Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni: “We deserved to win”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference following Argentina’s 2-2 draw vs. Colombia.

Scaloni commented on the team’s overall game and Juan Foyth’s error which proved to be decisive. Speaking to the press, here’s what Scaloni had to say:

“When you think it’s all done, no, it’s not. Sadly, we’re leaving with one point when we deserved all three. Argentina deserved to win. Up until the 94th minute, what we were doing was really good and the last play gave them a point; it wasn’t deserved.

“We deserved the three points. I have to congratulate the players because they played a good match in the heat, on a difficult pitch and against a good opponent.”

In regards to the Juan Foyth’s mistake which led to Colombia’s second goal:

“It’s individual errors, not defensive. The defensive play of the team was perfect up until that play. It was a specific error and nothing more.”

Argentina always dominated the play and did so in the six matches. Sometimes more vertical. We were always superior to our opponents, we deserved to win in all of them but being deserving doesn’t count.

“It’s the last play and it changes the entire match. The rest of the 94 minutes and a half were perfect.”

Lionel Scaloni also commented on putting the team together:

“We had a lot of difficulty putting the team together and the substitutes. There were players who surely weren’t going to finish the match because they had just came back from injury. Let’s hope now that they fully recover.”

The next game for Argentina is on Monday, June 14 vs. Chile in their opening match of the Copa America.


  1. What frustrates me the most is that all three draws could have been won, the Paraguay game was corrupted and robbed from us while small margins of mistakes prevented us from winning the last two. We can’t let these small margins decide our fate, we need to stay strong and not go defensive which invites these mistakes. As many are saying Brazil aren’t playing particularly well but are scoring goals and getting points. From now on that is our duty

  2. My $.02.

    We lost the points because Otamendi and Foyth. CONMEBOL is no joke and Columbia has very good players. Getting a point is good away in Columbia. It’s just hard to swallow when Arg has 2 goals in 8 minutes and cant win the game. Thoughts:

    1. Otamendi. I actually thought he played well for most of the game. He was great in the air. But, he does typical nonsense every game and fouls for no apparent reason. Raising your elbow in the box? What are you doing?

    2. Foyth. Why this guy keeps getting playing time is beyond me. He’s not a right back. When he plays he thinks he can dribble past people. Not sure why he thinks this is the case. He does play very well with Villareal. He warrants a call up, but should only play when suspensions and injury merit.

    3. 1st Half. Was the best flowing futbol I have seen from Arg is a long time. I was very impressed. After that Arg played to conserve the lead which cost us dearly.

    4. Lo Celso. Was a catalyst to a lot of offensive opportunities. I’m not sure if he was subbed off because of fitness, but if not, he should have stayed in the game. Scaloni has a love affair with Palacios and tries to insert him at any time. I think he is a good player, but taking off Lo Celso was head scratching to say the least.

    5. De Paul. One of my favorite players, but he was gassed. I would have subbed him off around 80 and put in Lisandro Martinez to double pivot. Especially since Cuti was off and Arg downgraded big time in the back line.

    6. Pezella. Perhaps he needed to warm up a bit. But he was not good.

    7. Marchisin. Why him over Musso? His PK was embarrassing. And he could have stopped the 2nd goal. Embarrassing performance.

    • Yes, totally spotted on and i do agree with u on every single point u made in your post because i had the exact same feeling and the after bitter taste of the game because as u said we played so greatly after such a long time that i can’t remember until LoCelso was switched of to Palacios who did’nt have a bad game but obviously his impact wasn’t at all same as Lo Celso’s! And i think that was the first misstake from Scaloni which eventually ended up breaking our beautiful way of game play before that switch!

      Secondly Lisandro should have gone on allready when Romero had to be taken out and yes he can totally play double pivot or single pivot and offcourse at left cb as allready proven for Albiceleste and his current team Ajax!

      And thirdly Marchesin should never ever play for Albiceleste or even get selected because he’s clearly not up to the task and why? Because he simply do not have same quality as Musso or some other Argentine goalkeepers as for example Musso who should have come on instead of Marchesin or Rulli, Benitez, Gazzaniga etc… and even Armani would have stopped that ball meaning i’m not really a hater of him but i do think that he is not above Emi, Musso or even Rulli and actually i think that even defender on the goal line would have easily stopped that last header with just a bit of foot work which Marchesin blunder it and let it go past him a way too easily, but it was allready seen soon as he came on that he’s quality is very,very poor specially with his feet’s because this guy can’t even kick the ball properly or no need of mentioning how poor is his whole foot work and that is why he can’t pass the ball to our players or could not stop that last header which he let past him going down to try save it with his hands instead of stopping it simply with his foot because there were no other colombians so close our goal so if he would have just used his feet’s instead trying stopped with his hands then it would have never been a goal and we would have won the game!

      So sorry Scaloni but i do not agree with your great entire game talk of 94 minutes until one single a misstake which offcourse started from Foyth’s error and also he should not be starter or even the first option to come on as substitute as we all have clearly seen and i dont know he should be also selected as all even he had a great season with Villarreal, but which make’s me pissed is that Scaloni is acting like everything else totally Ok and fully under control until that 94th misstake of Foyth and did’nt even mention Marchesin or those clear evidents of his wrong picked substitute’s and also very wrongly times as well!

      He should taken the blame on his shoulders instead putting on a one single misstake of Foyth which was half of the case what happened on the 94th minute, but another even bigger misstake came in the same 94th minute from Marchesin!

      And all this happened just because he got his all substitutions really wrongly picked and very badly times as well and in the he just got frozen off and did’nt do nothing at all or used his substitutions as he should have done towards the end of game replacing some of our middfielders who obviously got tired because they ran their asses of as De Paul did for example like as u mentioned in your post! Also he should have propably replaced Lautaro to one of the Correa brothers and i think he should have brought first Angel Correa to replace De Paul when he got so much tired after his great game which offcourse started lead to miss passes etc… and then in the end change Lautaro to Joaquin Correa!

      But he did’nt at all theese clear misstakes of him during the second half was the real reason why we lost! And now he is acting like we had great game until the 94th minute and that we lost only because Foyth’s misstake which yes was a horrible misstake but theese misstakes happen to players under prresure very offently in the last mintun of the game itself and that is just part of football and everybody and every coach know’s this common knowledge that theese misstakes can happen in last minutes and that is why u simply can’t break our beautiful way of play as we did for after such a long time as early as Scaloni broke it by his wrongly picked and wrongly timed substitutions!

      Simple as that, period! So Scaloni either has to wake up which he clearly has not because of his statement of the game and that we only lost because we did only one single misstake at the 94th minute ! Come on Scaloni u can’t be so stupid to say something like this or now as u did it everybody know’s at least now that how stupid u really are and the worst thing is that the players know this allready he said it in puplicly and now when he did say on puplicly it is even away much worst for our players to swallow even more than for us true fans of Albiceleste not haters but critical’s when u got be a critical because of what Scaloni did during the second half and specially now in his puplic statement !

  3. First, I’m happy that Martinez is ok.
    Secondly I have to say that our movement has improved alot in the first half, and moments in second.
    In the game vs Chile you can see De Paul telling foyth “tranquilo” and patting him on the head several times…. Which leads to the conclusion that Foyth needs to calm down! I am not going to bash him, but if he’s going to play then he needs to have confidence.
    On a positive note, our starting lineup was great.
    Acuna is such a work horse, and should stay in the 11. Both Romero and pareses are suspended for next qualifier but I am looking forward to seeing them this Monday in Copa.
    I was very happy to see Messi starting off our offense from midfield on multiple occasions, it reminds me of early Barcelona days… Also reminds me of our great maradona.
    I think Lol Celso did well and should have stayed on longer. We lost rhythm with The double sub in early second half.
    But I think we should leave the Columbia match on a positive note, our gk is ok. We found a new rhythm. Now it is time for scaloni to keep the lineup we started and think of starting aguero for the Copa and subbing in lauturo when opponents defenses legs have been worn down a bit.
    Vamos Putos!

  4. What a game and it has created several diverse opinions and thoughts. There are lot of questions in people’s mind and that is fair. Similar to many of you I have lot of mixed feelings too. I cannot put all in one post, so will focus on some. Please feel free to agree or disagree.

    1. Scaloni: I am of the camp, where we keep him. It seems like he is a sharp guy with an inclination to learn more about the game and take help when needed. I feel his philosophy is more not to lose. We have not lost in qualifiers yet (but we didn’t play Brazil also). He tries to defend the lead compared to killing the game. Our win margins are small. However, he has been around for 3 years now. Thats a good amount of time. I have said this before, Tite took from Dunga. I was loving Dunga, for the first time it looked like Brazil may not qualify, till Tite came. What Scaloni have done in 3 years, Tite did in 2 games. Yes, 2 games, go and check his results as soon as he came on. So Scaloni scorecard, decent for me, keep him.

    2. This game: Scaloni says we deserved to win. My opinion, no we didn’t deserve to win. We could have won, we were close, but that doesn’t mean we deserved to win. When we go 2-0 up in 8 mins in an away game, we should be able to close out the game. Kill the game with counter attacks or hold the possession. We could not do any.

    3. Conmebol: Whole world says this is the toughest qualifier. Remember, it is tough because you have a pool of teams who are very close in terms of capabilities. Not because all are great teams, they are just similar. Right now, like it or not, Conmebol is Brazil and the others. Brazil is a notch above and rest are all same. Brazil is not playing great. But that’s the point. They are winning 2-0, even when they are playing bad, that’s critical. Suprisingly all other results are going in our favor. We are super lucky in that. We were super lucky in that respect in 2018 also. How long do we rely on other results? We need to win some games. Coaches players need to see that.

    4. Our games: We are failing to win at home. We need to build a fortress at home. Our record away is better. We must beat Chile, Peru, Paraguay etc. easily at home. I am talking comfortable 2-0, 3-1 type wins.

    5. Our players: We don’t have world class players. Please not Foyth, Montiel, Palacios, Paredes etc. They are not world class. Period. Riquelme would have just killed this game with possession. Mascherano would have stopped this wave easily. I still believe Emi Martinez’s strong hands don’t let that ball go in.

    We didn’t win any of the last 2 games, but the damage is less. We are still in second position. We still can do well and win Copa. VAMOS!!

    Apologies for long post!

    • Yea, I’d give Scolani more time at least till middle of qualifier. Sure he has been around for 3 years but how much football the national team has in past 18 months ? not much.

      So far the other team results has been going Argentina’s way. Even with only 2 points from this round, we somehow extended our lead over the third place.

    • No to Paredes have you not seen his performance vs Bayern Munich and Barcelona in Champion League and same goes for Foyth in Europa league. Palacios is also good player. No team can have 100%world class player in every position. Do not know what is wrong with you people. 2010 world cup and euro cup (in a row) winning Spain team won most matches by single goal margin.

  5. Dear Scaloni –

    1.If it is “Individual Error” happening continously, why not give some proper smacking advise…
    2.If a player cannot finish 90 minutes, why pick them up? Why couldn’t you pick a fit team for WCQ and different team for Copa?
    3. What are you going to do with Correa, Papu, Buendia etc. Are they not fit as well? Atleast say it open?

    You have this Copa to prove how far Argentina goes – Semi-Final exit is considered a failure.

  6. For all you guys bashing the defense or Scaloni now… Think again…

    Look at all the chances we created and had and only score 3 Goals of it in 2 Games… Our main Problem right now is, nobody in the frontline is scoring…

    As for the Game yesterday:

    Emi and Romero are a huge development for Argentina the two were very good in those Games. But we do need more then 2 good defensive Players. Foyth needs adabt the Villareal Form to Nt.

    Midfield: Can’t say much about that.. Lo Celso brought some good things but he’s still no back inForm. Paredes was great…

    Nico the same as Lo Celso.. brought some spice but still not Match fit… Lautaro and Messi don’t score right now maybe we need Aguero and Dybala…

    I don’t understand why Scaloni didn’t bring Aguero, Di Maria or either Correa???

    Still we got Second Place and did not Loose…

    For Copa we need some changes in the Team..

    Defense maybe Senesi, Palomino along with Romero.. And some more of Molina please…
    Midfield is set.. Paredes De Paul Lo Celso Palacios all are good…

    In Attack i still think we need Dybala..

    During a Match we should only do changes in Midfield and Attack never in Defense. Defense only when someone is injured.

    Let’s hope for a great Copa


    • I don’t understand why Scaloni didn’t bring Aguero, Di Maria or either Correa???

      Ans: He was not trying to kill the game, he tried to defend the lead for 60 mins. We were wasting time from beginning of second half

      • yes ddr1123

        I can see that Point but we need to introduce different Scorers now because as we have seen in those two Matches Messi and Lautaro do not score right now…

        Why not even try to take out Messi and replace him with Aguero Dybala Correa

        As for Copa I think Messi is not gonna be able to play every Match 90Mins we need to consider that…

        thx for your reply


  7. Lionel Scaloni is the best coach available for Argentina and he will go into world cup quite easily unlike last time where Argentina had to wait till last match.
    Scaloni’s run of play in 2nd half was bad but he has choosen best available players. I do not know how many games Argentina needs but Lautaro Martinez,Ocampus should not be starter anymore because their end product is zero. In midfield and in attack i am satisfied with any player except these two.
    For defence department Emi Martinez, C. Romero,Mollina and Acuna are sure shot any day. Just need good pair with C. Romero I would go with Medina,Foyth and Palomino. Just chemistry is needed in group.

  8. As pathetic as it is, the AFA would have hired a proper coach IF they had the money but obviously they don’t for some strange reason compared to all the other South American counties that did!
    Two ties and 2 points is better than 2 loses and ZERO points but they need to get their shit together fast.
    One thing I’m hopeful for is how the last COPA started for ARG, disorganized and out of sync but few games into the tournament and things started turning around until the bullshit Brazil game.
    They already played 2 games in a short period and Sunday will be their 3rd…….so lets stay positive.
    This site is either TOO HIGH after a win or TOO LOW after a loss……and all the people that seem to appear out of thin air once a tournament is approaching!

  9. I was watching Senesi on youTube.He is not bad at all . Should get a chance like Molina and Romero

    According to me after copa Scaloni should try some news players like Senesi ,Molina,Palomino in defense and battaglia in CDM

    First choice team should be:

    Gk: Emi /Musso/Marchesín
    LB:Acuna/Lisandro Martínez/Tagliafico
    CDM: Paredes/Battaglia/Guido
    CM:De Paul/Palacios/Lo celso/Buendia/Nicolás Domínguez
    RW: Di maria/ Ocampos
    LW: Nico/Papu
    FW: Messi/Lautaro/Aguero/Joaquin Correa

    Total:28 players

    That means i removed only 3 players: 1)Otamendi2)Montiel3)Pazzella
    and Added 2 new player: 1)Senesi 2)Battaglia

    For me this is the best current lineup

  10. Massive blow! I am still upset like everyone but i would like to say that some comments in here are way to negative, as much as it irritates me as well, i will respect them only because i respect the upset of the people who wrote them. Personally, i hate looking on who i will put the blame when things don’t work out. As far as ungry and frustrated i am, i will try to clean my head and leave my emotions aside, by trying to look things as spherical i can, take into account all the facts and i would like to share my thoughts with everyone in here:

    1. First of all, all of a sudden, some people are asking for Scalloni’s head. I respect their frustration, but if we keep on doing the same thing after Sabella era, changing coaches all the time and begining from scratch everytime, we are not going anywhere! I guarantee you that!

    Now, is Scalloni a world class coach? No, he is certainly not! Is he a very good coach? Currently not, i don’t think so. BUT he is not bad either, i personally think that he is quite good and quite intelligent to be a very good one. He may hasn’t done a terrific job up to now, but my humble opinion is that he has done a quite good job so far, so LETS GIVE HIM A BREAK AND OUR SUPPORT! He have a new team, and a young inexperienced but in my opinion, quite intelligent coach who like it or not, is growing with the team as time goes by. National teams are not like club teams, is more difficult for a manager to handle the pressure and the situation as a whole due to limited playing time. Even over qualified coaches need time to grow with national teams, it very rare to find someone and give you immediately results.

    I think that Brazil’s biggest weapon is their coach. Tite is a very good coach in my opinion, but remember, he didn’t accomplished that much in comparison to us in 2018 wc, where we were more like a soap opera than a team. Even coaches like Tite need time. And as speaking about time, i personally have been waiting too long like others in here who have the same age as me or even older, therefore i personally prefer to take the risk with Scalloni than begining from scratch, once again! Sometimes, in order to accomplish something or reach to a point, you have to take your risks in life! Personally, i am willing to take it by backing Scalloni!

    2. When things are not going well, it is not only about the coach but the players too. So lets take our given situation with our players now:
    Nico gonzalez just retairned from injury, Lo Celso the same, Palacios the same, Ocampos out of form, don’t know what is going on with J. Correa, Alario out, Aguero don’t know whats going on and on the top of it, we lost our chance to gain three points yesterday because Otamendi and Foyth screw it big time! Again, i don’t like to blame anyone but if we start talking about what went wrong, everyone has to stand out and take their own responsibilities.

    3. Luck. Call it an excuse, call it whatever you want, but in my sight of view, after Emi’s injury, everything was going wrong, like a mathematical sequence! Neither Brazil was impressive in all of our matches, they still managed to get the points though, but if things start to go wrong, one after another, like the way they did for us yesterday, i doubt that even Brazil would have taken the three points.

    Finally, as i said before, i have experienced many upsets in regards to our beloved team but throughout these years, you never know what happens in the end. Are we currently better than Brazil? We may not but this is not a disicive factor! There were times that we were better than them (copa 2007) but still we lost. The best team is not always winning in the end. I may don’t have that much expectations for that copa, mainly because will be hosted by Brazil, but i never lose hope, i learnt to be patient and never give up hoping, i hope younger people in here won’t take them so much time like us the elders to see our beloved team winning eventually, but in the end, we all have to stand by our team!

    Sorry for the long post.


    • tite is getting the results. but not rebuilding the team. brazil defence is on the wrong side for age and he has not done the changes to correct that in next year world cup, silva will be 36, Alves will be 39. one formula that tite has taken from sabella is playing 4 offensive players in Neymar,Jesus, firmino and richarlison are playing whereas Argentina is using only Messi and Martinez.

  11. The positives were: last game against Colombia ended in 2-0 loss, this time, away from home, it was 2-2, not a bad result when you compare it that way. Also, since the last game, we have a better CB in Romero and a better GK in Emi.
    Now, when you go up 2-0 in 8 mins, you should basically kill the opponent easily but Lautaro and Nico missed some easy chances, Nico had an open goal but decided to go for near post and missed, Lautaro is not in good scoring form. Scaloni behaved like this was a WC final and chose to go on the defensive rather than thinking of attack. he could have used Aguero, Papu or Di Maria after 60 mins. Romero injusry was unfortunate but making so many defensive changes showed the intent. Look at Colombia, they put in Murial soon enough plus made all offensive changes, they wanted to go for the kill, Mina and company was constantly moving forward and thats when someone as fast as Di Maria would have been useful. Argentina is lucky to have a draw as Murial, Zapata and other missed some easy ones as well. But the killer instinct wasn’t there. 2-0 up with Meissi or Lautaro scoring should have ended in 5 goals as the other team was chasing for all 82 mins. Messi is dropping too deep so he doesnt have much to say in the final 3rd plus he is unable to score in an open play these days. Besides, him and others need to stop being too friendly and pally with opponents, you chat with Bravo and then are unable to score against him, it is becoming a familier issue, we have seen it far too many times now. Michael Jordan or Kobe would kill to win, there were no friends or friendly chat on the pitch. I would still say good it happened before Copa and there is 12 more games to go in WC qualification, so if we do 3 wins and 3 draws in the next 6, we should be able to qualify easily but for Copa, Scaloni needs to show some balls and make early decisions if things are not working. Lets just hope that Emi and Romero are fit and able to start against Chile next week. With some luck, we can still do it.

  12. If we keep firing our coaches we will end up in the same situation that we were after the WC in Brazil. Joachim Low has been Germany coach for more than 10 years., Tite has been there for quite some time, Deschamps, the Belgian’s coach…. We can’t win in chaos. We have to play with our best players and that’s exactly what he is trying to do…

  13. Menotti should have talk with Scaloni and the team; he knows much about mentality and tango style; need to have a straight talk and naked truth about the team in order to succeed; However, as usual which Arg N/T coach want to listen, they have their own truth and thinking although the team are not performing well and need to be improved much

    These 2 games result are not bad, we are still on the 2nd place; but the work is still far from done and time is very limited to overhaul and change the game plan. Scaloni just have to transmit a better game plan to the players, play efficient and make it simple.

  14. no you don’t deserve to win . the team clearly lack of identity and ideas. i can understand individually some players working so hard but nothing as team . all i can see your movement in dugout area much more strong and vibrant than your team .

  15. Montiel and Lautaro Martinez they should never start. Lautaro is not good with ball on his feet, does not have strength in feet to score goal, Montiel is more of a kind of midfielder than RB. Montiel is little more conscious about defensive position.
    Lionel Scaloni is doing good work he just need to identify players before Copa America 2021 knock out games starts do not want to repeat 2019 Copa when you get the desired team you are already out of competition.
    For Right Back only Foyth or Mollina
    For LB Acuna or Tagliafico or Angilleri
    For CB only Romero, Palomino, Otamendi
    For goalie Emi Martinez or Musso
    Emi Buendai, J. Correa, Aguero, Dybla, Alario should start some games.
    Attack and midfield is quite sorted.
    Ocampus,Lautaro Martinez, Montiel should be substitute never starter.
    Skilled player should be preferred over high work rate player because till now these high work rate player gave nothing except in Friendlies matches.

  16. No, u didn’t deserve to win. Colombia deserved at least 1 point after their 2nd half performance.

    In the second half, Colombia was way better and Argentina’s midfield was non-existent. No creativity, no holding up of ball, nothing. They were wasting time like small teams do if they go ahead against a big team. The mentality was small team’s mentality. This mentality must be sorted.

    • Exactly there is no killer instinct in the team it has to start from the coach but unfortunately he is more of a defensive and whining coach, most of the guys are young but they are gasping for air even in the first half. How they will chase the game.
      All teams are strong and fast, whereas our players start rolling on every small foul and complaining like a cry babies.
      Only messi, romero, emi, nico and acuna are men among this kids.
      Any sensible coach would never select otamendi, pezella,armani,montiel and marchesin in the team.
      Is Montiel RB?, how come he plays for river plate. no wonder he didn’t got selected by any european team.
      Otamendi is the man of the match for giving away a penalty out of nowhere. he clearly could have headed the ball instead he was throwing punch.

  17. substitutions of Argn coaches on several occasions always costs disaster for Arg. Wrong subs makes harder for teams remaing part of the game..

  18. colombia forward consist with strength, pace , aerial superiority they are right measurement to judge defence weakness.. it is good weakness is shown

  19. That’s exactly what will happen when you score early and try to keep the results. I have the feeling that they played 10 vs 11 with Lo Celso because it’s impossible to find him. Either he stayed in the same zone as De Paul or drop deep to the CBs to get the ball, or he is behind the opponent players when Argentina had the ball. His role is critical for transition and control, if he fails like this one, the defense would be in trouble.

    Otherwise very disappointed by Lautaro, I think it’s good idea to put Nico closed to him, but the fact is Lautaro does not and will not have Aguero’s quality on the ball. He doesn’t prove to be the 9 of that team. If he is not good, should use someone else or replace him during the match.

    During the copa, I will put Palacios next to Paredes to free De Paul and eventually put Messi as 9 with Buendia on the right. Alternating between Nico Gonzalez and the 2 Correa. Finito for Lo Celso.

    • As LoCelso and Palacios are injury prone…we will need to go back to 4231. Currently, we have somany players for that formation.

  20. Need to change Otamendi I think and bring an young defender to partner with Romero.Depending Acuna in wingback role against toughest opponts is not good. particularly Colombians are in tough foam to beat.playing J correa on left fw role is a good option.Notmuch Left right attacking today..

  21. there is lot of trash talk running after the draw, may be scaloni take some wrong decision in second half.. and the penalty that otamendi concluded it is just accidental he just try to jump the ball in the air, and i said before the match colombia mostly will try to use the air to attack, scaloni suddenly try to play foyth in center back position bcs romero was got yellow card sequantial in match.. this was wrong decision he could use palomino, and there is certain point argentina needs a tall striker like alario which was missing ,, nico was injured before, nico could be sub off with j. correa not with foyth, argentina create some good chances but they can’t convert them well, team improved from previous match but team needs to more improve one by one,, scaloni done the good job only his decision was wrong in this game

    • he could use guido after 75 or 80 minutes in place of paredes to cover air strength, molina for montiel but he didn’t do much changes. his decision sub in foyth as center back which was wrong.. overall it was not bad game it was 50-50 game

  22. mr.scaloni, you are not deserved to be AFA coach anymore. please quit if are an true national.

  23. To be fair Scaloni did a good job with his limited experience since he took over the management, but the experience he needs to manage successfully a football powerhouse like Argentina won’t come overnight. So I think there is one good solution that the AFA can make; they (AFA) can offer Gallardo a two-year part-time contract while keeping Scaloni and the rest of the staff to learn from him and lead the team in the team in the near future. Gallardo is based in Argentina and I think it will be easy for him to lead the coaching staff now.

    • You can’t make the head coach after three and half year an assistant coach. You could have done it three years ago, not now.

      Scaloni is a mediocre coach, not good not bad. You can expect average results from him but it will be too much to expect him to win a World Cup in 2022.

      Should you change him now? I think it will harm more than benefiting the team.

  24. AFA should hire now a experienced coach after copa if we don’t won … Every international team have better experience coach then argentina.

  25. Really what are we playing ? Aggressive defensive counter ??? Thts enough for Scaloni now hire someone who is experienced

  26. From today; Foyth, Otamandi, Armani, Marchesin, Pazella, Montiel, Quarta, should never play for Argentina again. They don’t have what it takes to play for NT.

  27. Roberto Ayala and Samuel should give some hardcore lessons to our young defenders. No one knows the brutality of an Argentine defender better than them. So they should, in my honest opinion, give them a proper masterclass.

    I want some unrepentant murderers not defenders on the pitch. They should aim to kill and obliterate……

  28. We have worst coach… And we should admit it.
    Palomino and Romero should be in defense with molina and Teglafico.. and we need to find 2 more CB

  29. Many fans are blaming Foyth for not marking but Pezella was out jumped by Colombian player and scored the goal. Foyth lost possession it was his mistake.
    But Foyth is doing really well in Europe can not ignore it. It is about maturity he needs to mature himself up just like C. Romero.

    • Foyth wasnt very good with Villareal. Very poor as Back center so they tried him as Midfield : he waw worst. So they tried him as RB he was regular but as we know have no offensive impact.

      On the bench with Otamendi please

      • Foyth was poor that is why Villarreal is buying him from Tottenhm.Watch his game vs Arsenal and Man United. Foyth just need to be mature otherewidse talent is there in him.

    • c’mon guys let’s admit it, i need too, to concede two goals is bad, but yet again we had way enough chances to win that Game we need Strikers that score.. I hope Nico is getting back in shape so does Lo Celso.. Both brought a lot to the game but they are both not Match fit yet…

      We need to score at least 2 more goals with all those chances…

      Very happy to see Romero, Emi and Paredes perform good. Foyth needs to adapt the form from Villareal…

      I was not very happy with the Performance from Acuña, Ota and Pezella as you guys said we need new Defenders\Destroyers

      Let’s see what happens at Copa America I’m still looking forward to that…

      I hope Scaloni sees, that we need Dybala…

    • It was Foyth who was outjumped by the Colombian who scored the goal. He not only gave away the ball but also couldn’t prevent the Colombian from a free header. Go watch out again and again until your infatuation washes out. You got a fixation with Foyth, that’s a problem.

  30. Riquelme, Redondo and masche should join this unit if they wish to put this team up with the bests of Europe.

    I’m glad that masche had established his own academy but we need some strong people, especially old players with a hard and grit mentality, to impart and smash the current crops before heading off to Copa.

    I guess the reason Scaloni didn’t use buendia, licha and Molina is because he might be secretly trying to find and build some sort of connection with the team for the upcoming copa. He’s definitely up to something. I see he is less experienced with little to no success in the international stage whatsoever but he definitely has something already planned up.

    Let’s see.

  31. mr.scaloni, you are useless. still you are finding the team. how many more year to need? you do not know how to play the football, your mind full of defensive shit not attaking . you never use the young and agile players. you alsways runnimg behind montiel, armani, marchesin, acuna, latauro martinez, de paul, otamendi, pazella. you never players with young guns. i am bedding you that you cannot win copa or world cup if you have bullshit technical team and bullshit aged players.

  32. Even after all of this I will still want to keep my faith on this Argentine team. I believe they will come strong.

    I hope that after getting all this hate and criticisms from everyone foyth do changes himself and bring the beast out of him. It’s really hard when you’re young and promising and at the same time cost your team points due to silly errors in crucial matches like these.

    The kid is going to face backlashes for the entirety of the time until Copa begins. I hope he recovers himself and improve his head.
    That’s the best for us. 🇦🇷🇦🇷

  33. I think we have enough of Foyth for now. It’s not that this is the first time, he keeps making monumental mistakes that cost matches . Today, he not only lost possession at a dangerous area but also failed to mark the Colombian player from a free header. It doesn’t matter how promising he is until he grows up. Let him grow up first.

    Overall, we played well until the stupid changes were made by Scaloni. To be honest, he is a mediocre coach. How come you overlook players like Romero, Emi, Buendia for so long when they become top performers in their very first games (except Buendia, who hadn’t had a single minute). He tests new players but he does so after turning the water murky.

    • Both the players (Foyth and Montiel) on RB postion are not reliable. Scaloni should try new players there.May be molina or any other player.

      • please enlighten as to who are the players that can come in RB position. it takes time to build chemistry in team defense. it is not like if a player makes a mistake then we play Russian roulette and bring a new untested player. what is the guarantee the new player will work?. in this game of chopping and changing you get teams like 2010 or 2018.
        we should be patient with young talent. whereas i am of opinion that otamendi and marshchin should be dropped. for marshchin this is the second disaster after spain fiasco.and otamendi is past his prime

        • “It takes times”- they are playing for last 3 years. They got enough time.Foyth is still ok but what Montiel performed in last 5 years. Instead scaloni should give change to Molina or any other players. I am not taking to change entire team.But both the players in RB postition are not NT material. I am talking about 3 players only Montiel, Otamendi, Pazzella .These 3 players got enough chances and did nothing . Should try players for these 3 players. I think you got my point.

  34. Poor defense is the reason team can not play attacking football. I think scaloni should try more defenders in CB and RB postion .He should give chance to Palomino in next match .Palomino plays with Romero . They have understanding. No more Otamendi,Pazzella, Montiel please. Instead bring molina, Senesi .Dont,Palomino. Dont give all the responsibility on Romero. If defense is strong we can play attacking football easily.

  35. Lisandro should play, drop Otamendi and put Buendia so we will have midfielder who can dribbles to take preasure and open up space for Messi.

    Lautaro cant play at high level for full minutes. A Correa should replace him in second half or the other way around.

  36. Is there any effective thing we can do?to sack scaloni? I mean can’t we tweet #scaloniout in the Twitter! And start a online protest or campaign to sack scaloni?I mean it’s better than commenting on this page .Because I believe we need to start a online protest to sack scaloni! AND get argentina a good coach!

  37. The problem with Scaloni is still his lack of experience. As young coach he still makes mistakes, more experienced coaches have already made and learned from. Bringing on Foyth for Gonzalez was a mistake. Colombia had to attack, bringing Papu or Buendia to use the extra space would be the smart thing to do.

    • first of all basement is weak.
      1)GK (marchesin) was not ball player. all the time he was kicking the ball on the air(level of confidence is less)
      2)otamendi, acuna, montiel no ball play and technical abilities to take the ball forward and they are not passing the ball quickly . pushing the ball with legs.
      3) parades is not deserved to be DM. he is creating the pressure to backline unappropriately.
      4) de paul nothing special. he is acting like a player.
      5) latauro martinez – he is selfish player not like gabrial jesus.

      Teams technical ability is ‘0’

  38. After long wit finally Emiliano Martinez had a chance to make his debut for us and start 2 matches for us. Then the Injury happened. SMH (It’s another thing that had Armani been fit to play he would have obviously started) We haven’t even seen what he is fully capable of. Now its up to Armani to start again, But I think Armani is better for us than Marchesin. Marchesin is a better goal keeper for sure, but something about him is not good for us. He always concedes goal. Like a bad omen.

    Brazil meanwhile is cruising and moving ahead, already 6 points ahead of us. Nothing to Panic but we haven’t played the toughest opponents either, its only because of the other teams results we are still second. It’s going to be tough and nail biting stuff I think. We need to start winning more. We had 3 draws, Better than losing by the way. Hopefully we will have a good show at the Copa. We still can’t take away the fact that we are playing after a long hiatus. After all the players have to play more consistently then only the team chemistry will keep building. But I generally think the players which Scaloni started yesterday is the closest to the best we have in each positions.

  39. No Scaloni.. The team did not play good for94 mins. Only up until Emi Martinez got injured. I give you credit for bringing a team together with inclusions of Emi Martinez and Romero,, etc. I give you credit for a good first half that was missing for a long time. There was creativity in the midfield today and shots on goal by Messi and Latauro (Unfortunately Ospina was better today) I also give you credit for that. But you messed up on defensive minded formation and substitutions in the 2nd half. I dont blame you for the mistake made by Foyth. But you are partly responsible for dropping points today. Please wake up and learn from it before the Copa. You also showed that you can do great in the first half. But we fans do not like to remember the positives we love to point out the negetives. So wake up.

  40. Difficult to write much about a game where individual mistakes, not one but two, and one by the same player in back to back games causes a bad result twice.

    In any case, at the start of the game the main question I had was how strong a squad scaloni would put out – would he go 3cb or 2cb. In fact he came out with what i think is the most dynamic yet balanced mid + front from his bench. Right at the first play gonzalez showed the merit of his selection by being able to take horizontal space that neither ocampos nor dimaria showed in the first game (both being stuck on flank play) and being able to win the crucial opportunity for the first goal.
    Our three man midfield was quite superior to the colombian three mid and the center was quite in control for the first half and colombia were resorted to trying to find opportunities either down the flanks or over the top where not much damage could be done. Some unnecessary corners were conceded but Emi’s commanding high point game made them seem threatless. The long or direct play was also easily nullified by Romero second excellent game in a row.

    My personal favorite in this period was watching locelso’s return. after a year in mourinho’s defensive system under his belt you could now see him even more comfortable in sucking out space in defensive duty and also to drive a counter at the right time. Also with support on both his shoulders parades passing and press recognition game was also quite in flow today (his only mistake coming from some unnecessary risky cheekiness with messi in the midfield).

    The full backs were a big pair of questions with us. Tonight I think both of them had equally average games. Both unable to provide the right level of support in the offensive half. Though acuna probably was marginally successful than montiel in it but not by much – there were plenty of wrong choices by him (in one hilarious overhit cross you could see lautaro, messi and gonzalez all turn at the same time and yell at el huevo which made me laugh). Defensively montiel was marginally more capable, though acuna had the tougher job of keeping cuadrado in check. Honestly today was the first time in a long time I had seen this version of cuadrado and he was pretty much man of the match at our expense. The entire colombian strategy of pulling us wide rested on cuadrado and I expected scaloni to instruct acuna to mark him tighter but it was not to be or at least not successful.

    The second half however was quite the turning point. In an earlier post I had mentioned if zapata + muriel would get fielded than scaloni was certain to go back 3. It was not so at the start, but when borja and muriel came on in the second it was the same scenario and almost immediately scaloni went to his back 3 as I expected. In a 2-0 or 2-1 game i don’t have a problem with it as a strategy but I had mentioned the trick would be to get the correct trio and the most important thing he would need would be to make sure his outside cb’s could keep a striker on their shoulder. Unfortunately he made the wrong choice and went with the one RCB who makes consistent mistakes in that part of the game.

    The second point I disliked about scaloni today was how he was not able to relieve his team in the heat and humidity of Barranquilla. When you are allowed five subs, and you could see pretty much lautaro and depaul both dead on their feet by the 70th minute yet you choose not to bring or cannot bring aguero, alario for one or dominguez for another because they might not be completely match ready or injured than why insist on having them on the bench. Why did you not summon dybala who was in better shape or as i mentioned to amit earlier why did you leave guido off the bench for more defensive cover.

    At least we are still 3 points in front of third place.

  41. The players didn’t perform. Period.

    Scaloni is saying BS statements to appease fans back home. This team needs more time together. This is the biggest challenge of any Arg coach… getting the team playing as one unit and removing bad apples without remorse… ill say this again, Foyth’s mental state and decision making needs to be evaluated before he can show up for Arg again. He cost Villareal in LaLiga, and now his national team Arg.

    How come every other SA team has more fire, more energy, more cohesion and more will power than us?

    • We need a new manager period. A real world-class manager with experience. We simply cannot wait or waste any more time or Messi will go without a WC victory. In three years (I don’t care about COVID – every team in the same boat), we still have excuses. “We deserve to win”, “we were a bit unlucky”, “this is a young group”, “we’re still building, we’re still improving”, “we deserved a penalty”, etc. All this manager has is excuses.

      The goal should be to give the best player in the world, the most efficient scenario possible. Give him the best manager and surround him with top talent throughout the pitch. Players that can hold their own weight, can read each other because there’s an understanding and style of play.

  42. No you dont deserve.If 2 senior CB can not manage to defend even after 2 goal lead just because Romero is out due to injury then you dont deserve to win
    If you can not find a proper RB in 3 years you don’t deserve to win. Who is this montiel? Can’t we have better option than montiel otamendi, pazzella? All three players are playing for NT with out any improvement for long time.

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