily breakable) to attract him. It’s a shame that Messi couldn’t play with Mbappe, I believe his profile, his position is highly compatible with Messi. In an attack with Messi as right half 9 and Mbappe as left forward, you can beat anyone.

    • It’s a shame PSG would have to move heaven and Earth to get them together at the same time. As much as I prefer Argentinian talent I can’t help but love watching Mbappe. He is a very special player and is a joy to watch play. Messi and him together would have been… otherwordly. As much as Barca has been horrible with transfers recently the Aguero one is very good, not only do they need a guaranteed 20 goal a season striker (at least) but he also is a perfect tool to keep Messi. I’m not one to believe in the idea that Messi controls who gets called up to the NT or that only his friends are called up but certainly Aguero being Messi’s friend played a role in his potential move to Barca. It will likely be one of the factors in him staying there.

  3. Pèp has a very bad history with great players…. He did that to Zlatan, Toure, Hart and now with Aguero…. I hope Aguero will be back at the Etihad and beat him in style….

  4. Kun is going to Barca; the main purpose is to make Messi happy with his teammates after the mistake of Suarez’s sacked to Atl Madrid…it’s denote the apologize for Messi; the big question is on Messi. Will he or won’t he stay at Barca. With the arrival of Kun and maybe new coach; Messi will be comfortable to stay longer as the family already settled nicely at Barcelona

    • I agree. Messi is a family man, he isnt leaving Barca for just money. PSG, especially without Mbappe is not a move up from Barca even in its current poor form. Having Kun takes a lot of pressure off him, and its a friend. Happy kids, happy wife, happy Messi.

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