Sergio Aguero: “If organizing the tournament in Brazil is complicated, then we cannot play in Brazil”


Sergio Aguero arrived this morning in Ezeiza and had the kindness of stopping a few minutes to talk with the Argentine press. He spoke about coming to Barcelona to play along with Lionel Messi, Copa America in Brazil, and the national team.

Here is what “Kun” had to say regarding the Copa America:

“If organizing the tournament in Brazil is complicated, then we cannot play in Brazil.

“It is clear that we are not having a good time here (in Argentina) and I think it is a very correct decision by Conmebol not to play it here. We want to play, but we have to find a suitable place to organize the tournament.”

With this statement, Sergio Aguero is the first player to speak out against Brazil hosting Copa America. Argentine journalist Sebastián Vignolo said this Monday on ESPN F90 that some important players from different national teams are thinking of together speaking out against the designation of Brazil as the new host.

The news caught everyone by surprise and, as stated in a previous article (Copa America in Brazil: Possible venues, current sanitary situation, Argentina reaction | Mundo Albiceleste), Brazil’s current Covid-19 situation is as bad as Argentina’s. A possible reaction of the greatest stars from the national teams could be extremely decisive for the realization of Copa America in Brazil.

About his recent arrival in FC Barcelona, this is what Aguero had to say:

“I am very happy. It is a new challenge for me, I hope I can enjoy it.

“I always talk with him (Messi), but I can’t say what we talk about. Secret, heh. First he has to sign his contract, let’s see what he’s going to do. Obviously, I would like to play along with him.”

Kun Aguero will shortly join the national team. With this, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will have all the players at his disposal.


  1. […] Sergio Aguero arrived this morning in Ezeiza and had the kindness of stopping a few minutes to talk with the Argentine press. He spoke about coming to Barcelona to play along with Lionel Messi, Copa America in Brazil, and the national team. Here is what “Kun” had to say regarding the Copa America: “If organizing the tournament in Brazil is complicated, then we cannot play in Brazil. “It is clear that we are not having a good time here (in Argentina) and I think it is a […] Sergio Aguero: “If organizing the tournament in Brazil is complicated, then we cannot play in Braz… […]

  2. off-topic, so there is someone else who is writing reports in this blog along with Roy Neymar…this is the first time I noticed that since 2013/2014, maybe a couple of years ago some other author(a lady journalist) wrote a blog about Paulo Gazzaniga as far as I remember, hoped she would continue with more contents, I guess she didn’t…

    BTW, thanks, all the authors(Roy, godoy and others if there are any) for writing these blogs, providing the news and contents and thank you to all the commenters for keeping this blog(my fav) alive and keeping it interesting…..though I don’t comment regularly, I read this blog regularly, Appreciate you guys a lot….. May God bless you all in this tough time… Thanks again

  3. Well, improvements are being seen with the possibility of Emi starting and Lisandro playing (although his position may not be ideal), but Cristian Romero is the next person that has to be incorporated ASAP. I know Pezzella and Martinez Quarta have chemistry but when you compare their performances to Romero’s there is such a great disparity I don’t think the lack of chemistry can even outweigh it. Just my opinion. It almost looks like not calling up Romero in the last two rounds of qualifiers, at the very least to train with the team, is coming back to bite us. About Emi though I almost feel like I have to pinch myself because to have a almost unknown goalkeeper come out of nowhere to become the best in the PREMIER LEAGUE is just insane and inconceivable when you look a year or two back. If only we had the same type of rise with a RB. My biggest nightmare is his first performance is bad and then Scaloni ignores him even though we know just how good he is. Anyway here is my preferred lineup for qualifiers and Copa
    De Paul-Paredes-Lo Celso
    I have said this lineup before but I want to put it out there since we are so close. Some extra notes is that we could play Montiel in more attacking games and I would like to see Molina come off the bench on some game at the end to slowly test the waters and see what we think. It is too soon to fully incorporate him and we don’t want so much change since we already are (hopefully) incorporating new center backs and goalkeeper. There may be questions about having a strike partnership since two of our best ones (Aguero and Dybala) have had fitness issues and may not be at their best, so if we are to play two strikers the overall quality may drop. I guess you could opt with another narrow formation with Ocampos or maybe entirely switch to a 4-3-3 with Gonzalez as well. If Aguero looks better soon and Dybala comes back to the squad and possibly looks good than this would be pretty strong. That is all just an if though. About the LB I like Tagliafico but it is impossible to ignore Acuna’s good form with Sevilla. Either one would work depending on tactics. Also at some point in an easier game I would like to see Buendia get a few minutes off the bench (maybe 70 minute sub) and see what he can do.

    • Nice line-up, the only change I would make is replace Lo-celso with Acuna and play Tagliafico in his regular position. He is the best LB we have got!! Lo-celso is only effective if he is closer to the goal, he could be liability if played at a deep midfield position.

      • Tagliafico is not best Left Back at his place Lidandro Martinez is better. No small height player at CB position. Lisandro is good in providing crosses and chip balls so he is good suited for Left Back role.

    • Great line up, possibly the best. Spot on with Acuna and Romero.

      I know many prefer Messi as 2nd striker but we get the best out of his attacking and playmaking skills with 2 attackers ahead. And with killers like Aguero, Martinez, Dybala hugging the line, it forces opponents to play more conservative.

      We do have impressive subs and starter alternatives with Correa, Ocampos, Di Maria, Nico, Gomez. All these guys are capable of impacting the game.

      • Yep chori, watching Barcelona this season I think at the moment we can get more out of Messi with a creative role and with freedom. We have many that can play as strikers and second strikers so it makes the most sense. And yes against Chile with the new confirmed lineup there is still room for a lot of really good subs that can be interesting to see

  4. Tuesday nights training line up

    Molina, Romero, Martínez Quarta, Tagliafico;
    De Paul, Paredes, Ocampos;
    Messi, Lautaro Martínez y Di María.

    • come on, di maria on the left wing is a nightmare…ideal if we replace him with someone else… or he plays in the right side as a mid…like 4-4-2….. I would like to replace Molina with foyth as he is in great form and introduce Molina as a sub… Ocampos is a big no for me if Angel is in the squad… lo celso in for ocampos

  5. In the last Copa in Brazil 2 years ago, There were major issues of pitch quality addressed by messi and scaloni,
    Does anyone has idea about the pitch conditions, Are they better this time?

  6. Argentina should Start that XI
    Emi, Foyth,Romero, pezella,Acuna
    De Paul, parades, Lo celso, Messi, Lautaro, Ocampus,
    It could easyli convert 433 to 343.Di maria is not good at left wing

  7. Brazil just committed, their president just made a statement a few hours ago defending his decision to hold the cup.
    I’m happy, not that it’s in Brazil…. I’m happy that the tournament is happening period. I have no doubt we are going to win this tournament, whether it’s held in Brazil, Austria or Timbuktu. We have a midfield finally and of course we have Messi for this tournament and the world cup.

    • NO if every goals againts Brazil will be VAR’ed and if they claim Messi has c19 when we’re about to play them or a final. Brazil is Fifa & conmebol lovechild.

      If we play them , it will be same scenario. They could foul Argentina freely. In 2007 final, Brazil committed 45 fouls , averaging 1 foul per 2 minutes and conmebol ref NEVER send them off. Rojo tackled didnt make contact in 2015 and he was sent off.

      Now another tourney in Brazil, you expect a better refereeing? Not a chance.

  8. C. Romero should play one of the two match.C.Romero is too good to be benched. Pezella and Quarta Martinez were not good in Fiorentina last season. C. Romero deserves his place he is far better than Pezella and Quarta Martinez.
    Brazil should come up with good grounds this time, they are earning millions of dollars but provides shitty ground to play. We do not want bumpy surfaces on the ground.

  9. As much as I hate to see Brazil getting to host back to back Copa it is still better than the whole competition getting cancelled!! This is Messi’s second last chance to win any silverware for the national team.

    • Emi must start, He’s one of the best keepers in the premier league…Shouldn’t even be close…At the very least he deserves a chance. Cuti sitting out is also laughable…Argentina is in 2nd place early in the qualifiers, What better time to try to integrate young, in form players to the squad? Ami missing something or is AFA such a mafia that there is no point in even having a coach…I really like this crop of players…Don’t blow it Scaloni

  10. Lets focus on the two games for now. Things are so unpredictable these days. You don’t know what is going to happen next week. I will be super happy if Emi starts over Armani and has a good game. Aguero and Messi together is also good news. May be there is a last dance.

    I don’t care so much about where Copa will be played. If you want to be a champion, you have to able to win in worst conditions and against toughest opponents. Bring it on!!!

    Good luck to us, lets secure couple of wins in WCQ!!! Good days are coming!!!

    • I am not sure if that is allowed or not, but in my opinion what is allowed in Copa should also be allowed in WCQ considering the current situation.

  11. Infobae reports that Scaloni and Samuel met and sat down with Luis Enrique, Marco Rose, and Mauricio Pochettino to discuss and exchange views about football. They also tried to meet with Bielsa but the Pandemic prevented them from travelling to England.

    • Scaloni is very smart and open minded guy as we can see through his selection of players. He looks like he is getting right as time goes
      Yh all those manager are highly rated
      Scaloni says good thing about luis Enrique all the time, obviously he is good mate with pochettino too.
      Hopefully he will meet bielse as copa champion later in the summer.

  12. The article is in Spanish so hopefully everyone can read and understand it but it looks like Scaloni finally made the decision to put Emi in net. He could no longer ignored…Only a maniac would start Armani over Martinez

  13. Scaloni decided Emi martinez will be the first choice goalkeeper against both chile and colombia…
    Still no Cristiano Romero…

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