Emiliano Martinez, Franco Armani in goal for Argentina during training


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni tinkered with twelve players in training with both Emiliano Martinez and Franco Armani playing.

Lionel Scaloni made some changes to the team during training on Monday. Both Emiliano Martinez and Franco Armani trained with the team as Scaloni appears to have made some changes to the left side of the pitch.

Armani and Martinez; Foyth, Martinez Quarta, Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez; De Paul, Paredes, Acuña; Ocampos, Lautaro, Messi

Marcos Acuña and Lucas Ocampos came in for Angel Di Maria and Gio Lo Celso as the pair were rumored to be starting vs. Chile on Thursday. Lisandro Martinez was also in place of Nicolas Tagliafico. On the right side, Foyth got the start ahead of Montiel.


  1. scaloni making fun of us. How on earth he did not select C.Romero in the starting line up. Serie-A best defender seating on bench & A Avarege Team’s ( Fio) bench warmer player play instead of him ….If the Scaloni bring the defence then we have to be ready for another disappointment. Sorry I’m not hater of LMQ or pezzala but C. Romero deserve the spot in the starting lineup in my point of view…🇮🇳🇦🇷

    • Because quarta and pezella play every week together. They have chemistry. This is a big factor. I support the idea. Bring in a new CB against a weaker opponent.

  2. I think this can be played as a 3-5-2 too.

    LMQ, Pezella, Foyth as back 3
    Acuna, Ocampos as wing backs to provide width.
    Lisandro, Paredes, De Paul midfield
    Messi, Lautaro up front.

    If not, I don’t see any reason to go for acuna and Lisandro over Tagliafico.

    Tagliafico is a solid player and a leader. But Acuna is in the 11 for width and Lisandro as a DM perhaps. Tagliafico can only play as a LB.

    • I would like you to be respectful to the coach guys … Cuti wasn’t in the team. This is his first call, the coach has to go first with players that have experience in the team… The qualifiers are still a battle we have to be very cautious. Believe me guys if Cuti plays another season like that he will force himself in the start 11…. More respect to the coach guys.

  3. This looks a better lineup compared to the rumoured one before. Ocampos would be defenitly a better option over Di Maria.While Lo Celso is a better player for sure but Acuna wont be a bad option instead of Lo Celso. He would give better width in the left side compared to Lo Celso. The defencive line looks good too. Lisandro over Tagliafico is not bad. But i would prefer Tagliafico always where as Lisandro should be played as left side CB.

  4. So that means Mid will be… Parades de Paul lo celso
    Attacker. Lautaro messi Di Maria. Foyth R.B… THTS GOOD. BUT DON’T WANT

  5. I can understand why Scaloni used Acuna and Ocampos on each side so that De Paul can play in a more axial position, which is his favorite position and all of them can cover Paredes and can free Messi from defensive tasks. It’s a quite balanced 442. I think the reason he used Lisandro Martinez as left back because Pezzella is slow and he wants a left back who can cover him if necessary. That’s the price to have Paredes and Pezzella in the 11 ….

    To me, our top players of this season are Emi Martinez, Romero, De Paul, Buendia, Messi and Lautaro. All of them should be in the 11 and play in their favorite position. So I would replace Quarta by Romero and Ocampos by Buendia.

  6. I always said Lisandro Martinez should start ahead of Tagliafico in Left Back role. But I do not like Acuna in midfield. For Lo celso’s substitution, Emi Buendai or Papu Gomez should be choosen.Marcos Acuna is very good Left Back he should play in only that position.

  7. My favorite player who will never let us down are Messi, Emi Martinez, Juan Foyth,Aguero,Emi Buendai, De Paul, C. Romero, Paredes,G. Rodriguez and N.Gonzalez. I am sure they will always perform in any circumstances.

    • That will be great news…. With 5 subs… Dybala should be there to make difference…. Di Maria+dybala at left side… Messi more central role

    • At least he will be at disposition then although I doubt he’ll start for now at least. I thought his exclusion was a bad decision

      • Its good he is in training.. what keeps him from starting is his work rate defensively. As long as Messi is playing, everyone else must hustle. Same as when we had Riquelme.

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