Argentina maintain second place in South American World Cup qualifiers


Argentina maintained their position of second place in the South American World Cup qualifiers.

The race for 2022 is far from over as we have only played five matches out of a possible 18, meaning there’s still everything left to play for when it comes to Qatar. A 1-1 draw at home vs. Chile saw Argentina reach 11 points in the standings, behind only Brazil who sealed a 2-0 win vs. Ecuador to get to 15 points.

Behind Lionel Scaloni’s team are Ecuador on 9 points. After that see a three way tie as Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia are all on 7 points. Chile are seventh with 5 points, Bolivia on four and Venezuela on three. Peru are the only team that are win less as they are on one point.

Brazil, 15 points
Argentina, 11 points
Ecuador, 9 points
Paraguay, 7 points
Uruguay, 7 points
Colombia, 7 points
Chile, 5 points
Bolivia, 4 points
Venezuela, 3 points
Peru, 1 point

Here are the matches for next week:

Colombia vs. Argentina
Ecuador vs. Peru
Venezuela vs. Uruguay
Paraguay vs. Brazil
Chile vs. Bolivia

For Argentina, they have three players who have scored two goals. Lionel Messi, Nicolas Gonzalez and Lautaro Martinez are all on two each with Joaquin Correa on one goal.


  1. since scaloni appointed as coach still the team didnt get improve. many concerns are there with the technical coaching staffs.
    1) ball movement is very slow which is easily the opposition player assemble their positions.
    2) there is no technical ability in DM position(parades). better Lisandro martinez is better than parades.
    3) latauro martinez is selfish player he neverbeing pass the ball to other players to score.
    team concerns is : parades. his ball movement is very slow and lazy. al the time he is doing backpass which will make paressure on backline.

  2. As much as we talk about Scaloni’s tactics, i feel players also need to be more responsible and consistent. It always puzzles some players are extraordinary for their clubs compared to playing for National Team

    While we are making changes in all positions, other than Messi and De Paul, i do not see any one else confirmed in playing 11, which is worrying. More than blaming Scaloni, i see this is something players need to work hard on their performances.

    • In my opinion, Scaloni is a pretender. Remember when we had Bozo as a coach? At first, he led you to believe that he would lead Argentina through qualification because of his reputation, but he was clueless and the team played horribly. No change in coaching was made until it was late and Sampaoli took the team with few games to qualify for WC when no one else wanted the job. Scaloni is not as bad Bozo as they have gone unbeaten in 10 games however, we still do not play stylish futbol as we did with Tata and Sabella. Argentina needs a real winning coach period. We’ve been “experimenting” far too long and what we have that is considered “working” is not WC title winning. Someone in the comment section (when observing Spain’s match against Portugal) said, “Peckerman” or a “Biesla” would give this team a real identity, style of play, and strategy. This statement a true and wise observation.

      • Agreed. There might be better coaches..

        Also – Pekerman had his time with National Team and he is done..Bielsa is an option considering his popularity worldwide..but Scaloni and Team have not done terrible for a sacking…

      • Sabella was great. The best in a loooong time and i would take him back any day.. but calling his hyper defensive tactics “stylish” is a long stretch. The fav 4 had some good counter attacks which where fun, but 90% of the time it was a defensive grind and 1 – 0 scores.

        Tata did play prettier.

          • Lol, I remember too. I didn’t comment then but used to read. Sometimes people don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. Tata was the last time we played one-touch football, with the ball moving forward, and free-flowing goals.

        • Thanks, Leandro for the feedback. I agree Sabella was not “stylish” as he was defensive, but during the WCQ we had “the fantastic 4”. Tata brought back the tango with Pastore, Lamela, Lavezzi playing roles in the back-to-back Copa Americas. At the end of the day, none brought the final result we fans desired.

  3. My player ratings from Chile game

    1. Emi (6): Good game. Had nothing to do as such. Goal was not his issue.
    2. Foyth (5): Miss passes and fouls. The free kick was also from a foul from him. This guy is good but just not playing a clean solid game.
    3. Romero (8): Great debut. I/we have been waiting for long. Finally
    4. LMQ (3): He should not start. Back up is good for him
    5. Tagliafico (6): Strictly OK.
    6. Paredes (6): Strictly OK. We know he can be better than this.
    7. De Paul (7): Our only threat other than Messi
    8. Ocampos (4): Time to put him on bench and start Papu or someone else
    9. Dimaria (5): Got his right wing this time. Just cannot play for NT. Its a puzzle
    10. Messi (9): Only threat. Another day it could be easily 2-3 goals from Messi and we win
    11. Lautaro (6): Contrary to others, I think he did well. There is no supply. He played well without any support or supply.

    I would prefer to see


    • Great assessment overall, but I think Foyth is just a clumsy player. Never a Walter Samuel. He is in the likes of Coloccini and overrated DeMilchelis who was inconsistent and cost us in important matches (World Cup 2014 Germany goal he was jogging casually). At this time now Foyth should be told to prove himself with his club. He makes too many mistakes and stupid yellow cards. Romero in 1 match displays what a real CB looks like – we don’t even have questions or doubts.

    • It should be either Papu or Correa.

      In midfield..LoCelso should play if fit. Else I will love Acuna there and Tagliafico at LB.

  4. The points table are going to get messy. We have not played Brazil and Uruguay yet. Few things about in the next round

    1. We must not lose. Colombia will breathe down the neck at 10 then, we at 11. Must draw or win.
    2. Ecuador might beat Peru at home. They will go to 12 then and leap frog us, if we draw
    3. Uruguay might get to 10
    4. Brazil must beat Paraguay. Don’t want Paraguay coming closer too
    5. Chile could win at home at get to 8

    What are the next rounds? Do anyone know?

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