CONMEBOL confirm Copa America will not be in Argentina


CONMEBOL have confirmed that the Copa America will not be held in Argentina.

A decision has been made after days and weeks of speculation. While the Copa America was initially supposed to be held in both Colombia and Argentina, Colombia had to drop out of being the host due to social and COVID problems in the country.

That left Argentina as potential hosts for the tournament. A final decision was expected on Monday but CONMEBOL announced it through Twitter that the Copa won’t be held in Argentina and that they are looking at other countries as potential hosts.

There have been rumors of Chile and even the United States as potential hosts.


  1. Cristian Romero just won Serie A BEST DEFENDER award! Congrats!

    This comes conveniently as he’s training with the NT and looking for his debut

    • Wow now there is no reason to start Pezella or LMQ ahead of Cristian Romero. Not anything against both LMQ and Pezella but C. Romero is better for Argentina.
      Center Back Ranking should be-
      1 C. Romero
      2 Otamendi
      3 Palomino
      4 Pezella
      5 LMQ

  2. Luca Romero 1.65 cm
    Sarmiento 1.67 cm
    Zebalos 1.69 cm
    Thiago Almada 1.71 cm
    De la vega 1.72 cm
    Barco 1.67 cm
    Alan velasco 1.67 cm
    Urzi 1.67

    I don’t understand, is the sperm of Argentine men getting sicker and weaker day by day? In order to improve in modern football, the height along with the talent of the players is very important specially when it comes to Europe. Not everyone is born with the talent like Messi or Kante.

    You can be Lucas Romero, You Can be Bustos, You can be Ascacibar, You can be Leonel Miranda only if you have average talent and skill, but you can be Guido Rodriguez if you have average Talent, average skill, and height with him.

  3. I still have hope that it will happen in another country.
    An emergency meeting is being held today, so probably we will find out in the next hours.

    It’s a shame we couldn’t play it in Argentina, but it’s the sensible thing to do in this situation. Although it took way too long to reach this conclusion…

    CONMEBOL wants to keep the tournament in South America, so either Chile or Paraguay. If not, then USA, and if none are possible they will cancel it

  4. There goes Messi’s last chance to win a national trophy with Argentina.

    Of course, there is WC next year, but the odds of Argentina winning that are not that high, especially since European teams seem to be stacked, especially France and Germany.

    Argentina’s greatest ( or second greatest atleast) will end his career without a trophy for Argentina.? What a tragedy, if that happens.

  5. I don’t think it will be cancelled. Too much money involved when you are going though a pandemic. Each Federation will receive 3 million, winner gets 10 millions. They would like to add fans to stadium.

  6. 1.luka romero(16)
    2.thiago almada (20)
    3.dario sarmiento(18)
    4.exequil zeballas(19)
    5.alexandro bernabei(20)
    6.federico girotti(21)
    7.matias palacios(19)
    8.pedro de la vega(20)
    9.fausto vera(21)
    10.benzamin garre(20)
    11.luca orellano(21)
    12.julian alvarez

    argentina overwhelming talent in central midfield and right wings . why there is no crowd in the other position… luka romero , thiago almada occupy the central same position,, dario sarmiento,exequiel zeballea,matias pallacious occupy right wings..

    • Luka Romero AM, RW, Thiago Almada AM, LW, Sarmiento RW, Zeballos RW, LW, Girotti CF, Bernabei LB, Matias Palacios AM, De la Vega RW, LW, Vera DM, Garre LW, RW, Orellano RW, Julian Alvarez SS, LW Chancalay SS, LW Barco AM, LW, Alan Velasco LW, Urzi LW, RW…so primilarly role mainly in left side: Thiago Almada, Barco, Alan Velasco, Urzi plus Zeballos, De la Vega Garre, Chancalay could play there.

      • you are talking about mixture of position, there is overwhelming talent in final third which is good but what happens to defensive part specially defensive midfield.. left side of mid and both wing backs… only bernabei seems to be class in that lb area

        • Too early to judge…Almendra ZM, Varela DM/ZM, Medina ZM starting trio from Boca, Sforza from Newells DM/ZM, Alcaraz from Racing ZM, David Ayala DM from Estudiantes.

  7. Sad news. There is almost no time left to shift it to somewhere else. Countries with high vaccination % are UK, USA, Israel and Chile.

    If they cancel it, Messi, Aguero and Di Maria will have already played their last copa. They won’t participate in 2024.

    • Wow. This one hits hard. Didn’t really think it that way.

      This was Messi’s best chance of winning a trophy with national team. Especially with Argentina being the hosts.

      Chances of Argentina winning 2022 are average or below average. Hope we can win that one though.

      This means, One of Argentina’s greatest player( arguably the greatest, surely in top 2) will end his career without winning a trophy for Argentina.

  8. It looks like France is the most devastating team. Europe is not ready for Mbappe, Benzema and Griezaman trio in attack.
    France has Pogba,Kante and Rabiot in midfield.
    In defence there is Varane,Kimpbane,Pavard and Lucas Hernandez. For me Lucas Hernandez is the best defender in the world for right now.
    One can assume that player like Theo Hernandez is not even included in the France squad. France is over flowing with talented player.

  9. Conmebol please start the Copa America if in every country domestic league are happening why not International tournaments.

  10. There are so many countries that play football including my own yet I am drawn to LA Albiceleste, week after bloody week, year after bloody year only to be letdown by an inept striker or an incredibly idiotic football association incapable of doing their job. Yet I will come back here, watch every match that somehow manages to be played inspite of the best efforts of AFA to make sure the team gets as little playtime as possible,, an association who show less than 1% of the passion in this team than a non-Argentine like me does.

  11. Now there are rumours that they are planning to cancel the copa… Thank you conmebol for destroying our dreams.. You only know to fucking postpone and fucking cancel while uefa is conducting friendlies and other matches for fun… Conmebol is nothing but a joke

  12. What a cursed country I support.
    Cant even host a tournament properly, its completely political you can see it.

    Even if the copa happens now (which looks unlikely) do you think this team can recover from the sudden shock of not playing copa on home soil?

    • These whole c19 crap has always been 99,9% politics. Enjoy the goverment show where they act like they actually care about everyone’s life😆😆

  13. US would be preferable but all of our players have to travel there in the next few days although I don’t want it in Chile. Argentina to US is a draining one. Can’t believe it took this long to reach a conclusion. Anyone that may have a better idea of the situation in Argentina, what is the difference with not playing it in Argentina if there are no fans in stadiums anyway?

    • With the MLS session ongoing & assuming copa will need atleast 8-10 independent venues, US can end up being a logistic nightmare at such short notice. Chile/ paraguay i assume are all sea level altitude & maybe thats where the cup should happen. Anyway without crowds in stadium , i dont think hosts anyway had any advantage. So guess we shld be ok. But with CONEMBOL inefficiency cant rule out the whole tournament being scrapped or postponed.

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