Argentina drop two valuable points in 2-2 draw vs. Colombia


Argentina were awarded a free kick early in the match and it was Rodrigo De Paul with the cross into the penalty area. The ball found Cristian Romero and his header beat Ospina to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Leandro Paredes would double that lead just minutes later. Paredes would dribble past several Colombia players inside the penalty area and his shot would make it 2-0 with both goals coming in the first 8 minutes of the match.

With Argentina leading 2-0, they would start to move the ball around and nearly got a third. Gio Lo Celso started a counter attack as his pass found Lautaro Martinez. The Inter man would have his shot saved and it would fall to Nicolas Gonzalez but his shit would hit the side netting.

A very dangerous play would result in an injury to Emiliano Martinez. Colombia crossed into the penalty area and Emiliano Martinez grabbed it but contact by Mina meant the the goalkeeper would fall, slamming his head onto the pitch. He would stay down for well over 5 minutes before being stretchered off and replaced by Agustin Marchesin.

With the score at 2-0, it was a Colombia counter attack but a tackle by Cristian Romero as he would get a yellow card. It was Romero’s second yellow of the World Cup qualifiers meaning he will miss Argentina’s next qualifying match vs. Venezuela in September.

The second half saw two goals, one at the very start and one at the very end. Nicolas Otamendi with a foul inside the penalty area and Colombia were awarded a penalty. Agustin Marchesin went the wrong way as Colombia were able to pull one back.

Several great saves by Colombia goalkeeper Ospina kept his team in the match until the very end.

Lionel Scaloni made several changes in the second half. Exequiel Palacios was brought in for Gio Lo Celso, Cristian Romero for German Pezzella and Nicolas Gonzalez was taken out for Juan Foyth.

Scaloni’s team were leading 2-1 as Juan Foyth was on the ball with seconds left in the match. He was dispossed near the area as a cross was sent in and Colombia scored with the last play of the game to draw level.


  1. The approach scaloni did after early goals is a big failure.Early defencive tactics made arg. allows Colombia to attack with full energy in 90 mts.Substitutions allows Colombia to gain more run and attack. Scaloni cant capitalise the early advantage got..

  2. Very very frustrating to watch. Zero useful contributions from Acuna and Montiel. Acuna crosses were for nobody and Montiel repeatedly kept getting passed overhead. In the end FOYTH DRIBBLED out of the defense! instead of clearing the fu$king ball to the moon. Sometimes I think he needs therapy. Cost us the 3 points.

    Lazy/tired movements off the ball and so so many turnovers. We utterly deserved the draw. We played like we wanted a draw
    I know I’m complaining a bit here…but I don’t know when this team will play like world beaters again?

    Scaloni is not to blame. Blaming the coach is dangerous. It masks the real problem- Our players are not making the right tactical decisions during the game save Messi, oatamendi, Romero etc. Our team was worth 10-12 times as much as the Colombian team. Where the hell is the performance for the money? Blaming the coach is easy – speaking the truth about player/team performance is hard. Then again TRUTH IS BITTER.

  3. That defensive mentality after taking lead is not good, they should have played with same approach through out the game. They were not playing against France,Belgium or England.
    He should get rid of Lautaro Martinez he is waste,an overrated striker can not score a goals weak footed striker. Other than work rate he provides nothing.

  4. Yeah even against Peru after scoring two goals in first half Argentina tried to slow the game in second half same happened against Colombia but this time they conceded 2 goals in 2nd half. This defensive mentality is brought by Scaloni and those so called great defenders of Argentina coaching staff whom no one considers world class against the likes of Maldini,Nesta,Puyol Ramos etc

  5. I have been following this site for a long time silently. Today after watching the game, it made me write my opinions. I dont wanna argue with those who are saying that they are satisfied with the draw in last two games or happy with the second place.
    For me… Scaloni needs to be dropped … we need better tactical managers. Scaloni can assist but cant be a main coach of this team. We cannot win Copa with such tactics… Brazil is playing much better football than us. I m very scared that teams like Croatia will again humiliate us in future world cups. We simply cannot compete with european team like this.
    Romero(still needs to grow) and Emi are our best players right now. Sad for Messi.. he wont be winning trophies with national team.

  6. I still see some brainless tard saying Scaloni is building the team . Scaloni took the team 3 years ago may be he will take next 30 years to build the team. Very few Argentina manager survived for 3 years . Scaloni should be fired immediately before it gets too late this guy that no knowledge of coaching.

    • “Fired immediately” so that we go out of Copa in group stage. Forget all of the new or resurfaced people saying negative things, every comment of yours in the past 6 months have been negative and often without no reasoning. As someone else intelligently mentioned Scaloni is playing a Lampard role

  7. AFA said before this is a 10 years project ,so i think scaloni will be head coach in 10 years no matter the result. he didnt bring us many things , lost one copa america two years ago and possible second copa america this month.

  8. to be fair ,the last two matches are not that good .that is for sure .IMO scaloni isnt the right man for NT . after three years ,the team didnt show too much improvement .and i think the copa america will be scaloni’s last tournement . actually scaloni had wasted a copa america before .this is the second time he leads the team for another copa america.

    i am not impressed by scaloni’s substitute . actually you lead by 2 goal then you should control the match not defense and wait for the end of match .

  9. Romero cemented his place in the team. We need a pair for him. New player should have great aeriel ability. It’s very important. I believe Senesi could be the man. He’s in real form.
    Otamendi and Foyth always…. yes always….. give away penalties or free kicks at dangerous places. Paredes is a defensive liability. He’s a half Otamendi/Foyth type. He’s a an open basket in front of goal.
    Romero, Lisandro, Tagliafico and Senesi are our best in form defensive players. We have to use at least 3 of them in every single matches..!

    We don’t have so many midfield options for 433. Lisandro should be tried for the DM/CM position for the NT. LoCelso and Palacios are injury prone. Paredes and DePaul is the remaining two. Guido needs to improve.

    For the GK position…Emi vs Musso only. No more Armani or Marchesin. I hate Scaloni when he use Armani or Marchesin.

  10. Well what to say? I am so disappointed I will not even mention a list of all the players but only address a few key ones. For one I am pretty annoyed by all of the people puking dumbass negative comments onto the screen. There is a difference between people that deserve to complain and people who don’t. At least provide something that teaches everyone or is level headed. There is no point in everyone having to scroll past useless complaining, keep it to yourself. For one a distinction needs to be made between Scaloni’s mistakes and the teams mistakes:

    -Both goals are directly at fault of Otamendi and Foyth.
    -The run of play is Scaloni’s fault by making us play defensive and subbing off Lo Celso and on Foyth. Although I can understand Pezzella because of his height and power as opposed to Lisandro.
    -The mentality was partially affected by the Martinez injury

    I also do not understand Marchesin criticism, yes he failed to stop the goal but Emi was injured. It is not like Armani did that because Scaloni purposefully selected him at sacrifice to the team. He was also fairly solid outside of that.

    I also would like to mention my stance on Scaloni. I think it would be incredibly stupid if he were to be removed for Copa as some people here seem to like. I think his continuity should be evaluated based on Copa performance and then wait until Gallardo is available, which pains me to say as a River fan but from an Argentina viewpoint that would be the right idea. Scaloni was never meant to be long term but rather rebuild, which in my opinion he has done. If a Gallardo or Simeone entered right now they would have all the pieces to work with. Another issue we have is our mentality, we should be fighting until the very last second. This is something Gallardo would instill if he were to be manager and we may have the best mentality in the world, which especially ties into his success in coaching teams through knockout rounds.

    Next game I do not know what we will do with our backline, Otamendi and Foyth may be liabilities and we won’t have Romero. Maybe it is a matter of who we pair Licha with? I think it will have to be Otamendi again. Hm… It looks like leaving Senesi out is going to hurt us badly with Romero’s suspensions and out lack of suitable partnerships for Licha. I also do not understand why so many people wanted there to be an Otamendi Romero partnership, a couple of weeks ago everyone was set on Romero-Licha and out of the blue people are saying Otamendi. I understand he has some good qualities but we can all agree he is past it.

    I also think Molina should have come on for Montiel because Montiel was very uninspiring and Molina would have had the Di Maria effect of tiring opposition and being a danger.

    Very disappointing result. Personally I am more disappointed with dropping four points than how we played because I expected these games to be regroupings with new additions and lack of chemistry. The real decider for me is the first Copa game.

  11. Let’s be realistic Guys, It’s been three years since Scaloni took us over , he still doesn’t have a First team, every game he’s experimenting something new , With all due respect to scaloni i think it’s time for him to step down from the coaching position, he gave albiceleste many new, young and quality players , but I don’t think he can make them play well together atleast that’s not what we’re seeing right now, The only 2 world class game argentina played under scaloni was both against brazil (1-0), (0-2)
    We need a manager like bielsa or gallardo in my opinion , we need to do what exactly chelsea have done . Lampard assembled the talent , tuchel nourished them. . Under tuchel their true potential was unleashed and they won the champions league. Hope albiceleste does someething similar with their squad .

  12. after watching this whole game you decide the problem is playing “Pessi” instead of Papu. Please call an ambulance I am afraid you may experience alcohol poisoning

  13. Scaloni learned…how to screw things..!
    His substitutions were not for the team. Who will teach him our main strength is attacking and not defending..! When you are at 2-0 lead…man attack them and finish off…don’t be a coward..and sit back. WE ARE ARGENTINA…!
    What Pazella, and Foyth doing for the last goal? Where was Otamendi? Why did Acuna allowed a free cross? Why can’t Marchesin save that ball? Why we didn’t use MUSSO when he was available on the bench..?
    For this lose, first person at fault is Scaloni. His coward formation change together with bad substitutions killed the game and we lost valuable 3 points.

    • Yep, Pezella instead of throwing Correa or Kun to finish the game.

      Ota who’s been getting exposed since 2017 is still playing lol!

      As for Lautaro and Messi , they cant be threatening in this defensive formation, especially with the lack of creative player in midfield outside Messi himself when he drop deep.

  14. Cristian Romero is a great talent, but cmon his disclipline is non existent, sky high the worst in the world, 2 yellows in 2 debut matches, tipical Romero, he wont finish any tournament

    • his yellow card was because Paredes lose a very dangerous ball in the midfield and he was in 1 vs 1 against Cuadrado in a dangerous zone. This season with Atalanta he was very clean

    • Man, yellow cards coming because of our team’s lack of ‘team defending’. When you have Paredes in front of you..or Ota/Foyth near you…chances of getting yellow is high. They unnecessarily creating the danger always.

  15. Lesion Muscular for Romero. More analyse when they will be back in Argentina.

    Why are we always that unlucky ? Hope it’s nothing too serious …

  16. Actually Scaloni does not believe in forward players he is using forward players for defence and those who can not defend are not starter in the team.
    After N. Gonzalez and Lo celso substitution Palcios and Emi Buendai should have come.

  17. Scaloni did pick emi..romero..etc.. he made good changes in his squad.. maybe and hopefully one by one the rotten grapes will be removed

    • Let us hope for the best. Agreed to you but brother the one concern I have is Brazil is already 10 points clear to the last qualification spot. That means if they can maintain this to atleast 5 or 6 more games they can start searching for best options at each positions by experimenting and rotating players. That will ensure their best arrival to WC 2022 with best bunch of players. But in our case each and every game we are making some changes yet results are not coming our way. This will make our last WCQ games too stressful and we cannot experiment or rotate players and get to know the best from all players we have. I am not a big Scaloni fan but not a big hater of him as well. The job he done yet seems decent but do you guys think this will be enough for us to challenge WC 2022? Its been 3 years and we are still a team in transition?

    • Yes but still he is refusing get rid of old players who are liability for this team. He should take bold decision and kick out Armani, Otamendi etc from the starting we have better alternative already and they lost their prime.

  18. Overall it was a good game, the team suffers physically, the changes at the back didn’t help, the goal should have been avoided. I believe that we are on the right path and the team is improving. I know that most of you are very hash with the coach, he is in my opinion doing the right choices, the team is getting stronger and stronger…. A draw away in these condition is not a bad result at all. Look at the you will understand. I would rather see the team win but the result and the way the teams plays are not bad at all guys….

    • Team is getting stronger but is taking too much time.3 years have passed since Scaloni is the coach. I think Scaloni is good for friedlies matches and 3rd place game as these game have no pressure and Scaloni chooses good tactics and team in them.

  19. Incredible how much hate swarms to this forum after every match we play. Surprises me every time

    This draw instead of a win was ENTIRELY on Juan Foyth. 1 minute left and he tries to dribble instead of clearing the ball to la concha de la lora. Failing this dribble and losing the ball made their goal happen, otherwise we would have won. That’s all I have to say for now and that is the only important truth about these 2 lost points. Thanks Foyth. Good night

  20. Scolani is riding high on luck so far. He avoided any loses after 6 games despite those defensive blunders and Brazil keep beating the other teams also benifits Argentina big time since Argentina is second place , thus they’re pushing the other teams further down behind the table.

    Argentina being in 2nd place is hiding Scolani’s weaknesses.

    You needed more firepower while Messi & Lautaro were struggling but he brought in the always useless Pezella instead of Kun!

    As I’ve said many times, Ota will guarentee opponent 1-2 goals and its proven again for the 100th time!

    To be fair though, the team spirit seems to be down after Romero got injured.

  21. An unaccepted and unapologetic mistake; win in the hand loss – both to the players and especially coach; wrong substitutes cost us; a great painful lesson to Scaloni; no more single error in 90 minutes games; minor error spoils everything – no compromise. The unfit and under perform player should not be called again. He should build a good team around a younger generations.. agree that Otamendi and Di Maria time is over.. builds a god chemistry along with the youths with Messi, Kun, Paul. That’s the only thing to succeed and go far in the tournament.

    The good news is Arg is still in safe 2nd place but poor games especially second half should bring more worried. Beside it’s good to have other player scored the goals – not Messi dependency on this match. Game plans and tactical should be improved much.

    Next upcoming combat is Copa. All The Best. Vamos Albiceleste.

  22. Come on, Boys…. Better results for the next matches….
    Please…, be the winner for yourself and for your family and for your country and for your fans around the world….

    You can do that…. I believe you can be the winner and the champion…

    #NoMatterWhat Go Tango! Vamos Argentina!

    God bless you all…

  23. Foyth cause the game to draw… every player trying to hold on to the ball to waste time but no he decide to dribble up the field..

  24. Whoever says the team needs more chemistry again should be banned from this forum. There will be zero chemistry if Scaloni is the head coach. Scaloni is an undercover from Brazil and should be arrested!

    • I don’t think you know what chemistry is. That is the understanding players gain after playing together and in a similar system for a long amount of time, hence why we want players playing together in clubs

  25. LOL Ospina made wonder saves after wonder saves after wonder saves, now Marchesin came on for Martinez and can’t even make ONE fucking save.

    Marchesin could’ve saved that header with his feet.
    And foyth instead of clearing it. gave it to colombia player lmao and walked back wtf

  26. Montiel started 5 out of 6 Qualifier can you believe it. I do not see anything special in him other than costing other RB players their places.
    Lautaro Martinez useless player he can not score his final touch is worst. Why to substitute N. Gonzalez and Lo celso they were one of the best in pitch. Too much defensive approach by Scaloni he needed to kill the game by introducing J. Correa,Emi Buendai and Aguero

  27. Mr splendor Argentina still comfortable in second place.. equador Paraguay are playing shit and Uruguay too..
    Yes I agree today Argentina broke down coz of EMI Martinez Injury and shitty penalty let colambia to come back..
    In this South America qualifiers I personally think 🤔 only Brazil possibly beat Argentina.. other than that I don’t think so

  28. How many chances can you give to this mediocre coach??? It’s insane he is still coaching this team. He should been fired a long time ago. Also, otamandi, pezella, foyth, Montiel should never play for Argentina again.

  29. It does not look like you guys are good at giving opinions. I remember after the Bolivia game there were praise and high fives everywhere and in that game they played decent but not great. This game they played much better but two bad mistakes cost them two points now everyone is full of hate. That is not good.

  30. Stop the hate, I know it was terrible performance from argentina in the second half but nothing could be done there.

    I don’t know what these morons are bashing so much about, the team didn’t play well….fine I agree but at least we have secured the second place for now until the next qualifiers. But yes even I got puzzled with what was happening with Argentina. It didn’t go well.

    Scaloni should look immediately into these problems. More big games to come and then there’s copa america.

    Big problem!!

  31. Argentina’s midfield is non existent…and players apart from messi Gonzalez acuna and lautaro are not able to hold on to the ball even for 2 seconds ffs

  32. Lesson learned from the match:

    Still not sure about Scaloni
    Arg still miles off from Top Teams and Brazil

    Defence and midfield still Crap

    Hate to say it But Messi can’t complete 90 minutes

    Dejavu Dejavu all over

  33. What is gone is gone..if course felt very much sad after we drop 2’s not the end of the world..
    Hope EMI Martinez injury isn’t serious and we will go to copa with a killer instinct..I don’t know why scaloni substitute Nico’s like same mistake by pekarman vs Germany 2006..
    We have now games vs Venezuela away and Bolivia at home..
    We hopefully can win both games….so we move upto 18 points..
    thanks to equador they Lost vs Peru..

  34. For God sake…. No more chance for Otamendi please. That guy cannot even complete errorless 15 minutes… Is there anything we can do to stop scaloni from giving him another chance?!!! I am in such a worry here. Don’t come and say about experience and lack of players bla bla bla as reasons for him being selected… Errors that made by him is worse than that a debutant would have made… Atleast errors from an young inexperienced debutant will teach him something for his future. Then there is this guy starting every match and committing howlers.

    Not only him… How about Gonzalo Montiel? He offers us nothing… I mean really nothing… No physique, no positional sense, no one on one advantages, no overlaps, no final product and not even a single good pass… He just gave 2 or 3 weak crosses and thats it. Sometimes in between he was wondering which player to pick when he overcommit to a ball holding opposition player who makes a pass turning him arround. I will vote for Molina or even Foyth anyday. Motiel just have that checklist tick mark that he players in domestic league… Nothing more… Fed up with this depletion…. From early 2000s I have been a supporter of this wonderful footballing nation and results or trophies were not my concern. But such a quality less situation… I am an Indian and we as a national team are not Great in International football. But for almost half of us (Indians) Argentina is the team that we always supported (you know the remaining half supports who I guess) as if we found an alternate home nation playing football at high standards. And you know what… Even this half of our population exceeds the double of Argentine supporters all over the world. Let us hope for the best to happen with our team

      • Well, I just can’t explain what happened in the last two minutes as I’m still flabbergasted and is sitting here and scratching my head. That Martinez’s injury totally broke the team’s spirit, no doubt about that. Apart from the goals, i think Argentina were really super until that Martinez injury. They were attacking and were winning the ball more but as usual, I knew that Colombia would use brutal strength, speed and set pieces to beat Argentina arielly.

        Still I’m quite confued about the second half, I can’t seem make anything out of it. It’s too confusing.

        Everything just happened in the blink of an eye.

  35. Guys i will tell you something ! What is happening today is the best news possible for the Copa America. The pathetic game of Otamendi and Foyth will force Scaloni to stop to be blind and put them on the field ! He cant because if he do it he will lose the last part of his credibility as coach !

    Emiliano Martinez is okey, you have videos of him walking normaly until the ambulance and medias said its for precaution. He even wanted to continue to play !

    Im worry for Romero who was injury, i wish its nothing serious because we cant play with that clown as defender.

    And i cant wait to read the next message of Kevin trying to convince us Foyth is a top player and made a very good game !

    I will try to keep in mind nice moment during the first half. If Lo Celco and Gonzalez improve their physical condition (they didnt play a lot this last weeks because of injury) and if we continue like this we could be interesting. Just Lisandro Martinez with Romero as defender !

  36. What was Otamendi thinking and did Foyth feel like he was prime Maradona or Ronaldinho, why not clear the ball ffs!! Man it’s so frustrating, 3 f’ing points!!!!!

    • Foyth is an ass clown seriously, he was riding the on the back of some Chilean player which led to the equalizer there and now this masterclass.. don’t want to see him anywhere close to the team again and for Otamendi I’m at a loss for words

  37. Come on guys we easily could have won it two nothing. Both goals came from error. Just because it happened in this one does not mean it will happen in the other ones.

  38. I don’t know what happened with Argentina in second half..I have no words.. utterly disappointed

  39. Really guys? It looks like they played very good. I am not an expert and do not hate me. If they somehow won it two nothing or two one all the haters would be like they played great and Scaloni is a great coach. Now they are saying they played bad and Scaloni is shit. One thing I would admit with everyone else that they should try to put in more goals even if they are still one or two up. This mentality must change if they want to win the WC or Copa. TBH this ARG team is a good replica of Barca under Koeman.

    • scaloni is great fu….r. you dont trust him. he never win any cup. even this team wont qualify for worldcup2022. all the south american team are playing well except argentina. the competition is very high. braz, ecuador, chile and paraguay those teams will qualify.

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