Emiliano Buendia joins Aston Villa from Norwich City for club record


Emiliano Buendia has joined Aston Villa from Norwich City for a club record.

Aston Villa, along with Norwich City, announced on Monday morning that both clubs have reached an agreement for Buendia. He will undergo a medical and complete the transfer following Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match vs. Colombia on Tuesday.

As we reported a few days ago, Arsenal were also interested in signing the Argentine but he was closer to signing with Villa. The club now have two Argentine players in the squad as Buendia joins Argentina team mate Emiliano Martinez.

Buendia joins from Norwich for a club record £33 million as the Argentine will sign until June of 2024. The Argentina registered 15 goals and 17 assists in 39 matches last season as he was named MVP of the Championship.


  1. I doubt the transfer is sealed because he still with the NT and medical check has been done yet, no paper has signed yet

  2. This is not a bad move. However, I am disappointed with the agents of our players. These players should get bigger clubs, the ones that play in Europe regularly. Playing in big platform is important eventually for NT.

    Emi Buendia should go to a bigger club, like Liverpool or Chelsea.
    C Romero awarded the best defender of Serie A and for 16 mil should find a top club

    Two prime examples.

    Anyway, wish the best, go and have a killer season!

    • Ddr1123 Argentina players don’t have agency like mendes and Mino Raiola that is the difference
      In my opinion if likes Romero, lich martinez and de Paul had one those agency for sure they will be playing big club I mean big club like Real Madrid.

    • I don’t think he will be guaranteed a starting spot in Liverpool or Chelsea. Its better for him to be in Villa than in big clubs to make sure of his chances of playing the WC in fine form.

  3. Good move in my opinion there are nothing different arsenal and Aston villa now days in fact Aston villa are more ambitious than arsenal yes arsenal are big club traditionally but they re decreasing massively as you can see they couldn’t even compete Aston villa with emi Buendia transfer. ….. the sad thing is emi Buendia will miss copa for only political reasons I can’t get my head around why di maria more deserve than emi Buendia to take copa spot after 100 odd caps still doing nothing to justify he deserves his place and yet they will ignore well deserve players like emi Buendia.

        • amigo, my comment was meant to be light humor. I’m just calling out that you try to blame him for everything and its unfair because many times its not true. Now you’re blaming him because Buendia isn’t playing when you don’t know the reason. But please do not hold back. Keep hating on Di Maria all day. Nothing wrong with an opinion.

    • At this stage it seems like Di Maria will be there always in our NT setup for eternity. I don’t know what the hell he brings into the table for the NT. He is phenomenal for his club as always has been, but he doesn’t even show 25% of the club performance for the NT. I mean really when are our coaches going to understand that Di Maria won’t play well for the NT???? We don’t need him to be simply put.

      When he was dropped by Scaloni he was whining as if he will do some great thing while playing for the NT. And what happened when he started, Nothing SMH…

  4. I’m Colombian with the heart of an Argentine. Going to the families house tomorrow to watch the game . They all believe Colombia will win 2-0 or 3-1.. thoughts? I’ve yet to comment bc we did look shaky attacking versus Chile.

  5. Love this move over Arsenal. Should be a starter, although I haven’t seen him play this last season from what I’ve read he’s phenomenal.

  6. Awesome. Next season we have a clear choice on which club to follow in PL. Now waiting to see him make an impact in copa america.

  7. God Bless my Boy Emi. Well deserved move!!

    We are on the right track in terms of team management, hopefully we will be able identify our best 11 or suitable 11 before final qualification games.

    As far as Euro is concerned German fans have already conceded that they aren’t getting out of group. France and Italy are the team to beat. Will see a couple of games going into penalties.

    Hope Copa Happens and we Truimph!! Vamos Argentina!! Jai Hind!!

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