Copa America in Brazil: Possible venues, current sanitary situation, Argentina reaction


With the Brasileirao in progress, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Recife, Natal, and Rio de Janeiro, with the latter one hosting the final, would be the venues of Copa America 2021, per a report by TyC Sports. Being the country with the most Covid deaths in Latin America, Brazil’s current sanitary situation is not better than Argentina’s.

According to the New York Times Coronavirus database, an average of 61,695 cases per day were reported in Brazil in the last week. Cases have decreased by 2 percent from the average two weeks ago, while deaths have decreased by 4 percent.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 13 residents have been infected, a total of 16,515,120 reported cases. At least 1 in 457 residents have died from the coronavirus, a total of 461,931 deaths. March 2021 was the worst month for cases, while April 2021 was the worst month for deaths in Brazil.

The main difference regarding Covid between Argentina and Brazil would be that in the latter, cases and deaths seem to be lowering; while in Argentina, infections have risen since last week, despite the restrictive measures taken by the government. But actually, the main difference is political: Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro doesn’t care about hosting a Copa America in this context.

As it happened to almost everybody, this morning’s news caught the Argentina National team by surprise, per a report by Mariano Antico in TyC Sports. If Argentina was the candidate to win the cup when it was going to be played in the country, now it’s clearly Brazil who are the favorites to raise the trophy, as they did 2 years ago.


  1. As for Covid, its simple. EVERY country which has gone into heavy lockdowns DELAYS infections, the delay causes them to have a much slower but also longer spike in infections, and also a much slower decrease in mortality.

    The counter approach is to not have lock downs, hopefully protect your moat vulnerable (elderly, hospitals, etc) and let the infections hit the population quicker, which leads to an initial spike in infectons, but then natural immuntiy and vaccinated immunity kick in fast and the disease looses host options quickly and fades quickly, its dramatic but less prolonged.

    That is what ia happening in Brasil vs Argentina, amd likewise between US states like Florida + Texas vs California + NY.

    Politics ulitmately decides the tactic used. Bolsonaro is a hands off, business first, “right” politician and has let the fire burn.. while Argentina is being locked down brutally by a micromananaging, ehi cares about the economy, “left” puppet of Cristina Fernández.

    Both goverments are totally corrupt, both shit the bed and could have done much better. But as for futbol and business, Brasil is the forward looking economy, and here we are. Copa in Brasil.

    Really it doesnt matter, no fans in stadiums means its a bubble and there is equal risk in any location.

    As long as they dont cancel it they could play it in a stadium full of brits and germans and i would care less.

    Fuerza Argentina!

  2. Absurd decision by CONMEBOL… Ok Argentina is currently a bit worse off with covid, but it’s still very bad in Brazil. It’s a big fuck you to everything and everyone by Bolsonaro and CONMEBOL.

    Have they announced if fans are allowed?
    Assuming empty stadiums, we no longer have that disadvantage along with the pressure of hosting. We’ll also have an even bigger motive to win. They have stolen enough and will try again with bribes and VAR. We will simply have to perform to win, like football should be.
    Lifting the trophy in Maracana would be epic!

  3. While all the Hoopla’s is going on with the Copa America the Europeans are gonna smoothly organize the Euros. SMH. While we don’t care but whose gonna win that, Belgium, England, Portugal, France are likely gonna win I guess. While I hate all 4 of those, would rather like Italy or even Germany to win.

    Off the Topic, the next Ballon d’Or looks like any bodies now, at this stage there is clamor even to give Kante the Ballon d’Or 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦. While he is a great player, I don’t think he should win it, if not Messi then it should be Lewandowski. Unless Messi don’t put on a show in the Copa. I don’t think he can win it. It will go to a European player who wins the Euro Cup. There is discrimination everywhere in all fields between the rich and poor.

  4. But how could Brazil host tho, how?? 😂😂it’s one of the most horrible countries when it comes to COVID and the tournament is moved there? I mean are you fucking kidding me? Conmebol leadership is a joke. And no, it doesn’t matter that much who actually made the decision, whether it came from Argentina or not, but the fact that it is COVID related and some people think it wise to hold it in Brazil is pathetic. No care whatsoever for people, none. And The Brazilian Président is really pathetic. Unbelievable.

  5. It would be more honorable to lift the trophy at the Maracana Stadium in Brazil than to lift the champion trophy at home. Brazil will not try to become champions by stealing twice in a row. So no worries, we will lift the trophy in Maracana. Vamos Argentina

  6. Cristian Romero Serie A MVP defender. Imagine if Scaloni selects Pezzela or Otamendi over him 😂😂🤣😭

        • LMQ is setting out in his club because of bad form… He performed well for us when he played… But Romero has to be in 11… He just won seria A best defender.

        • This cannot be under estimated. Having players together, ESPECIALLY CENTERBACKS, that play weekly together is huge. The eise thing to do is to play them, and to introduce new CB after a few training sessions and as a late sub in a game we are winning. Let them get used to each other, especially if you put a player in a position or system different from club

  7. For folks in South America , is the Brazil decision final? Saw in twitter some time back that Brazil Chief of Staff gave a conflicting view. With so much pressure on govt on covid management – will Brazil end up backing out ? Is there more drama round the corner. Another venue iteration may effectively get tournament cancelled.

  8. If Argentina is too much worried about defence then this line up can be used-
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. G. Rodriguez. Paredes
    Messi. Aguero. N. Gonzalez
    G. Rodriguez is solid in break up play and in recovering ball.His big body posture and speed will help Argentina immensely. His long shots on goal are great,his passing is good and he just bullies the opposition players.G. Rodriguez is perfect for defensive midfield

    • Team needs ballance in defence creativity speed work rate and chemistry. Of course defence is most important

  9. I don’t know how much of the negativity against Brazil or Conmebol in this forum is justified (on this topic), as it suggests from some sources that Argentina pulled themselves out at the last minute- for justified reasons. But, I think AFA owes an explanation to the Argentinians of what exactly happened that they are no longer organizing the tournament. This will at least clear the water. Did AFA make any such attempt?

    • No justified reasons, Argentina has been BRUTAL with their lockdowns and they did not work, on fact they did amongst the worst globally. This is 100% political control and security theater.

  10. It should been handed to Chile or USA. Now looks like it might get cancelled. Such a shitty organisation is CONMEBOL. CORRUPT as fuck

  11. Will be used VAR in Copa? I hope so, Brazil wont dare to hack it again, would be too obvious, still much better with VAR than without it. Who will controll Covid-tests? I dont trust in their results at all, in extremis they will send covid peoples to infect our players. (to the hotel, into food etc.)

    • The real danger not to play there in empty stadiums, but the cheatings with covid. There will be a lot of missing players for us mark my words (in the most important moments).

    • So much negativity in Argentina fans towards Brazil. At least they are capable to organise Copa America unlike Argentina.

  12. Hugo lloris
    pavard varane kimbampe hernandez
    dembele kante pogba koman
    griezman mbappe

    french team a terrific squad of talent.. and its bench is also terrific . with the like of
    baundia depaul paredes locelso/j.correa/ocampos
    messi nico/lautaro argentina final third not bad but interms of pace they will be way behind french final third, each player is speedstar in french team. dembele,coman,mbappe they are like usain bolt for french team.. but argentina defence is behind then french team..

    • They have the best team on the paper, I watched their training session yesterday and very impressed by their players, they played in 1 touch, they attack and defend together with aggressive pressing. You mentioned pace but those players are not just fast, they are fast in their head which is more important. Argentina should learn from those top European teams for the next world cup.

  13. Apparently Varzil still not confirm yet. They throw some conditions to Conmebol and will be officially known on Tuesday. Not looking good.

  14. All the anger aside I now worry for players health in Varzil. I don’t trust them at all. They will do some dodgy test or whatever to prevent us from winning it. Anyway let’s see what happens.

  15. Honestly, i have been watching our beloved team regularly at about three decades now, i have seen many, too many times, the corruption and favouritism that the shitty yellow team can bring on, i could even say that regardless speaking about a club team or a national team, i can say that the yellow team is the most corrupted team i have ever seen! However, my mind couldn’t even imagine that scenario! It has nothing to do with Argentina politics here! To me, it has to do with the decision of somehow Brazil, out of nowhere will be the hosts again!

    I mean, think about it, we were expecting a copa america in Argentina and all of a sudden Brazil, out of nowhere are the hosts again!

    I never lose my faith and hope but lets be realistic here! They will do everything they can to rob us, cheat and robe the trophy again no matter how obvious their corruption will be! It is almost impossible for us to win it there! We have to face corruption and dirty politics here, these are our rivals, not Brazil! Brazil alone, doesn’t scare me at all!

    Brazil runs conmebol, the extent of corruption makes me sick, what a disgrace really!

    • my friend Argentine goverment for me don t have any fault. Despite what the people saying last days in meeting with Conmebol Argentine goverment asked from them strict health protocols about covid. the reason is more than clear and our president did well. football is not come first than people health. Brasil president have different opinion. ok what we can do.
      Argentine president didn t say to them “we don t want to host Copa”. he said “we want strict health rules because covid condition in our country this days is very bad”.
      what Conmebol did after that? less than a week later they give to host Copa to Brasil.
      i don t know if they just needed to find an excuse to do what they did but anyway i don t care. Now it is time to give them a lesson. if Messi and our players want to be remembered forever for win maybe the most special Copa america we ever won in our history then NOW is their GOLDEN CHANCE. Now or never as people saying. who is afraid better stay at home. who has the Argentine fight spirit make his bags and travel in Brasil for eternal glory. they choose.


      • My friend, i don’t blame Argentine government. I just think that for once again, it is scandalous to say the least that finally and all of a sudden Brazil will host it again. Simple as that!

        It is not bad if someone is afraid my friend! I am afraid that they will use their dirty politics to stop us again! What i believe is bad, is to give up! I believe that our team and our players will not give up and as for myself, as much as “impossible” it seems to me to beat corruption, i never lose hope, i keep the faith and keep on loving Albiceleste!

  16. Our players will have to fight HARD. To overcome the imminent robberies and to finish the business in Brazil, and also for Maradona. They have to show the fighting spirit of warriors that for example River showed in Colombia a couple of weeks ago.

    • Personally i think it more cold and i believe they just give us bigger motive and less stress.
      it is not so bad. robberies can be anyhow in any country. stadiums will not be full like 2019 so why not my friend. i trust our team and i believe in them. as about fighting spirit don t worry my friend. every Argentine has it in his dna.

  17. Agreed, this decision was taken by Argentina government to not host. Brazil didn’t take it away… Argentina refused it at last second, and I feel that it’s a good and ethical decision by Argentina.. and a responsible one.
    Brazil government and police don’t care about citizens. Remember the world cup, half of Brazil was protesting about poverty and human rights while Brazil was building billion dollar stadiums.
    I would have rather had it in the united states, but no worries, I am confident Argentina takes this cup home after the long wait.

    • But who decided for Brazil to do it though? I understand Argentina has reasons to not host it but who decided it must go to Brazil if it is so bad there?

  18. i will not say lie that i wasn t surprised with the news. But i will not blame Argentine goverment that wanted specific strict health protocols about covid. football is not more important than health.
    Conmebol saved from the country that his president saying that covid is just a flu.
    ok by me. we have unfinished business with them. once (2014) they escape. twice (2019) they escaped. this time revenge will come. they give us some extra motive. not that it was needed but now we have much more motive.

  19. I don’t think the venue has been changed without an agreement with Argentina, who was scheduled to host it originally. As much as we cry off corruption, without Argentina’s agreement, it just can’t happen at a professional level. Argentina has more burning things to tackle right now then funneling resources to organize a tournament. We should be happy that at least the tournament isn’t postponed.

    Having Brazil hosting it doesn’t mean that we can’t win it; rather it means that we have to now fight harder and against bigger odds. Remember that we needed this tournament also to build a team. We are still in team building process- need to incorporate Emi, Romero, Lisandro, and Buendia, to name a few. It is more important to build a team for Qater than having a tournament in Argentina soil.

    Maybe, no one else than Brazil was interested to host the tournament at this stage. USA has no incentive to host the tournament, especially during Covid and at such a late stage. Chili, Paraguay could have hosted it but not in a short notice. Sad but true that only Brazil may have the capacity to arrange it in such a short notice.

    So, let’s not cry foul, rather talk about the team and enjoy the tournament. At least that the uncertainty has abated and the tournament is acutely happening.

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