Emiliano Martinez: “I’m better, it was a strong hit”


Emiliano Martinez had to be substituted off for Argentina in their 2-2 draw vs. Colombia but the goalkeeper is already doing better.

Martinez was having a strong game for Argentina, coming out catching and clearing every ball crossed into the Argentina penalty area. However, on one cross, he was knocked down and his head hit the pitch. Martinez had to be stretchered off and substituted for Agustin Marchesin.

The goalkeeper spoke after the match with a quote on the Argentina Twitter page. Here’s what Martinez had to say:

“I’m better, it was a strong hit but the doctors did their job. Obviously I wanted to continue playing, the anger of being taken out and I found out that they drew at the end. It’s a bitter taste but I’m fine.

“They took me out because I lost consciousness a little, I hit the back of my neck hard but the crying and the anger was because it was my second match with the Argentina national team and I didn’t want to be substituted. But the doctors did their job.”

The official Argentina Twitter page also tweeted out that Martinez is fine and will be returning to Buenos Aires with the rest of the squad.


  1. I think we have enough of Foyth for now. It’s not that this is the first time, he keeps making monuments mistakes that cost us a game. Today, he not only lost possession at a dangerous area but also failed to mark the Colombian player from a free header. It doesn’t matter how promising are you until you grow up. Let him grow up first.

    Overall, we played well until the stupid changes were made by Scaloni. To be honest, he is a mediocre coach. How come you overlook players like Romero, Emi, Buendia for so long when they become top performers in their very first games (except Buendia, who hadn’t had a single minute). He tests new players but he does so after turning the water murky.

  2. Good to hear that he is fine, Get some valuable rest. Hopefully Scaloni starts Emi in copa too. And don’t succumb to Armani pressure. He deserves to start, He is our only GK who comes out of the line and try to catch the ball (Playing in England where the Ariel game dominates does help this cause), Which i think is the best strategy for any GK rather than waiting for the opponent player to head the ball which in turn most of the times is unstoppable(Like Emiliano did against Chile, Well its not always possible to catch the ball of the crosses too)

  3. The difference between Scaloni and tite is visible. A really good coach can leave an immediate impact on the team. Tite and manchini are prime example of it. Scaloni has got enough time. Still he has not done anything good. Day by day our level is deteriorating. WE are as per the level of Ecuador, Venezuela. Bolivia held a draw against chili. And we lost point to chilie at home. It’s good that we are at the 2 nd place. I think world cup should be our first priority and Scaloni should build his team accordingly. PEZZELLA, marchessin, OTAMENDI should not be selected even for Copa America. If 2 most experienced central defender can’t hold 2 goal lead then they should not play. I like foyth , but we conceeded the 2 nd goal because of his madness. Italy could not qualify for Russia world cup. But under manchini they have become a power house again. On the other hand incompetent afa has given the chance of hands on experience to Scaloni. National team specially a team like Argentina need a coach who is really experienced. Can you guys tell me why Buendia has not been given chance to prove his worth. Scaloni is a coward. He can’t depend on young players. It’s also a quality of a coach to give chances to young players and bring the best out of them. I think Scaloni should use some chances to young players in copa America and exclude some veterans like OTAMENDI, marchessin, Armani. I think if OUR young players like nahuen Perez, Facundo Medina, sensi are given chance instead of OTAMENDI, PEZZELLA and Lucas Martinez QUARTA our defence won’t look so much vulnerable . Since they’re young they need some time and I think they will do better than these veterans.

  4. I am not sad about the result. but some of the player’s performances are not up to the national team standards.
    Just now I know, why our players are not moving to big clubs.
    Montiel, otamendi, pezella and armani should not play for argentina anymore.
    Martinez finishing is mediocre at best.
    Depaul were everywhere but not doing anything, his passing was poor today lot of turnovers.
    I thought Paredes was subbed off during half time till the time he got unnecessary yellow card.
    I never saw messi got frustrated so many times in a single game. lot of poor passes and decisions from others around him.
    Midfield is on and off. not at all good to win any big match.
    Missed romero and emi badly after they went off.
    Foyth mistake cost us the game, but i support him he will come strong.
    Otamendi, montiel,armani, pezella pls leave the team.

  5. Total disappointment. We could have avoided this embarrassment. Hats off to Cuadrado, he played like a warrior. Hopefully Romero’s injury likely to be less serious. Ottamandi, Foyt, Montial are all waste. We need rock solid defense at every minute of the game especially during dying hours. Scaloni man I’m loosing hope on you. No goals from open play these days and wot the hell is ur strategy. L.Martinez need to finish in style and stop complaining. Wot a pity AFA.

  6. sad.. disappointing.. but AFA need to be blamed for hiring a medicore coach..by the way two qualifiers matchday cancelled ? Against Uruguay and Brazil ? We play with them only once it seems.

  7. Emi

    We need to test this lineup…! For the RB position Montiel/Molina is not good enough and Foyth as RB is okay but he is error prone. No other options left there…!

  8. haters can say whatever they want a Real fan Will be Disappointed and looking forward next game. Otamendi will always give chance the opponent
    Foyth is brainless what the hell were you doing man.
    Statistics 47%Ball possession 53%12Total shots 12-15 Shots on target 5- 8
    Argentina didn’t play bad emi martinez and Romero injuries cost them the game.

    • Yes, suddenly we became dependable on Emi and Romero.
      Otamendi lost his prime. That’s why Pep kicked him out. Together with that .he’s error prone.
      Not denying the talents of Otamendi and Foyth…but they always create dangers in our own half..!

    • Sorry, bro i hink we did’nt lost because of Emi and Romero were forced out of the game offcourse it affected our game because they are obviously among the greatest players of the team specially for our defence but Romero is an real proper defender who can also create great passes to our middfield and also great finnisher!

      But, the real reason why we lost is because of our coach got all his substitutions wrong and at very wrong time too besides obviously Emi and Romero had to be taken out, but, why Marchesin or what he is doing in our team at all ? That guy can’t even kick the ball properly at all! And why Lisandro did’nt come on when Romero was forced because he is clearly our second best defender after Romero and even more better to build up the game and fast enough to defend and has that inteligence which he requires because of his height for the vision to be able to read and understand the game itself+ his techinal quality’s are great like all his footballing skills which are needed in this level to be able in the winning team and he will just get better and better… And why Lo Celso was taken out so early? Even Nico Gonzalez could have mahbe continued a bit longer even he played longer than Lo Celso. So we simply lost because of our coach and btw just for everyone’s knowledge i’m not an hater, but i do get critical when there is time to be critical and that has nothing to do with hating someone because i do understand that all of us make’s misstake’s and nobody is perfect, but theese misstakes by our coach cost us this game simply as that there is so much of evidence of it that not needed to ecplsin or talk about it more because everyone who watchess football can see them even the ones who are bit younger and mahbe haven’t seen our glory days game’s from starting from end of 70’s or even before that etc… and offcourse there has been failures with our great coaches too like what happened to Bielsa’s team or to Pekerman’s team by maybe only 1 or max too wrong substitutions, but that can happen to any great coach even to Pep himself or Pochettino or whoever who is an proper coach and we can’t compare those misstake’s to whathappened today because those previous misstakes by our great coaches which offcourse happened to them at some point of their career but Still if we look at bigger picture they delivered much more football wise globally around the world and merited for a reason which they deserved to be, but what Scaloni did in today’s game was an catastropfically the decider ofthe result of todays game and the clear reason why we loss our winning formula so for me i consider this as a loss and IM sure that our players feel the same way too which could bring trouble again in to our team chemistry again so if Scaloni won’t puplicly admit that todays losing of winning formula was one and only his fault then he is even a more fool than he is allready! So he should step in to straight to medias eyes and TaKe the all blame for himself which could save our teams bright future because deffinetly we got some very good players in multiple posseions but one has to pick them constantly right if we want win and achieve someting in the near future, period!

  9. Luckily, because of other results again….we are still in second position. Brazil won all the 6 matches. Argentina drew 3 and won 3. It’s difficult to win the Copa with this form.

    • Brazil only beat Paraguay on penalties in Copa 2019, sometimes it just hard to predict. But since Brazil host it again in all sudden, Conmebol will make sure they’ll win it again.

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