Aston Villa reportedly bid 35 million for Emiliano Buendia


Aston Villa are reportedly in advanced negotiations with Norwich City in signing Emiliano Buendia.

The Argentina man has been linked with several clubs since the end of the season, two of which are from the Premier League. Per a tweet by Cesar Luis Merlo, Aston Villa would sign him for €35 million. Arsenal were interested in signing him but no official offer has been made by the club.

Emiliano Buendia was named as the MVP of the Championship as he finished with 15 goals and 17 assists in 39 matches. Buendia is presently with the Argentina national team as they prepare for their second World Cup qualifying match of the month where they will play Colombia on Tuesday.



  1. I was watching fernando rodondo video on YouTube. I realised Paredes is no where near him. Unfortunately Battaglia is injured and Guido is slow. Paredes is the only option we have. Very unfortunate argentina can not produce top class CDM these days like rodondo, mascherano

  2. i think paredes is a big big liability. his contribution is close to zero to me. paredes along with 2 defensive fullbacks is making the team slow and predictable. so our forwards lack option and find themselves in one vs one situations which results in losing both possession and conceding goals.


    molina/foyth romero palomino acuna

    de paul/a.correa locelso palacios nico gonzalez /buendia

    messi lautaro/alario/j.correa

    . look at chelsea , and there is so much to learn .football hit and run. its 2021 time for paredes and static fullbacks days are gone by .all good teams attacks with fullback.only present argentina team sucks at that.

  3. Emi is an incredible player and he has a bright future ahead of him, I would love to see him with Klopp at Liverpool but he’d have to sub for Salah for atleast a season. Aston Villa is a solid club and would’ve been fighting for top 6 atleast if it wasn’t for Grealish’s injury, if Buendia goes there he’ll have an important role and if Grealish stays Aston Villa can become a real power.

    Ok I just watched the Chile match (late I know, been busy) and here are my thoughts:

    – The match was exactly as I expected, rough and tumble with Argentina looking disjointed, which is understandable considering how little they’ve played together during the last year.

    – Tucu Romero, Emi Martinez, Julian Alvarez all making their debuts! When was the last time that 3 players made their debut in a competitive match for Argentina? Anyone know? I’ll bet it’s been a long, LONG time.
    Tucu did really well, he had one world class tackle and a wonderful interception but in all honesty the defense didn’t have much to do.
    Licha had a few nice touches but again not much to do, same goes with Emi.
    J.Alvarez had a very solid mini debut and he created a solid chance for Lautaro but I have to wonder why Buendia wasn’t included.

    – Some of you are saying that De Paul isn’t as good for the NT as he is at club and ‘Leandro’ just explained it in a post below, Rodrigo has to cover for Messi’s – and to a lesser extent – Paredes’s lack of hustle. At Udinese De Paul has other players doing the defensive work while he takes care of creativity. De Paul is a world class footballer without a doubt, he is THE no.1 most creative player in europe (that’s right, NUMBER #1!!!) with most clear cut chances created in all top 5 leagues, but sadly at the NT he is reduced to doing the defensive dirty work, hence you won’t see him as the powerhouse creative player that he is.
    One solution to this problem is to have him play on the left side of a midfield 4 where he has the left back helping out defensively while he cuts from the inside (mirror image to Messi) and shoot/cross with his right kinda like this:


    —De Paul————–Paredes—————————-Celso—————Ocampos/Buendia

    – Scaloni’s line up was way off, Ocampos playing left midfield (kinda like what Sabella did with Dimaria) doesn’t work because A. Ocampos is not a midfield player and B. Chile sat back so Argentina couldn’t counter. Ocampos is a quality player despite his so-so season with Sevilla but to get the best out of him he should be played up top where Dimaria was playing and Angel should’ve been on the bench.
    Speaking of Maria, yeah it was a sadly another disappointing performance for him but it should be very clear by now that his position is on the right not the left and he should be a supersub not a starter, where he gets unleashed during the last 25 mins of the game where he tortures tired, opposing defenses with his speed.
    If Scaloni feels the need to start Maria it should be either as a right forward with Messi being the false 9 or a RFW instead of Messi incase Lio needs to be rested.

    – Against Colombia I would suggest that Maria gets benched and Ocampos is put in his stead, Papu then takes Ocampos’s place at left midfield while Acuna takes Tagliafico’s place at left back with Licha taking Quarta’s place next to Romero and Molina at RB (Foyth is not a fullback as I said many times before):


    ———–Papu——————–Paredes———————De Paul————-



    Argentina’s biggest issue against Chile was the left side of the team where Ocampos and Maria were out of place while Tagliafico (who hasn’t played any football for over a month!) was off his game, so put in the Sevilla triplet who already have the built in chemistry.
    DePaul still has to cover for Messi’s lack of defensive cover but with Molina there De Paul has an attacking player whom he knows well from club to help him with defense and attack.

    – It’s very clear that N.Gonzalez and particularly Celso were sorely missed and I have to say the latter’s fitness is now officially a major concern and I really hope he won’t end up like Gago, Lamela, Lanzini and Pastore.
    It’s good to see Palacio’s back so soon (NEVERkusen said 8 weeks out! Are their medical team on drugs or are they that full of s***?) and Scaloni needs to consider putting him in (if fit) to cover for Celso and if not Palacios then Nico Dominguez but no more Ocampos at a 3 man midfield.

    • i thought El Mongol (post below) covered De Paul’s underperformance well. An isolated Double pivot of De Paul and Paredes failed and largely explains his underperformance. Also, i recall De Paul + Paredes combo already tested and it was horrible then but i can’t remember the game. I think De Paul’s best position is complete freedom on the right drifting center when needed with 2 strikers and Messi in the hole. He and Molina can cover the wings while Messi does his thing in the center.

      El Mongol – “His second tendency is his obsession with width – remember the early teams with Cervi, Pereyra, Meza, Pavon etc on the wing to stretch as much as possible. Here he came out with Ocampos and DiMaria to try similar things with both players pressed so high up the midfield was completely isolated. Though it was a draw the game was essentially ‘lost’ here. Unless messi was dropping deep the only option was for Depaul to carry the ball almost 30 – 40 yards through the circle, especially in the first half. This midfield really cannot exist without DePaul. Even though his final third link up play was not great, he is the engine. But yes, the presence of a third midfielder was sorely missed especially on the left to assist the LB. It is a surprise since Scaloni’s better games have come with three in the middle rather than a double pivot – remember the v Chile 3rd place game or the Uruguay game – and with a narrower forward line (where he used three out of messi, dybala, lautaro, aguero) When the ball is driven wide we just are not setup for it because Lautaro Martinez is not the right striker for it and also because the no 8’s cannot crash the box to create mismatches along with the forwards on cutbacks as it leaves Paredes in isolation.”

      I really like your pick but id drop Ocampos for another 9



      ———–Papu/Palacios—–Paredes———De Paul————-



      • Scaloni has a midfield crisis now – so can understand playing Di Maria, OCampos, De Paul and Paredes in different positions..also possibly they could be the fittest 11…also my only question would be why choose players who are not fully fit in the list to be played against Chile..

        Why Buendia did not play – is a question

        As mentioned by many – Di Maria is a super sub, O Campos had a very off season.

        In situations like this we need to have a plan B – Where does Iganacio Fernandez, Pavon or Pity Martinez play now? Again this is just a Plan B when the main midfield players is completely missing..

        • I wouldn’t call these guys crisis unless you’re referring to injuries. We’re in a very solid position with a core of Dominguez, Lo Celso, Palacios, De Paul, Paredes, Acuna, A Correa, Gomez, Buendia. All energetic, very technical, can handle the ball well and distribute.

          (i too would like to know why Buendia did not even go to the Chile game)

      • Not a bad lineup Chori but don’t be too hard on Ocampos, the kid adds alot to the team, also I get a little nervous when I see Kun, Lio and Lautaro all together because the former 2 don’t defend at all (although they did work very hard against Brazil) and Colombia are playing at home and are going to attack. One thing that can be done is have Papu or Buendia (if he even travels with the team) as the 10 behind Lio and Lautaro and have N.Dominguez at the left:


        ——————————Buendia / Papu—————-

        ———–Dominguez—–Paredes———De Paul————-



        • Don’t get me wrong, I like Ocampos a lot. Hes dipped in form but he’s in contention to start, for sure. It’s more about what i think will end in more goals and since our strengths are through the middle, i prefer 2 strikers. we get the best of Messi in that role and Aguero and Martinez hugging the line makes the opposition way more conservative (especially Aguero who loves getting behind).

          I would look forward to that line up (+1 for Dominguez). Although i recall and i hope i’m not wrong but Godin11, who watches Norwich often, say Buendia is mostly used at RF and that’s his optimal role. Could he handle the role as well as Leo or Papu? Lio + Buendia / Papu would probably end up like what we saw with Di Maria in parallel alternating sides 4321.

    • You said that RDP should do the creative work. Do you really think RDP and GLC can play together at the same role? It would be like playing Aimar and Roman at the same time. One has to sacrifice and probably does not work. And do you really think six months of absence is an excuse for disjointed play? Because other NT are also doing the same thing. Understand I am not attacking here just asking.

      • Ofcourse De Paul and Celso can play at the same time, we’ve seen it before in the most recent games against Paraguay and Peru and they did fantastic. Also the comparison to Aimar and Roman is a bit off because unlike De Paul and Celso neither Payaso nor Riquelme put in the necessary defensive work, infact in the case of Roman he didn’t defend AT ALL.

  4. I think it’s a fairly simple approach, players that improved us after coming on should start if fully fit. i.e. Licha, Molina, Angel Correa. I would also play Guido Rodriguez instead of Paredes. We need a proper DM. Paredes’ supposed strength is his passing but we did not see much of it against Chile. Also, seeing how it is an away game we should probably play only one of the attacking fullbacks, one of Molina or Acuña.

  5. Something about that Lanzini goal- it kept West Ham in Europe and Spurs in the conference league. If they had won that game they would have surpassed on goal difference

  6. My team for next match against colombia (4-3-2-1)
    De paul…….Guido rodriguez…….Palacios/ Buendia
    A. correra/ Gomez……..Messi
    L. Martinez
    I think it would be deffencive plus attacking football for Argentina.

  7. We miss lo ceslo badly..
    Any update about lo cleso fitness?
    And it is true that last ten years lo celso is the best Argentine creative midfielder..
    I hope in future he will best in the world

  8. Great move for Buendia I hope it happens. It would almost act as a Grealish replacement in effect, not that they have the same position but whenever Grealish is out they are devoid of a creative presence. Even better Grealish doesn’t leave and they rip up the league together. I think it was Dean Smith, the Villa coach, that said that they are looking to become the next Leicester. Their goal would be to qualify for the Europa league next season. Buendia is a move that can unlock that.

  9. Why nobody is talking about de Paul’s inability to create anything?
    An Argentine attacking midfielder should do better than just filling the space and connecting midfield to attack.
    he should do something in the final third.
    I just can’t remember when he scored or assisted.
    I love energy of de Paul and his attitude he is always available for pass, his movements in the midfield are incredible but I am sorry he needs to do better than this if he is truly world class or something close.

    • I told it other day..
      No, never de paul is creative midfielder.I watch him closely, He has all energy but no creativity.semifinal Against brasil and last game against chile he failed badly in final third.

    • He is covering Messi and Paredes lack of hustle. He is playing very deep.. much deeper than a creative mid. He is a double #5 akin to how we used Biglia with Mascherano. Asking him to also create is a stretch, but he has a ton of times before. He is excellent at coming out of pressure in mid and defense and transitioning quickly with a well placed pass to Messi or our wingers. Its our attack, especially our wings (dimaria, ocampos) who did nothing all game.

      Depaul would be full of assist via crosses if he played in the front 3 like dimaria did. He does so every week in Seria A

      • Man, these guys don’t understand this. They don’t know what role DePaul is playing in our team. Until Paredes playing for Argentina DePaul’s attacking ability will be limited.
        I pray…to make Guido Rodriguez a world class player before WC 2021…just to get rid of Paredes. That will make our team stronger.
        Guido just do it man…!

      • Agreed DePaul is a very important player (for what we have available today). I think a player like Lamela (fast, ball-winning, running in open space, dribbling) is needed in the RM or LM role as he would help free space for DePaul but it would shift Scaloni’s structure and formation. It’s really a formation/player role thing that is limiting DePaul.

  10. I have one idea in my mind. As we dont have good left back currently why dont Scaloni use Rojo as left back. He is 31. Can easily play next world cup(Untill next world cup only). I know he is not in top form. But i believe he is at least better than Tagliafico. Moreover he has world cup experience

  11. Sometimes i am really confused about scaloni..
    It almost 3 years gone but what he offer?
    Just close your eyes and honesty compare this Argentina and brasil team, what you see?
    For me this Argentine team talent are same to brasil even plyer by player is better.but brasil played better from us..
    I am totally frustrated..
    Yeh scaloni did well but not enough.3 years is enough for rebuilding, but what we get?
    I think after copa we need experience coach..

    What you think guys?

    • Jewel – When we had Tata – we wanted him out, and so did the rest that followed – we ourselves had anxiety issues and the press did the remaining.

      Currently, Scaloni and crew have brought calmness to the madness..yes we are not seeing the pleasing results, but it ain’t bad either compared the previous coaches and as in the previous post headline “Argentina maintain second place in South American Worldcup Qualifiers”, ast the same time,it is worrying to see we are at mercy of some results happening elsewhere.

      We know the issue is not the forwards and our defense is taking shape with some fine tuning required on the fullbacks.

      It is the midfield where we are lacking strong creative midfielders..Scaloni would have been equally frustrated as we are..

      Brazil is a defensive and physical team who depend on counter-attacks and pray for a penalty. This is the reason they wanted Xavi to bring back the Jogo Bonito. They too miss Kaka, Ronaldinho, Juninho etc..

      • @Petro thanks for your opinion…
        When tata was coach playing style of Argentina was attractive.. I miss him..
        Nowadays neither we playing attractive football nor get result.And talking about mid i always highly rate lo ceslo.

  12. I wish it was Arsenal – the club have always played great football..if not for the current crisis..

    Going to Aston Villa is good – with Grealish they are going to get stronger..

  13. Villa needs a replacement for Jack Grealish who will move to a big club. Emi suits that role.

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