Players voice concerns over Brazil hosting Copa America as tensions grow


Just 8 days away from kickoff, we still don’t know if the Copa America will actually be played. Despite Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro defending the idea of his country hosting the tournament and CONMEBOL already making the decision official, the idea of boycotting the Copa America from the South American team’s captains grows.

Ecuadorian defender Robert Arboleda confirmed this Friday that there have been contacts between the captains of the South American teams. After the 0-2 loss against Brazil, this is what he said in the post-game interview when asked about his opinion of Brazil hosting Copa America:

“I have little to say because those who are talking are the captains, who are speaking among each other. My captain (Enner Valencia) is taking care of that.”

Furthermore, the Brazilian players themselves appear to be dissatisfied with the idea of them hosting it. On Friday, following the match vs. Ecuador, Brazilian midfielder Casemiro indirectly shared the team’s thoughts. This is what he said:

“Everyone knows our opinion; I don’t think it can be clearer.

“We want to express our opinion after the game against Paraguay. We do not want to deviate from the focus of the World Cup Qualifiers.”

Argentine striker Sergio Aguero was the first player to express himself against Copa America in Brazil. This is what he said 4 days ago, when he arrived in Ezeiza to join the national team:

“If organizing the tournament in Brazil is complicated, then we cannot play in Brazil.”

Click here to read the full statement by Sergio Aguero.

With all these players raising their voices in the last couple of days, they echo the sentiments of what the legendary former Paraguayan goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert was asking for. In an interview with TN, Chilavert commented that “it is crazy to play the Copa America in this context,” and that the players should speak out against CONMEBOL’s decision. This is what he had to say:

“I would love for Lionel Messi, being the best player in the world, to say that this Copa America cannot be played. If all the players say they don’t play, there is no Copa AmErica.”

Argentine journalist Sebastián Vignolo had this information from the beginning. He said last Monday on ESPN F90 that some important players from different national teams were thinking of speaking out together against the idea of having Brazil as the new host. The facts seem to be going in that direction.

On the other hand, CONMEBOL already confirmed the Copa America venues (Brasilia, Cuiaba, Goiania, and Rio de Janeiro), and Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro claimed that there is no reason for Brazil not to host Copa America. This is what he said to the press four days ago:

“As for myself and all the ministers, including the Minister of Health, everything is decided.

“From the beginning I have said the same about the pandemic: I am sorry for the deaths, but we have to live.”

For now, the tournament will be played in Brazil as of June 13th, with the host receiving Venezuela. The hours after Tuesday’s World Cup Qualifiers games will be extremely decisive when it comes to Brazil hosting the Copa America.


  1. some of you here r really funny here few think a.correa should play RB ocampos LCM u think locelso is riquelme n.gonzalez is messi one the coach doesn’t give shit about what u think two don’t wright your lineup it is really stupid because some of you have never seen the players play

  2. Armani is still tests positive for Covid. He will not travel to Colombia. This is reported by TNT few hours ago.

    But according to TyC, either Armani or Emi will start. TyC has been very unreliable when it comes to squad news. Or it is possible that they publish fake reports to generate more argument and clicks.

    • Tyc has something against Emi either because it will reveal that we have a way better goalkeeper than Armani or because he did not play as a senior in a local club. Pathetic little last ditch attempt at their propaganda – Emi will start and I see no reason why he shouldn’t

      • @Insider, Corporate medias have agenda and they will prostitute themselves for highest bidders. This is true everywhere. Few years ago, Boca president promised Zarate a spot in seleccion if he joined Boca juniors. Such agendas are there in expense of seleccion. Local media is just a tool for agents, club owners to push for certain players.

  3. As of now, nobody knows the side effects of the vaccines and the consequence of catching covid. Even the vaccination cannot offer protection against the virus mutation. Many players like Dybala and Verratti got injuries much more often after since they caught covid for the second time. I totally agree with Chilavert. Besides the clubs who invest on the players must put lot of pressure on them for not going there. I don’t even think they have the choice to go against the club. I saw comments here about the cancellation ruin their holiday, call players not attending as cowards, bla bla bla, totally immature. This fan forum used to be much more interesting, users were mature, we talked about football. Since few years, saw some random users comments …

    • Not really. If the point is that Brazil as a nation is vehemently unequivocal about the tournament being cancelled being the only right thing do right now citing the sentimental aspects or the collective grim the whole world is going through at the moment and a vast majority of Brazilians found to be in solidarity with this motion, we shall respect that. But look, the point here is actually entirely different.

      In the past 2-3 months alone, more than a dozen clubs from Brazil have flown all across the SA continent to play Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. At least 2-3 clubs from every single other SA nation have landed on the Brazilian soil to play the away game formalities. Even those domestic tournaments in Brazil like Campeonato Paulista, Carioca, Mineiro and many more went well. Now their national domestic club tournaments – Campeonato Brasileirao, Serie B etc. are going on without any fuss! And now tell us what is so specially dangerous about hosting a Copa tournament that spans not more than a month with comparatively much lesser delegation and footfall??

      As I mentioned above, if it’s that the whole of Brazil is unified as to opposing an idea of hosting a contiental/international tournament on their soil for anytime in near future for the reasons of grim and desolation, let’s respect that, although it seems highly debatable and dubtiable at the same time. But the problem here is the political opposition in the country wants any decision taken by the government be reversed. In hindsight, one can be almost sure of a possibility that, had the opportunity extended not been taken by the government(at least as it is the way the whole drama has got projected so far) the same opposition would have mocked them saying that “the president is a coward, that was a glorious opportunity missed to win yet another copa for the nation, could have boosted the morale, revived the economy, brought flecks of happiness to the sorrowing section” and what not??

      And Brazilian players to me look very much flustered as it’s easy to understand that they are in no mood to lose their crown at home exactly where they were coronated a couple of years back. Look at their excuses – “this is the 4th copa in last 6 years”! So where were their thoughts hiding when the same tournament wad thought of to played in Colombia/Argentina??

      They are simply confused and nervous. The sheer thought of losing or becoming unable to retain the Copa amidst all these opposition-led protests(showcased by the media as the only voice of the nation like it’s anywhere else on the planet, democracies at least) is making them really tremble. For this they want Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay or any less-ambitious team to join hands with them means nothing but situation is pathetic. I don’t want Argentina to join them in this scripted soap-opera anyway! Hoping for the BEST!!!

      • No no no. no ban to you. One idiot like you it is always needed here to amuse us. keep posting. Just for need be in one place like here means that deep inside you hiden something ha ha ha
        Or behind this so called hate you deep inside you love us or you really hate us because one night one Argentine did something to you. who knows?
        Anyhow it is job for psychiatrist. Go to see one. You need it.

    • i am Argentina fan but i don’t want his Copa to be held not for covid but for the respect the competition is losing it is supposed to be held every four year now hosing it every year is non sense. You will lose the meaning of winning it I think that is why Brazilian players and fans are not exited about it. we are only eager for Messi other players still have time for another Copa we are being illogical if Messi doesn’t win it then he didn’t deserve it hosting it every two or three years takes a lot from the competition if Messi or Argentina won it two or three times already how many of you would still want the copa to go on. The Copa should be only in 2023 brazil is doing every body a favor by withdrawing from Copa

      • FYI South American team playing less football then European. This copa cancel means no tournament till World Cup in Qatar. There are really slim chances for South American team to win World Cup again if this goin on same as this. Other matches going on but that’s fine but when it is come to Copa America everyone jumping like a monkey.

  4. I have a solution for messi.messi should join with brazil or germany or spain.if messi doing this it may helpful for him.because this is messi’s last those who want to see messi lift the trophy they will agree with me.i wouldn’t mind if messi join with big nation. But with Argentina messi ruined his career.Argentina should join afc zone then albiceleste might win trophy. Now japan is better than albiceleste.

  5. Do you guys think Copa will really be cancelled????
    This is heart breaking. This will ruin my entire summer. If Brazil can’t handle it then why did they accept it?
    And if they can handle the tournament, then why are their players crying? Is it a political move for popularity?
    Or is it the fact that Brazil are afraid ? I don’t know, but this tournament has to happen this year… We are running out of time with Messi.
    Btw, I don’t know what game alot of us here watched, but I saw the game twice…And in the first half dimaria was one of the best players on the field. He created the chance that led to the penalty kick which was our only goal… So how is it that he did so bad? He also had a few good touches. I am not saying that we should praise him, but we definitely shouldn’t bash him. The only change I would make for this next game is to put in acuna for tagla and lo celso for ocampos… Acuna knows how to get back to defend, and also knows how to fight for the ball and free up out attackers. Lol celso has a bit of creativity that we were lacking vs Chile. Allow foyth another chance and allow dimaria to show us his PSG boots.

  6. As it looks to me Copa will canceled. i can t imagine how is possible to happened. No time to move or do something different.
    At least they can play the 2 games postponed from March for wc qualifiers.
    Players know that or they will play Copa in Brasil or the tournament will canceled.
    After one tired hard long season in Europe they prefer holidays and relax instead of play more football. this looks like to me. i respect it and i understand it. Covid is huge problem true and i agree just all this sudden upset maybe is serve as perfect excuse.

  7. Somebody get this fucking vermin off our site and his brazil loving bullshit.

    For for all of you ARGENTINA fans, its always the same horseshit around here, when things are going well, everybody is praising this player and that when its not, people act as if the sky is falling!!

  8. Wow, haven’t commented in years. Became a father and Covid happened, so there’s that.

    Was happy to catch the second half of Argentina vs Chile. I think our midfield lacks some creativity but first game playing in over a year I believe so okay to cut some slack.

    Not sure if Colombia played decent or Peru just played bad defensively, either way let’s get the 3 points. Colombia will be tough to beat for sure. Let’s hope for the best :)..

    Would love to see:


    Acuna romero Lisandro foyth

    DePaul paredes locelso

    Buendía Messi

    Lautaro M

    For sure sub ins:


  9. if Brazil squad refuses to play the copa, there will be no tournament this year. Next year is WC and next copa is in 2024. Although the decision to skip the tournament is understandable, it also means Messi, Di Maria. Aguero will remain without a trophy in the NT, just like Riquelme, Aimar, Claudio Lopez, Crespo, Veron and so many other great players. Sad.

  10. Brasil, decime que se SIETE
    Quedar afuera del mundial
    Te juro que aunque pasen los años
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
    Que Neymar te abandonó
    Que Alemania te goleó
    Qué vergüenza que me das pentacampeón
    Te pusiste la de Irán,
    la de Suiza y Belgicá
    Comprate la de Alemania en la final !!!

  11. Brasil, decime que se siente
    Tener en casa a tu papá
    Te juro que aunque pasen los años
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
    Que el Diego te gambeteó
    Que Cani te vacunó
    Que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy
    A Messi lo vas a ver
    La copa nos va a traer
    Maradona es más grande que Pelé !!!

  12. The Brazilian players will announce their stance on Copa only after their WC Qualifying match. SMH.

    This is Conembol’s fault they should have allocated the Copa to USA, no country is doing great against COVID but at least the US are ahead in vaccination process. Now? I don’t think the Copa will happen. We never know the Money and logistics involved in holding a tournament in the USA during the last hours. May be that’s why they choose Brazil, but considering the COVID situation in Brazil the decision looked like a dumb one.

  13. As per TYC possible lineup is




    ——De Paul————————Acuña


  14. @Roy Please remove this Id ARGENTINA HATTER .. As a Argentina fan we do not want this type of people here. Please remove him from our website.

    • Just don’t care about him like we don’t care about Brazil he’s gonna get tired and leave by himself…
      As a former professional Soccer Player and now a Cop I know people like him just don’t mind him or react to him…

      That’s so sad some of my best friends are fans of other countries even Brazil and I get along with them very good…

      That must be a very sad Person who has absolutely reached nothing in his life I almost feel sorry for him. Now he’s only behind his computer playing Videogames and probably cries in the night because he has no real life no wife no Job no Kids…

      • He is here for a hard reason, know that Brazil is only a conmebol-favourite boring cheater team, first half-competent european team outside Conmebol kick their asses out constantly in WC’s, and brazil “football” is neirly unwatchable since cca. 1982.

        • Lol!brazil win2002 wc,2007 copa with your loving albiceleste,2019 copa.Argentina crying 28 years now for a single trophy.

          • U r a man with donkey’s brain. U don’t understand football from ur comment we can understand that. Go and cry urself.btw dont forget to have 7UP.

          • Says this the cowardly team that now at present is only able to win with clubs or country’s by robbing others with corruption and VAR. you really were scared of that Otamendi Argentina a couple of years back were you?

    • Hey bro what’s problem.if you DON’T tolerate than tell your albiceleste to win trophy hahaha.

      • Tolerate what exactly? Lol! Just to remind you that it was your team which managed to conceed 10 goals in just 2 games (7 goals with Germany and 3 goals on the very next game with the Nethetlands) in Brazilian soil! Just to remind you also that at the same world cup you were the ones crying like bitches and were terrified seeing Argentina reaching the final in Brazil while your team became a hall of fame worldwide laughing stock! And what have you done? You were chanting for Germany, the team that humiliated you in front of your people, because you were the ones that couldn’t tolerate the fact that Argentina was in the final in your own country, let alone the scenario of wining it!

        Believe me, you have nothing for us to envy, at least we keep trying, while your team can’t play football without politics because you are a disgrace!

        • In28 years albiceleste’s only achievement is what you say below.for refreshment albiceleste’s fans need brazil’s failure becuase they have not any ability to win trophy,poor 2nd class team.
          “”Just to remind you that it was your team which managed to conceed 10 goals in just 2 games (7 goals with Germany and 3 goals on the very next game with the Nethetlands) in Brazilian soil! Just to remind you also that at the same world cup you were the ones crying like bitches and were terrified seeing Argentina reaching the final in Brazil while your team became a hall of fame worldwide laughing stock! And what have you done? You were chanting for Germany, the team that humiliated you in front of your people, because you were the ones that couldn’t tolerate the fact that Argentina was in the final in your own country, let alone the scenario of wining it!”””

  15. Hahaha Argentine fans are crying since 1993 for a single trophy.Now Argentina is 2nd class team.very happy to see this poor fans.hahaha never seen their team to win a so so bad.

    • Hello, thanks for the hate, of course that’s the best thing you’d do as a Brazil fan. It’s pathetic we know. May be we’re crying, but still we’re trying. So it shouldn’t be bothering you at all. BTW you must be from Kerala, India to be very specific. It’s written all over…

        • Since 1993 brazil’s 1:7 is the best achievement for Argentine fans.good to see argentine fans searching their happiness over brazil’s failure.

          • No best result in history of football, i cant stop laughing since then, and dont interest your cheating results, thats what you are. Seven up buddy, till you die! Biggest humiliation in sport history, Brazil deserved it so badly.

    • Hahaha Argentine fans are crying since 1993 for a single trophy.Now Argentina is 2nd class team.very happy to see this poor fans.hahaha never seen their team to win a so so bad.

  16. Another good news is that Romero has been released by man u. I think this time he should find a club where he can prove his worth. I always prefer inform young and energetic player. But I won’t mind if we get to see him in our squad again. This time he has got another great opportunity to be in the national team again. Is it true that Thiago Almada is going to Olympic Marseille? I hope it turns out to be true because we have another great coach there.

  17. The problem is Scaloni is not so much experienced. Yet he is doing really well to his true potential. We can’t compare him with bielsa and pekerman. I have huge respect for every Argentinian coach. Some of our mundo friends are opposing his stand for taking hard working players over skillful players. Lautaro Martinez is hard working as well as skillful. His asset is his persiverence. I like alario a lot, but I think lautaro Martinez is ahead of him. And as far as kun is concerned a healthy and young kun is always welcome. But it remains to be seen that how kun and di Maria keep themselves fit and healthy throughout this tournament. Their fitness is their main concern. I won’t be able to forget Sabella ever in my life. Because after being able to understand football my favourite team reached final. And the credit goes more to him. The way he organised our defence with limited resources was really great. Sabella then left pastore and banega and waited till the end for Augusto Fernandez. I still remember how meticulously he used guinnazu and Rodrigo brana and Leandro ponzio. Every coach has his own thoughts regarding team. And Scaloni just like Sabella is giving importance to hard working players. But I am not comparing Scaloni with Sabella. Scaloni’s inexperience is his problem. Just have a look at Italy. With a good and experienced coach they have become a power house again

    • Forward player should always be skillful they have to give end product. Lautaro Martinez is skillful but not as skillful as Dybla,Aguero or Alario.Lautaro can come as substitute when opposition players get exhausted then his work rate will be crucial. Team should be like vs Colombia. 4 3 3
      Emi Martinez
      Foyth. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
      De Paul. Paredes. Emi/Papu
      Messi. Aguero. J. Correa

  18. I do not like Scaloni’s preference to players who have high work rate over skilled player. Ocampus has high work rate but he can not give you end product to build pressure on opponent and release some pressure from Argentina team. Angel Correa and J. Correa are better than Ocampus any day.
    Same for Lautaro Martinez,Aguero,Alario and Dybla are more skilled than Lautaro Martinez. They can give you end result unlike Lautaro Martinez.

  19. Keep calm guys… definitely Argentina will come back strongly.. Argentina vs Columbia Argentina will win with a narrow margin

    • “Havent play together more long time”

      Happen to other teams aswell , not just Argentina.

      Then again, the other match results has been favoring us. So at least thats one less thing to worry.

    • All others teams have the same disadvantage but not all are so disjointed. But yes, absence is is part of the problem but so is Scaloni. We haven’t had too “cohesive” games since 2018. The few we had like against Uruguay and Chile he abandons the 2 ST to fiddle with other formations. I really hope see 4312 narrow again and Dybala needs a call back to alternate with Aguero, Martinez, and Nico.

      • We dont have any creativity in midfield other than relying on Messi dropping deep. This is why Messi barely able to score. He has to cover multiple tasks.

        Paredes has never been consistent, he’d provides some good passes in one game, then just disappeared without any contribution in next few games and the worst part is, he never help to win the ball. We need to replace Tagli aswell with Acuna since he could provides great crosses , this would help the frontlines big team. Otherwise this would be another struggling days at the front.

        Last time we cameback with 2 goals against Germany, Acuna provided an assist from the left channel, almost 2 actually. He actually had some assist aswell in 2018 qualifier when playing as winger midfielder.

        Otamendi will also guarentee Colombia to get at least 1 fluke goal.

      • Yeah Choripan, I agree on 4312 is good but you need 1 of the strikers who can play on both side. My favorite 442 is not that different, just have Palacios pairing with Guido or Paredes, Buendia and De Paul on each side

  20. I really don’t think it’s coming from the ARG players since nobody said anything until it was moved to Brazil!
    All the players were eager to play and fighting for their spots
    It’s all on Brazil, what do they care, they cheated their way throught the last one and they are in no hurry lose their crown.

  21. Really don’t know what’s going on, but one thing it is a set back for SA football overall.. so bad
    Commebol should be more objective, clarity and work for the rise of SA football, not with political vested interest

  22. I understand, this copa is also going to be postponded for sure! So….all the fans, pls go to washroom, then finally prepare for sleep!!

    F**k the conmebol, f**k all the coward players & staffs. Not only Argentina, the all f**king south american football is going to be the slave of european football for a long years in future, no doubt!
    Sorry for Messi, sorry for Argentina & very sorry for myself & the Argentine fans. I bet, 90% of the Argentina fans always think at the end of the day, how & why they’ve chosen Argentina to support!!

    Very very & very sad…

    • ভাই কান্দিস না।ব্রাজিল দলে চলে আই।আর কত কানবি???bro come with brazil,.no cry only trophy.come with brazil.

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