Rumored Argentina eleven vs. Chile, Emiliano Martinez, Franco Armani


Argentina host Chile on June 3rd in a World Cup qualifier and there’s already a rumored starting eleven that is circulating.

Some rumors have started to emerge in the media in regards to which eleven Lionel Scaloni will be fielding. The coach already has most of his players available, with only Sergio Aguero and Juan Foyth who have yet to join the group.

Based off of individual and group training sessions, TyC have mentioned the following XI as being rumored:

Armani, Montiel/Foyth, Martinez Quarta, Pezzella, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Di Maria; Messi, Lautaro Martinez

It would be a similar line-up to what we have been seeing recently from Scaloni, more specifically the midfield. Angel Di Maria looks to have played his way back into the starting line-up.

The big news, or one that is often the talked about is Franco Armani. Per ESPN, Scaloni might give the chance to both Franco Armani and Emiliano Martinez to start a World Cup qualifier. Armani could start vs. Chile with Martinez playing against Colombia or the other way around.

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  1. I would honestly request to stop playing Armani where there is some world class goalkeepers in the team… emi martinaze, rulli,musso…
    AFA should come out from politics if they want any international tournament…
    Another think along with messi, Demaria should not start because they are both old rather in the Forward line should start with ocumpus, in the left and messi in the right and number nine sticker should be martinaze…Demaria should be replace of messi and kun should be replace of martinaze…
    In the mid parades, lo selso and de paul ……
    Buindia should get a chance as a substitute of de paul or lo selso
    In the defense line acuna should be stopped to playing….
    Tagliafiko, lesendro , pezzalla, fouth…
    There may examined some other player to find out the right combination as it is the most weak position in the team
    In the goalkeepers position it is a must to get a chance emi martinaze to prove or other new compititor or we will find another russia lose against croasia…..
    Argentina should play in 4-3-3 formation as our defence line is weak… because sabela reached final with a weak defence by this formation…

  2. My 11 from goal keeper to striker.. emi… foyth..romero.lisandro..acuna…. de Paul.. parades….. joquain correa…messi…buienda …. latauro…. 4 3 2 1 system

  3. Atletico want to sign De Paul for €20m plus Nehuen Perez, reports Fabrizio Romano. I think this would be a good deal for both parties. N.Perez can grow at Udinese and improve his skills a lot. Hope the deal goes through.

      • It’s €20m plus N.Perez, not only €20m. I think Atleti value Perez at €10m – €15m. Not a bad deal for Udinese, IMO.

        • It is bad deal for Udinese, Nehuen Perez and De Paul are not equal.Udinese wants 40 million,it is like 20 million De Paul 20 million Nehuen Perez. I think Leeds United would be best for De Paul. Leeds and Liverpool are best option for De Paul.

          • If Udinese wants 40 million then this deal is 20 million De Paul and 20 million N. Perez from Atletico point of view.

          • Kevin, generally clubs lower the price of one player to compensate for giving the other player. 20 million is ideal for atletico but Udinese may raise the price 5-10 million. Im assuming this is the first offer where clubs go lower. Perez would be great to see at Udinese

  4. Before all the coaches coming to the Argentina team, everyone has selected one goalkeeper from the Local League. Scaloni thinks Armani is the best goalkeeper in the league. So he always selects Armani.

    Armani is performing well in Copa 2019 at a bad time, saving a penalty at a crucial time to keep the team in the tournament. So Scaloni has repaid his trust for the next two years. And it is not unfair. Because we didn’t have a reliable goalkeeper on that time.

    But now the situation is different. Scaloni and co is not stupid. He will definitely take Emiliano Martinez in the Best 11 and that will definitely be the next match.

    Everyone knows that Emiliano Martinez is now one of the best goalkeeper in the world. Argentina’s best goalkeeper of the moment. And that’s not unknown to Scaloni and co.

    Although you guys not sure if Emi is in the best 11 in the next match, I’m sure. The day before the match and if so, Scaloni will change his mind, and take Eminliano Martinez in the best XI. Vamos Argentina.

  5. I do not believe in the rumored lineup. TyC is not reliable.

    Saying that I understand if someone is disrespectful or Mad with the predicted lineup. We are dealing with such nonsense from decades. Starting with Passarella’s long hair issue, Bielsa’s inability to adapt, Maradona’s insanity, Batista’s incompetence and so on.

    I still remember how local media pressurized Sabella to call Carlos Tevez, the cancer of Seleccion. Sabella did not give in and we saw an united and determined Argentina reach final of wc.

    Remember how Batista’s team was playing well before Copa. They local media pressurized him to select Tevez. He gave in and started him as LW and we almost got eliminated from group stage.

    The local media pressurizes manager to pick their favorite players, the local clubs don’t release their players for nt and youth teams while we haven’t win any senior trophy since 1993. I am not sure what is there to be respectful of?

  6. These are early rumours. I hope there will be changes in the above lineup. Ocampos or Nico gonzalez ahead of Di maria at this stage for the NT for sure. Di maria can be a super sub thats it.

    The Goal keeping rumour also is hard to beleave. Once emiliano starts then only we can beleave it i guess.

  7. If form was the only consideration for the starting 11 – below is what i could think of :
    4-2-3-1 with Messi in a central role & freely floating .

    Emi Martinez
    Foyth – Romero – Lisandro – Acuna
    De Paul – Guido R
    Buendia – Messi – J Correa
    L Martinez

    key subs –
    Dimaria or A Correa – our right wing looks so overloaded
    Ocampos for JCorrea . Ideally Nico G wld have been starter if not injured .

  8. One of my favourite player and midfielder hang up his boots on this week. El Comandante was sublime. De Paul remind me of him alot

    • Could have done without the awful Trance Circa 95-97 music but great video overall. The facilities look great.
      Pissed to not see La Joya there, especially with Alario injured and squad increased to 28.

  9. Don’t know about local politics if armani start over emi, lmq start over Romero , monteil start over foyth then rip argentina football..
    Another dream came to an end 🔚
    Feel bad for messi he always wanted to succeed with argentina but these politics make him everytime sad
    Emi ,Romero ,licha , foyth , buendeia, is in top notch form.. big European club target them for securing good service while argentina bench them ..

  10. It’s clear local media and local politics is running the national team squad. I have never heard from a local media or local supporters asking a question in media or social platform about Emi Martinez. Local media don’t even highlight or mention any good performance from Emi or Romero etc.

    We get what you deserve.

  11. One who is better should get the chance this should be the rule this is the way any team progress. No doubt C. Romero and Emi Martinez are far better,both should start both matches, I do not want to take any nonsense.
    If even after giving performances one does not get the chance it sends bad message to others. Even a 10 year old child knows that Emi Martinez and Romero are better. Argentina manager needs to have some courage in his heart.

  12. If Armani gets the first spot ahead of Emi Martinez based on the “experience thing” then Martinez is in a catch-22 situation. How on earth will he get experience when the coach isn’t willing to give him some time and see how he fares against opponents? The next few days will decide and show us who runs the the NT. If Armani plays as a starter then it’s clear the local media runs the NT. I hope Scaloni proves us wrong.

    • Scaloni et al claim to be pragmatic and objective. There is no reasonable argument to prioritize Armani over Martinez right now. Good point about Catch-22

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